Kygo, Kim Petras - Broken Glass
Balázs Imre
Balázs Imre 15 timmar sedan
More more more... (Y)
Ginny Vee
Ginny Vee 15 timmar sedan
If you like this you might like Flashdance the new version with Irene Cara
Abhi07 15 timmar sedan
You are criatad very hartching musics
theandi939 15 timmar sedan
It's a bad production. DJ garbage.
10K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge
10K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge 16 timmar sedan
If you’re listening to this in quarantine, you’re a legend.
P I k a c h u
P I k a c h u 16 timmar sedan
I watched this many times in this month.😆
Arjun P
Arjun P 16 timmar sedan
King of vocal chops
Serial-Traileurs 16 timmar sedan
Excellent, Merci !
Isbskldn Kwbdidj
Isbskldn Kwbdidj 16 timmar sedan
Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like
Shivam Patel
Shivam Patel 16 timmar sedan
Yes 100 million. Let's go
sofia langolf
sofia langolf 16 timmar sedan
Is everything ok?
Bertha Lopez
Bertha Lopez 16 timmar sedan
Great remake but the video kind of sucks, No Passion !! X/
Quick Compilation
Quick Compilation 16 timmar sedan
His music is so satysfying me)))
Oaf 16 timmar sedan
Still waiting for Kygo to remake Africa by Toto
Pastor Vargas Quintana
Pastor Vargas Quintana 16 timmar sedan
2020 ; )
BradyJosephVEVO 17 timmar sedan
🎶 Ya escuchaste 🎧 "Loco Por Ti" del dúo "Jeisy y Kenan"? 🎤 Aquí te dejo el enlace 📲 Dale me gusta 👍 suscríbete 🔔 y comparte 📱 te lo agradezco infinitamente 🤝
Ryzon 17 timmar sedan
2020 waw
alina 17 timmar sedan
MENDOZA GOMEZ JAIROL JAIR x2 17 timmar sedan
cielols 16
cielols 16 17 timmar sedan
I came for Outer Banks 😍😍😍
Camillepb 17 timmar sedan
i love this song and also this unique country, my home, Brazil.
Aaron Gutierrez Tarrillo
Aaron Gutierrez Tarrillo 17 timmar sedan
HΞИИΞSSY 17 timmar sedan
💚💛💜Love the visuals and delivery of the music 🎶
sandi gibson
sandi gibson 17 timmar sedan
Best singer ever. Love you Whitney
Lola 17 timmar sedan
Chases hair is so long omg haha
BLIUDUKAS LT 17 timmar sedan
This song takes from Donna Summer in 1979.. So wtf 😂 they not singing so They just copy song and Put kids in video
Mayra Bittencourt
Mayra Bittencourt 17 timmar sedan
2020 😍🎶
1000 subs with no video Challenge
1000 subs with no video Challenge 18 timmar sedan
Let's see how, many people are listening to this song in September 2020 .
ANNA MUSIC 18 timmar sedan
Love this so much🙏🏻
Ayrton Yebra
Ayrton Yebra 18 timmar sedan
3 years later iam watching.. damn i must be a legend
Manju Das
Manju Das 18 timmar sedan
But miss I will carry you ok
Noob Girl Gaming yt
Noob Girl Gaming yt 18 timmar sedan
Legend 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
JT X 19 timmar sedan
Titanic vibe idk
Sanskiee 19 timmar sedan
2020 💯💯💯💯
Dani Farias
Dani Farias 20 timmar sedan
Una buena mezcla de canciones del pasado con la música de ahora Emocionante 😎😎
Shuba Sha
Shuba Sha 20 timmar sedan
That's why kygo is my favorite dj But after . . . . . ◢ ◤ That's the truth
ふるさわの日常【Vlog】 20 timmar sedan
I love this song
Portgas D. Ace
Portgas D. Ace 21 timme sedan
I'm a flame, you're the fire I'm the dark in need of light When we touch, you inspire Feel the changin' me tonight So take me up take me higher There's a world not far from here We can dance in desire Or we can burn in love tonight Our hearts are like firestones And when they strike, we feel the love Sparks will fly, they ignite our bones And when they strike, we light up the world Our hearts are like firestones And when they strike, we feel the love Sparks will fly, they ignite our bones And when they strike, we light up the world We light up the world We light up the world Oh, whoa World Oh, whoa Firestone I'm from X, you're from Y Perfect strangers in the night Here we are, come together To the world we'll testify Our hearts are like firestones And when they strike, we feel the love Sparks will fly, they ignite our bones And when they strike, we light up the world We light up the world Oh, whoa World Oh, whoa Firestone
D Gambino
D Gambino 22 timmar sedan
Me I am
janelle ferrell
janelle ferrell 22 timmar sedan
CLIF88X 22 timmar sedan
that guy looks like John B and the girl looks like Sarah cameron....
