Bobby 20 timmar sedan
How does joe have a bigger head than Romero
Arif Rahman
Arif Rahman 20 timmar sedan
2:06 be ba bu
Hiba Jama
Hiba Jama 20 timmar sedan
Why emirates so empty
Steve D
Steve D 20 timmar sedan
The interviewers English is really impressive
Benjamin Pickett
Benjamin Pickett 20 timmar sedan
The first bloke got rapped
Jonathan Cesari
Jonathan Cesari 20 timmar sedan
Jon Jones has not been as good or as sharp in his last... 2-3 fights? He definitely looked worse against Reyes than he did against Santos and I think that says something. I believe that Jon Jones is declining in the division. There's a reason he's moving up now.
Alin Boari
Alin Boari 20 timmar sedan
He may not be the best, but man, he truly is the stupidest!
Grace Baby
Grace Baby 20 timmar sedan
I have no more stress because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
chris ellise
chris ellise 20 timmar sedan
Swagger Cre8ion's
Swagger Cre8ion's 20 timmar sedan
Colby corner: keep hugging him
sysispgm 20 timmar sedan
He lose.
Vin cent
Vin cent 20 timmar sedan
The Reporters Voice is bizarre
AbnerJadeAlexson 20 timmar sedan
Didn't Izzy call out Romero?
Yam Busters
Yam Busters 20 timmar sedan
Why does Lewandowski sound like gru
DLos 20 timmar sedan
Izzy’s the champ. If Yoel wanted the belt that badly he wouldn’t have been so idle
me a
me a 20 timmar sedan
"We have a grandios saison jespillt"
Diagram Global
Diagram Global 20 timmar sedan
Because of Zidane (Euros) and Ronaldo (Worldcup)
Marc Hanson
Marc Hanson 20 timmar sedan
I've never been so happy to see fans back in a stadium
patryk20wilczek 20 timmar sedan
His 32 and looks like 44 my father looks younger and his 43
Fahadul Islam
Fahadul Islam 20 timmar sedan
I do not owe anyone anymore with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Johnny Brix
Johnny Brix 20 timmar sedan
I take it Arsenal will be the team to beat liverpool in their fixtures this season
sk 87
sk 87 20 timmar sedan
If he interviewed herrea
Truth Speaks
Truth Speaks 20 timmar sedan
Sergio Ramos defiantly applied for French citizenship after this match
Ilyasse Elqouri
Ilyasse Elqouri 20 timmar sedan
Joe's face said it all
Monir Ali
Monir Ali 20 timmar sedan
I don't owe anyone anything now thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Nicholas Carpio
Nicholas Carpio 20 timmar sedan
Ribery robbed in 2013, lewandowski in 2020.
Genuine Plagiarism
Genuine Plagiarism 20 timmar sedan
Everyone talks about Jones vs Reyes results. What about the insane fight with Thiago Santos? Dude destroyed his knee early on, and still gave Jones alot of trouble.
Vaga Bond
Vaga Bond 20 timmar sedan
Who’s revisiting to check out Tiago performance now that he’s a Liverpool player?
0rb1taL_ Peppermint-Pasta
0rb1taL_ Peppermint-Pasta 20 timmar sedan
Jerome Blueteng
dede1983 20 timmar sedan
Darwin Award, Down the evolution
AK tv
AK tv 20 timmar sedan
The reporter voice is funny
Salamov Ramiz
Salamov Ramiz 20 timmar sedan
Lewandowski turning into prime Gerrard 0:54.
David Mc
David Mc 20 timmar sedan
Spot on robbie lad
TGA Mystery
TGA Mystery 20 timmar sedan
He really needs to learn english
StarScream7ZZ 20 timmar sedan
what a clever clever pass by Sancho for the 3rd goal.
Aaron Lapaul
Aaron Lapaul 20 timmar sedan
He's not black so he won't win it this year
Bladez 20 timmar sedan
Lol Suarez is Dewas right
BLaDe789 20 timmar sedan
Speaks better English than most English people. Puts things into perspective when English players go abroad not learning the native language while Lewa has learnt the English language and presumably the German language. Fair play 👏🏼
Rydo Blackman
Rydo Blackman 20 timmar sedan
Not ther wormhole, the wormgoal
sean grier
sean grier 20 timmar sedan
When the likes of Xavi, Zidane and guardiola who were all great midfielders say Scholes was the best ever!!!!! Then where is the debate
Иван Грозный
Иван Грозный 20 timmar sedan
This is going to be fight of the year oh my God I can’t wait
Dragged Kevlar
Dragged Kevlar 20 timmar sedan
There should be another Award Named after him "LewanGOALski Award".
Eyeshield 21
Eyeshield 21 20 timmar sedan
Remake adesanya
pro bro
pro bro 20 timmar sedan
He’s been hold back by corona 😂👌😂😂😂😂
Nina 20 timmar sedan
Karma for the way they won against Inter
B. Hews
B. Hews 20 timmar sedan
Shresh Bhattacharyya
Shresh Bhattacharyya 20 timmar sedan
So he gives Rabona against Schalke, then goes missing throughout this match but no criticism, Messi on the other hand is Eibarman and Ronaldo Penaldo......fans these days just like to bring down the Goats and need an excuse for it nothing else
ELVIS THE KING 20 timmar sedan
never should of gone to extra time tbh sevilla were lucky them goals were not counted when they should of stood easily bayern win
Tom Maz
Tom Maz 20 timmar sedan
They should give him next year. Combine 2020 and 2021 ceremonies.
Cikz 20 timmar sedan
Shocking ref
Carl Jones
Carl Jones 20 timmar sedan
This Bayern team are frightening. Def the best club team in Europe right now
Joseph Hopkins
Joseph Hopkins 20 timmar sedan
I would love to see Reyes go to heavyweight and chase down Jones. Win or lose it would be a badass move.