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Esha Ali
Esha Ali Minut sedan
Everyones talking about stopping hate comments... Me trying to find those comments.
alonso DNI
alonso DNI Minut sedan
Madison Bicer
Madison Bicer Minut sedan
Anyone else staring at the dot of cleanser he forgot to wipe off? 😅
Prisha Jain
Prisha Jain 2 minuter sedan
How camille styles has a hint of harry styles lol like when you get it
just me I am
just me I am 2 minuter sedan
"Fresh as a daisy"... 🤔Ok i think that I'm gonna pick a different flower that doesn't contain botox 😉 I'm embracing my wrinkles🎃 Although I like that she's" herself" Love to you all 💕
Rochelle Burrows
Rochelle Burrows 7 minuter sedan
This man is beautiful 😍
Mariana Tiezzi
Mariana Tiezzi 13 minuter sedan
She’s so pretty, love her style and elegance
Kelly P.
Kelly P. 13 minuter sedan
Pharrell talking about skincare, wellness and cupcakes is all I needed today.
Letitia Dodge
Letitia Dodge 15 minuter sedan
Take notes so Harry styles can write songs about me
Luna Mae
Luna Mae 15 minuter sedan
Ok, love it but... what did he use in all those 20 years before he came out with his own skincare line?
M G 16 minuter sedan
harry’s kiwi
harry’s kiwi 16 minuter sedan
2:22 Harry Styles-Adore You
orange keloggs
orange keloggs 16 minuter sedan
Hayrunnisa Bendaş
Hayrunnisa Bendaş 16 minuter sedan
I love every single outfit of her and she is definitely stunning 😍
Pug Things
Pug Things 18 minuter sedan
I cant afford any of these, yet I'm watching it like I'm studying for chemistry exam
Violeta R
Violeta R 23 minuter sedan
Way too much bronzer.looking clowny 🤣
Nadda 23 minuter sedan
Yall are too obsessed with harry and it shows.
Mani Gupta
Mani Gupta 24 minuter sedan
She doesn't look like she's in her mid-30s., Looks younger
Olavi Hekandjo
Olavi Hekandjo 24 minuter sedan
Man barely has skin on his face. That's why he doesn't age
Violeta R
Violeta R 25 minuter sedan
😂trying to promote her sisters makeup.I would never 👎
RIAA SHAH 27 minuter sedan
Love it
bowtiesandcigarettes 30 minuter sedan
can y’all get over harry styles?? they dated what three years ago and have move on, stop screaming her ex’s name whenever she appears on something
Shane Netsianda
Shane Netsianda 32 minuter sedan
Prolly going to be the most viewed video based in skin care routines 😂😂😂
BillyBee 33 minuter sedan
I love Lisa Rinna. She’s honest, fun, and makes everyone smile. I love how dewy she likes her skin to be.
V V 33 minuter sedan
Could we get the list and links to the items she used 🤗I LOVED LOVED THIS VIDEO AND LOVE HER AS WELL!!!
V V 33 minuter sedan
Just saw the link never mind😁and Thank you!!!♥️
Ma Thi
Ma Thi 35 minuter sedan
I feel like her definition of a french woman is inner city Paris only. There are actually poor people in France, too. Just saying.
Alex Makeup Talk
Alex Makeup Talk 36 minuter sedan
I came here to read the comments. After reading that title, I knew I’d be in for a treat. You guys didn’t disappoint.
Lima M.
Lima M. 37 minuter sedan
News flash : It's genetics. A good hygiene, and healthy lifestyle also helps. I mean he does look younger than his actual age, but can we also talk about the filter used here ? (no human skin is as soft, no crevices, no pores, no lines, look at the chest area) but sure.
Meghan Smith
Meghan Smith 37 minuter sedan
*Аdult Оnlу 18+* !!! ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ɴᴏᴡ *XXXDATES.ONLINE* ------------------------------------------------- Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent.... se había beste
Hernane Douglas
Hernane Douglas 38 minuter sedan
My beatiful wife MJ Rodriguez, lighting UP the world.
🇬 👽 🇧 🇷 🇮 🇪 🇱
🇬 👽 🇧 🇷 🇮 🇪 🇱 41 minut sedan
how often does he do that in a day or in a week?
fruit style
fruit style 42 minuter sedan
Does she really think that that’s an Italian inspired look? I want to die😂😂😂😂
Sar Gset
Sar Gset 42 minuter sedan
its genetic fokes! you will never get his skin by the routine he shows, and remember also black dont crack, and men age slower than women!
Jaioco 45 minuter sedan
Thx u for this
Shehzan Ali Muhammad Zada Khan- 160193
Shehzan Ali Muhammad Zada Khan- 160193 45 minuter sedan
who has just come here to see the beauty of ellie ghoulding
Jeshlyn Vilash
Jeshlyn Vilash 49 minuter sedan
She sounds exhausted and depressed in this video. Like when you're feeling low and have low energy levels.🤔
Erlesque Magazine
Erlesque Magazine 50 minuter sedan
I guess for a person who gets stressed wearing a piece two days in a row...this is the perfect concept.
