Suhail Mirza
Suhail Mirza 8 timmar sedan
What awful defending. More like football conference standard. Insult to the championship. Never seen so many mistakes leading to goals in a single game.
Alif Zahir
Alif Zahir 8 timmar sedan
Nqabayetu Gwaza
Nqabayetu Gwaza 8 timmar sedan
Even i could play for Barnsley
Jeremy Webb
Jeremy Webb 8 timmar sedan
That defense was honestly Sunday league level. How could you be paid to be that bad
Felix Purnomo
Felix Purnomo 8 timmar sedan
Giroud !
nehemia ginting
nehemia ginting 8 timmar sedan
Tammy X Kai better than twilight story
Candra Sihombing
Candra Sihombing 8 timmar sedan
play better
play better 8 timmar sedan
Who's the opponent?
FTVcomps 8 timmar sedan
Honestly, this was Chelsea's training session!
FTVcomps 8 timmar sedan
Havertz and Tammy looked like has been friends for years
FTVcomps 8 timmar sedan
Great star for Kai
Only markus Purnama
Only markus Purnama 8 timmar sedan
Thank you for like
JuanTamp 8 timmar sedan
Chelsea trending terus nichhhh
Bang Tobat
Bang Tobat 8 timmar sedan
Arsyad Kaffa
Arsyad Kaffa 8 timmar sedan
Looks like Tammy know Kai next move. He play fifa
ivanfs95 8 timmar sedan
Could rivals be worse?
2 Much Sauce
2 Much Sauce 8 timmar sedan
i'm not a chelsea fan but nice to see the new boys playing well, love from a leeds fan
DevilsDelight 8 timmar sedan
How bad were Barnsley though haha, 3 of those goals defense cost them
Ray 8 timmar sedan
Tammy was underrated
HI OK 8 timmar sedan
Where is timo werner?
Asep Nurrohim
Asep Nurrohim 8 timmar sedan
Like training in cobham
Akun Google
Akun Google 8 timmar sedan
Kasian lawannya ,dasar klub rendahan
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 8 timmar sedan
Chelsea Sponsor to Liverpool : "Why you didn't scored 3 goals?"
Romeo Gomes
Romeo Gomes 8 timmar sedan
Abraham do a really good game 🔥🔥
Ardian Arbi
Ardian Arbi 8 timmar sedan
Ustadz boongan
Ustadz boongan 8 timmar sedan
Wooww trending 9 in indonesia, very good👍
Parmar Chiarg Rajeshkumar
Parmar Chiarg Rajeshkumar 8 timmar sedan
When you play in beginner mode😂😂
Hati Kental
Hati Kental 8 timmar sedan
lampard did a really good joob tonight,let bransley press hard,after second half,all bransley players is tired.
Alex Ioannides
Alex Ioannides 8 timmar sedan
Does anyone know the name of the background music?
John lalramzauva
John lalramzauva 8 timmar sedan
Yes and he had one missed now,but it is never easy to score penalty,i really love blues