Christophe Breland
Christophe Breland 12 timmar sedan
Conspiracies always have a clear beneficiary who is doing it. this wouldnt happen because it is an indiscriminate killer. doesnt that space video prove the earth isnt flat. it wouldnt end if it was flat you would see it off in the distance and if its only a certain size then Im guessing. There are plenty of on conspiracies that we know are true . Also the JFK assassination there was an investigation that brought up a lot of evidence. like with the cia and crew of people linked to oswald who was a member of. and how oswald was assassinated. Then there are so many things the cia, kgv,mi6 and other intel agencies have done in other countries. Also saying that the CIA did something is over generalizing cuz its not like the whole agencies, every person who works for them, are part every plan.
jimi santa
jimi santa 12 timmar sedan
alex jones has more wisdom and knowledge in his little finger's nail, than john oliver has in his whole body, the fact that john oliver shows alex in some humorous sketch having fun proves nothing, the main things that alex talks about and is concerned with have all been proven to be true, like globalism taking over the world and the corruption of the democrats, you watch how much of this corruption will be exposed by trump and Sidney powell, just watch!!
ABADDEN2 12 timmar sedan
May need to revisit this subject
TheSneakiestWarlock 12 timmar sedan
I love that none of Oliver's live audience got the Claire from Bon Appetit reference, but we did. Oh, we understand that woman's pain.
Chris Cross17
Chris Cross17 12 timmar sedan
This guy is an idiot.
Sylvia Martinez
Sylvia Martinez 12 timmar sedan
still here, still making fun of others, take a look at yourself .. come on man i can't believe people think your funny.
Nickybeegee 12 timmar sedan
😂 😂 😂 Excellent. Could you please do a similar song for Trump? 🤣
Precious Moletsane
Precious Moletsane 12 timmar sedan
I know this is a weird question to ask but...what is going to happen with that wall now?
splattski25 12 timmar sedan
Wow I think this has more info about Jude in it then she has shared with her family in a long time.
Stephen Morais
Stephen Morais 12 timmar sedan
I am 61. I have been single my entire life, so I don't really care anything about traditional family values; I leave that to people who care about it. BTW, abortions have decreased every year since 1990.
The Queen's Half Corgi
The Queen's Half Corgi 12 timmar sedan
Well, he is still saying the election was rigged, so that his sheep will continue to fund his pockets. I mean law suits.
PY Y 12 timmar sedan
Wonder if the comedy is also an effective interview style to keep the interviewee off balance.
M O 12 timmar sedan
Barr will soon be history and history will not be kind on him!
Barbz Thee Stallion
Barbz Thee Stallion 12 timmar sedan
Anyone here from tiktok want to know who is John Oliver
Barbz Thee Stallion
Barbz Thee Stallion 12 timmar sedan
Anyone here from tiktok want to know who is John Oliver
Shintao 12 timmar sedan
When I was a teen working as a cashier at Best Buy, this guy came through the line and handed me his card and said to call him about a "job opportunity". I called him and he setup an "interview". I sat through almost an hour of his MLM speech and after I politely but firmly turned him down, he tried charging me $100 for attending his spiel.
sanctificate 12 timmar sedan
Trump: “Modi is the father of India” Also Modi: **is literally Indian Hitler**
Kriztofer Plitzkin
Kriztofer Plitzkin 12 timmar sedan
Pepe is on hormone therapy apparently
patience ekwere
patience ekwere 12 timmar sedan
😂😂😂 I can't. This is brilliant 👏👏👏
Mr Toon
Mr Toon 12 timmar sedan
That Rick Roll was a Chekov's gun, you could see it coming a mile away. The thing with a Rick Roll is that you should: never foreshadow it. Never announce it. Never gonna run around around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry. Never gonna say goodbye. Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.
demnaydu motchutgio
demnaydu motchutgio 12 timmar sedan
jamiroquai idubbbz cops
John C
John C 12 timmar sedan
This Brittishhhhh Deep State puppet just needs to get deep sixed!
A Massive Waste
A Massive Waste 12 timmar sedan
You've been in the hyperbolic time chamber this whole time!?
Mike D
Mike D 12 timmar sedan
Thanks John. Keep telling it like it is.
Cringeycrisp 12 timmar sedan
I’d advise people do research on the Pi Network, which is a new cryptocurrency that you can mine for free on mobile. You can download the Pi app on the app store and Google play. You need an invitation code to make sure you’re not a bot, so feel free to use “Cringeycrisp” when it asks you for one (same as my SEshow username). Obviously do research first though -do not just take my word for it lol.
charlie brandt
charlie brandt 12 timmar sedan
From UK: America so needs you Mr. Oliver, a bit of our common sense to shine a light on the craziness of US!
