Building a custom scissor lamp
Making a mantis shrimp costume
Back from brain surgery
I have a brain tumor.
I rate my own inventions
My Favorite Tools
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My Robot Morning Routine
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Are you wattson from apex legends in real life
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Exergonic Ginger 12 minuter sedan
Tech 1 info
Tech 1 info 20 minuter sedan
Ivan the flying squirrel
Ivan the flying squirrel 26 minuter sedan
I no joke did a school project on your essay, and then found your channel... so glad this happened.
Brenda Jarrett
Brenda Jarrett 35 minuter sedan
fell better soon we love you
Brenda Jarrett
Brenda Jarrett 38 minuter sedan
i fell so sorry for you and i am crying with you we love you
Talon Gagnon
Talon Gagnon Timme sedan
We all love you and your beautifully chaotic brain
pixzeo Timme sedan
Omg she is pregananant
Gaming With Matarr
Gaming With Matarr Timme sedan
Hello :P
Emma Speros
Emma Speros Timme sedan
i would have put some sort of padding on the palm of the hand so its like a soft pat and not being slapped by a piece of wood, but this is literally the best invention i've ever seen
Rafael Ribeiro
Rafael Ribeiro Timme sedan
I've seen this face before on this Brazilian interview were the woman could not properly talk because she was hearing herself in the earbuds and the reporter keep asking her questions. This became a famous meme called "sandwich ich"
Chris McNee
Chris McNee Timme sedan
El Teslamino
leafz Timme sedan
I know I'm late, I only recently discovered your channel and love your videos. I am glad to know you are doing well now and have moved onto bigger projects. When I saw this title though, I was completely caught off guard. However, I think it's very inspiring how well you seem to be handling it with you're good attitude. I myself was not long ago told I had a brain tumor, having only had the surgery about a month ago to remove TiMoThY. A lot of people around me have told me that I have dealt with it pretty well. Humour and positivity are really the best way to help to make these shitty situations better and that is my recommendation for anyone going through this or anyone who knows someone who is. The emotions experienced especially from being nervous has been hard. I really hope this is the last chapter of your tumor sequel. But you kick ass so I wouldn't be surprised. I think your videos are very motivational and helpful to me as my tumor story continues whether that involves a sequel or not.
randombloke Timme sedan
I need this to shred the migraine pill boxes and posology sheets. That would be very satisfying.
Maleah Lock
Maleah Lock 2 timmar sedan
Move to Australia! You'll have better luck with parking and my 11 year old son said he'll help you finish it. :-D
Lydia Skinner-Noble
Lydia Skinner-Noble 2 timmar sedan
"what do you have?" "A KNIFE" "NO"
Adeniyi Segun
Adeniyi Segun 2 timmar sedan
Available nowhere😂😂😂
Kaiser C
Kaiser C 2 timmar sedan
Just popping in as a guest who doesn't really watch your content to let you know I'm happy you are still kicking, because I kept getting your year old cancer videos, and was worried because life is fleeting. Best wishes, A random guy.
The Butter Gamer
The Butter Gamer 2 timmar sedan
The female version of Michael Reeves
Eamon Augustine
Eamon Augustine 3 timmar sedan
How many feet is the bed ? Width and length ?
Eamon Augustine
Eamon Augustine 3 timmar sedan
Why did nt you get a little pick up . And electrify it . Like a testla
FangirlsForever 3 timmar sedan
Yassine Karkouch
Yassine Karkouch 3 timmar sedan
@Simone Giertz Do us a favour and don't ever change.
Maleah Lock
Maleah Lock 3 timmar sedan
I probably would have had a secret cry when the engine didn't work, just because I would have been so excited for it that the letdown would be slightly visceral.
Helo Marcondes
Helo Marcondes 3 timmar sedan
You make me so happy cause like I’m a person who really likes stem but I also really like manual crafts and things like that so seeing you do science and make things gives me a bit of hope for being able to pursue both of my likings
Henrique Jambu
Henrique Jambu 3 timmar sedan
This is the SUPERIOR video, Simone you're truly amazing what the helll
Henrique Jambu
Henrique Jambu 4 timmar sedan
Why do anime characters always go to the beach to stare at the ocean
David Urry
David Urry 4 timmar sedan
Wow! How tall are you? You could just stomp that deer tofo? Simone Gastone!
