Andrew Villalobos
Andrew Villalobos 10 timmar sedan
Y'all need to race BJ
muhammad faris aminudin
muhammad faris aminudin 10 timmar sedan
* Instagram B0t only 3 USD *
* Instagram B0t only 3 USD * 10 timmar sedan
Auto Like and Comment to Specific Accounts for Instagram and also other features. This app only costs $3.
Kase Krossed
Kase Krossed 10 timmar sedan
I bet @Rob Dahn wont jump on stage
Ramanpreet Mann
Ramanpreet Mann 10 timmar sedan
Someone please give that supra a good tune
I i
I i 10 timmar sedan
Ford should make this car for sale. $1,000,000, they would still sell out.
Cam 10 timmar sedan
TT the trophy truck and run it again
Forrest Ožbolt
Forrest Ožbolt 10 timmar sedan
All hail the glory that is the Viper. Bask in it.
Christopher Newman
Christopher Newman 10 timmar sedan
I heard Tanner Foust was a nightmare to work with on a production set.
HoratioHoodoo 10 timmar sedan
Guys... it's 4wd, it's 1000lbs lighter, and the same horsepower. Wtf kinda math are y'all doing?
1stAxelKain 10 timmar sedan
Now it's time to call Adam Carolla and get him over with his Newman/Sharp IMSA GT 300ZX. The VG engine, one of Nissan's best engines, from 1983 till 2004, and easily decimates the fan boy's younger/smaller siblings!
Colton Adkins
Colton Adkins 10 timmar sedan
I would love to see what the hoonicorn would run on a drag strip
C Mo
C Mo 10 timmar sedan
Seriously what was the point of this....... truck is NO MATCH for any 2400 pound 1400hp car 🤦🏻‍♂️
Geno Perez 1225
Geno Perez 1225 10 timmar sedan
Adam 10 timmar sedan
What if Hoonicorn Vs the AWD cutless g body?
JrSVT 10 timmar sedan
I'm here cause of Herts insta 🤙
Latnlvr 10 timmar sedan
Half the weight twice the horsepower, hmmm. Not quite fair
Rafael Sanchez
Rafael Sanchez 11 timmar sedan
I think we all know who we want to see race 🏁 Ken Block vs Cleetus McFarland
MochaSinger8862 11 timmar sedan
Yo is this thing bullet proofed cuz it sounds amazing and looks amazing
J Xavi
J Xavi 11 timmar sedan
Would be nice to play on series X if it was out 🙄 cant even get my hands on one because of tha damn scalpers!
Jeremy Lakenes
Jeremy Lakenes 11 timmar sedan
Well, time to fast forward to the race...
Maximiliany Wolfinethow
Maximiliany Wolfinethow 11 timmar sedan
Round 1 at 6:36
uzu 11 timmar sedan
NPC supra driver
DLaz 11 timmar sedan
Sorry, who's sleeping on the track hawk again?
Harry’s mind
Harry’s mind 11 timmar sedan
9:50 Your welcome:)
kameron yonts
kameron yonts 11 timmar sedan
Hoonicorn vs leroy?
Thaddeus Vidler
Thaddeus Vidler 11 timmar sedan
checking the comments to see if this supra shifts better than the last one i saw
Jose Fuenmayor
Jose Fuenmayor 11 timmar sedan
Oh man, what a coincidence i was looking for Chris Forsberg and the first video i watch, is on the same day it was launch, just 5 years ago.
Emirhan YETİŞ
Emirhan YETİŞ 11 timmar sedan
In turkey: passat's are rarely taxi. In america: passat's are v8
Anthony Pope
Anthony Pope 11 timmar sedan
I got a 17 maxima muffler delete and stillen intake I will pull on that old ass gtr fasho. I haven’t been beat by a g35 or 37 yet only beat by 1 350z so far but he had a turbo and tune and barely won all y’all haters come race a real maxima
Jafet Villatoro
Jafet Villatoro 11 timmar sedan
No offense but the supra driver cant drive 💀🤦🏻‍♂️
Papa Greg
Papa Greg 11 timmar sedan
Masks, really??🤭🤭🤭🤭😁
Fletcher Musician
Fletcher Musician 11 timmar sedan
We need a new Mad Max Movie in 2021 Staring (Hoonicorn) Ken Blocks I think it would be a top ten Movie?
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 11 timmar sedan
THE seshow.info/watch/5pQvM9ZY41k/video.html FUTURE.
Jeanna Janes
Jeanna Janes 11 timmar sedan
Crazy like if you agree 👇
Ariel Gustavo Crespo Domenech
Ariel Gustavo Crespo Domenech 11 timmar sedan
That 2 rotor sounds saweet!!!!