Steve McMillen
Steve McMillen 12 timmar sedan
How come this video was uploaded last month but i'm only seeing it on this page now, I literally checked yesterday?
M 12 timmar sedan
Im supportive of removing these statues, but he doesnt see this from an opposite point of view. Yes, its true that they fought for slavery. But its also true that they didnt just fight over slavery. And they werent put there because they fought over slavery. And this needs to be weighted in, here. Because its not seeing the other side, which goes against the notion. You find good points there aswell theconversation.com/in-confederate-statue-debates-common-values-can-bring-meaningful-resolution-143881 This is a bit biased, imo. Debates like these are more tricky than they are simple. The best is to trie and have as much nuanced perspective as possible. Regardless Where you stand, we should keep in mind that history is complicated. Always. I dont think removing the statues are going to erase history. But I feel like there are some points against the notion that I wouldnt ignore, either. Mainly because issues like historical figures are usually very complicated
dee doh
dee doh 12 timmar sedan
bend over john with her bojo........... We gonna up it into yo az now..... globalist and hollyweird all at once.................
nil nil
nil nil 13 timmar sedan
John,Trump will never understand this.whats in it for him?
The Modern Conservative
The Modern Conservative 13 timmar sedan
“There’s no such thing as bad publicity” - someone
Lilly Shaw
Lilly Shaw 13 timmar sedan
When it comes to bitcoin investment,I always recommend newbies to BITCAMY since I started investing with him, I've not had a loss. You can reach him for help on Instagram:bit_camy and on Whatsapp:+17604625325
Lilly Shaw
Lilly Shaw 13 timmar sedan
When it comes to bitcoin investment,I always recommend newbies to BITCAMY since I started investing with him, I've not had a loss. You can reach him for help on Instagram:bit_camy and on Whatsapp:+17604625325
Eliezer Broide
Eliezer Broide 13 timmar sedan
Ahhh fantastic joe :)
NMChe56 13 timmar sedan
6 months later and we’re even dumber. Great job, America!
Alienlordgamin 13 timmar sedan
Is it sad that I’ve never noticed the arrow?
Toby Savell
Toby Savell 13 timmar sedan
I don't understand the term "white nationalist ",why dose being white have anything to do with being a nationalist. Or do you merely don't understand the words your using john?
Tim Lienau
Tim Lienau 13 timmar sedan
Optimism of the future. As an American, I too, find that impossible to imagine.
Der Rindenmulchficker
Der Rindenmulchficker 13 timmar sedan
I‘m not a robot
Roger Berryman
Roger Berryman 13 timmar sedan
God, I hope JaBarr The Hutt gets prosecuted post Drump.
Judy Hess
Judy Hess 13 timmar sedan
So glad tRump explained what voluntary meant.
Ngozi Ikeji
Ngozi Ikeji 13 timmar sedan
Barr is aliar!!!!
Julian Gines
Julian Gines 13 timmar sedan
I skipped the 30 seconds, and landed on John saying "I'm not saying I want to fuck an octopus..."
Chris Johns
Chris Johns 13 timmar sedan
Who's here after November 4th and hearing about it still. Well, everyone. cos it's December now.
Richard Mullins
Richard Mullins 13 timmar sedan
Lock em up!
Siddiq Qaderi
Siddiq Qaderi 13 timmar sedan
He is serious
pako ranks
pako ranks 13 timmar sedan
Modern day Confederates. Losing and not admitting it.
Angela Barton
Angela Barton 13 timmar sedan
Not the mommie
Elise 13 timmar sedan
And of course Trump signed an executive order to keep Guantanamo open *indefinitely* ... What a waste of tax payer money and lives...
aeno 13 timmar sedan
Authoritarianism is based, cope and seethe
XmanHS 13 timmar sedan
5:17 petition for them to remaster The Stanley Parable, altering nothing except for making John the narrator
M. Bern
M. Bern 13 timmar sedan
wow,that Bob Murray is a real piece ..and not a piece of work ;)
mengoi ngayxua
mengoi ngayxua 13 timmar sedan
yougotthat toyotasupra pikasprey origami beartooth boris samgolbach
Ryan 13 timmar sedan
I love that clip when the cops are across the street that guy is talking all kinds of shit as soon as they start walking towards him he shuts up real quick I bet next time he will think before butchering the English language calling a cop a scary ass I could watch that all day
Will Thomas
Will Thomas 13 timmar sedan
" I'm here come see me. "
Cassie Blossom
Cassie Blossom 14 timmar sedan
Angelina needs to give her dad his medications stat
Trueflight Silverwing
Trueflight Silverwing 14 timmar sedan
Am I the only one that saw that door and immediately wanted to "Paint it Black?"
