Olly Sims
Olly Sims 6 timmar sedan
Let's not talk about ozil anymore he's passed it that's why the club fucked up paying him 350k per week end of story
hicm 1of12
hicm 1of12 6 timmar sedan
We should simply say to Atleti....if you really want Torreira, then you pay us £22 million in full for him, and we in return will pay you £45 in full for Partey! You get Torreira: we get Partey...deals done, everybody happy! 😃
Conrad Groenewald
Conrad Groenewald 6 timmar sedan
I would sell Xhaka and keep Mo
jlkv48 6 timmar sedan
He is being treated like crap, but they made it clear they want him gone and he refused. So this is retaliation. While I understand it’s hard to walk away from a good paycheck, it is worth all this toxicity for Ozil? I really don’t get it
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 6 timmar sedan
Eleney came in an put in a shift
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 6 timmar sedan
Maitland was flat
Dray King
Dray King 6 timmar sedan
I agree emi is bigger in frame n dont gives rebounds
Pa Bojang
Pa Bojang 6 timmar sedan
Ozil have been not treated fairly
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 6 timmar sedan
Nelson had a proper game also
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 6 timmar sedan
Saka step up last nt
whyahh 6 timmar sedan
i am pretty sure ozil is frozen out because of his comment on the muslim situation in china. for a club like arsenal, they could not afford to lose the chinese market. they are not gonna be enemy with people in china
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 6 timmar sedan
An once again Eddie got us da vital goal
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 6 timmar sedan
Da young players step up
Giorgio Cott
Giorgio Cott 6 timmar sedan
Random player doesn't start.Robbie, ahhhhh we all know why!!!
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 6 timmar sedan
I was glad to see we got da win
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 6 timmar sedan
That arsenal is a bran an not da club it use to b
인드라오빠 6 timmar sedan
2:55 im with troopz
Rang Klos
Rang Klos 6 timmar sedan
Picking Leno over Martinez is sending message that hierarchy is more important than performances. We're going back to Wenger's time by doing that.
sal funny Videos
sal funny Videos 6 timmar sedan
Ozil should play he is a good player. Were is freedom of speech. He was right about the uygher. This board are waste of space. We need a new owner this owner is tight as f***.
jediobiwan13 6 timmar sedan
If we're gonna be able to only get 1 player; only gonna be able to spend £50 mil on one player for me it's Auoar; we need that midfield creativity and Elneny is basically the Egyptian Partey for us atm.
Babu O
Babu O 6 timmar sedan
Ozil is a good player but he's not pulling his weight to help the team with his work rate
Fred Ataei
Fred Ataei 6 timmar sedan
Arteta does not tell the truth about Ozil !!
Chukwu Gabriel
Chukwu Gabriel 6 timmar sedan
You are not serious How can you seal Leno
Bala praneeth
Bala praneeth 6 timmar sedan
Leno should be appreciated.i disagree with troops
Steven Coulman
Steven Coulman 6 timmar sedan
His first start of the season🤦🏻‍♂️
connor Briggs
connor Briggs 6 timmar sedan
troopz is so annoying
Morgan Zimmerglass
Morgan Zimmerglass 6 timmar sedan
I feel like we had a bad record at Leicester under unai but starting from the year they won until wenger left I feel like our record against them was way better than most. I remember being baffled how everybody else was losing to them when we weren’t.
maurice fox
maurice fox 6 timmar sedan
Troopz you talk bullshit, Troopz Problem is he thinks he always right & shouts over anyone that disagrees with him & no I don't understand or get it
Marlon Sutherland
Marlon Sutherland 6 timmar sedan
Bring back tactical insight 😠😠😠
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali 6 timmar sedan
i think some thing has develop in Elneny
Samuel Jadson
Samuel Jadson 6 timmar sedan
Leno doesn't command his area as well as Martinez Leno isn't as aerially dominant as Martinez Leno is more tentative than Martinez Leno is more error prone than Martinez Stop defending him and acting butt hurt when fans compare the two
Gareth Piggott
Gareth Piggott 6 timmar sedan
Talking about resting first teamers BUT truth is when the second string they play better than the first team. Isn't it time we look at the reasons why that is? Like using Xhaka in the midfield or Laca up front. They are substandard. AMN, Saka, Elneny, and Nketiah have done enough to play every game.
