Grimes - 4ÆM
9 månader sedan
belmont 3 minuter sedan
Man I can’t wait for this fucking game to come out
flaco argentino
flaco argentino 4 minuter sedan
You know the tipicall character that only exists to be the mascot of the game? Well, that would be Keanu... but the difference is that Keanu IS Keanu
Serdar Aydın
Serdar Aydın 5 minuter sedan
01:46 Watch again ? İs Keanu ? ...
NB 9 minuter sedan
legit a 1tb game
Jimmy Schwartzman
Jimmy Schwartzman 10 minuter sedan
I don't know how I feel about all these spacey weapons, it doesn't feel cyberpunk to me. In Gibson's Sprawl trilogy for example, no one ever uses a gun more advanced than a sawn-off shotgun or some crappy old Chinese knockoff revolver, because that kind of stuff is all you can get in the streets. And body modification is a rare black market clinic phenomenon which is only for desperate people and criminal weirdos, while in this game it seems like it's 1 in 3 people. You even see a new reporter with golden robot arms for no good reason. It makes you feel less unique and it takes away a bit from the improvisational do-it-yourself 'punk' aspect of cyberpunk. I do look forward to this game but I just wanted to put that out there.
Boss Killa
Boss Killa 11 minuter sedan
Game looks so good, can't wait to play it in 2077
ROy696 12 minuter sedan
what about lonely wolf?? none of those convince me at all
Dean Holbert
Dean Holbert 14 minuter sedan
So, GTA-V meets Borderlands meets Blade Runner. I'm in love.
J. 15 minuter sedan
You know what is the best part? No bs and fking adjustment by SJW
Michal Vodička
Michal Vodička 16 minuter sedan
This trailer is the best. And then I tried to watch it when I am drunk, it is even better! Gold.
Gushers TM
Gushers TM 19 minuter sedan
flaco argentino
flaco argentino 21 minut sedan
I've accepted that I'll die before playing this game, but at least I hope I'll be able to play the alpha version or something
Motor Head King
Motor Head King 33 minuter sedan
Who new we would be waiting this long for covid 19.
Ghost Rain
Ghost Rain 45 minuter sedan
aaaaawwwwww <3
Rayamaru 49 minuter sedan
Thats rzmind me a lil bit Saints Row 1 and 2
The Tech Mate
The Tech Mate 54 minuter sedan
Welp... no Linux support? Looks like I'll pass on this game.
MrDaco 59 minuter sedan
They didn't want this game to be ahead of it's time,so they waited for its time to come
fruitponji samurai G
fruitponji samurai G Timme sedan
this ep no have thai sub. :d
Tungsten tUKtUK
Tungsten tUKtUK Timme sedan
Everyone's gonna go nuts when Ciri appears lol
Freemans Aquatics
Freemans Aquatics Timme sedan
The night skyline and just all the lighting looks so dam good
TAT BOYS Timme sedan
Copying Saint row 🤦
Kwento at Takutan - Stories Philippines Podcast
Kwento at Takutan - Stories Philippines Podcast Timme sedan
Come on now!,
Freemans Aquatics
Freemans Aquatics Timme sedan
Only thing good about this year is this game and gd can't wait 🍻
Mihael Vulje
Mihael Vulje Timme sedan
guitar song on start of gangs of night city?
Yash O
Yash O Timme sedan
That Wraiths Beat got me feeling some kind of way!?! 3:59
L3kica Timme sedan
Can we get the song in the beginning please?
Burt Macklin
Burt Macklin Timme sedan
"Why are people are hyped for this game? It dosen't even look good" - a youtube comment with a picture of the CodMW2 cover soldier and a MW3 as it channel background.
Joe Krogan
Joe Krogan Timme sedan
Will we be getting an in-depth look at character creation?
Henderson Victor Santos Lino
Henderson Victor Santos Lino Timme sedan
Pre order is already reserved 👌.
Dr. Sam's Health
Dr. Sam's Health Timme sedan
Can't wait for this game
Jon Belley
Jon Belley Timme sedan
I remember watching this and preordering a ps4 45 minutes later. PREORDERING!!!
Dante Pabon
Dante Pabon Timme sedan
This trailer came out before the PS4 and the actual game is coming out after the PS5 😳
Bomble Bee
Bomble Bee 2 timmar sedan
What about flamethrower
Samantha S
Samantha S 2 timmar sedan
Hurry up and come out already
angus L.
angus L. 2 timmar sedan
Imagine this game working with VR head set
Lolooch 2 timmar sedan
Why so much hype for this game? It doesn't even look good.
Lolooch Timme sedan
​@Burt Macklin Ohh. I see. I dont want to be the type to judge a book by its cover so maybe if there's a demo ill give it a go!
Burt Macklin
Burt Macklin Timme sedan
Its made by CD project red. People are more hype for its rpg elements and story than its graphics.
Blaze 81G
Blaze 81G 2 timmar sedan
I've completely lost track of how many times I've watched this trailer!
Dark Dagon
Dark Dagon 2 timmar sedan
Now i know, the game Will be released in true Illuminati date realese hahaha. ALL hail the horu's eye, and remember, we'll be watching. XD
angus L.
angus L. 2 timmar sedan
I hate that these are full of spoilers. But I want to watch so bad!!😩
Trav 2 timmar sedan
The trailer came out 7 years ago
ElJorro 2 timmar sedan
Honestly...who cares about V!? Night City is the real star of the game!
Brother Alaric
Brother Alaric 2 timmar sedan
I wonder if that song will be in game.
