Kmpkingz 843
Kmpkingz 843 20 timmar sedan
Soo uhhh, what happed to 2B, A2, and 9S?
UwU 20 timmar sedan
See you guys in seven years when the SEshow algorithm decides to bestow this video in our recommended.
Roberto Iorio
Roberto Iorio 20 timmar sedan
I ve just downloaded neir automata from ps store... can’t wait to start
Solid Snake
Solid Snake 20 timmar sedan
In memory Ps4 Replaced by ps5 :/
Zed 20 timmar sedan
Thank you for introducing me to Rotting Christ.
flynttt 20 timmar sedan
why im already crying?
pranama herath
pranama herath 20 timmar sedan
who can give me ps4 after ps5 came out i like play games but i havent one please give me i like to play like you 😢
Shino6u 20 timmar sedan
They could just drop this track alone on the video and nothing else and I would still buy the game
Berlin 20 timmar sedan
I'm just mad that Knack wont be released for the PS5
Insert Username Here
Insert Username Here 20 timmar sedan
All these effort Miles put to save those innocent people, and yet he STILL not getting paid at all...
Jermel Pigram
Jermel Pigram 20 timmar sedan
I'm on it
ZoskiaCultus 20 timmar sedan
You are a gamer, Harry.
MR. X 20 timmar sedan
Soo is it fortnite or rocket league bcoz I only have fortnite on my ps4
Bionicgaming 20 timmar sedan
Before y’all say epic games is gon ruin rocket league let’s look at the facts now there’s seasons And it’s free to play and because of epic games rocket league had never had more players And every fortnite kid downloaded rocket league so they won’t be annoying any more
Kuzan Tozi
Kuzan Tozi 20 timmar sedan
the name of the game is a patch file?
TK88 20 timmar sedan
Game is all glamour, no substance.
KDUX 20 timmar sedan
kristoftheanimal 20 timmar sedan
These remakes are getting out of hand, it's simply the same game that you can already download from steam or other platforms but cleaned up. Is it too difficult to come up with a continuation of the sands trilogy or an alternate timeline where the prince did eliminate the empress of time in the second game? Is it lack of creativity or does ubisoft want to make easy money out of a classic title? Disappointing, I was hoping for the prince of persia to return with an all-new entry.
janusan89 20 timmar sedan
I'm happy and all that Replicant is finally coming...but I'll definitely miss Papa Nier, I really liked him.
Bima Natawilaga
Bima Natawilaga 20 timmar sedan
So... does Nier Replicant is different from the original Nier?
Easin Rahman
Easin Rahman 20 timmar sedan
Why is it in my notification when PS5 is about to launch?
Cal 20 timmar sedan
“So what’s the new game version will be?” Toylogic: “ *Wheeeeeeeee, numbers go wrrrrrrrr* “
BØRN 20 timmar sedan
Uh oh, Grimes has moved from naming babies to naming games.
A_sloth 20 timmar sedan
Another vr horror game
Moin Dalvi
Moin Dalvi 20 timmar sedan
I am loving the sense of humor of this new youtube algorithm
Taco Taco
Taco Taco 20 timmar sedan
Can I dress as a chocobo
Jamandabop456 - School
Jamandabop456 - School 20 timmar sedan
Imagine if we get BOTW2, GOT Ragnarok, Horizon 2, Silk Song, and NieR Replicant in the same year.
Валера Корнеев
Валера Корнеев 20 timmar sedan
Опять без русского будет
SpectiumS 20 timmar sedan
I'm still recovering from the battle with the end credits :D
Vxn Videos
Vxn Videos 20 timmar sedan
🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Vxn Videos
Vxn Videos 20 timmar sedan
So F'n ready
Matthew Tube
Matthew Tube 20 timmar sedan
Rifky Tristan
Rifky Tristan 20 timmar sedan
Another best soundtrack of the year
Googlious 20 timmar sedan
Glory to mankind!