Ben Fearfield
Ben Fearfield 6 timmar sedan
Arteta is not responsible for Ozil’s wages, those that are, have now long gone. Emery, Ljungberg and now Arteta have all dropped Ozil so of course it’s got nothing to do with his personal views or refusing a wage cut. Come on guys, stop finding the beef!!!
Cockney Geezer
Cockney Geezer 6 timmar sedan
Can’t build for a future with loan deals.
Peter Davies
Peter Davies 6 timmar sedan
he says has no issue with leno qnd then keeps comparing him to martinez already lol........... nah fickle,,,, and holding was good what on about lol he hasnt got a clue, holding played well, willock a 3? lol wow lol troops doesnt understand football at all
KWF 6 timmar sedan
If Ozil wont go run his contract down and kick him out the door...he will never play top football again.
AMANO G 6 timmar sedan
Arsenal should give Ozil at least some games time to convince Arsenal fans . We want to see his performance and judge for ourselves. The way things going right now looks fishy 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Edinan Luiz
Edinan Luiz 6 timmar sedan
People talking about loyalty, Martinez stayed at arsenal for 10 years, played like the best keeper in the league when he finally got a chance, and still didn't get the #1 status. If we weren't loyal to someone, that was Emi. Leno was and is great, but Emi was way more complete and confident.
Babu O
Babu O 6 timmar sedan
I'll keep Elneny. Imagine how he will be in 5-6 weeks under Arteta
Sadiki Mirenzo
Sadiki Mirenzo 6 timmar sedan
Ok, so oh if Ozil doesn’t run and track back, assisting or scoring goals, Arsenal should try to play him in Goal instead 😂😂.
Damian Roach
Damian Roach 6 timmar sedan
I kneel for no man!
DOUBLE JJ 6 timmar sedan
Reiss was out there looking like a baller. Hopefully if he does get loaned out, I hope it is to a team where he can get good minutes.
Hakum Lartey
Hakum Lartey 6 timmar sedan
You’re actually an idiot if you don’t think Ozil would improve our midfield rn
Kapilan S
Kapilan S 6 timmar sedan
You guys should keep the Egyptian Partey.
Joe Houston
Joe Houston 6 timmar sedan
If özil truly loves football & legacy, he might as well just bounce. He has a huge fan base in Turkey & Saudi 👍
Ry Rilo
Ry Rilo 6 timmar sedan
Its very hypocritical of Arsenal to punish Ozil for criticism of the Chinese and take the knee every match. I would like to think Arteta is not like that..must be something else.
TheCharcoalchicken 6 timmar sedan
I have to disagree with troopz with his thoughts on Martinez/Leno
WokTheTok 6 timmar sedan
Should stop this Martinez nonsense. 10 games and the man is a god. Put respect on Leno's name bruv
Mahith Melaka Kodituwakku
Mahith Melaka Kodituwakku 6 timmar sedan
Diawara will be a good alternative to Partey. He posesses similar traits to Partey and had a wide passing range
Kevin Jacob
Kevin Jacob 6 timmar sedan
Work rate or no work rate Ozil is more than good enough for a caribou cup match
PauLL95 6 timmar sedan
Sell Leno over Martinez? lmaooo
Ravinesh Gopal
Ravinesh Gopal 6 timmar sedan
Get Riqui Puig from Barcelona very talented and young. We need a midfielder like him who likes to take on the defenders and not like our current midfielders who likes to just pass sideways.
Theo Ekpe
Theo Ekpe 6 timmar sedan
Fabianksi won us a trophy after 9 years I guess we should have kept him
Nicholas Stoddard
Nicholas Stoddard 6 timmar sedan
Of course keep Elneny! Why get rid of him?? We wouldn’t get much for him, he’s in form, and Arteta trusts him.
shakeer 6 timmar sedan
Troopz doesn't even have respect for Mesut Özil and you expect him to have respect for leno. In a few years he will start blaming Aubameyang.
