Thailand feat. Rip Taylor
9 månader sedan
SpookeyR 3 timmar sedan
I completely agree; `Kars For Kids` is the purity of evil and I am glad those children are dead, too.
KristaL Mac LeoD
KristaL Mac LeoD 3 timmar sedan
unreal its funny con artists getting Rich preaching theword of a god'
Liam Feeney
Liam Feeney 3 timmar sedan
this turned from a comedy show to a horror show
james games
james games 3 timmar sedan
Me after a test hall stalin
Zachary Thoroman
Zachary Thoroman 3 timmar sedan
Stoodmuffin Personal
Stoodmuffin Personal 3 timmar sedan
A simpler time
Frequently Cynical
Frequently Cynical 3 timmar sedan
So, all those landlords evict tenants, and then there are hordes waiting to rent. Right?
ognarw 3 timmar sedan
So Jon. What’s the solution. Always appreciate brits and Canadians and South African and Aussie “comics” telling the USA that we suck and have problems. Americans look for solutions so Jon, take a breath and let’s hear how you fix this versus stating the obvious for ratings. Yawn. Watch the ratings bloke.
Tsolaris 3 timmar sedan
Thanks for not mentioning Matthew Gene Gentry
Brian Nevs
Brian Nevs 3 timmar sedan
Landlords are people too and not always rich people.
Crack War Vet
Crack War Vet 3 timmar sedan
corny mofoka
Jake Roth
Jake Roth 3 timmar sedan
They gotta bring this back
Johnny Synaptic
Johnny Synaptic 4 timmar sedan
E a t s h i t B o b M u r r a y. <3 <3 <3
Greg Volcy
Greg Volcy 4 timmar sedan
It's gonna be different when you're stuck with golduck's bumbass and I have fucking Gyrados tho
Thomas Ford
Thomas Ford 4 timmar sedan
This is why I can't stand people who go on and on and on about how climate change isn't real because the effects of climate change are so extreme at this point in time that we can see the changes from space and if something isn't done soon we may not be able to reverse the damage. It feels like no brainer.
Jessica H
Jessica H 4 timmar sedan
Some places are going up on rent too, there should be freezes on increases on essential items (shelter, food, utilities, insurance premiums) until this crisis is over. People weren't doing okay before this pandemic.
Sanskar Wagley
Sanskar Wagley 4 timmar sedan
we need another one of these for 2020
Razar Campbell
Razar Campbell 4 timmar sedan
re - 0:48 Fuck you, Mr. Oliver!! An ex-girlfriend of mine was Belgian. She had the most seductively divine voice, coupled with a French accent. Put all that together with a flawless body and beautiful face (the kind that makes you fall in love with her instantly) and you have the perfect woman. Or rather, I had the perfect woman! We were only together for a few months, but they were among the most amazing months of my life. We had so much fun together, whatever we ended up doing. Her only flaw was that she was a little fucked in the head and also had some slight abandonment issues. Beyond that, however, she was a Perfect Being! Even her poop was largely inoffensive, in that while it still smelled bad- duh! it's poop!- it wasn't so bad that it was upsetting to smell it. We were great friends and better lovers. If the fates had been kinder, I'd have married her and lived happily ever after (assuming she never got fat, of course). She was _Made In Belgium,_ so I appreciate the Belgian 'People-Making industry' and I appreciate the Belgians! Without them, she would never have been born (also, she's Jewish, so the existence of her parents and her subsequent birth are already wildly unlikely). She was a Divine Goddess of awesomeness and hearing Mr. Oliver insult Belgium seems to be the first truly ignorant thing he's said (to my knowledge). If he'd ever have seen her, I'm sure he'd agree with me about this!
Leafar Marq
Leafar Marq 4 timmar sedan
I want so Bugle claws now.
Protect MyRights
Protect MyRights 4 timmar sedan
Everyone says release those with marijuana charges. I say incarcerate white supremacists, racists and the true terrorists who bankrupt our nation.
Steven Durham
Steven Durham 4 timmar sedan
Weasel. Not a Superhero. His brain doesn't work.
Jack Glenn
Jack Glenn 4 timmar sedan
yep if you can get away with running a fraudulent college and then still run for president 🤷🏿‍♂️
Rachel Garber
Rachel Garber 4 timmar sedan
I noticed that some Latinos/Hispanics were Herbalife distributors couple of years
Hans-Georg Grützmacher
Hans-Georg Grützmacher 4 timmar sedan
As a german i got to say the following: Putting down the statues of a certain leader from about 80 years ago, does not delete all knowlede about history...
