supersmash dungki
supersmash dungki 16 timmar sedan
6:24 I can see the magic Aura
A gaming channel
A gaming channel 16 timmar sedan
12:54 We get a golf ball going like stupid miles an hour
supersmash dungki
supersmash dungki 16 timmar sedan
I wonder it's strong enough to pierce alien force Field
Elmaz Okicic
Elmaz Okicic 16 timmar sedan
I hate when ya put down the 5oilet paper awkwardly in rush and it still splashes ya bum hole.
Mark Ortiz
Mark Ortiz 16 timmar sedan
Leather making fire?....... I think we all just learned something new.
Michael Grimes
Michael Grimes 16 timmar sedan
It is very very very true, jump on the job no one wants to do, and you're in!
Chicken&Beer #1 Clan
Chicken&Beer #1 Clan 16 timmar sedan
A cylinder blade mower cuts the grass swords (blades) the same as a pair of scissors. The blades run along the bottom plate... Tbh too much to explain. Get a cylinder unit guys and see for yourselves 👍
Chicken&Beer #1 Clan
Chicken&Beer #1 Clan 16 timmar sedan
Been cutting lawns for an age... And just learned the science behind a rotary blade mower... Shame on you. Only joking... Thats why I love Horticulture, one of the only jobs where you always keep on learning 👍
BT 888
BT 888 16 timmar sedan
нужно поднять сидение, чтобы ноги на велосипеде были выправлены в колене на полную, иначе ноги будут быстро уставать!
Anormalrobloxplayer 1
Anormalrobloxplayer 1 17 timmar sedan
knock knock, is the goverment
Bruno Camargo
Bruno Camargo 17 timmar sedan
is it OK to shoot a rifle up like this? Doesn't the bullet, like, falls down?
William Nguyen
William Nguyen 17 timmar sedan
*Today on Top Gear, I force the stig to use a weed-eater without the guard, James eats mozzarella cheese in the restroom, and Hammond flies to pakistan.*
Aarriss Palmer
Aarriss Palmer 17 timmar sedan
that thing souned like a helecopter at first but then i sounded like a turbo charged helecopter or a car runing but the rpm sounds like its going up
NSTD 17 timmar sedan
these gloves were not made for catching on that speed. you should try steel net with different wire sizes, stretch them in square frames
Danksgiving 17 timmar sedan
Honestly this is so cool. Reminds me of the tin can with the string in the middle. I imagine the future send messages with just a simple laser. I guess WiFi is better but this is more fun lol
Mickerson Joseph
Mickerson Joseph 17 timmar sedan
I love science
יונתן ספיר
יונתן ספיר 17 timmar sedan
Ever heard about Lars Andersen
Elijah Hogan
Elijah Hogan 17 timmar sedan
U.S. Army would like to: Know your location
Johan Rodrigues
Johan Rodrigues 17 timmar sedan
You must be an american to play these games . They launch anvils in the air and watch it comming down then afterwards the go home
Bud Ree
Bud Ree 17 timmar sedan
Terrific! By the way, I wouldn’t mind getting some ice cold beers 🍺 and hangin’ with Straw Hat. He’s really cool. He thinks he’s still 30 but he’s cool. Yeah! If you panic, just call it quits. Cause you’re done.
Efrem da Rabbit
Efrem da Rabbit 17 timmar sedan
Justa JATT
Justa JATT 17 timmar sedan
The ball has like an aura at 6:20
Mark Tabiolo
Mark Tabiolo 17 timmar sedan
All you need to stop a ball is a Leather baseball Gloves attached to Madara Uchiha. And he needs to activate the Rinnegan to absorb the massive amount of Chakra like when Madara catch the Sage mode Rasenshuriken...
Eric J Pomeroy
Eric J Pomeroy 17 timmar sedan
So then the real question is, since bows have been in use long before the science behind this was understood and spine testers were invented, what was the ancients' understanding of this?
Alex Santos
Alex Santos 17 timmar sedan
1:34 hair?
Mega Tron
Mega Tron 17 timmar sedan
Am not upgrading. Staying w the good ol lock and bolt. Thanx.
Todrick Howard
Todrick Howard 17 timmar sedan
go to 10:54 looks like the glove was on fire a bit well im not sure
Jr Cacatian
Jr Cacatian 17 timmar sedan
This looks like you are boarding a UFO 2:10
TopFeedCoco 17 timmar sedan
Love the video, but shilling for Israeli 23 and me...
Aidan Barry
Aidan Barry 17 timmar sedan
My coach: why can't you just catch a ball! Me:
Griselle Gracidas Garcia
Griselle Gracidas Garcia 17 timmar sedan
Vinzent Juan Lopez
Vinzent Juan Lopez 17 timmar sedan
King Sonic
King Sonic 17 timmar sedan
again and again the incredible video ever...we look more smart now
Kameron Onnen
Kameron Onnen 17 timmar sedan
I didn't realize that Kangaroos in Australia are like Deer in the U.S. They just randomly cross the street.
Hanks Valera
Hanks Valera 18 timmar sedan
“Ugh, I could only do 7.2 G’s” Me: standing up makes me dizzy
marcochimio 18 timmar sedan
Doc Edgerton used to walk around with postcards of his famous photos in his front pocket, including that the photo of that split playing card. How do I know? Because, many moons ago, I was riding in an elevator with my youngest brother who was visiting me at college, and Doc stepped onto the elevator. I introduced my brother to him, and Doc reaches into his pocket and gives my brother a postcard of one of his photos. After he stepped off the elevator, I looked at my brother and just said, "You have no idea how famous that guy is." We ALL loved Doc. He was the epitome of cool at school. RIP, Doc.
