Kapri Os
Kapri Os 8 timmar sedan
🙄.. Where was Oziel in this game..?!
Blaz Ash
Blaz Ash 10 timmar sedan
Auba 2 goals in fa semi 2 goals in fa final Wow He sure won the fa Of course, team work.
Raphaël Champredonde
Raphaël Champredonde 10 timmar sedan
Stevenage should be in PL
Evo Hussy ツ
Evo Hussy ツ 11 timmar sedan
This commentator is dead
whyahh 12 timmar sedan
commentator: man city are much more ruthless they scored 137 goals in all competition this season. full time: man city 0 - 2 arsenal
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar 13 timmar sedan
Came here after two months and still Fred and Willian haven't found each other .
Jc 14 timmar sedan
Now Charlton
Paulo Ramírez
Paulo Ramírez 14 timmar sedan
Herrera 😢
mario flores condori
mario flores condori 15 timmar sedan
Wacanda forever !!
Rebecca Wood
Rebecca Wood 17 timmar sedan
Insaneship 151
Insaneship 151 17 timmar sedan
vitali4ko Denisoff
vitali4ko Denisoff 20 timmar sedan
Адские составы у команд особенно у юнайтеда
Ta Wan
Ta Wan 20 timmar sedan
Box Mix صندوق منوعات
Box Mix صندوق منوعات 21 timme sedan
Fadli Omar
Fadli Omar 22 timmar sedan
Lampard walk out the tunnel like a gangster mafia. Ahaha
Mathew Koech
Mathew Koech 23 timmar sedan
Cazorla saying " I think this one is for right foot" tells you how technically gifted he is with his ambidextrity. Gibbs goal line clearance was match decisive too. We were two nil down but i felt we were going to come back. No way we would bottle it.
Erwin Ferdinand
Erwin Ferdinand Dag sedan
Compared to Arteta these two are cheerleaders as opposed to tacticians, Mikel changes the game moment to moment with his instructions.
Torik da silva
Torik da silva Dag sedan
Luckyosprey3 Football and gaming
Luckyosprey3 Football and gaming Dag sedan
The commentators voice cracked on second goal
Akash Guha
Akash Guha Dag sedan
Wow Martinez saved us
Thong Thai
Thong Thai Dag sedan
I like Manchester United
Cici K Taslim
Cici K Taslim Dag sedan
City i love you 😘😘😘
bruce Hur
bruce Hur Dag sedan
Son is the best Asian in football history without a doubt.
Maximiliano Atencio
Maximiliano Atencio Dag sedan
1:29: Harry Maguire celebrating his GOLDEN GOAL with my 2nd niece's pose: ¡AP!
rsn2 Dag sedan
Is it just me or is the Liverpool goalkeeper really bad?
Rakib Al Hasan
Rakib Al Hasan Dag sedan
Arsenal vs Manchester United: facebook.com/watch/?v=810349492838286&extid=rBBWY4XuTnJdfJRd seshow.info/watch/E2qjJs04Vl8/video.html
whyahh Dag sedan
this triumph could be the turning point for the club. imagine losing this one (not qualified for europe), 8th in the league, auba probably rejects new deal, reduced revenue from europe further limits the recruitment work. the consequence would have been massive and they might not ever recover again. so this victory is really huge for the club
Rakib Al Hasan
Rakib Al Hasan Dag sedan
Arsenal vs Manchester United: facebook.com/watch/?v=810349492838286&extid=rBBWY4XuTnJdfJRd seshow.info/watch/E2qjJs04Vl8/video.html
Clanciee Dag sedan
So come on Wilfred bony
Puspal Guha
Puspal Guha Dag sedan
Just can't wait to see Mesut Ozil, the magician
Clayton Carlos Tivane
Clayton Carlos Tivane Dag sedan
the crowd was sooooo silent
Akbar Dag sedan
Ole utilised Lukaku and Sanchez very well this game. I don't know why they fell out of favour with him. Lukaku on the wing of a 4-3-3 counter attack is dangerous.
azrrFN Dag sedan
Christine Navubya
Christine Navubya Dag sedan
Wow, that Auba's "WAKANDA CELEBRATION" R.I.P big man #CHADWICK
Shree ashwin s
Shree ashwin s Dag sedan
I miss this version of kepa
Antar Aly
Antar Aly Dag sedan
me arsinal fans
alex castrillo
alex castrillo 2 dagar sedan
Sky Bet League One)
Hishaam Ahmad
Hishaam Ahmad 2 dagar sedan
It’s the cross that Arteta does at the start of the match that helps us win
Unending Destination
Unending Destination 2 dagar sedan
Liverpool should be. And always wil be Below Chelsea... this is Right
Steve 2 dagar sedan
Amazing, all the English voices you can hear 😯
Mike Scri6s
Mike Scri6s 2 dagar sedan
the witcher netflix
Irishalchemist30 2 dagar sedan
I still think this is the best proper Bicycle kick goal ever! Completely left the ground, straight on, first time, from an adjacent cross. You see sometimes kicks are slightly rounded, or are just hanging in the air waiting to be hit. No this was classic!