Enzo Abutiate
Enzo Abutiate 6 timmar sedan
I agree with Troops, Martinez is currently better than Leno and we should have kept him and sent Leno out on loan for the season so he could get his confidence back. Martinez is a big loss!!
Asim Mughal
Asim Mughal 6 timmar sedan
Robbie what the difference between supporting BLM and the Muslims in China, why would arsenal support BLM but not Ozils comments on the Muslims?
Hakum Lartey
Hakum Lartey 6 timmar sedan
There just isn’t a lot of room for Reiss
TDTNightmare 6 timmar sedan
Yet willock in the squad ??? Come on man Ozil way better
Internet user 5678
Internet user 5678 6 timmar sedan
Troopz ain't loyal. Leno done more than enough to earn the no1 spot
Jay da kid
Jay da kid 6 timmar sedan
ARsEnal aRe InteReSted iN A LoNE DEal kmt this is embarrassing man
Vishnu Nkumar
Vishnu Nkumar 6 timmar sedan
Sell Leno? Get the hennessy from Troopz
Battle of Mokokchung
Battle of Mokokchung 6 timmar sedan
boxing Fan
boxing Fan 6 timmar sedan
Even though arsenal are playing good at the moment we're gonna need Ozils creativity. Unless we replace him with someone like courtinho we shouldn't freeze him out
Hakum Lartey
Hakum Lartey 6 timmar sedan
We do business like we’re the smallest club in England. It’s embarrassing
Ekenwaiwu Ekenge35
Ekenwaiwu Ekenge35 6 timmar sedan
Tropz just voiced out my opinion of Leno and Martinez.
Yme Ypma
Yme Ypma 6 timmar sedan
with Robbie's logic the Patriots should have shipped out Brady and kept Bledsoe
Patrick Omalley
Patrick Omalley 6 timmar sedan
I watch transfer daily on my lunch break because I need a bit of don robbie giving me my daily transfer news
Brian Aguilar
Brian Aguilar 6 timmar sedan
I’m tired of this disrespect for Leno it’s so stupid
Fillon Gaogaseb
Fillon Gaogaseb 6 timmar sedan
I agree Ozil can walk into that team any day any second. There is something more to it
Ben Fearfield
Ben Fearfield 6 timmar sedan
3 managers have dropped him, what’s consistent in all of that?
Andrew Ragoo
Andrew Ragoo 6 timmar sedan
I swear troopz has gone mad. I agree Martinez was brilliant in the games he played. I also agree with the fact that Leno makes mistakes from time to time. However, Leno has saved our asses on multiple occasions over the past couple seasons
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson 6 timmar sedan
none of arsenal midfield players are as good as mesut ozil. You talk about work rate and running and all that but whats the sense of having an high work rate and no quality? wilock is one of those players that have an high work rate but lacks quality but some how he makes the squad every week. everybody knew who ozil was before he signed they type of player he was, but now in his 30s u want him to be running up and down closing down players and all that. we all know thats not his game. oh well thank god we got aubameyang cuz trust me that midfield we have now is not great
Mohamed Edwin Marah
Mohamed Edwin Marah 6 timmar sedan
I support you 100% Troopz
mzspeshlz 6 timmar sedan
I agree with troopz on GK 🤷🏿‍♀️
Anthony Reyes
Anthony Reyes 6 timmar sedan
I think ozil isnt good enough
Arnie Petrie
Arnie Petrie 6 timmar sedan
Ceballos brings impotence to the team, you heard it from troopz at around the 10 min mark! Har de har
kartik waghela
kartik waghela 6 timmar sedan
I agree with troopz Martinez is no.1
Abdullah 70
Abdullah 70 6 timmar sedan
Great start screen👍
anonymous7 6 timmar sedan
Could have extended Martinez contract and let him go on loan
axizz100 6 timmar sedan
Disrespectful to Leno 🤢
Yme Ypma
Yme Ypma 6 timmar sedan
more like leno isn't as god as emi