Blackconduit_FPV 8 timmar sedan
Barnsley were horrific, wtf.... Like Sunday league defending
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele 8 timmar sedan
I'm so sad to see this happen to one of my favorite players.
david james
david james 8 timmar sedan
Shooting practice really. Couple of lovely dummies.
Dee & Arr
Dee & Arr 8 timmar sedan
Ozil is still missing.. thinking if I need to report it to the police getting worrying now
agx502 8 timmar sedan
He’s a total waster, why would any club be interested?
Aaron T
Aaron T 8 timmar sedan
nice new content
Koroma S
Koroma S 8 timmar sedan
There is no way Ozil can not even have a minutes no matter how weak and poor he has become. Ozil has done with them.
Muhammad Saadiq Uddin
Muhammad Saadiq Uddin 8 timmar sedan
Loool you can hear the commentator shouting "HAVERTZ" just before he scores his first
Clevadan Take Notes
Clevadan Take Notes 8 timmar sedan
Ozil is finished even if he manage to get a game his confidence is on the floor after this ...just go
luke Crampton
luke Crampton 8 timmar sedan
👏👏👏👊 Legend
Lilt 8 timmar sedan
Bias sky again, why not do this for most games?
Jean Walters
Jean Walters 8 timmar sedan
I'm Alone 😍😥
Dylan Condon
Dylan Condon 8 timmar sedan
Newcastle looking like prime barca
One Two
One Two 8 timmar sedan
Fifa 21 needs an audio setting for crowd noise, this is all sfx in this game. The players, the bar, the net
Adz K
Adz K 8 timmar sedan
Close game
Eduardo Goncalves
Eduardo Goncalves 8 timmar sedan
Yeah that was poor goalkeeping from Pickford.
Lintah Pius
Lintah Pius 8 timmar sedan
If I'm him,I'm not going anywhere. Have won everything in my career so I hv nothing to fight for. I will sit a d end all my money
Kingz Seventh
Kingz Seventh 8 timmar sedan
Everton gotta be loving Jordan Pickford 😂
Danny Brown
Danny Brown 8 timmar sedan
Jessie linfraud is not gd enough, he should be competing with the Mahrez of the world but he's just not there. Him n perriera
2 Tears In A Bucket
2 Tears In A Bucket 8 timmar sedan
Pickford is shite..
RyanTMHG 8 timmar sedan
1:08 “Yeet.”
Mohamed Maher
Mohamed Maher 8 timmar sedan
Could you just have a normal conversation like people do? You know, like looking at each other, not through a camera. You guys are sitting at the same table. How awkward must be what you're doing.
Nathan Rogers
Nathan Rogers 8 timmar sedan
The first fleetwood goal was not Pickfords fault the defence shouldn’t have gone back there
AV VA LA 8 timmar sedan
The stubbornness of Tammy Abraham payed of and give the energy boost and believe to the other players . KTBFFH . 💙⚽️COYB.
Alif Sujul
Alif Sujul 8 timmar sedan
Too many ozil fans barking for him playing but thats fine. He's happy and arsenal happy. It's happy ending everyone.
STEELO 8 timmar sedan
Havertz found his level
MrDubcek 8 timmar sedan
That bounce is deadly
Pradhan 8 timmar sedan
Ozil never had any passion to to play for Arsenal ...his morale was shot after RM let him go and he has never been the same player again.
zico don
zico don 8 timmar sedan
Ozil dont deserve to be treated like this
Boab Coyle
Boab Coyle 8 timmar sedan
Gareth Bale steez
Mr World Class
Mr World Class 8 timmar sedan
Sonaldo strikes again
envisage BGT
envisage BGT 8 timmar sedan
Thank you Ozil spoke out for Uighurs in China.
KINGLEWY09 8 timmar sedan
Yes huge respect
Yash Meena
Yash Meena 8 timmar sedan
Gareth bale vs Harry kane is the dream match
Johnnie Craig
Johnnie Craig 8 timmar sedan
13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
David Burke
David Burke 8 timmar sedan
Eddie is a fool because had Pepe even passed it to him the defender would have been in the way, shooting was the best option
AV VA LA 8 timmar sedan
Arsenal need to overlook the MHIKIs decision loan him to Roma , he played with Abameyang in Borrussia and they where flying both! It's nice back up to have in the team .
Gar Sm
Gar Sm 8 timmar sedan
Ozil is a class act, which is more than can be said for Sky.
Jako 8 timmar sedan
Why can’t arsenal just sell this man on. He’s useless to the club and drinking their wages same with United with Jones. Don’t tell me u can’t find a cheese club for him
liam Sullivan
liam Sullivan 8 timmar sedan
We don't need him at the club. He hasn't been Good for years. Terminate his Contract and get rid of him.
liam Sullivan
liam Sullivan 8 timmar sedan
@Nurdin* Not true is it. We just won 2 Trophies without him.
Nurdin* 8 timmar sedan
Imagine arsenal will still be Arsenal
Dezo Dnki
Dezo Dnki 8 timmar sedan
The funniest and hard part is that,Ozil isn't bothered for not playing. All he knows,His £350,000 must complete and He's ready to be left Out of the squad. I'm a fan Of Ozil but not anymore because Ozil is just a Fraudster to Arsenal. The Manager and the club don't want him and he doesn't want to leave Our club.
Apachy roze
Apachy roze 8 timmar sedan
Even more proof of the importance of the crowd,😔🤨
Jonny Riga
Jonny Riga 8 timmar sedan
Look at those Messi numbers... WOW. Sometimes you forget.
Dee & Arr
Dee & Arr 9 timmar sedan
Ozil is class. It's just his work rate that lets him down. Arteta can't allow for that because it kills the morale of the whole team..
Dee & Arr
Dee & Arr 8 timmar sedan
@Stevey Bergwijn the issue is he needs a team built around him so he doesn't need to defend.. his a luxury player that Arteta doesent give a ish about
Mr World Class
Mr World Class 8 timmar sedan
Ozil is in the set 8 of arsenal players
Stevey Bergwijn
Stevey Bergwijn 8 timmar sedan
He is class? Next joke...
konkey dong
konkey dong 9 timmar sedan
1:50 why are people screaming like they're being tortured
Veronica Reynolds
Veronica Reynolds 9 timmar sedan
Anyone want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Gar Sm
Gar Sm 9 timmar sedan
Good job Ernie Wise wasn't there as well - Newcastle would have been scuppered.
Newton 9 timmar sedan
Loan him out?
Newton 8 timmar sedan
@Stevey Bergwijn what??? That logic makes no sence at all.
Stevey Bergwijn
Stevey Bergwijn 8 timmar sedan
He’s not even good enough for arsenal so I dont see how any other clubs would want him apart from maybe Chelsea and Liverpool...
Gar Sm
Gar Sm 9 timmar sedan
Spectacular fall for the penalty.
Elliot 1234
Elliot 1234 9 timmar sedan
MrRed Hat
MrRed Hat 9 timmar sedan
Ozil is 1000x better than arteta tho as a player
Stevey Bergwijn
Stevey Bergwijn 8 timmar sedan
There both frauds...
Jamie Price
Jamie Price 9 timmar sedan
Anton is spot on 👌🏼
Gd2knw 9 timmar sedan
Nice to see there are more sensible fans than deluded when it comes to Ozils performance for Arsenal. We move. Up the Arsenal.
Blue Pill Philosophy
Blue Pill Philosophy 9 timmar sedan
Pickford couldn't catch Covid
ALASTAIR Hancock 9 timmar sedan
Kaveh is a clown
Hussain A
Hussain A 9 timmar sedan
England’s number 1 btw 🤣