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DaBaby - CANT STOP [Audio]
DaBaby -TALK ABOUT IT [Audio]
DaBaby - AMAZING GRACE [Audio]
DaBaby - SAD SH!T  [Audio]
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Blame it on Baby allstar lineup
Blame it on Baby
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DaBaby on Desus & Mero
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Meet n Greet
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Artist on the Rise: DaBaby
DaBaby - VIBEZ [Official Audio]
DaBaby - XXL [Official Audio]
Dababy - BOP [Official Audio]
”Kirk” count it down.
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Austin Joseph-Lightbourne
Austin Joseph-Lightbourne Timme sedan
DM Sports Cards
DM Sports Cards Timme sedan
when you have united rentals in the back
TOA Levi Films
TOA Levi Films Timme sedan
The song makes sense now, not the BLM video didn't make sense.
danglzzz comedy
danglzzz comedy Timme sedan
Dexter Timme sedan
Social Distancing : Over DaBaby : LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
agustin hernandez
agustin hernandez Timme sedan
Roddy fr said faze jarvis
The Tiger King
The Tiger King Timme sedan
Da baby took the vossi out of bop
Jacoby Thomas gaming
Jacoby Thomas gaming Timme sedan
Happy Birthday to me
Jaleah Lumsden
Jaleah Lumsden Timme sedan
I love this song but why zombies
Tan Thien Nguyen
Tan Thien Nguyen Timme sedan
Gewöhnlich & Verwöhnen sind Fehlerhaft....
Mr_Snickers_Yt Timme sedan
It’s funny how the guns are BB guns 😂lamo
Tan Thien Nguyen
Tan Thien Nguyen Timme sedan
Muss keine Waffen benützen als Sprache Programmiert haben.....?
BZ_R6 Timme sedan
Fernando Perez
Fernando Perez Timme sedan
NICKI SPITS OUT FIRE EVERYTIME 🥵🔥 life is to short to pretend ur not a barb🥱
Tan Thien Nguyen
Tan Thien Nguyen Timme sedan
Frechheit mit Sprache Programmiert mit Naturally
Anthony Jaudon
Anthony Jaudon Timme sedan
6:12 Roddy Ricch's face
Conor Davies
Conor Davies Timme sedan
Imagine when his daughter grows up and sees him doing this
Alan Morris
Alan Morris Timme sedan
They should've showed her face. Nobody knows what she looks like.
Ben Pollard
Ben Pollard Timme sedan
Thriller on next lv
ツ DarkzBR L2
ツ DarkzBR L2 Timme sedan
Rockstar 🎸
XcOsMiCx Timme sedan
this song and vice city by xxxtentacion need to be in gta 6
Daniel game2
Daniel game2 Timme sedan
Shot out to the dancers
Karson Bailey
Karson Bailey Timme sedan
This literally explains fortnite when you the final person in a squad and is coming up a squad of soccer skins but you a renagade
ho nhat
ho nhat Timme sedan
dislikes are from people expect this is Post Malone's. Ofcourse mine is a big thumb up :v
After Hours Kitchen
After Hours Kitchen Timme sedan
His teeth tho!!
the h family cj3
the h family cj3 Timme sedan
Gas gas ass ass
the h family cj3
the h family cj3 Timme sedan
sunk dinnk not dababy
D&B nation Prince
D&B nation Prince Timme sedan
On 1:50 NBA young boy was in the background playing the guitar 🎸
10k subs with no videos challenge
10k subs with no videos challenge Timme sedan
Tiktok ruined this song to NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Tiyberious Timme sedan
Best beat in a da baby song
Jessica Freeman
Jessica Freeman Timme sedan
Very creative can u say walkn dead or fortnite ???
yn entertainment
yn entertainment Timme sedan
Tyovan gamer Ganteng
Tyovan gamer Ganteng Timme sedan
You did thr box right?
Ghosted Timme sedan
My friend that is a girl love this song and idk why
the herbertGOD
the herbertGOD Timme sedan
"my daughter a G she seen me kill a jhit from the age of 2 and I would kill another jhit too before I'll let another jhit hurt you know daddy loves you" REAL LIFE STUFF 💯
Jolt Timme sedan
Came on my recommended
Shot by Ogcody
Shot by Ogcody Timme sedan
Very well done reel goats 🐐
Muzicmajor Timme sedan
dababy was on his john wick.