The Silent One
The Silent One 18 timmar sedan
try this with same thickness of cell cast acrylic
Brite TV
Brite TV 18 timmar sedan
they let you borrow a 110,000$ camera i love that
Mario Baltaretu
Mario Baltaretu 18 timmar sedan
OG SturmTiger
OG SturmTiger 18 timmar sedan
Bro, I'm pretty sure you press H by default for hover mode.
David Gilbertson
David Gilbertson 18 timmar sedan
So fun to see Destin hanging out with Mark Rober ... @ 0:52 BEFORE Mark becomes a SEshow sensation HIMSELF. ~Great stuff~
peter james
peter james 18 timmar sedan
what about firing the base ball at a bullet proof jacket
Mohamed Tei-Selmane
Mohamed Tei-Selmane 18 timmar sedan
Try the same thing but with a 5,000MPH ball
foxy MOTO
foxy MOTO 18 timmar sedan
Watermelon was horrifying and amazing
Lt Gamez
Lt Gamez 18 timmar sedan
Looks like he holding the speed force in Barrys lighting in the tube flash people would understand
Jamar Parker
Jamar Parker 18 timmar sedan
Put liter fluid on the glove and see if it creates a sensational spark
Brian Shissler
Brian Shissler 18 timmar sedan
Hey, I have a van, a balloon, and a 5 year old. Time for science! Glad you are doing private school
Spider Bruh
Spider Bruh 18 timmar sedan
TL:DR just don’t get a tattoo....
Pan Yvino
Pan Yvino 18 timmar sedan
Why are they laughing? Something funny? Or just the beavis & butthead syndrome? Nice video!
KOKE KANE MONE 18 timmar sedan
You look just like Jonathan Torrens
Tammy Forbes
Tammy Forbes 18 timmar sedan
Yea them guys ain’t playing even though their amazing at making it look that way! Then killers man kings of a the sky long as no raptors are around and their on our side so not a problem for F16!
Genshin Armory
Genshin Armory 18 timmar sedan
looks like a weapon that would fit perfectly into the Fallout games
2KGODLY 18 timmar sedan
I think you should test it out on bullet proof material as well to see if the baseball can be stopped by it.(kevlar)
Parsa Moradi
Parsa Moradi 18 timmar sedan
NASA: you didn’t think we’ll show you all this and let you go did you? Also NASA: take him to the rocket...
KOKE KANE MONE 18 timmar sedan
My guess was all of them because of what it did to the dumby
Parsa Moradi
Parsa Moradi 18 timmar sedan
Crew: you really didn’t think we will tell you go with this info did you? *S H U T S H A T C H*
Joey 18 timmar sedan
What is up with Huntsville and the science nerds it attracts...
Herbert Fawcett
Herbert Fawcett 18 timmar sedan
Dirt Track Racing Gaming Videos
Dirt Track Racing Gaming Videos 18 timmar sedan
I had the pleasure of being a Confederate cannonier at Ft. Tejon, California a few times in the mid and late 1990s. I loved the old cannons, nearly as much as I loved the M198 and later the M109A6 Paladin I worked with in the Army.
GamingPlayground 18 timmar sedan
hit the 1,000 MPH baseball with the 250 MPH batting machine
Florida Man
Florida Man 18 timmar sedan
Awesome job on directions for gun safety. Your great!
choppa on fn
choppa on fn 18 timmar sedan
me showimg my shoes to my cousin:
Jason Kubik
Jason Kubik 18 timmar sedan
Good laugh and at 5 second rule, hit the like button! 😆
KOKE KANE MONE 18 timmar sedan
Are you the guy who plays j roc on trailer park boys
beaux brasseur
beaux brasseur 18 timmar sedan
How many people could that go through?
Matt Long
Matt Long 19 timmar sedan
On the fire...It's good plain old friction like rubbing two sticks together (they being made of the same material) but imagine them not being rubbed together for 20 minutes at speed 1, but 20 microseconds at speed 10,000.
Affan Ahmad
Affan Ahmad 19 timmar sedan
Imagine trying to use 500 500 and texting "Smarter" in Nov 2020
Adithya Maharaj
Adithya Maharaj 19 timmar sedan
Is this Among us IRL?
plaguedoctor 19 timmar sedan
it all fun in game till that door close on you and lock
chickin 19 timmar sedan
Shane is the only person i've seen making a firearm and getting away with it
Allen Roblin
Allen Roblin 19 timmar sedan
This how club mfgs test their clubs.Golfs ruling bodies set the standards for clubs and if clubs are over those standards They are deemed illegal. Ball speed rebound off the club etc.
Randy Anderson
Randy Anderson 19 timmar sedan
O_O dats cool
Mareli AyalaMartinez
Mareli AyalaMartinez 19 timmar sedan
Mike Sidebottom
Mike Sidebottom 19 timmar sedan
the fire is from air compression like a fire starter or diesel engine
Charlene Woods
Charlene Woods 19 timmar sedan
22 min in: A picture of Sean Connery from the Movie "Hunt for Red October" on the wall :D
SupaSteve 19 timmar sedan
this looks like a galaxy commercial
J Gaming beast
J Gaming beast 19 timmar sedan
arpit parekh
arpit parekh 19 timmar sedan
So this was a 15 min commercial on snatch block
Peter Blaikie
Peter Blaikie 19 timmar sedan
Excellent video. I tried to reach out to Jerobeam to ask if my Tektronix 453 Oscilloscope would be able to display his artwork (that way I can purchase it to use on mine if it is compatible) just yesterday. This is exactly the information (and the man himself).
Neurofied Yamato
Neurofied Yamato 19 timmar sedan
Wow so this is how his channel was early on. Chickens and Ducks are adorable to me. "The chickens were eaten by the family dog. WHOOPS! :(" Yikes :(