arafenix70 7 timmar sedan
Kill all that rebel scum...KILL 'EM ALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Travis Starr
Travis Starr 7 timmar sedan
Funny how a PRODUCER from EA is pretty much directly asking people to spend their money on this to ensure EA makes a profit.
Graeme Terry
Graeme Terry 7 timmar sedan
cedrix27 8 timmar sedan
The X-Wing clearly had Operation: Blind Hunt that's why he saw the TIE fighter hiding from all the debris.
張仁修 8 timmar sedan
張仁修 8 timmar sedan
Schiopu Johnny
Schiopu Johnny 8 timmar sedan
Star Wars episode X: Age of Darth Khan
Man-Bat Man
Man-Bat Man 9 timmar sedan
Wow it is too expensive again
Chancellor Palpatine
Chancellor Palpatine 9 timmar sedan
Why why is the every single one of the star wars trailers are epic
Νικος Ζαμπαρας
Νικος Ζαμπαρας 9 timmar sedan
Let's just hope EA won't screw this up
Viktor Eriksson
Viktor Eriksson 10 timmar sedan
hey, this is a Squadrons 42 ripoff
hiko chan
hiko chan 10 timmar sedan
brook pfaff
brook pfaff 10 timmar sedan
You have been lied to EA was to going to release three more games in the past years before Star wars Battlefront one but cut it in the main actor got wrote uncharted got canceled and visual games got shut down because EA if you ever read this don't lie to your fans first of all and make more Star wars games because you're 10 year agreement is almost up
Bill Y
Bill Y 11 timmar sedan
It's so weird seeing a Rebel as the villain and an Imperial as the hero.
William Nixon
William Nixon 11 timmar sedan
I spent a lot longer than I probably should on decyphering what the computer errors said, sadly past the first couple bits of seeing it I found it impossible to read, but here's the initial errors, in order: ext accum line (likely a power line or fuel feed for the laser cannon at the tip of the wing) support frame quat 7-c hull quat 2-1 array section 7-c hull quad 2-a array ext insp hatch (Inspection hatch on the exterior?) wing pylon core
Deyash 13 timmar sedan
still confused why you didn't give us exegol that would have been sick to storm the palace and hear chanting or just be on a star destroyer with the objective to destroy it with fighters fighting in the air that would have been amazing but you're apparent vision was complete soooooooooooooo...
Questknight12 13 timmar sedan
For half his life he had fought in the pits. The song of his people echoed in his hears, brothers and, sisters of the sky-horse long pasted to the arms of the Great Khans. Oh how he longed to join them. Oh how he longed to stand finally and be counted, to ride the sky-horse once more. But he could not, for to join the Khans, one had to ear their place and, to do so, they had to fight, and, die in battle. The pit was his battlefield, the pit was home now. His throat gave voice to the song as the elevator raised him to the suns that would beat down. His throat reverberated and echoed the song. It was the song of champions, and, legends and heroes. Only he would know the words as it came to an end as he looked to the edge of his sabre. He raised it, facing his foe, and wished once more he was riding a sky-horse, once more with lance and shield and, bow. To hunt the steppes of his homeworld, but all that stood before him, was battle in the pits. To glory.
im not creative
im not creative 13 timmar sedan
Say whatever you want this is the ultimate star wars experience in multiplayer. Yeah it has a bad campaing but it has amazing cutscenes. The microstransaction thing is gone and forgotten now so its one of my fav games cuz of that
S Loible
S Loible 13 timmar sedan
Where ya been all my Life?❤💚💜💟💙💛⚡⭐
Kieran Savage
Kieran Savage 13 timmar sedan
I needed this after TROS
alien chau
alien chau 14 timmar sedan
TIE vision is too narrow
IgnightBot 14 timmar sedan
“Wars over s-imp”
Bee Slime Studio
Bee Slime Studio 14 timmar sedan
Falcon escape music from episode 5, cool!!!
Nate John
Nate John 14 timmar sedan
Am I the only one or does the main character look like Jerome Valekka from Gotham?
Dwight Ybanez
Dwight Ybanez 14 timmar sedan
Just repeating a comment I read on another channel with the same CG short: This video, alone, is so much better than the sequel trilogy combined. Looking forward to this masterpiece.
daemon Blackfyre
daemon Blackfyre 14 timmar sedan
2:51 was that Hera Syndulla?
Sungsoo Lee
Sungsoo Lee 15 timmar sedan
but EA.... there is no hope it is a trap of surprise mechanics
Sunny C
Sunny C 15 timmar sedan
What I can't get enough of is watching artists work their magic, in sync with smiles on their faces. Makes me wanna try this game
BlasterBlaze4 15 timmar sedan
Didn’t even give him the chance to consider🤦‍♂️
TheSt380 15 timmar sedan
WhiteWolf Darkpaw
WhiteWolf Darkpaw 15 timmar sedan
Just had my....4th or 5th watch, and I just realized he took a heck of a beating from that water landing. He had no injuries on his face as he accepted his fate with power going out, but then on the beach we see him with a black eye, significant bruising on the left cheek, a cut on his left temple .... It's little details like this that can really make a good film :3
10 David
10 David 16 timmar sedan
EA doesn’t deserve this kind of talent.