Chilly Changas
Chilly Changas 4 timmar sedan
Why though
Christian Ongwongsakul
Christian Ongwongsakul 4 timmar sedan
It's aboat time you get a boat
Miracle The Magnificent
Miracle The Magnificent 5 timmar sedan
She's fucking awesome!
Bike explorers
Bike explorers 5 timmar sedan
You need to get a laser cutter
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 2 timmar sedan
love you simone
hooDio 5 timmar sedan
the number of times she says thank you in this video is ridiculous, you can just see how much she loves it
The Crude Lab
The Crude Lab 5 timmar sedan
this video has made me subscribe due to you amazing humor.
André Mazzoni
André Mazzoni 5 timmar sedan
The best cybertruck
ᚴᛟᛁᚷᚱᛁᛗ 5 timmar sedan
Hands down the BEST piggy bank!
Nicole Cuevas
Nicole Cuevas 5 timmar sedan
This is my first time watching your video, and I love it! New subscriber! <3
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 2 timmar sedan
Looks like this lamp makes the cut, am I right? 😅 ...........::grabs coat::..........I'll see myself out
Nala R.
Nala R. 6 timmar sedan
Adam Savage is such a sweetheart
•スパイシーレモン• 6 timmar sedan
"thats so not straight." okay but me too. 👀
Typical Madi
Typical Madi 6 timmar sedan
Evan and katlen should do ceo baby chair
Zay Z
Zay Z 6 timmar sedan
Wait so you made a fucking butt wiping robot
Oliver Collard
Oliver Collard 6 timmar sedan
For the hat, tip it forward a bit but it goes well with you hair
Misfit 636
Misfit 636 6 timmar sedan
Scissors lamp... 🤔 I’m starting to think Simon is just coming up with inventive suicide machines 🤣
AgeiKen 6 timmar sedan
Oliver Collard
Oliver Collard 6 timmar sedan
No, TampLamp[TM]
Misfit 636
Misfit 636 6 timmar sedan
I hope you’re getting royalties from Elon after he snagged your idea lol🤣
Legendary MU
Legendary MU 7 timmar sedan
“It’s the mish mesh oh shit”
Pqrst Zxerty
Pqrst Zxerty 7 timmar sedan
Cut you head open all the time. Swear words so, its a 18 video
• Photalgia •
• Photalgia • 7 timmar sedan
4:27 ... name the music from another SEshowr. If you want, I guess.
Vibishan Thevendran
Vibishan Thevendran 7 timmar sedan
Hell yes please do, turn the cyber truck into a sedan & if it’s as cool as your Tesla Truck aka Truckla then i would immediately buy a new one to get it customized and turned into a sedan by you or maybe even get yours if you would sell it to me 😍😍😍👍🏾
Russ H
Russ H 7 timmar sedan
I would buy this all day long!! I think it looks epic!
Jax Duong
Jax Duong 8 timmar sedan
I love truckla
Angelina Akhnoukh
Angelina Akhnoukh 8 timmar sedan
13:08 when they’re laughing for like ten minutes just trying to pull out a piece of plastic I too can guarantee that they are not high, just reaching the “I’m a bit lost” point
Máté Reichardt
Máté Reichardt 8 timmar sedan
Oof , they really fucked up that surgery
Wout Van Cauwenbergh
Wout Van Cauwenbergh 8 timmar sedan
You got it
Phaseout 4
Phaseout 4 8 timmar sedan
I know I'm not going to get a reply to this, but what is your opinion on the Tesla cyber truck now that it is released?
arabella elliott
arabella elliott 8 timmar sedan
i want it
Elissa Rol
Elissa Rol 8 timmar sedan
can we PLEASE discuss the shoe that just scuttles in and shimmies out of the mirror? what Is It?
musicbunnie 8 timmar sedan
Dude you are so bad ass! I would totally buy that. It's a fictional art piece. Fucking fantastic.
Lexius Nez
Lexius Nez 9 timmar sedan
I think Elon didn't want to be embarrassed that the CyberTruck is not as utilitarian as Truckla.