Kaze Sandller
Kaze Sandller 20 timmar sedan
Pé Bacana
Pé Bacana 20 timmar sedan
Yes! "Football fans ⚽" 0:26
Slytherin's heir
Slytherin's heir 20 timmar sedan
Guess I have to get a PlayStation, like I-
Душан Кнежевић
Душан Кнежевић 20 timmar sedan
I want Fortnite to commit неживот
Matheus Gameplays
Matheus Gameplays 20 timmar sedan
oh so now i know why it showing ps vr in my minecraft
Edward Escalante
Edward Escalante 20 timmar sedan
Bro I hope the soundtrack in this game are like from metal gear rising: Revengeance! 😎
Rindra Adikusumo
Rindra Adikusumo 20 timmar sedan
At least they can make a true ending playable or make a cutscene of that
Manny Sidhu
Manny Sidhu 20 timmar sedan
Meanwhile, android users are stuck with that obnoxious game. If this game is Naruto, then the android version is Boruto.
FurDou 20 timmar sedan
And the S E R V E R S
Suptar Sasudsud
Suptar Sasudsud 20 timmar sedan
Kaine Salvation (T_T)
Andromeda 20 timmar sedan
Wow it's a lot better in the java mod
Greatest Hope
Greatest Hope 20 timmar sedan
It all began with zero.
BadexMines 20 timmar sedan
We Wanted servers, not this
Pablo Tomás Llodrá
Pablo Tomás Llodrá 20 timmar sedan
How much do you bet Yoko Taro pulls a twist? Because I bet he would deconstruct the concept of remakes or something.
LiKVi 20 timmar sedan
this means that after nier replecant 1.22474487139 there will be nier automata ver 3,1415926535897932
Josh Larry
Josh Larry 20 timmar sedan
No Dad Nier trash game
Holden Chetty
Holden Chetty 20 timmar sedan
1:05 is that the prowler?
Mr.Green Pong
Mr.Green Pong 20 timmar sedan
Oh i dont care what this game is, this music makes me want to forgive everyone who wronged me
X-OMFG-X 20 timmar sedan
Vignesh Edithal
Vignesh Edithal 20 timmar sedan
Its for ps4 or 5
Lily Flower
Lily Flower 20 timmar sedan
Deep down, I just know this game won't be released.
AyazOvich 20 timmar sedan
New fnaf
Teo Rodriguez
Teo Rodriguez 20 timmar sedan
im so hyped cant wait!
Satan 20 timmar sedan
Why they all wearing sleepwear
Connark Nway
Connark Nway 20 timmar sedan
drivinscool 20 timmar sedan
Kinda cringe
Connark Nway
Connark Nway 20 timmar sedan
Who is watching this in 2020
Sharina Razali
Sharina Razali 20 timmar sedan
iron man battlebus and the bottom
DiE LoG 20 timmar sedan
احمدمحمد الهاشمي
احمدمحمد الهاشمي 20 timmar sedan
Never played it before What kind of game is it ? I have some interest for it
Tom Forsdike
Tom Forsdike 20 timmar sedan
YT_RedsWrld 20 timmar sedan
I'm not a bot,bet here's a fun fact:Fish can cough :)
FireFistAce90 20 timmar sedan
Prepare to be DEPRESSED again.
dc m
dc m 20 timmar sedan
An amazing remake to one one of my all time favourite games. Hanger 13 did a great job with this.
Aaron Mcsorley
Aaron Mcsorley 20 timmar sedan
This is the most unexpected crossover event of 2020. And it’s weird seen as epic owns both of the games
moodude 20 timmar sedan
Wait so is there not going to be the motion controllers
Amjed Gaming
Amjed Gaming 20 timmar sedan
Best series ever
FireHazard 20 timmar sedan
Well who wants to drink some Guinness at the bar and watch Manchester
ณัฐพล นอกกระโทก
ณัฐพล นอกกระโทก 20 timmar sedan
From School Magic Between Emotional
Youtube Doge
Youtube Doge 20 timmar sedan
Oh he's back