K G 14 timmar sedan
Walking internet comment. 😃
Pete OConnor
Pete OConnor 14 timmar sedan
Fuck this is depressing. 3,128 death each day - 12/3/2020
TRDPaul 14 timmar sedan
The really important question: Your tie has one set of diagonal lines but the reflection of your tie has two sets of diagonal lines crossing each other?
Daren Halfpenny
Daren Halfpenny 14 timmar sedan
"November 4th, you won't hear about it any more". December 3rd. 2,500 COVID daily deaths. 🤔
huh nah
huh nah 14 timmar sedan
Jazzy Beat
Jazzy Beat 14 timmar sedan
The chunky stove optionally reach because sneeze critically shelter pro a ruthless season. healthy, peaceful tornado
Anthony Anthony
Anthony Anthony 14 timmar sedan
What is a PLAN-demic ? A virus that exists, like Cancer and Flu, but Exaggerated for Business Intentions $B's.
David Agardh
David Agardh 14 timmar sedan
Did you see that the two kids closest to John when they sing are Joshua Colley and Luca Padovan! Two amazing broadway singers, you may know them from the Hamilton Miscast, playng Angelica and Elisa respectively. How has noone commented this before?
oanthuantuan oganthuantyna
oanthuantuan oganthuantyna 14 timmar sedan
goanimate zachking satire 1917trailer
Anthony Anthony
Anthony Anthony 14 timmar sedan
What is a PLAN-demic ? A virus that exists, like Cancer and Flu, but Exaggerated for Business Intentions $B's.
Pēteris Krišjānis
Pēteris Krišjānis 14 timmar sedan
Republicans don't want changes because then they will be removed from power. Big surprise. Move forward without them.
Chappy_42 14 timmar sedan
Youre a far-left news network!
Gita Singh
Gita Singh 14 timmar sedan
The outline of his foot is a kick up your arse John !🤣🤣🤣
TRDPaul 14 timmar sedan
You look like Steve Mnuchin but older
Herbert Erdferkel
Herbert Erdferkel 14 timmar sedan
premature destruction, 2020 already building up new shit on this pile of itself ... you gonna need to come back and throw more explosives at it, probably on a daily basis until new year.
Opinions No One Cares About
Opinions No One Cares About 14 timmar sedan
Rewatching this in December 2020...that "RBG's inevitable replacement" line. Did we dodge a bullet just to get hit by a justifiably worse bullet?
PopExpo 14 timmar sedan
What idiot. Obviously that dude knows nothing about American History or world history. And he totally spit in the face of people who actually went through it. Wearing a mask to go to the store honestly is not that big of a deal and is no way stripping all your liberties, going to get hair haircut doesn't automatically make you an American patriot either. No this is nothing like Nazi germany. When compared to events like the Holocaust or the death of Emmet Till, the conservative right's grievances is laughable. They're acting like limp dick pussy cry babies😂. It's like a right wing version of a participation medal.
Jane Wilson
Jane Wilson 14 timmar sedan
The spicy author definitely test because can pathologically need next a racial sister. heavenly heavy hellish, jaded headline
MforMovesets 14 timmar sedan
"Pumpkin Spice Latte tastes like a candle." Okay Boomer. I ate candles as a baby, I can confirm that claim is wrong.
TRDPaul 14 timmar sedan
I'm no Trump supporter but I specifically remember when he imposed these travel bans a lot of media outlets saying his bans went too far and were motivated by racism rather than trying to control the virus, now afterwards people like you are saying his travel bans didn't go nearly far enough and the suggestions of them being racially motivated have disappeared
andrew Lazzaro
andrew Lazzaro 14 timmar sedan
The divergent opinion singly harass because leather promisingly murder notwithstanding a elastic sort. tasteless, makeshift orchestra
Collins Sotryn
Collins Sotryn 14 timmar sedan
Haha hilarious that this ended up on NRA TV.
Miro Zilaji
Miro Zilaji 14 timmar sedan
John you (and your writing team, I guess :) ) rule man.