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Crystal Quark
Crystal Quark Timme sedan
Finally, we got the answer to the chicken and egg question :-)
Bubbly sketches
Bubbly sketches 2 timmar sedan
I can become British in one word *zed*
SimpleQuantum 2 timmar sedan
4:44 famous last words
The Rantman
The Rantman 2 timmar sedan
Not the fireworks your using. Look at what i made.
BossFeather3670 YT
BossFeather3670 YT 3 timmar sedan
5:03 does your bath tub go deeper than floor level or are there a bunch of sponges weighted to the bottom of the tub so you don’t break your knees
Lucas Barbosa
Lucas Barbosa 3 timmar sedan
That's real fast food
alystair 3 timmar sedan
You should revisit the one where they microwaved a bottle of gin... and it just ... vanished.... and cleaned the interior of the microwave :D
copeland crames
copeland crames 3 timmar sedan
My computer learning about its self 👁️👄👁️
Irene Hanning
Irene Hanning 3 timmar sedan
The biggest enemy of this channel is the time laps guys
Nile Vang
Nile Vang 3 timmar sedan
0:01 that’s always me XD
Dogski28 3 timmar sedan
Everybody gansta ‘til Gav and Dan start firebending.
Jake Wood
Jake Wood 3 timmar sedan
I wish they made a whole video just of slo mo it’s so nice and calming u can just fall Asleep too it
sidney da silva
sidney da silva 3 timmar sedan
Seus vídeos são incríveis! Este em especial, mostra a complexidade e a magia de uma parte do nosso corpo, que é uma máquina orgânica perfeita! É o presente de nossa evolução! ☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍
Emily Morgan
Emily Morgan 3 timmar sedan
It looks like giving birth in reverse.
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin 3 timmar sedan
Boys during December:
Ashton Needler
Ashton Needler 3 timmar sedan
today were gonna set a nuke off in dans hands and film it! ready dan?
Adam Marchand
Adam Marchand 4 timmar sedan
what kind of cameras are recommended for slow motion shots??
Rock 4 timmar sedan
3:27 looks like Doctor Strange opening a portal.
rellikpd 4 timmar sedan
I think you meant "That's metal!" not mental.
Yan Viv
Yan Viv 4 timmar sedan
If u slow mo the first clip, its different from the other one
Spaxx 22
Spaxx 22 4 timmar sedan
9 years has gone fast
west 4 timmar sedan
idk why but this made me feel gross... it was beautiful but god it was disgusting.
Tyler Richter
Tyler Richter 4 timmar sedan
The funny thing is, *it gets that big.*
Poradon 4 timmar sedan
Thanks for the CSGO tip
Billy'sRandom Stuff
Billy'sRandom Stuff 5 timmar sedan
8:20 Gavin's face looks like someone broke his XBOX
Alin Toma
Alin Toma 5 timmar sedan
so people believe this trash? pffff
TotallyTerribleContent 5 timmar sedan
Maria Salgado
Maria Salgado 5 timmar sedan
Tornado in one place help!
Jamezz Fielding
Jamezz Fielding 5 timmar sedan
6 years ago 😂
Diane Mckimmy
Diane Mckimmy 5 timmar sedan
Mattias van Ingen
Mattias van Ingen 5 timmar sedan
We got Hisoka from HxH in real life!!!!!!
Lego Darth Vader
Lego Darth Vader 5 timmar sedan
It was at this point I realized that the real 6ft waterballoon was the friends we made along the way
Fuzion Gamer
Fuzion Gamer 5 timmar sedan
This video looks great on my 4K tv
TotallyTerribleContent 5 timmar sedan
Imagine coming outside into your back garden, and finding a bloody hand (literally) just sitting there
soapxx x
soapxx x 5 timmar sedan
8:53 *nsfw*
spokes 5 timmar sedan
Should've definitely left the second car doors open. watch the ball destroy the interior and maybe hook under the roof and lift it.
Batman 5 timmar sedan
I sort of want to shoot my hand
Shuaib Warisi
Shuaib Warisi 5 timmar sedan
Can u guys please do a slow-mo video of water dropping from a height and diffrent kind of bullets go through it.
Madison Schlosstein
Madison Schlosstein 6 timmar sedan
The end result looked like the sand in Spongebob 😂
Thomas McCleod
Thomas McCleod 6 timmar sedan
This camera has better resolution than my eyes
Crystal Quark
Crystal Quark 6 timmar sedan
Dragon born, apprentice level, rough times and kindergarten fireballs :-)
K Factor
K Factor 6 timmar sedan
Ahhh 2011, back when ppl didn't have to click bait just to get noticed on youtube and did creative videos from the comfort of their own backyard and not in some professional studio
HanZie82 6 timmar sedan
Telling us to do the calculation while they have all the numbers. No no no, thats not how maths works boys. tsk tsk tsk!!! Also to bad they didnt try and 'launch' one of those AA's. Thanks for the video, was enjoyable!
Chrielle Satorre
Chrielle Satorre 6 timmar sedan
Modern Warfare punching the air right now
DUPLA NH GV 6 timmar sedan
Alguém é brasileiro deixa o like
Deed Gaming
Deed Gaming 6 timmar sedan
1:45 I thought he was going to explode
ToastNation !