Anna Bergman
Anna Bergman 9 timmar sedan
So cool lamp 😎😎 I would buy it too
Bastien Levesque
Bastien Levesque 9 timmar sedan
Imagine just walking about in the forest, minding your own business, and then, from the corner of your eye you see a herd of Daryl running towards you
elefant astich
elefant astich 9 timmar sedan
Is that only me vor is she looking linke Allison from Fool us
Brad Gooders
Brad Gooders 9 timmar sedan
Okapiii 9 timmar sedan
This is the most 2016 thing I've ever seen
Random Guy
Random Guy 9 timmar sedan
This video has not aged to well by now
Tekhiro Casual
Tekhiro Casual 9 timmar sedan
I wanna buy one <.<
Daan D.
Daan D. 10 timmar sedan
Wooowww the ad I get before this video is literally for an industrial robotic arm xD
Inez Nordell
Inez Nordell 10 timmar sedan
Coolt jag är också svensk
Junior 10 timmar sedan
do you listen to girl in red
Stefano Spolverini #SpoLab
Stefano Spolverini #SpoLab 10 timmar sedan
very very very nice! Good work! :)
catchingfire3 10 timmar sedan
This actually isnt too bad but i also dont understand chinese so
Martin F J DiMase Jr.
Martin F J DiMase Jr. 10 timmar sedan
She should flush the matches off with the metal.
Lilly Mulcahy
Lilly Mulcahy 10 timmar sedan
I like mun 😭😂
colin mcquade
colin mcquade 10 timmar sedan
She’s like the girl Michael Reeves
jbkgjbkg 11 timmar sedan
10:30 I'd buy that for a dollar
Colonial Hamster
Colonial Hamster 11 timmar sedan
WOW that would be 0 in the UK
MochiFoox 11 timmar sedan
9:45 what you were here for
Tuonuo miasa Gaming
Tuonuo miasa Gaming 11 timmar sedan
A girl with this kyna skill man you're awesome!! Keep up the good work ☺
David Powell
David Powell 12 timmar sedan
Might I suggest you consider stepper motors....
Whit Newcomb
Whit Newcomb 12 timmar sedan
I watch you because of your use of the fuck word. I love it, thankyou
boku 12 timmar sedan
This will be great for throwing cakes at each others faces 🤪 .you are just amazing.Thankyou for the laughs.
poya kiani
poya kiani 12 timmar sedan
Don't you guys get enough winter time in Sweden??
Regine Hella Midtun
Regine Hella Midtun 12 timmar sedan
can't get over the similarities you have with Katelyn from EvanAndKatelyn
prune eater
prune eater 13 timmar sedan
cybertruck? more like wedge of cheese
Sausage Gaming
Sausage Gaming 13 timmar sedan
This is a lot nicer than the cyber truck but sadly this isn’t for sale. It should be tho
nalan ilhan
nalan ilhan 13 timmar sedan
Felix Henson
Felix Henson 13 timmar sedan
oh my god the keying scene was PHYSICALLY PAINFUL.
Henry Peterson
Henry Peterson 13 timmar sedan
Fuck their turning my Tesla into a truck, can’t have shit in Detroit
prune eater
prune eater 13 timmar sedan
isnt there a thing for cutting sheet metal?
L'amas de laine
L'amas de laine 13 timmar sedan
I'm a year late but it's awesome you have an amazing support group. I truly believe that it makes all the difference in the world.
Felix Henson
Felix Henson 13 timmar sedan
This was so wholesome <3
Regine Hella Midtun
Regine Hella Midtun 13 timmar sedan
is your mom swedish?
Regine Hella Midtun
Regine Hella Midtun 13 timmar sedan
haha I love this!
Qwentar 13 timmar sedan
I like your shower curtain.
Regine Hella Midtun
Regine Hella Midtun 14 timmar sedan
have a feeling this will be the start of a rabbit hole of watching her videos
Dark Snyder
Dark Snyder 14 timmar sedan
Nice project relky love it. How about putting the switch on the scissor itself so that when you open the scissor the light goes on as well. Take care and Stay safe.
Felix Henson
Felix Henson 14 timmar sedan
That time Simone got a job solely bc she was white
Maleah Lock
Maleah Lock 14 timmar sedan
It looks like a arse print. Hehe
Rowena Ilar
Rowena Ilar 14 timmar sedan
When you want to drink water And they turned off gravity...