joseph y
joseph y 3 timmar sedan
maybe the Washington Red Devils
Mike Bains
Mike Bains 3 timmar sedan
Skip Bayless is an intellectual midget in this exchange. His questions were so vapid and surface level it was embarrassing to hear. Doc Eric Dyson and uncle shannon were dropping deep knowledge here for everyone's benefit.
Keondre Morehead
Keondre Morehead 3 timmar sedan
Brian Middleton
Brian Middleton 3 timmar sedan
If he was worth the money Carolina wouldnt habe let him go. I think he is in a better position now though with n.e even with low pay. Dude has millions but no rings
Beto Lara Productions
Beto Lara Productions 4 timmar sedan
Lebron James may be better than Kobe but I dont think Lebron's best team could beat Kobe's best post-shaq team in a 7 game series. Obviously with shaq LBJ would be destroyed but Kobe wasn't the main man until after Shaq
Norbin Astrero
Norbin Astrero 4 timmar sedan
What I know is Lebron needs super stars or franchise players to win a chamlionship then and still is now. Nothing changes.
Hectic00 4 timmar sedan
If they change the name, I'm done with the NFL
Caleb Hofmann
Caleb Hofmann 4 timmar sedan
lol he loves to give rebounds. he jacked up so many shots
abdallah njoya
abdallah njoya 4 timmar sedan
shannon this isnt a noose every garage has one stop make stuff up
Brandon Figueroa
Brandon Figueroa 4 timmar sedan
Cam suks
Won Thouzan
Won Thouzan 4 timmar sedan
BriC7 4 timmar sedan
Uuuummmm, WHAT does he have to do with sports? Why is his opinion worthy of being on this show?
Asteri Group Home#2
Asteri Group Home#2 4 timmar sedan
Bro harden didn't make up the step back 3 probably made it famous but he didn't start it
Damien Alexander
Damien Alexander 4 timmar sedan
To me, a real person won't get suckered into playing this game. So why would someone identify with someone that doesn't define who or what they are? What's next, outcry for the use of BLUE DEVILS, as it offends the Church of Satan as an inaccurate depiction of their god? Stop identifying with things that aren't fundamental who you are. You're the energy that powers your body, not the skin tone of said body you control.
Jose Zaragoza
Jose Zaragoza 4 timmar sedan
Is it Daks fault or Jerry's fault for not giving him the best coach?
Grimm reaper
Grimm reaper 4 timmar sedan
Washington tyrants or redcoats
Josh Mendez
Josh Mendez 4 timmar sedan
Cam is just desperate... plain and simple.. call it what you want but that's the truth
Peter Pellechia
Peter Pellechia 4 timmar sedan
Terrell was an amazing football player
John Smith
John Smith 4 timmar sedan
5 greatest tight ends in NFL history: 1) Rob Gronkowski 2) Tony Gonzalez 3) Antonio Gates 4) Travis Kelce 5) Greg Olsen
Elijah Newman
Elijah Newman 4 timmar sedan
People who bought his bucs jersey are fake fans
Mikhail Byng
Mikhail Byng 4 timmar sedan
Did Shannon call him a pr**ck? Hmm 🤔
xXKINGx DIJONXx 4 timmar sedan
This will be hard. Just the mental side. And nobody have home court advantage.
Greg T
Greg T 5 timmar sedan
Skip is a fault finder except when it comes to Dak or Brady and he's very frail, drying up like a prune!!!!
G swizzle
G swizzle 5 timmar sedan
Like Shannon said, "what ever happened to doing the right thing".
Matthew Wells
Matthew Wells 5 timmar sedan
The fact that Rodgers has been nothing but disrespected these past couple years is disgusting. He’s one of the best quarterbacks of all time, people need to give him the respect he deserves.
Richard Keyser
Richard Keyser 5 timmar sedan
This is a perfect example of tyranny by the minority. It's what happens in a world where everyone is offended by something and the rest if society is forced to acquiesce to the wishes of a vocal, militant minority segment of society. Unfortunately, it's the radical left who are willing to loot, destroy and injur and their criminal behavior is being rewarded with consesions from our state and local authorities.