ToastNation ! 6 timmar sedan
I was 1 when I watch this and now I'm 10
Glob Man
Glob Man 6 timmar sedan
Girls locker room: how is your boyfriend? Boys locker room:
iQuantumPush 6 timmar sedan
At least it broke. Coulda been worse of an impact lmaoo
Diesel Douche
Diesel Douche 6 timmar sedan
1.1K dog worshippers who use peanut butter for disgusting things outside of its intended purpose disliked this video.
Minifig3D 6 timmar sedan
Apple does sponsor some videos, but only of positive reviews of their products. Such as the ones from iJustine.
Minifig3D 6 timmar sedan
i love the sound design in this!
canedz 416
canedz 416 7 timmar sedan
fire the derp yeah!!
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas 7 timmar sedan
They have to sound like the two most depressed people on youtube
PAULIE FPV 7 timmar sedan
How about a slow mo close up of... Ultrasonic cleaner in action 😁😉
Fortune 8
Fortune 8 7 timmar sedan
Slow Mo Guys single handedly proving that the way we see the world is LIES! Haha
Salih Özdemir
Salih Özdemir 7 timmar sedan
I could’ve eaten that Mac.
Sinister 7 timmar sedan
Plot Twist..This video is sponsored by Apple
Brandon Taitano
Brandon Taitano 8 timmar sedan
His water broke.
Inky Splats
Inky Splats 8 timmar sedan
Splatoon2 has never looked better
Odyssey 80
Odyssey 80 8 timmar sedan
I've got the feeling Dan was trying to impress Georgia
WTFAnyNameWorks 8 timmar sedan
Poor Dan.
DanSi 8 timmar sedan
I want to see Gav’s beard grow in *fast-mo*
Jonathan M
Jonathan M 9 timmar sedan
It's like a BB gun.
Bridget O'Connor
Bridget O'Connor 9 timmar sedan
I really hope this isn’t the last time I see Dan
Jessica Navan
Jessica Navan 9 timmar sedan
1:43 we need to go deeper
Kanderi View's
Kanderi View's 9 timmar sedan
Now I understood how Brahma's 1 Day or 1 Night is equal to 1 Kalpa years
I have a dig bick
I have a dig bick 9 timmar sedan
LZ ZS 9 timmar sedan
LZ ZS 9 timmar sedan
Scott Stanley-Coleman
Scott Stanley-Coleman 9 timmar sedan
It looks like he peed himself
LZ ZS 10 timmar sedan
Cecil Filipino
Cecil Filipino 10 timmar sedan
5:10 "Engage into hyperdrive"
Renee Sutcliffe
Renee Sutcliffe 10 timmar sedan
tis video is so slow
night killer
night killer 10 timmar sedan
Poor link🤣
Pascal Dickhoff
Pascal Dickhoff 10 timmar sedan
Did Lloyd die?
Xaptus_4 Living Mice∞
Xaptus_4 Living Mice∞ 11 timmar sedan
14:23 Anime people when they get surprised
Gabbs 11 timmar sedan
Would love to see this in ultra slow mo!
Ashton Hopkins
Ashton Hopkins 11 timmar sedan
Local Camper hit by tank while in desert
Jorrit de Boer
Jorrit de Boer 11 timmar sedan
The beginning looks photoshopped. :|
Jeff Holley
Jeff Holley 11 timmar sedan
shooting a tv in slo mo edit: wth is 8k?
Youss 11 timmar sedan
that's allah's creation..
ImShah 11 timmar sedan
Slow Mo guys: *upload this video* SEshow processing: Aight Ima head out
Aswin lxl
Aswin lxl 12 timmar sedan
H-EV Tech
H-EV Tech 12 timmar sedan
We got robbed! No 30ft!?
LZ ZS 12 timmar sedan
Never mind
LZ ZS 12 timmar sedan
OMG, That man’s leaking
Rain Man
Rain Man 12 timmar sedan
Please do this with Jordan Kilganon
LZ ZS 12 timmar sedan
Rhys Evans
Rhys Evans 12 timmar sedan
You should do it but with get a cap with a narrow tube to make it go faster
Artham Jain
Artham Jain 12 timmar sedan
Check out
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Justin Flips 12 timmar sedan
SMOKINYOU43 12 timmar sedan
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Tuhin Roy
Tuhin Roy 12 timmar sedan
Now I see , that games are nothing near camera 😂
O M 13 timmar sedan
one question then is what mechanism is being used to shutter that camera that is faster than light?
Thillai Ambalam
Thillai Ambalam 13 timmar sedan
Hi Gav,can you guys do a video on how the 4 legged animals walking sequence. Thanks
Eleanor Holmes
Eleanor Holmes 13 timmar sedan
Aw, Gav's little face when he goes under. Heh.
Eleanor Holmes
Eleanor Holmes 13 timmar sedan
In which they waterboard Dan. (This genuinely looked like the start of a panic attack right there.)
AlphaIkaros 13 timmar sedan
Dan: that is gruesome! Gav: that is delicious!!
Kid Rumi
Kid Rumi 13 timmar sedan
is it just me or does it sounds wierd when only gav is talking , is more natural for both to talk to each other