TheBlahBlah Boii
TheBlahBlah Boii Timme sedan
Like if this was in recommendations
mordecai purnell
mordecai purnell Timme sedan
The poor girl tweking
Karter Luca
Karter Luca Timme sedan
This song is the shit with or without TikTok
CIAN ENT Timme sedan
Only people who didn't come from tik tok can like this
Shailen Sanghera
Shailen Sanghera Timme sedan
Dislikes r cause people just hate the beat
Xoxobrooklynn Timme sedan
BestClips Timme sedan
Who dislike TIK Tok
Benjamin Castillo
Benjamin Castillo Timme sedan
Dat shit was wack
Khalil Young
Khalil Young Timme sedan
Yea zombies are like further down in the year 😅. Stg 2020 the worse year ever
Florida KG
Florida KG Timme sedan
Why does Da baby sound exactly the same every song? Sucks cus I used to listen to him a lot but it all sounds the same.
Niyah Martin
Niyah Martin Timme sedan
Why they look so serious in the thumbnail 😭
Crystal Gutierrez
Crystal Gutierrez Timme sedan
Wtf was that beginning tho 💀
Richdotcom Timme sedan
ItsDanielBro Timme sedan
Sorry about the dislikes it's my neighbors
thomas roberson
thomas roberson Timme sedan
Gavin Laastad
Gavin Laastad Timme sedan
Tik tok makes it hard to like it but its such a good song
Ryan Park
Ryan Park Timme sedan
This song makes me want to wake up my alarm clock
Reign Clutch
Reign Clutch Timme sedan
i love this music video
big mike yt
big mike yt Timme sedan
Esther Santiago
Esther Santiago Timme sedan
Idk what to say to this song
Muhammad Daffa
Muhammad Daffa Timme sedan
Woo, woo I pull up like How you pull up, Baby? How you pull up? (Oh) How you pull up? I pull up (Seth in the kitchen) Let's go Brand new Lamborghini, fuck a cop car With the pistol on my hip like I'm a cop (yeah, yeah, yeah) Have you ever met a real nigga rockstar? This ain't no guitar, bitch, this a Glock (woo) My Glock told me to promise you gon' squeeze me (woo) You better let me go the day you need me (woo) Soon as you up me on that nigga, get to bustin' (woo) And if I ain't enough, go get the chop It's safe to say I earned it, ain't a nigga gave me nothin' (yeah, yeah) I'm ready to hop out on a nigga, get to bustin' Know you heard me say, "You play, you lay, " don't make me push the button Full of pain, dropped enough tears to fill up a fuckin' bucket Goin' for buckets, I bought a chopper I got a big drum, it hold a hundred, ain't goin' for nothin' I'm ready to air it out on all these niggas, I can see 'em runnin' Just talked to my mama, she hit me on FaceTime Just to check up on me and my brother I'm really the baby, she know that her youngest son Was always guaranteed to get the money (okay, let's go) She know that her baby boy was always guaranteed to get the loot She know what I do, she know 'fore I run from a nigga, I'ma pull it out and shoot (boom) PTSD, I'm always waking up in cold sweats like I got the flu My daughter a G, she saw me kill a nigga in front of her before the age of two And I'll kill another nigga too 'Fore I let another nigga do somethin' to you Long as you know that, don't let nobody tell you different Daddy love you (yeah, yeah) Let's go Brand new Lamborghini, fuck a cop car With the pistol on my hip like I'm a cop (yeah, yeah, yeah) Have you ever met a real nigga rockstar? This ain't no guitar, bitch, this a Glock (woo) My Glock told me to promise you gon' squeeze me (woo) You better let me go the day you need me (woo) Soon as you up me on that nigga, get to bustin' (woo, yeah) And if I ain't enough, go get the chop Keep a Glocky when I ride in the Suburban 'Cause the codeine had a young nigga swervin' I got the mop, watch me wash 'em like detergent And I'm ballin', that's why it's diamonds on my jersey Slide on opps' side and flip the block back, yeah, yeah My junior popped him and left him lopsided, yeah, yeah We spin his block, got the rebound, Dennis Rodman You fool me one time, you can't cross me again Twelve hundred horsepower, I get lost in the wind If he talkin' on the yard, the pen' dogs'll take his chin Maybach SUV for my refugees Buy blocks in the hood, put money in the streets I was solo when the opps caught me at the gas station Had it on me, thirty thousand, thought it was my last day But they ain't even want no smoke (no smoke) If I had to choose it, murder what she wrote Let's go Brand new Lamborghini, fuck a cop car With the pistol on my hip like I'm a cop (yeah, yeah, yeah) Have you ever met a real nigga rockstar? This ain't no guitar, bitch, this a Glock (woo) My Glock told me to promise you gon' squeeze me (woo) You better let me go the day you need me (woo) Soon as you up me on that nigga, get to bustin' (woo) And if I ain't enough, go get the chop
G Dedios
G Dedios Timme sedan
The ppl who didnt like this didnt pull up and step in the kitchen.