Jchari 3 timmar sedan
Its insane how long I've waited for this game.... The last time this game was announced it was 2013 and I was still in 6'th grade. Although I'm in my 3rd year of college I have been so hype for this game lately. Really hope all the waiting was worth it
Shtemby The Jerichoholic
Shtemby The Jerichoholic 3 timmar sedan
2:01 Sons of Samedi, remastered & upgraded
Max Lieb
Max Lieb 3 timmar sedan
2013 really ? already 7 years of waiting !
tobi 3 timmar sedan
I will defend Jackie with my life! No way he's gonna die in my playthrough
KodyKaneMark C.
KodyKaneMark C. 3 timmar sedan
Is it November yet??? Lol
ᴛᴍᴀsᴛᴇʀ101 3 timmar sedan
Definitely playing nomad first, street kid although good seems will be the typical choice and have seen a lot about that path since it’s the most advertised, but just also cause I find the nomad choice interesting.
Professor Mobius
Professor Mobius 3 timmar sedan
Billy idol for cyberpunk?
Muro 3 timmar sedan
follow me for some quality cyberpunk 2077 gameplay on november 19th, love you
Muro 3 timmar sedan
<--- Can't wait to do some gameplays of this sexy game :0
Capitán Daza
Capitán Daza 3 timmar sedan
Tenemos gta del pasado (Red Dead Redeption 2) Tenemos Gta del presente (GTA V) Y tenemos Gta del Futuro (Cyberpunk 2077) We got gta of the past (Red Dead Redeption 2) , the present (GTA V) and the future (Cyberpunk 2077)
Alex Slayton
Alex Slayton 3 timmar sedan
Not going to lie, after seeing the new trailers this gameplay is already looking abit dated compared to the new stuff. Great job cdpr
brSiRiuS 3 timmar sedan
I don't get tired of watching this. The public over there was amazing as well!
KillerSpike 25
KillerSpike 25 3 timmar sedan
Projekt red: WE FINALLY PRESENT TO YOU, CYBERPUNK 2077. Rockstar games: 🤡
Kai D.R
Kai D.R 3 timmar sedan
Is this AI Angle's world?
Research and Build
Research and Build 3 timmar sedan
This trailer has a different feel to it than any of the latest game footage. Latest game footage seems too...playful. This trailer seems more serious like the game wpuld be more hardcore and darker tone, the game now seems almost too lighthearted, too GTA ish. I thought the game would be more Blade Runnerish but now it i s seeming more GTAish. Even the music in this preview was more serious. I think they switched game direcrton somewhere in the last 7 years and made a different game,
Yousuf Khan
Yousuf Khan 3 timmar sedan
If only we could fly the flying cars in open world
martin0909 3 timmar sedan
Is she staring at me?
Jonathan Garwood
Jonathan Garwood 3 timmar sedan
Whats that song first song
Rainop DeWilde
Rainop DeWilde 3 timmar sedan
I’m going to choose corpo. So when I eat shit in combat over and over I’ll feel less pathetic.
lem nu
lem nu 4 timmar sedan
Co najbardziej rzuca sie w oczy po objerzeniu ostatnich trailerow z c2077 to to ze przechodnie poruszają się jednakowo.
Aleksandra Rękawek
Aleksandra Rękawek 4 timmar sedan
Marcin Czarnecki
Marcin Czarnecki 4 timmar sedan
I hope Ruth from Info Flash is romance option
Sleeve with broken stack
Sleeve with broken stack 4 timmar sedan
Marcin Czarnecki
Marcin Czarnecki 4 timmar sedan
2:43 PAIN PAIN PAIN GAIN Pretty much sums up waiting for this game
Lucas Delfin
Lucas Delfin 4 timmar sedan
I got a two week vacation just by the release date, but I'm afraid I won't make it back to work once I start playing this.
Addison Welsh
Addison Welsh 4 timmar sedan
I love how they haven’t actually told us anything about the plot yet. All we really know is that V is a mercenary and Johnny Silverhand is living in your head thanks to a computer chip. We don’t know much else, and I actually really like that.
Konrad Obidoski
Konrad Obidoski 4 timmar sedan
Take my money on the double Take my money on the double Take my money on the double I have come for play
Prem Oxford
Prem Oxford 4 timmar sedan
So this song name is basicly For AE , Grimes and Musks baby :D and thats connected to Cyberpunk that just destroyed my brain
Joel Lindholm
Joel Lindholm 4 timmar sedan
Dum Dum is a total bro. Hopefully there's a way to avoid offing everyone. Not all Maelstrom are bad.
Prem Oxford
Prem Oxford 5 timmar sedan
When you realize the name of the song is the name of Grimes and Elon Musks baby
TheCoconutBatman 5 timmar sedan
0:37 tf is Lester doing here?
kreion 5 timmar sedan
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 5 timmar sedan
This game better have night-time freerunning. Listening to some synthwave while parkouring will be so damn cool.
David Garcia
David Garcia 5 timmar sedan
Valentino's all the way
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 5 timmar sedan
zu outen und alle 5 leben glücklich und zufrieden bis an ihr politisch korrektes ende ~FIN~ edit: ach ja, "der junge" kam dann noch ins heim, weil er kein mädchen sein wollte
Johnny Silverhand
Johnny Silverhand 5 timmar sedan
One of my best
Alwaba Siwali
Alwaba Siwali 5 timmar sedan
So john wick.
Mr. Gentleman Robot
Mr. Gentleman Robot 5 timmar sedan
All the gangs: Have morality, have targets, very complex Maelstrom: haha gun go boom boom
Анатолий Бруев
Анатолий Бруев 5 timmar sedan
Graphics 2015 year, pastgen lvl gtx 1060