Ian Cole
Ian Cole 4 timmar sedan
History has proven that a bad idea even IF it has good intent behind it, is still a bad idea.
Jason Stough
Jason Stough 4 timmar sedan
The civil war did not begin because of slavery. Quit being a propaganda tool!!!
Zachary Thoroman
Zachary Thoroman 4 timmar sedan
Jackson Thomas
Jackson Thomas 4 timmar sedan
Gotta love these top comments more upset about the show slightly mischaracterizing the interviewer than the oppression of the entire LGBTQ+ community in Uganda. None of the top 20+ comments are about the absolute poise and presence of Mr. Onziema or how terrible the situation that his community is facing. Sorry that in under 20 mins they couldn't frame one un-named interviewer in a more positive light... Such a sad story about all the backlash that...Oh! the interviewer HASN'T gotten because of this! It such a stupid thing to be outraged over, instead of... well the whole humanitarian crisis thing!
Protect MyRights
Protect MyRights 4 timmar sedan
Our privacy must be respected. Sellouts like this guy need eliminating. These violations of our rights are radical and terrorist in nature. We have every right to respond just as radically. take back America
shortylickens69 4 timmar sedan
Watching this in July of 2020 makes me a little sad. We have one unverified non-peer reviewed study showing masks are not effective and millions of brainwashed conservative zealots latch onto it like they latch on to White Jeezus.
Mathieu 4 timmar sedan
Sanders: "We need universa...." americans: "COMMUNIST SCUM!!!"
Will Myers
Will Myers 4 timmar sedan
As a landlord with 10 units I have been working my "essential" job to pay for mortgages, taxes, repairs, maintenance and insurance on my properties while collecting about 30% of rent due. Some tenants are experiencing hardships but few communicate this, they just don't pay. Some were in arrears even before the crisis and now have a 4-5 month safety net to not pay, whether they can or not. This is the other side of the coin.
Daniel Lawson
Daniel Lawson 4 timmar sedan
Advance America is a fucking vulture!!! I borrowed $500 and paid them back almost $5,000. And yes it was in Ohio!!!
tweetieindiana 4 timmar sedan
Years ago the lawyer shut down the mental hospitals. What did they do with the inmates? They made cops out of them. All cops are Narcissist, just look it up on SEshow and see how crazy they are.
AJ Deadshow
AJ Deadshow 4 timmar sedan
"They are lucky black people are looking for equality, and not revenge." Yeah, we are!
Tanmay Mohapatra
Tanmay Mohapatra 4 timmar sedan
I wish some Indians would have said.. "Facebook Tatti hai" That's sounds much better 😂
Razar Campbell
Razar Campbell 4 timmar sedan
Dear Gods!!! I'm SO in love with that middle dancer!!!! Hells, I want to have her babies!!! I'd even jump on the 'let's all pile shit on Russia' bandwagon, if I thought it would help to open her... heart!
Ted Bohne
Ted Bohne 4 timmar sedan
Carlson Darlson
Carlson Darlson 4 timmar sedan
I love this show
JoJoe Mojo
JoJoe Mojo 4 timmar sedan
I've done 5 years in prison, jail, and other forms of supervision and I can tell you first hand that this is a very misleading episode of this show or actually it's another misleading show. There is so much wrong with this that it would take me hours to unpack all of these mistruths and I'm so tired of wasting my life even thinking about all of the lies that the media tell. Just like when he clips that video of the guy talking about letting out good prisoners and bad prisoners. Why didn't he play the video through the end? Because he needed to clip that out of context so it looks bad. All these media personalities will burn in hell, they are worse than anyone that they claim are actually bad, that's why they do this placing blame game so you dont look at them for it.
Dre'a LC
Dre'a LC 4 timmar sedan
If you think this is bad in America (and it is) you should see South Africa. False prophets EVERYWHERE. Newspapers, billboards, you name it.
creepy weepy
creepy weepy 4 timmar sedan
trump is absolutely right about china
Mr D
Mr D 4 timmar sedan
Some UK accents and dialects are fabulous, but Oliver's sounds as though he has a mouth full of dog shit. Considering that and his inability to be entertaining, how he is still on HBO is beyond me.