Arnaud André Girod
Arnaud André Girod 2 dagar sedan
Zabaleta is the worst goalkeeper ever
Jagjit Singh
Jagjit Singh 2 dagar sedan
Man these ladies are fast and ferious !!
BANKAIIIIII 2 dagar sedan
my fave goal was bradfords first goal. the individual brilliance and skill to get that shot on target and then beat cech was incredible
Momo -
Momo - 2 dagar sedan
Momo -
Momo - 2 dagar sedan
Arsenal 🔥💯
Reyhan Adrian
Reyhan Adrian 2 dagar sedan
ole can't do this
Chelsea FC Supporter boy. # London is Blue.
Chelsea FC Supporter boy. # London is Blue. 2 dagar sedan
Champions of Europe. You will never sing that !!! # London is Blue!!! 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵.
Chelsea FC Supporter boy. # London is Blue.
Chelsea FC Supporter boy. # London is Blue. 2 dagar sedan
They still haven’t won the UEFA Champions League. At least us Chelsea fans won it back in 2012.
metromikey1985 2 dagar sedan
For me this was the greatest period in the PL, all the games were exciting and every team had a couple of players who you would take at your own team.
crimsonlightbinder 3 dagar sedan
Petrescu was such a great team player. The way he selflessly passed the ball back to Viali, you wouldn't ever see that in today's foolball
Iqbal Munahar
Iqbal Munahar 3 dagar sedan
Wait, was that Charlie Daniels the Bournemouth player?
Jack Dutton
Jack Dutton 3 dagar sedan
I'm an Arsenal fan and I was in the audience for this game and even though we lost, it's still probably the most exciting game I've ever been to.
Jack 'The Lad' Stevens
Jack 'The Lad' Stevens 3 dagar sedan
This isn't Stoke, it's not Tuesday, it's not wet
Luis Pineda
Luis Pineda 2 dagar sedan
Its not night
Nxbx Bshdhd
Nxbx Bshdhd 3 dagar sedan
1:40 dog: help my please
swarnak Ray
swarnak Ray 3 dagar sedan
Next I here arsenal will be signing Lampard.
Sukak Damai
Sukak Damai 3 dagar sedan
Lampard looks calm and provisioning person but actually he is just an average english guy 😂
Shaman 23
Shaman 23 3 dagar sedan
Арсенал ты всегда будешь в моем сердце ❤️
Adam Lees
Adam Lees 3 dagar sedan
If you havn't got chest hair you're not a real man.giggsy and austin powers will tell you that!.
Yalokwu Anthony
Yalokwu Anthony 3 dagar sedan
when Chelsea were still hot with elite players in the squad
Jovan Gunawan
Jovan Gunawan 3 dagar sedan
That Carrick Pass & Berbatov Touch was underrated🔥🔥🔥
firdaus y
firdaus y 4 dagar sedan
i came here for jones goal
Haroon Harish
Haroon Harish 4 dagar sedan
Arsenal Connect
Arsenal Connect 4 dagar sedan
We sold this great players and replaced them with weak mentality players, players who play Arsenal for status. Fabregas and Van Persie carried us for years when most of the invisible players left and we failed to put quality players around them and thats why they left. I really hate Kroenke..
LM GAMING 4 dagar sedan
Roof 🏆🏆🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆🏆
gaucho ngonyani
gaucho ngonyani 4 dagar sedan
Sijui mwanetu herner anampendeje huyu jamaaa kwss anastaaili zile zile za arsenal
Electric YouTube
Electric YouTube 4 dagar sedan
2:16 Davies
Shawn Li
Shawn Li 4 dagar sedan
I still remember the boy on Football Focus who got the score AND the scorer spot on ;) Did he predict that Billy Kee would retire from football at the end of the year?
Dara Roth
Dara Roth 4 dagar sedan
7.28... what a ball KT.... 7.34... what a finish Auba!!! But agen... big up Kieren Tierny, what a magnificent footballer! Word class g 👍🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🥳🥳🥳 come on Arsenal!!!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Øsmansön Dynasty
Øsmansön Dynasty 4 dagar sedan
Hello Im from 2020:)
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith 4 dagar sedan
can we play you every week? can we play you, can we play you, can we play you every week?
Nacneno Nalla
Nacneno Nalla 5 dagar sedan
Arsenal vs. Westham
KwamboaLucy6 Kwambo
KwamboaLucy6 Kwambo 5 dagar sedan
Thanks so much. Arsenal
Mickey Yang
Mickey Yang 5 dagar sedan
Я тебя люблю
Я тебя люблю 5 dagar sedan
5:34 clearly PK
Os Man
Os Man 5 dagar sedan
I was 10 years old I remembered 2 c thats like today. with my amazing dad who is not here anymore 😢 💔
S V 5 dagar sedan
Oh how the turntables
whyahh 5 dagar sedan
when they played in 3rd round, ozil was still active and stadium was full. then until they played the final ozil has already become a deadwood and people were banned from entering stadium. how fast things could change in life
The Saviour
The Saviour 5 dagar sedan
6:48 Blind is Preston player!!