Raphael Niscala Ariesto 1536025
Raphael Niscala Ariesto 1536025 11 timmar sedan
jag xj220 powered van from top gear vs merch van?
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez 11 timmar sedan
A stock lambo would demolish that demon he didn't have a chance to begin with a supercharged one
Forrest Ožbolt
Forrest Ožbolt 11 timmar sedan
That Jeep fucking scoots!
Dillon deal
Dillon deal 11 timmar sedan
Bet it can't beat a 900hp awd civic lmao
XxISmokeAloneXx x
XxISmokeAloneXx x 11 timmar sedan
I only see a bmw in this video
B Craftin
B Craftin 11 timmar sedan
Can we have some quarter mile run numbers please. 👍
Engine Informant
Engine Informant 11 timmar sedan
not sure how you apples to apples a RWD vs. AWD.....
Javier Cuervo
Javier Cuervo 11 timmar sedan
Supra guy, no idea how to launch and shifts were terrible... sorry
Alireza 11 timmar sedan
It reminders me the arabs nissan patrol with big turbos
Saxon Girt
Saxon Girt 11 timmar sedan
I played forza a horizon for
Forrest Ožbolt
Forrest Ožbolt 11 timmar sedan
Soooo. What happened to burnouts? Cold tires much?
Storm Step
Storm Step 11 timmar sedan
What I would give just to drive that thing one time...
L0Ny 11 timmar sedan
I love this car, I use it in FR legends
RAZAFINDRANONY Maminirina Lanto 12 timmar sedan
Do the fight with the Peugeot t16 pikes peak😉
Tots Daniel
Tots Daniel 12 timmar sedan
What about back purging the pipe?
5th Realm
5th Realm 12 timmar sedan
Drag car vs Hoonicorn
Micah N.
Micah N. 12 timmar sedan
Whose Volvo V70 was that?? We NEED a daily transmission on it!!
Lipee Trejo
Lipee Trejo 12 timmar sedan
Ken Block va Tanner foust
Lipee Trejo
Lipee Trejo 12 timmar sedan
Hoonicorn vs passatt
leorichboy12 roblox youtuber
leorichboy12 roblox youtuber 12 timmar sedan
I think you should race the McLaren speedtail
Alejandro lopez
Alejandro lopez 12 timmar sedan
Como se llama la camioneta que aparecen el el inicio del vídeo? la ford? pero que tipo de auto es?
Nick D.
Nick D. 12 timmar sedan
I have a 2015 volkswagon jetta I’ll put against merch van
Magic 513
Magic 513 12 timmar sedan
Need to take on the okc guys ......
Brady Caves
Brady Caves 12 timmar sedan
The shot where Jon just disappeared when the truck launches is a testament to the suspension travel lol
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez 12 timmar sedan
Just won to be the next Legends Tour Hot Wheels mainline
App tutorials
App tutorials 12 timmar sedan
Now imagine the hoonicorn with McLaren aerodynamics
1hates2love 12 timmar sedan
That car looks 3-d from the pic 😂
TLO 12 timmar sedan
hoonicorn is like a killing machine
A chair
A chair 12 timmar sedan
A chair approves
Tarkan Bagci
Tarkan Bagci 12 timmar sedan
Race against "Momentum" from JP Performance
Conner McConnell
Conner McConnell 12 timmar sedan
Someone " ford suck and have no power" ken block in the hoonicorn that someone 🤔🤔🤔
Dayton Stokes
Dayton Stokes 12 timmar sedan
Found the ultimate donk hauler on fb market. The mech truck turned into a single cab with the bread trailer !!!
Conner McConnell
Conner McConnell 12 timmar sedan
Hank the duce would be proud
Montrose Deloofs
Montrose Deloofs 12 timmar sedan
When the shifting sounds like the rev limiter...
Chris Roth
Chris Roth 12 timmar sedan
Driver mod for Supra
MarcusSims91 12 timmar sedan
hoonicorn vs Dragster
cody44554 12 timmar sedan
Need numbers and times from the hoonicorn
Matt Dillon
Matt Dillon 12 timmar sedan
Granny shiftin not double clutchin like ya should
K M 12 timmar sedan
14:21... gosh dang.
Petrek Lewis
Petrek Lewis 12 timmar sedan
Sad ☹️ males not man wearing face diapers outside WUT DA 🤔🤨🤣🤣🤣🤣
Stefan Entzeroth
Stefan Entzeroth 12 timmar sedan
mighty car mods coming to hoonigan 2020, YIKES
Bra4den 12 timmar sedan
Braian Singh
Braian Singh 13 timmar sedan
this video was a whole ass order of gapperoni pizza served by a humble little truck
PeteFellOff youbetcha
PeteFellOff youbetcha 13 timmar sedan
Uhhhh why does Vin look like Dr. Eggman?