Terrell Miller
Terrell Miller 5 timmar sedan
@ That Like Christmas Morning Fun 😂🤣😆😂🤣
geton mylevel
geton mylevel 5 timmar sedan
lol Mahomes money? if u go by stats which u should bc its there for a reason! 2019 Mahomes was 2nd in qbr dak was 4th Mahomes was 2nd in epa dak was 3rd dak was 2nd in yards Mahomes was 10th dak was 4th in tds mahomes was 9th Mohames Comp % was only .8 better than daks! Dak was also the only qb to be top 5 in qbr ypa tds and yds last season the only qb~ and dallas had 36 dropped passes last season which hurt daks overall comp% and qbr! Mohames team had 18! if im not mistaken when i did the math and made it where dallas only had 18 daks comp% was 2. better than mohames and his qbr was close! Dak if his team had no drops would of went 424 for 596 = 71.1% comp Mahomes same thing no drops he would of went 337-484 which = a % of 69.6
Max well
Max well 5 timmar sedan
Well they paid him what he's worth. It's funny that he was demanding $16 million base at the start of free agency then when his poor decision making made him lose any chance of being a starter, then and ONLY then does he say money doesn't matter. Hey Cam, if money doesn't matter, why were you demanding $16 million + starter position + massive incentives? I guess this new "money doesn't matter mantra" is a new self-realization when he realized it was either ride the bench of a sub par team or literally be paid less than 900+ other NFL player to ride the bench in New England. So funny. But that is Cam being Cam. Making huge mistake after huge mistake. He's been this way since Florida, he continued the behavior at Auburn. In Carolina he was hated by his teammates. And how the broken QB suddenly finds a revelation when no one will even give him what they pay the 3rd bench warmer at safety. Ha ha ha. N.E. will chew him up and spit him out. He could have gone to New Orleans, San Diego, Chicago, or somewhere that not only would have paid him $8 million a year but he would have had a chance to continue his career there. He will NEVER be in a Patriot jersey in 2021 unless it's for Halloween.
Proud Straight White Christian Conservative
Proud Straight White Christian Conservative 5 timmar sedan
If they named a team after all us _ _ dnecks instead we’d celebrate it for years and you prolly wouldn’t hear a peep from any Liberals in our defense. Lol! I can’t even type the word _ _ dneck or SEshow censors my comment though! I suppose that’s progress. Lol
vrrs 5 timmar sedan
“Kawhi prolly got a gut.”
Khaliq Sneed
Khaliq Sneed 5 timmar sedan
Bill belichick didn’t appreciate Tom Brady
McKeal Lyons
McKeal Lyons 5 timmar sedan
Skip is on drugs
Jay Rocc
Jay Rocc 5 timmar sedan
You can’t be a white revolutionary lmao shut up skip 😭😭😭😭
brizclark1 5 timmar sedan
If NE goes to the SB..... only way I’m not rooting for Cam is if they play the eagles. I hope Cam wins another MVP.
Mark Sagapolutele
Mark Sagapolutele 5 timmar sedan
How do you stop racism? "You stop talking about it!"-Morgan Freeman
William Girard
William Girard 5 timmar sedan
How many 3rd downs did Zeke convert? How many did he try? Zero
ShannonSharpesBackwoods 5 timmar sedan
Hear that Daryl Morey?
Ramone DeCurta
Ramone DeCurta 5 timmar sedan
The Boston Tea Party was a protest! Whites can romanticize that, but they can find it in themselves to do that because it was for whites.
Shotz Media
Shotz Media 5 timmar sedan
Did Shannon just compare the bubble to prison ?🤦🏿‍♂️
Ramone DeCurta
Ramone DeCurta 5 timmar sedan
Seattle’s “protest” was lame! He likes it because it doesn’t immediately call out whites for their failures. Therefore, he’s making it about his own comfort as a white man, and that is endemic of how this country is operated. If whites aren’t comfortable with something it isn’t to be done. That’s why we have the divisions and inequities that we have in the first place. This isn’t about white people’s comfort, especially when blacks have been so uncomfortable for so long.
