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This Is Us 5x05 Promo (HD)
NCIS Season 18 Trailer (HD)
FBI Season 3 Promo (HD)
God 5 timmar sedan
Remember everyone, the single combat that Ubbe had in season 5 against King Frodo allowed two other Danish Kings with a massive army to settle in England. If Oleg or Ivar dares to attack England he won't have any idea of this army. Alfred on the other hand will know to send for their help. Also, if Rollo is to hear about Bjorn's defeat or possible death: Rollo will send his entire army if he needs to.
Tom Nicholson
Tom Nicholson 5 timmar sedan
Clicked on this cos I thought it might be another walking dead spin-off
Meme Spicer
Meme Spicer 5 timmar sedan
*S i m p s*
sam s
sam s 5 timmar sedan
I hope Fiona makes a suprise appearance on the season finale or something 😢
Linda Tisue
Linda Tisue 5 timmar sedan
ABC with many people staying at home for TG, why not give us a new episode? Some of us don't watch American football.
trina vega
trina vega 5 timmar sedan
i hope debbie gets punched in the face
Revan Varen
Revan Varen 5 timmar sedan
I can see this appealing to the Sup crowd but so far from what I've seen and heard I'll take a pass. Just my opinion but they'd be better off with a spin off than a reboot.
emoney world
emoney world 5 timmar sedan
love u supernatural
Iteba Dickson
Iteba Dickson 5 timmar sedan
Now that Katarina is dead Liz is gonna team up with Ressler to bring Red down
Austin Dennis
Austin Dennis 5 timmar sedan
1:28 I quit my job with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Rachel 5 timmar sedan
kevin looks like that guy that sings that you was at the club song.
Watch Aysh
Watch Aysh 5 timmar sedan
Thank god
Gabriel Vulliet
Gabriel Vulliet 5 timmar sedan
Amoooo esta serieee🤗🤗🤗
edson 21
edson 21 6 timmar sedan
Half of people that watch this came for one reason like this comment if you think so to
Maureen Jerry
Maureen Jerry 6 timmar sedan
Please don't break our hearts as The Good doctor did!!!
slat13 6 timmar sedan
I am quite enjoying this show ever since they killed Cody. I hope Jenny and Cassie do not dwell too much on the Cody problem. I am glad this series is focusing and shining a bit of light on human trafficking as the main premise.
ekundayo kayode
ekundayo kayode 6 timmar sedan
To be realistic there's nothing Liz can do except Red allows it.
Justin R.
Justin R. 6 timmar sedan
Gelica Inouza
Gelica Inouza 6 timmar sedan
This is the frickin Wicker Town 😁😁 Everyone looks suspicious 🤗🤗
chloe 6 timmar sedan
from seasons 1-5 i was like aww baby ian but now i’m kinda scared of him he’s grown up so much🧍🏾‍♀️
Evan Hansen
Evan Hansen 6 timmar sedan
Us king fans who don’t have hulu: 👁💧👄💧👁
Dhen Droid
Dhen Droid 6 timmar sedan
Leonard is the killer
BUTTERFLY 🦋 KISSEZ 6 timmar sedan
Wow he looks so much better and younger 🤩
Alvaro Bastias Extremera
Alvaro Bastias Extremera 6 timmar sedan
Yo le doy un 10 ala serie de ghotam aunque el final haya sido polémico pero los actores y actrices otro 10 por su fenómenales actuaciones tanto alos antagonistas como alos protagonista y estoy con muchísimas ganas de ver la nueva película de Batman en España ahora sí a acertado dc
Scarlet Rose_98
Scarlet Rose_98 6 timmar sedan
Can't waaaaait 😍😍😍
Julie May English
Julie May English 6 timmar sedan
So that means in two years time in my Country.
Rahul singh
Rahul singh 6 timmar sedan
5th January!!! The wait is gonna be so tiring and long😭😭
arinpunk 6 timmar sedan
Try watching in mute
Yaniis Nabor
Yaniis Nabor 6 timmar sedan
So Jessica left Pearson Specter Litt to become à firefighter ???