Smithy41 16 timmar sedan
Played a ww2 fighter plane game, shot out someone’s engine, they flew into a canyon and pulled a hard left, I tried to pull up to avoid the canyon wall but crashed into it and died. They slowly went down into the water
Jesse Valle
Jesse Valle 16 timmar sedan
So many memories
Kaion YT
Kaion YT 16 timmar sedan
Does anyone still playing this game ? :(
Kevin Mead
Kevin Mead 16 timmar sedan
ph4tboy 16 timmar sedan
I'm disappointed the massive fleet battles only have th eoption of 5v5 battles. They should have full squad battles 12 v 12. That would be awesome.
Hopfot 16 timmar sedan
Can we get a Starfighter TV/Stream series based around an Imperial Squadron now?
Luc Klassen
Luc Klassen 16 timmar sedan
Wow, really well done.
JonatasMonte 16 timmar sedan
One year already.
Gabriel Brigatto
Gabriel Brigatto 17 timmar sedan
Só isso já é melhor que A Ascensão Skywalker
Kaleb Nall
Kaleb Nall 17 timmar sedan
How is this better then the entire New Trilogy?
Beautiful Sunflower
Beautiful Sunflower 17 timmar sedan
Clip Beast
Clip Beast 18 timmar sedan
Suggested in 2020, im not mad.
ItsJackBro 18 timmar sedan
The dislikes are rebel scum.
Emperor Constantine 1.
Emperor Constantine 1. 18 timmar sedan
The 942 (at present time) dislikes are from that x-wing’s extended cousins.
Aidan O'Kelly
Aidan O'Kelly 19 timmar sedan
I feel like after everything EA has been criticized over, and recent cross branding with Disney; they cant possibly ruin this game with all their marketing stunts. Maybe this ones gonna be different boys.
TheGalaxyGamer 19 timmar sedan
The first thing I hear when I wield a toy lightsaber
Joshua Bucholz
Joshua Bucholz 19 timmar sedan
remember how this mode was supposed to be in OG battlefront 2 with onboarding. I hate EA, I never buy anything EA anymore just trash.
Matthew Marvel
Matthew Marvel 19 timmar sedan
I am here 9/23/20 and I cannot believe it has been a year since this update dropped. I still remember getting home and playing instant action on Felucia.
adarsh garapati
adarsh garapati 19 timmar sedan
They prolly were making this as a bf2 dlc but then got greedy and sold it as a new game.
jimmy bauer
jimmy bauer 20 timmar sedan
Gonna tell my kids this was Orlando Bloom
Endilecio 20 timmar sedan
Very Delicious
Very Delicious 21 timme sedan
Imagine him and Iden Versio go at it.
Trump 21 timme sedan
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt 21 timme sedan
I absolutely loved this game. My only problems was the game felt short and I would have loved a longer fight with Vader. Other than that can’t wait for 2.
Kaleb Ashdon
Kaleb Ashdon 22 timmar sedan
we better see norra wexley in this
Adrian Aragon
Adrian Aragon 22 timmar sedan
was the planet they were on batu?
Blob Blob
Blob Blob 22 timmar sedan
Cal honestly looks like Rick Astley
Justdustin Gaming
Justdustin Gaming 23 timmar sedan
This game was a great star Wars game it’s just a classic and I loved how it played I miss the days were everybody played this game
Justdustin Gaming
Justdustin Gaming 22 timmar sedan
LiamElder Ik
LiamElder 22 timmar sedan
those were some good days
J M 23 timmar sedan
4:28 F yeah!
Mcstrikerwarrior 23 timmar sedan
I felt so bad watching the empire lose that battle. The glorious empire's decline...
Luiz Falcão
Luiz Falcão 23 timmar sedan
For the ones who don't know, the X-Wing is a superior ship to a Tie Fighter. So yes, in a 1v1, the imperial pilot is the underdog.
Beastman OneHorm
Beastman OneHorm 23 timmar sedan
I listened this song when i played Last Oasis. This song is sooo tematic to that game. And i have this song just familized with that game.
New England World
New England World 23 timmar sedan
Nice. It explains the tutorial of this game.
New England World
New England World 23 timmar sedan
"Anakin take off!"
New England World
New England World 23 timmar sedan
The rise of skywalker seems hard of the last one no well in their opinion.
New England World
New England World 23 timmar sedan
Good showing the short film showing before the game will be out.
Aleric 23 timmar sedan
Oh look there are apparently NO WHITE MALES in the Empire now, and of course the bad guy in this was who?? The white guy. SJW TRASH
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 13 timmar sedan
Something isn't sjw just because the main character isn't a white male.
Benjamin Hadaway
Benjamin Hadaway 23 timmar sedan
This is up there with Vode'An! Love to see some more. Maybe something for the Mandalorian S2!
Alex Chaump
Alex Chaump Dag sedan
They better not have him defect to the rebels
Archnid 001
Archnid 001 Dag sedan
Star wars open world like ghost of tsushima mechanic.
Kenai Dag sedan
Star *WARS* maybe the name makes sense now
Ian Oliveira Fartes
Ian Oliveira Fartes Dag sedan
Bruno Borges
Bruno Borges Dag sedan
Essa animação de 7 min é melhor que o ameaça fantasma, ataque dos clones e a vingança dos sith kkkk
VIRUS 620 Dag sedan
Más les vale que no hagan lo que siempre asen vender juegos con errores y con micro transacciones y pay to win, es obio que lo aran si a EA solo le importa el dinero La EA de principios de los años 2000 ya murio
samdalorian Dag sedan
I drive a semi truck and I swear to God my trucks engine syncs to this song 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