Walter Edwards
Walter Edwards 5 timmar sedan
I think Can has more pressure Shannon because he got to go behind Tom, every quarterback for now own who come to new England gonna have that pressure but I think its Cam Newton cause he's the first victim and they hoping he can carry the torch, and he got bellichek, the best coach, Cam got it... IJS
Richard Keyser
Richard Keyser 5 timmar sedan
Exactly why I no longer watch professional sports. Exactly why I don't watch ESPN or fs1.
Rudy Rodebaugh
Rudy Rodebaugh 5 timmar sedan
I never liked rap and don’t really understand the boom boom bat a boom but really like lil Wayne as a person that believes we are all equal !! Don’t matter what color or race just love one another. God bless all and freedom for all !!! USA
Jonathan Lehman
Jonathan Lehman 5 timmar sedan
The ending 😂😂😂
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze 5 timmar sedan
I don’t care what he said, I do know he’s a finger pointer and a liar.
Southern Tiger
Southern Tiger 5 timmar sedan
This is why The BLEXIT is gaining its strength.
Thomas Wolke
Thomas Wolke 5 timmar sedan
Now that the NFL has decided to go woke and politicize the game, I don't care anymore.
chuckles6210 6 timmar sedan
Great convo 👍
Jaime Nicolas Crespo
Jaime Nicolas Crespo 6 timmar sedan
ahahaha trash cake ahahah
Terry McBride
Terry McBride 6 timmar sedan
People need to learn to mind their own Damn Buisness!
scott rand
scott rand 6 timmar sedan
Interesting argument. I think a dominant QB is more important to a team. Every time the ball is in the QBs hand, the game is on the line. Sure a dominant defender has major impact, but not on EVERY play. The QB position is the most important position in sports. For example, Pats down 28-3 SB 51, only a dominant QB can bring you back. A dominant defensive player isn’t going to get you those 25 points, not by himself at least.
D Flatt
D Flatt 6 timmar sedan
Vegan eh? No wonder he is so weak.
The Man
The Man 6 timmar sedan
Racism played a huge role in his salary
Lamonte Evans
Lamonte Evans 6 timmar sedan
Skipp right about that
EDHOLLA 6 timmar sedan
I’m all for Washington’s name change it’s long overdue but tbh I don’t get why Cleveland is talking about a name change
Pgwins Smith
Pgwins Smith 6 timmar sedan
Is Vegas taking bets on which team has the first covid outbreak
James Lyon
James Lyon 6 timmar sedan
Skip gave him As for every game except one or two and he said he was a top 5 QB according to qbr
Rick Western
Rick Western 6 timmar sedan
So skip wants Mahomes to throw the football and catch it. He wants Mahomes to punt and block. He wants Mahomes to catch a punt and run with it. So next skip wants Mahomes to coach and call all the plays. Then skip will want Mahomes to be a cheerleader on the sidelines. And drive the team bus and fly the team charter flight. Otherwise Mahomes is a failure. Omg. Skip
Kevin Kinchen
Kevin Kinchen 6 timmar sedan
KCP is a better fit alongside LeBron than Avery Bradley could ever be. And, I trust in Caruso, Waiters, and Smith to be solid off the bench especially alongside Kuzma, Howard, and Markieff.
Matthew Moyet
Matthew Moyet 6 timmar sedan
Lebron had all stars for 8 straight years lmao
zackery zackery
zackery zackery 6 timmar sedan
Stop the political propaganda. There are protestors ....then there are rioters....what we see today are rioters. More precisely, we see Antifa (marxists) and BLM (led by marxists). Their goals is the destruction of the United States. Americans need to unite against these two factions.
Living Torture
Living Torture 6 timmar sedan
He's been unhealthy and had surgeries and has been out for a while. He got the preliminary deal in my opinion because I think that offense with all those backs that have been traded/drafted are more suited to his kind of play and I've seen that he's bouncing around pretty good so I suspect the patriots will recommend 22 more episodes of the new series on netflix "Cam's Pats."