Whitelight Entertainment
Whitelight Entertainment 6 timmar sedan
Face mask on frank doesn’t seem right
Eyla Mayer-Snowden
Eyla Mayer-Snowden 6 timmar sedan
Shivangi Sinha
Shivangi Sinha 6 timmar sedan
I miss Ducky 🥺🥺
PS3TEKKENLORD 6 timmar sedan
Satya Narayana
Satya Narayana 6 timmar sedan
In case this is the end I hope they show evryone in one frame 1) Meridith 2 Derek 3 Christina 4 Preston Burke 5 Alex 6 Izzie 7 George 8 Lexie 9 Thatcher 10 Ellis 11 Richard 12 Amy 13 pierce 14 teddy 15 Owen 16 jackson Avery 17 jo Wilson 18 doc the dog 19 Callie 20 Arizona 21 mark Sloan(forgot to put it at top) 22 Susan grey 23 the intern who went to switzerland 24 Joe the bartender 25 Katie Bryce 26 Owens sister 27 The kids And any other people who were close to Meridith but the above 27 should be there if the show ends...reply to this comment if u have any more suggestions.
Satya Narayana
Satya Narayana 7 timmar sedan
They r gonna kill her if the show is gonna end
Anne Silva
Anne Silva 7 timmar sedan
I hope Lip gets into community college at the very least, it's like the writers forgot he's a super-smart mega genius. He could get a nicer job with a Bachelor's Degree or something
Mgube Fuze
Mgube Fuze 7 timmar sedan
I so can not wait. I missed Inn and Micky 😍
Volebien 7 timmar sedan
i pass
Tyia Smith
Tyia Smith 7 timmar sedan
It's official December 6th will official we become the best and worst day of my life the best because I finally get to see Mickey and Ian again and the worst because it's the beginning of the end
TJ Jordan
TJ Jordan 7 timmar sedan
It’s not surprising that people would turn on Liz because when you get right down to it, Liz is one to the weakest links in the Blacklist (if not the weakest). She’s only interested because of her connection to Reddington and the mystery surrounding them. She started to get interesting in Seasons 2 and 3 because of the development she was going through, only for Season 4 to strip it all away and make her bland by this point. I don’t blame Megan Boone, she has done a great job acting as the character, the blame is all on the writers and showrunners.
Shaggy Rogers
Shaggy Rogers 7 timmar sedan
Ashley Bates
Ashley Bates 7 timmar sedan
What we want: Lexie or George What were most likely getting: her dead dog
BOSS K 7 timmar sedan
Hi guys, I’m from the future and this show was cancelled after 1 season. Don’t let them suck u in with these shows.
Ray Kazmi
Ray Kazmi 7 timmar sedan
SEshow stop putting this in my recommended I don’t like riverdale. Okay back to the video
DieboliCalL Gamin
DieboliCalL Gamin 7 timmar sedan
Can we get a supernatural spinn off called " supernatural aftermath" with Jack an the nothing?? I fill like there's lots of story to told be there. I mean he did blow her up an piss her off, an lucifers come back from there before, so why not billy?? Or she could even manipulate billy an control her to get back at Jack. Can't just leave us hanging with no answer as to what happens between the two of them, the nothing clearly holds grudges an she has one for Jack. Make it happen, supernatural community, go suggest this everywhere ya can!! We need answers as to how this ends, does she kill jack?? Does billy come back?? Does Cast help jack somehow?? Does lucifer somehow revive yet again an throw everything outta wack?? So many questions that make for a great story. Hopefully the cw sees this an does something with it. Fingers crossed
Mallory Walsh
Mallory Walsh 7 timmar sedan
waiting for someone to mention that they called owen a cop in the description lol
Family Regaudie
Family Regaudie 7 timmar sedan
Copaganda in 2020 🤮
Martín Benjamín Nicola Aguirre
Martín Benjamín Nicola Aguirre 7 timmar sedan
Sorry but Walker is Chuck Norris all the way.
Unique Roundtree
Unique Roundtree 7 timmar sedan
This is so underrated
Lorena Delmuro
Lorena Delmuro 7 timmar sedan
Prince Caleb
Prince Caleb 7 timmar sedan
Lol people just taking out their life frustrations on this trailer 🤣🤣. Please watch the series before judging lol
momofloop 7 timmar sedan
It’s Derek.