Siddharth Deshmukh
Siddharth Deshmukh 4 timmar sedan
This video spreads a shit load of misinformation, representing india in a very bad way
Thomas Goff
Thomas Goff 4 timmar sedan
Gee, I wonder what this Limey thinks about how BLM, as useful idiots, justifies looting, burning businesses that kept their communities alive! Oops! I just realized it's against his "progressive" agenda! He's afraid, just like other leftist assho*les that a mob may find out where he lives!
Avishay Berckovich
Avishay Berckovich 4 timmar sedan
Pokemon joke omg
briony Xx
briony Xx 5 timmar sedan
This man has ruined my SEshow algorithm
N eo
N eo 5 timmar sedan
Shouldn’t it be bi-chromatic rather than biochromatic?
Larisa 7
Larisa 7 5 timmar sedan
Do you hate ferrets or not I need to know!?
Nick Georgopoulos
Nick Georgopoulos 5 timmar sedan
How big a deal is this? In 2020, one observes it turned out not to be a big deal
John DeLong
John DeLong 5 timmar sedan
Man, when he cut to the sherpa the second time I was expecting a rick roll again.
Daniel Lawson
Daniel Lawson 5 timmar sedan
Hard Brexit, your getting fu¢ked. Soft Brexit, you're gonna be disappointed. Do I have it right? Oh yeah, I almost forgot. If you're gonna pull out of Brexit, don't do it too late.
Michael Laverty
Michael Laverty 5 timmar sedan
You guy's can look at this however you like But these highly skilled & loyal Servicemen are acting completely out of character because of why now ? I'm telling you they know something so so horrible is coming they were ordered to shut up and just do as they are told and because of the Dishonorable Agenda & the Violation of our constitution they are in crisis mode and acting out ..Almost intentionally so they could be dismissed rather than continue on .. At least that's what I get from this..
Splitting Productions
Splitting Productions 5 timmar sedan
11:04 wait a second here. That camera guy keeps showing the trombone to what is clearly the trumpets part.
Catherine Mechler
Catherine Mechler 5 timmar sedan
Can’t imagine how hard it is to try and repeatedly wake people up. Thank you John Oliver.
Not_Me_Art 5 timmar sedan
The dude at 5:38 it was really fucked up what happened to him and not to be little him or anything but he kinda cute
SMI LES 5 timmar sedan
Do you know what John Oliver you’re a real fucking piece of shit. I can’t fucking stand you. I can’t believe how many fucking retards think that you are funny. I can’t imagine how much you pay these people to fucking laugh.
Razar Campbell
Razar Campbell 5 timmar sedan
Hang on... Why is it "bad" for Putin to be suspected of killing these people, but it's OK for american soldiers to hunt down and apparently execute Bin Laden? Was Bin Laden given an opportunity to surrender? Was he given a trial? American law holds that EVERYONE is entitled to a trial, regardless of whether they're american or not. Even Soviet Spies during the Cold War were given trials! Norway even forgave and released Israeli spies who were guilty of murdering an innocent Moroccan man (they mistook him for a terrorist). Most advanced nations no longer have the death penalty and about half of american states have also abolished capital punishment. Yet somehow, americans are all fine with Bin Laden being assassinated by the u.s. military, without having been given a trial to determine his guilt or innocence. So why is it OK for america to murder people deliberately like with Bin Laden, or to murder people accidentally such as the collateral damage done in its illegal wars, including drone strikes that kill children? How is Putin- somehow- the 'Bad Guy' here?
dogboy1953 5 timmar sedan
Moscow Mitch McConnell should, by law, be forbidden from standing in front of the stars and stripes in favor of the hammer and sickle.
Ieatfood! 5 timmar sedan
Definitely a government issue. Not all "landlords" are able to just freeze rent. There are a lot of people who rely on investment properties for a lot of thier income, and also can lose big money on the property(s) without rent, which could leave them vulnerable as well. There is definitely pressue on both sides.
afriend too
afriend too 5 timmar sedan
This all started after the crash in 2009-10 when Hedge Funds and the Big Boys started buying up thousands and thousands of foreclosures homes, buying apartment complexes and trailer parks. Then they started increasing and increasing and increasing rents. In my city a major Texas developer built a 200 unit building and slapped rents of $2000 for a studio - $6000 for a 3 bedroom on the units.. What this did is drive everyone in the neighborhoods rent up.
PandorasCrate 5 timmar sedan
Hey 2017, it's 2020. A bit of advice: RUN AND HIDE!!!!