Supercolorbluepro Timme sedan
Me listening to this on the ifruit radio
Chaï 's Vibes
Chaï 's Vibes Timme sedan
Love this song ♥️♥️♥️
MissMDR Timme sedan
Y'a pas un français ici la?
tony daddy
tony daddy 2 timmar sedan
this is my favorite song by dababy come to san deigo cali city heights i wanna meet u ur the GOAT 🐐 ur my inspiration
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ 2 timmar sedan
renegade renegade renegade BOOM BOOM BOOM
Mikko Wilson
Mikko Wilson 2 timmar sedan
oh shit
Kemelia Powell
Kemelia Powell 2 timmar sedan
You know lil mosey is in it😕😕😕
Mike Bear
Mike Bear 2 timmar sedan
Tik tok effin sucks. Worthless
Christopher Burns
Christopher Burns 2 timmar sedan
Was that lil tjay that roddy rich killed
Kanhai Wilson
Kanhai Wilson 2 timmar sedan
They just found a new plague in China look it up we done!
NeoSephX 2 timmar sedan
1:32 call of duty warzone?
Ulyssia Houston
Ulyssia Houston 2 timmar sedan
This is so awesome his songs
P05TPWN3D 2 timmar sedan
i love the little latin chick in pink on the left, she works with what shes got lol
NATALAC 2 timmar sedan
kenneth flores
kenneth flores 2 timmar sedan
Becky Campbell
Becky Campbell 2 timmar sedan
I love this song
DIVYESH CHOTALIYA 2 timmar sedan
I came from Instagram.
NATALAC 2 timmar sedan
Natalac Pimp of the Nation wit Ya... Cakalac Shhh
kishawni black
kishawni black 2 timmar sedan
kishawni black
kishawni black 2 timmar sedan
Jackson 2 timmar sedan
He almost got shot filming this video
AnKinde 2 timmar sedan
Plants VS Zombies
DoMarion Wiley
DoMarion Wiley 2 timmar sedan
I finally seen your SEshow video of brown Lamborghini I’d like to video
Natalie Perez
Natalie Perez 2 timmar sedan
The girl in the red having fun
proTeeN 2 timmar sedan
Anyone here from TikTok . . . . . . Please Go!!!
Bobby Mahone
Bobby Mahone 2 timmar sedan
Is that yb
Aiden Olivo
Aiden Olivo 2 timmar sedan
I see the tesla
DMC WunKong
DMC WunKong 2 timmar sedan
i like this song bc i just do
Pro Yup
Pro Yup 2 timmar sedan
Wait this came from tiktok
Indy Made It
Indy Made It 2 timmar sedan
Bruh he released like 5 versions of the song.. still hard tho, but damnnn
Sergio Huerta
Sergio Huerta 2 timmar sedan
4:16 Perfect guitar sync
Soraya Gakuru
Soraya Gakuru 2 timmar sedan
*where can I buy this video game*
henk de peer
henk de peer 2 timmar sedan
Ricardo Hamilton Jr
Ricardo Hamilton Jr 2 timmar sedan
Pandemic got me paranoid
Megan Siu
Megan Siu 2 timmar sedan
M TV klyxiypypl🇳🇵🇱🇸🇲🇱🇳🇵
spencer lee
spencer lee 2 timmar sedan
Video made me love the song even more!!!!
Xavier Shockszz-
Xavier Shockszz- 2 timmar sedan
Fun fact those zombies sacrificed themselves to make this video
Stone Emrick
Stone Emrick 2 timmar sedan
Some of the best videos in the game right now 🤑💯🙏
Romvn.Moralxs 2 timmar sedan
they need more songs together mann😷
pich Virak yuth
pich Virak yuth 2 timmar sedan
i didn't know zombie can play music
Ian Kopey
Ian Kopey 2 timmar sedan
I broke the replay button