Randy Helgeson
Randy Helgeson 6 timmar sedan
It IS an arch rival. Breese and Brady are neck and neck for the most touchdown passes. Ever. He beat out Manning head to head on everything. (Not counting Eli ok?) Tom is wanting to be the BEST. Not just for the Bucs but for him. Since he has a chance at actually being the best, here we go.
Davey Givens
Davey Givens 6 timmar sedan
My IQ drops 5 points every time I hear Shannon Sharpe talk.
JaySoLate 6 timmar sedan
They had an entire overtime quarter . Bron quit on his team like usual
Steve G
Steve G 6 timmar sedan
NE has problems CN can’t solve.
Rick Long
Rick Long 6 timmar sedan
Bills fans PFFFFT HAHA
Chris Bartolini
Chris Bartolini 6 timmar sedan
If Clayton Kershaw somehow finishes his career at .500, he’s still a first ballot hall of famer. Record means nothing.
Mark Mitch
Mark Mitch 7 timmar sedan
I have had enough of this Undisputed Racist Program BS ! So Mike Gundy can't have a non-approved Political opinion ? He can't watch a news program that doesn't Lie ? This Social Justice Hate merchant Bullsh!t is no longer a Sports program to me. I'm DONE ! btw ..,CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC ALL called the virus the Chinese Wuhan Virus for over a Month. Try telling the truth. This is Evil !
patti lab
patti lab 7 timmar sedan
🎵Peacocks were marching down the field🎵 Peacocks and we refuse to yield🎵 cause no ones tougher🎵 because were buffer🎵 we are the peacocks of all DC.🎵
Mark Mitch
Mark Mitch 7 timmar sedan
I'm DONE with this undisputed Social Justice Program. I used to watch this religiously but I can't take this hate merchant "Everything in America is Racist" BullSh!t ! and I'm BLACK ! I can only imagine how my white brothers & sisters feel hearing this BS on a daily basis.
Lafonso Alexander
Lafonso Alexander 7 timmar sedan
Lice shannon said its not dak responsibility to manage the cap 💯 he dont gotta cap the cowgirls do🤷🏽‍♂️😂
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 7 timmar sedan
It was funny then he Started dissing him
Ome Omi
Ome Omi 7 timmar sedan
the right thing?...in america? lololololololol
Uche Okeke
Uche Okeke 7 timmar sedan
Shanon held on for so long but at the end he just couldn't hold on. He started taking shots at mello, which was skips intention from the beginning. Skip for the win
Josiah Futrell
Josiah Futrell 7 timmar sedan
Unc Shay been killing Skip
Todd Mayo Jr.
Todd Mayo Jr. 7 timmar sedan
It's easily Jerry Rice
Forza Milan 1899
Forza Milan 1899 7 timmar sedan
Well if they r changing our name , then they better change the KC Chiefs, CHI Blackhawks, CLE Indians, FLO ST Seminoles. NY Yankees a derogatory Slur. Change that as well. In 50 yrs time we're b changing our names again, just in case somebody gets offended in the future. Cowboys & Indians rivalry gone. Cowboys & Dragons or presidents the new rivalry. That's the NFC East traditions gone
Matúš Belica
Matúš Belica 7 timmar sedan
It's not about respect. It's about I will show you what I can do. It's one year. I believe in him. It's all about motivation for him, after all that stuff. He is hungry, he wants to play, because he's loves the game. That's my opinion. Nobody pushed him to sign.
Quinton Ware
Quinton Ware 7 timmar sedan
Since everyone’s in the mood for cancel culture, let’s take a nice, long look at NIKE next. Unless they sponsor the show, of course
Thanos Etsitty
Thanos Etsitty 7 timmar sedan
I’m here after the Patriots signed Cam Newton 2 weeks ago.
Antonio Tinoco
Antonio Tinoco 7 timmar sedan
Imagine being over 12 years old and having your feelings hurt by name calling