Kannetha Brown
Kannetha Brown 50 minuter sedan
So excited to get this for my bf for Xmas, he loved Pharrell
Luisa Sasahara
Luisa Sasahara 56 minuter sedan
She is literally Lady Bird
Luiza Albino
Luiza Albino Timme sedan
When I saw it was her in the video I just knew for sure that the comments would be about Harry
gerry santiago
gerry santiago Timme sedan
I love her for being so honest 😍❤️💪
Its Belleee
Its Belleee Timme sedan
i might be harry styles biggest fan tbh, but like, we need to move on, she’s her own person, and besides, he’s with me now
Luciana Cruz
Luciana Cruz Timme sedan
É serio isso
aibhyk Timme sedan
Love her style always!
Jenny Gardner
Jenny Gardner Timme sedan
I can’t explain how much I want to be friends with her
Nonzwakazi Ramaube
Nonzwakazi Ramaube Timme sedan
Love you long time Kendall. You look beautiful 😍❤
Xanthea Soh
Xanthea Soh Timme sedan
Pharrell be looking amazing @ his age 💯
betsss m
betsss m Timme sedan
Is it bc of his hair or.....but he looks a little like Jaden Smith
Amazing we love a confident man!!!
Saesha Khurana
Saesha Khurana Timme sedan
Love how she goes so casually between giving make up tips and destroying the patriarchy
künpi yeee
künpi yeee Timme sedan
Im waiting for Hyrams reaction
IamDavid Timme sedan
Veronica beeettt
Carlo Go
Carlo Go Timme sedan
Yadayadayada ADD TO CART!!!!!!
m j
m j Timme sedan
there really is a piece of you in how i dress. this girl is the blueprint
Aashi Mishra
Aashi Mishra Timme sedan
What does she do??
Anurup Debsharma
Anurup Debsharma Timme sedan
My favorite person❤️❤️❤️❤️
Vidya Gesha
Vidya Gesha Timme sedan
Cou cou 🍒
Dilek Baltaci
Dilek Baltaci Timme sedan
Wtf this so so cute 😁😁 love it!!! Also inspirational 😌💓
Weng S
Weng S Timme sedan
She looked like Taylor hill in the vogue cover.
Kayla Kopenski
Kayla Kopenski Timme sedan
He looks 25 😭🥺❤️
Sarabjeet Kaur
Sarabjeet Kaur Timme sedan
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dorothy valery
dorothy valery Timme sedan
She Has All The Ingredients To Be Beautiful! But At The End, Something Went OFF! Plus, She Is ANNOYING AF! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Steven Timme sedan
That's a dude
VALERY B Timme sedan
I love it!!!!
Edrik Jhon
Edrik Jhon Timme sedan
Gaga be doing social distancing, even before it was a thing✨
Lola Deharbe
Lola Deharbe Timme sedan
me watching this video just to get some outfit ideas for when I meet Harry
Nana nazima M
Nana nazima M Timme sedan
Hes just so like jaden smith
dorothy valery
dorothy valery Timme sedan
Michel Bruns
Michel Bruns Timme sedan
Straight to the point, superb
Ishana Timme sedan
shes so pretty it hurts
Krishna Sajesh
Krishna Sajesh Timme sedan
Is no one gonna talk about how simple her makeup routine is....
M Wiese
M Wiese Timme sedan
forget Beyonce, Madonna and Mariah. Kylie is the REAL queen!!
Vishnukant Jha
Vishnukant Jha Timme sedan
Wait!! Was that only me counting all 73 questions??
Jensy Ramos
Jensy Ramos Timme sedan
Yorgelis 🇩🇴✨✨♥️
Fagner Ventura
Fagner Ventura Timme sedan
You believe god is park jihyo
You believe god is park jihyo Timme sedan
I really love Catriona because she is confident and powerful for me
N Timme sedan
Don't you call him "baby" We're not talking lately Don't you call him what you used to call me I, I confess I can tell that you are at your best I'm selfish so I'm hating it I notice that There's a piece of you in how I dress Take it as a compliment Don't you call him "baby" We're not talking lately Don't you call him what you used to call me I, I just miss I just miss your accent and your friends Did you know I still talk to them? Does he take you walking 'round his parents' gallery? Don't you call him "baby" We're not talking lately Don't you call him what you used to call me Don't you call him "baby" We're not talking lately Don't you call him what you used to call me
Eric Campbell
Eric Campbell Timme sedan
Cheat fase
MAKRO CHEFF Timme sedan
seshow.info/watch/lR5E2Jz_PxY/video.html YUMMY FIG CAKE RECIPE
Msferedrose Timme sedan
Can’t wait for Hyram to react to this...