Lightning Vonloppenschleppin
Lightning Vonloppenschleppin 5 timmar sedan
I quit tobacco on 5/7/2015 a few months after this aired. Over 5 years off the tobacco!
symbolic503 5 timmar sedan
12:15 ohhh it's against the law gee golly i guess i should just trust the government to follow the law and protect my privacy huh? fuck that im not filling out shit. im supposed to believe that if my state gets the funding that their actually going to HELP me?! lmaooo yeah fucking right
Daniel Lawson
Daniel Lawson 5 timmar sedan
My grandmother came to the States from Wales after meeting my grandfather during the war. I would love to go see Wales and meet my grandmother's family. I only wish the best for Britain and it's people
Pan Pluto
Pan Pluto 5 timmar sedan
"She lied" Well thank god we dont have a liar in office.
kees abel
kees abel 5 timmar sedan
Sooo this is how governments force people in debt
afriend too
afriend too 5 timmar sedan
Trump'sThird World America....
Dee Etd
Dee Etd 5 timmar sedan
If banks waive/reduce the mortgage during this period, the landlords will have the incentive to waive/reduce the rent for badly affected tenants. The banks should waive the mortgage. If taxpayers money was used to bail them out back in 2008, they should fucking bail us out NOW.
UsernameInvalidTHIS 5 timmar sedan
The virgin "multilevel marketing" vs. the Chad "Marxism-Leninism-Maoism"
James Mac777
James Mac777 5 timmar sedan
One thing I don't like about apps is the number of them that need to access your photographs and download my collection of Cortana pictures, that is only for me, not you: The apps place spying thing in them.
michael p
michael p 5 timmar sedan
Tenants’ rent goes away, landlords’ expenses go bye-bye, government money goes away, tenants and landlords get taxed to pay for it all, economy goes to shit
Rembrandt Van Rijn
Rembrandt Van Rijn 5 timmar sedan
It is so French to believe that the rest of the world, or Europe, needs them.
stephlat039 5 timmar sedan
Your the man John.
Linda M.
Linda M. 5 timmar sedan
No one is even mentioning us folk who graduated college in May and cannot get unemployment or a job. Our leases are ending and we have nowhere to go but couch surfing if we are lucky...
Ben LaCour
Ben LaCour 5 timmar sedan
Great video!
TBC-x 5 timmar sedan
When you live in a fantasy world you definitely have a pencil and a sharpener, unless you're using digital character sheets...
Alex Cio
Alex Cio 5 timmar sedan
what a brilliant ad! Hope he gets it!
debjoy12 5 timmar sedan
clit ORR is
Kash Sattar
Kash Sattar 5 timmar sedan
America is number one in coming up with schemes and fraudulent ways to make legit money out of its citizens and find ways to rinse their bank accounts.
michael p
michael p 6 timmar sedan
Then maybe we should just reopen the economy to fix all the problems he just talked about
Makwan Azizi
Makwan Azizi 6 timmar sedan
Why don't you have ads? It's worth my and others time to support your show. 10/10
Science! 6 timmar sedan
Saying that communities of color are disproportionately affected by this completely ignores WHY they are disproportionately affected by this. The implication is that they are being unjustly singled out in some way when they reality is that more often than not they are the principle cause of their own plight. Look at the demographics of race in the U.S. then look at the statistics for violent crime, it's extremely eye opening: One cannot use the tired old excuse that the system is the cause of the crimes being committed by certain demographics or that laws are tailored to target certain demographics when you only look at violent crimes. The reason that these statistics are so stark in the first place are the very same reasons non-violent crime rates often follow suit. It is a problem that arises within these demo-graphical communities, & in these communities is the solution to the problem. Bad cops and systemic racism and profiling being eliminated won't change the actual crimes being committed in the first place...
J. Weatherford
J. Weatherford 6 timmar sedan
So I guess Lincoln didn't make pro-slavery speeches, put freed slaves into concentration camps after the war, and help found Liberia- where he tried to forceably deport freed slaves? The wobble from his bias is actually make my monitor shake. You don't like the statues? Fine, put them in a hall or a museum. But the north didn't give phuk 1 about slavery, and in fact enslaved refugees, escaping famine in Europe, to fight in the, no side has the moral high ground, because there was none. And if you want to take a void pill on the "north freed the slaves" narrative, please read "Slavery by another name" by Douglas Blackmon, where slavery really only quietly ended in 1945 by executive order, and only to counter Japanese propaganda about the treatment of African Americans by the US Government prior to WW2.