Enzo Martinez
Enzo Martinez 8 timmar sedan
I just watch this show because of Tk & Carlos...😋😋😍😂
Aadil khan
Aadil khan 8 timmar sedan
1:58 I stopped my 9-5 because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
xxwhispersxx 8 timmar sedan
This has got to be a dream scenario for Jared. It films in Texas where he lives, his wife Gen is going to be in it, and he can literally go home every night and be with his children. That is the best kind of job.
Oreo _KoalaXO
Oreo _KoalaXO 8 timmar sedan
Why am I only knowing about this now!?!?!?!!!!
Saeed Khan
Saeed Khan 8 timmar sedan
Sooo no more ryan phillippe?
Mysterious Person
Mysterious Person 7 timmar sedan
He died in Episode 1. There were some flashbacks in Episode 2. I’m not sure about ep 3
Amaretta O'Guinn
Amaretta O'Guinn 8 timmar sedan
As a Texan I'm confused and curious about this "volcanoes".
CFH cowboy
CFH cowboy 8 timmar sedan
This was a good show
M L 8 timmar sedan
Cameron looking beefy, and hot as always. Can't wait to see what he does after Shameless. He's very talented and a unique actor; when was the last time there was a leading man who was a ginger? Probably not since Gary Cooper.
Abouttime K
Abouttime K 8 timmar sedan
That takes some serious balls to step into Chuck Norris' shoes. Break a leg JP
Debasmita Nandy
Debasmita Nandy 8 timmar sedan
I see lagertha i click. So glad to see her getting more opportunities
Peter Graal
Peter Graal 5 timmar sedan
Its weird her voice changed for this show, it doesnt sound right haha
Rhizon Haze
Rhizon Haze 8 timmar sedan
What's the new Show about? Best of luck to Jared. I'll certainly be watching.
Gavin Norwood
Gavin Norwood 8 timmar sedan
I love how dig freaks out about everything
ORIGMON GAMER 8 timmar sedan
What is this show dm on Instagram Diegorosales567
Error 404
Error 404 8 timmar sedan
The one show I missed during this shit year. Dropped agents of shields, the 100, supernatural, and other I forgot the name of. I need some man shit like this show.
Rosa Dalessio
Rosa Dalessio 8 timmar sedan
Sara P
Sara P 8 timmar sedan
January feels so far away. I can’t wait!!! Oh my good it looks so good.
Basilis Larentzakis
Basilis Larentzakis 8 timmar sedan
Elizabeth is the archive.
Rafael Riquelme
Rafael Riquelme 8 timmar sedan
If it is from the ones who are not around anymore, Lexie, George, Ellis, Mark, Thatcher. I think in that particular order. Now, during the next few episodes, those who are alive could show up: April, Arizona, Callie and even Cristina
Devin young
Devin young 8 timmar sedan
Is any one going to talk about Carl being a cop
Aries Radke#6
Aries Radke#6 8 timmar sedan
supernatural should’ve stayed. it should’ve been ncis that died. rip dean
Yoselyn Criss
Yoselyn Criss 8 timmar sedan
Didn’t waste a second, Love this ❤️
Dennis Deveaux
Dennis Deveaux 8 timmar sedan
And we STILL don't know why Gibbs was taking pot shots at McGee in the season premiere.......this season just seems off to me.
mydreams. .arereal
mydreams. .arereal 5 timmar sedan
I believe we will find out after episode 6, I’ve read it somewhere but I’m not sure. Since it’s most likely gonna take a while because it was in March when the snipe shooting happened.
Meerah Search
Meerah Search 7 timmar sedan
Right I am dying to find out why
Yoselyn Criss
Yoselyn Criss 8 timmar sedan
didn't waste a second
OLIVER CHADLEY! 8 timmar sedan
I’m a hard core Tk and Carlos shipper lol
Dewayne Armstrong
Dewayne Armstrong 8 timmar sedan
This show just keeps getting better so many twists and turns! Grace is going to make an escape, I hope she brings help back fast for Danielle and Michelle!!!
Ilahmae Cunanan
Ilahmae Cunanan 8 timmar sedan
I love Big Sky so much
KitKat 8 timmar sedan
Love seeing Mickey as one of the Gallaghers, his character development is amazing.
Laurathor 8 timmar sedan
I don't think I can handle if lip ends up stuck in a dump married to Tammy and working some dead end job. He deserves better