J. Weatherford
J. Weatherford 3 timmar sedan
@Cal Guy Ok, there's an entire book, which I referenced in my post, there is also an entire book, documentary, and place I've actually been to called- The Devil's PunchBowl. It'll make your skin crawl. All under Northern post war authority and auspecies. Also if you're pressed for time, there are at least 2 books by DeLorenzo about the cult of Lincoln, which you can reference for free at, but there are also lectures on the key-points with references. There's also the book, Lies my teacher told me, as well as the book People's history of the united states. Those are some good places to start. Slavery and states rights were not mutually exclusive. The war wasn't fought ONLY over slavery. My point is that the good guys/bad guys narrative is juvenile and for an unthinking and anticritical public. Again, there was no moral high ground in that conflict, and that both sides were hypocritical; but the north "won", so they get to spit on the corpses of the losers and pretend they were the "good guys".
Cal Guy
Cal Guy 4 timmar sedan
Define "pro-slavery speeches". Also, Lincoln was in favor of VOLUNTARY colonization of freed slaves, though not necessarily to Liberia; the best evidence is that he had abandoned this idea by the last year of the war. Finally, I don't know what "concentration camps" you are referring, but the sum total of Lincoln's "after the war" life amounted to six days. I don't know what any of this has to do with the fact that the South seceded primarily to ensure the future of slavery.
Alex Cio
Alex Cio 6 timmar sedan
tick tock! ^^
Zapp Brannigan
Zapp Brannigan 6 timmar sedan
Dissolve the unions. They are toxic to well needed change.
Joseph Boland
Joseph Boland 6 timmar sedan
🤮🤮What a loada virtue signalling pish 🤮🤮
MEXCAN FUN 6 timmar sedan
Does it work with a facemask on?
cam cam
cam cam 6 timmar sedan
Rebels. Red team shady out team !
cam cam
cam cam 6 timmar sedan
Why ? You erace my culture. An tables turn by his hands ! Sitting bulls tribe an wrote in wrong no represent my. Out seven tribes ! Massacred. Wipe out an now your turn ! Lol just saying. Bitch at work an creator watching an waits ! Foing brain dead. Stroke dementia. Third stage !
AGuideToMinecraft 6 timmar sedan
not the same w/o laugh track
James Mac777
James Mac777 6 timmar sedan
Unity in America was never meant to be uniformity, because that is a tyranny. One thing about it, if you cannot enter reality and be advance, then life will come in and ruin everything: Seen again and again; and this is not about what is claimed to be new versus old, because murder is still evil despite being number two to original sin of disobedience with the lie.
Kroger Stitched24
Kroger Stitched24 6 timmar sedan
I love that it says the mailing address is no longer available. The site says people were sending semen instead of money.
James Mac777
James Mac777 6 timmar sedan
Look at the discrimination, a group that is supposed to be less than 5% claiming that you shall obey their lordship rules, because nobility has special rules and don't include your political, personal choices. Special interest always seeks control and creates the royals, and this is tyranny: Read the Federalist Papers.
RR 6 timmar sedan
donny, they are NEVER going to let you into their "World dictators club". they are just jerking you around to make the US weaker... for sport. but you are too stupid to see it.
Homer Slated
Homer Slated 6 timmar sedan
The Unicorn might be an odd choice for Scotland, but then again how many lions do you typically see roaming the English countryside? If the animal is supposed to be an iconic representation of the country, I'd vote for the highland cow in Scotland, the sheep in Wales, the horse in Ireland, and for England ... erm, let's just give them a poodle.
James Mac777
James Mac777 6 timmar sedan
One thing about it, divorce is going to make them lose their lie that nothing bad happens, because they are the happiest people on the world: Second best choices are of the Evil One, because it is about choosing to be a loser, not a winner. Look at the divorce rate skyrocket, because nobody is happy.
R1 R5
R1 R5 6 timmar sedan
Over in Europe; they went immediately into Lockdown, provided Covid payment relief for those who went out of work, paused all mortgages and paused all rents, and are loosening lockdown only when transmission goes to a 1:1 ratio or lower. What the USA is doing is basically Self Destruction. The disease is going to continue until a successful Lockdown stops it spreading. This was how all other plagues in history stopped: by Lockdown. The disease cannot spread if there is no one to spread it to.
Miguel Sandoval
Miguel Sandoval 6 timmar sedan
lol he wasnt just impeached! highly recommend looking up judge loughry! it's pretty funny
Adam LeBlanc
Adam LeBlanc 6 timmar sedan
No love for sim racing?