Dean Tucker
Dean Tucker 22 timmar sedan
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Lukas Meilinger
Lukas Meilinger 22 timmar sedan
In German we would call it a "Brett"
parekoy channel
parekoy channel 22 timmar sedan
Nice music best backgroung for travel vid
ColtPtrHun 22 timmar sedan
These teenharem clips...
Renee Mc Queen
Renee Mc Queen 23 timmar sedan
Getting paid off of someone else work not Cool Copy Cat
I am from 7 sister state Assam
I am from 7 sister state Assam Dag sedan
Played it in 1.25x
marcin 857
marcin 857 Dag sedan
fajne laski
marcin 857
marcin 857 Dag sedan
nice girl
kypros k
kypros k Dag sedan
Such average productions/covers from Kygo for HIGHLY important songs like this one and the other 2 he butchered... i prefer his early stuff
Kidy Bwabale
Kidy Bwabale Dag sedan
Aaron Alcalde
Aaron Alcalde Dag sedan
Alguien la escucha en Septiembre 2020?👏❤
Los Angles
Los Angles Dag sedan
1:22 John B being John B 😂😂😂😂💕💕
Los Angles
Los Angles Dag sedan
I didn’t came here from tiktok but the song went fast I think becauss of the clip 😂 💞💞💞💞💞💞
zubin Bhujwala
zubin Bhujwala Dag sedan
Any one able to identify which motorcycle is that?
Juan Cristobal Salas Ariiaga
Juan Cristobal Salas Ariiaga Dag sedan
Cómo se llama la chava ??
Truth be told
Truth be told Dag sedan
It should be Donna Summer remixed by kygo. I am part of this younger generation but the assault and stealing/recycling of all these classic number 1 by so called artist such as this guy shouldn't be allowed. These artists who kygo is stealing from suffered through racism, discrimination, recession, civil right fights, domestic abuse and some many other situations to get the music we hear today out there. People like kygo just buy the rights for use, add a barely there spin to it and think they can call themselves artist. No creativity here. Without Dona's vocals, the original songwriters and team who made the original song what it is then this guy would not be anywhere in music because he can't create his own material. The fact that he gets the credit for it and is making money off artist who put their souls into these songs is just not right. He dared to put her Donna's name and all the other artist he steals from right after his name as if he is somewhat above them and responsible for their songs. He thinks he is making them relevant but he wouldn't be where he is if it was not for these legendary artists. This is modern stealing and I for one simply cannot respect any so called artist who recycles creativity, talent and hard earned legacy for his or their own benefit. The fact that all these kids are calling him talented when his little remix would be nothing without the original beat which he has nothing to do with and out of this world vocals from all the legendary singers he steals from. Kygo, never call yourself an artist because you are not. Label only sign the likes of you and other thieves for a quick buck by letting you recycle the hard work of legends and pass it all as your own.
Joshqim 17 timmar sedan
While I agree with most of what you say, he does make good original music. Higher Love is his only remix that really took off. His other popular songs are all original such as Firestone, It Ain't Me and Happy Now.
Nicholas Lloyd
Nicholas Lloyd Dag sedan
This is amazing! What a great new take on a Hot Classic! Donna is Timeless!
Farhan Maulana
Farhan Maulana Dag sedan
Shubham Kanojiya
Shubham Kanojiya Dag sedan
Who listen in September 2021
Gogulan Shan
Gogulan Shan Dag sedan
Memories bring back 💔🥺
Carpbrothers Dag sedan
Thr best off all kind off all times👊👊😍
Artur Aguiar
Artur Aguiar Dag sedan
Shiarah Raman
Shiarah Raman Dag sedan
The perfect remaster. 👌
Monish Raj
Monish Raj Dag sedan
Totally Sounds Like A Grand Hit from the 80's😍🤩
Monce Guerrero
Monce Guerrero Dag sedan
I love
•家Sylar Dag sedan
Realmente le quedo bellismo ❤️🌙
Joe Barcelona
Joe Barcelona Dag sedan
I hear music. I hear singing. It tickles my ears.
Shivang Tiwari
Shivang Tiwari Dag sedan
Kygo rules.............
mariana lopez lopez
mariana lopez lopez Dag sedan
Wow the sexual tension is so obvious and without an actual kissing,excellent video
おちんかすたまお Dag sedan Look this High quality version
leasmith412 Dag sedan
Sooo...Kygo literally takes old classics & slaps a beat behind it? God forbid he makes something original.
Takiya Genjie
Takiya Genjie Dag sedan
I think I'm in love with that guy 🤗
Shiner1234 Happy Day
Shiner1234 Happy Day Dag sedan
Hadi Awada
Hadi Awada Dag sedan
Kygo what can I say .. i always get amazed by your music what, your creativity and your capabilities in music.. you make it so simple and easy for the ear.. your remixes of great songs becomes only greater..its like you are beethoven 2020 version 😃 keep it up 👍
Hadi Awada
Hadi Awada 17 timmar sedan
What I mean is that we are lucky to have him just like the older generation had beethoven.. if scrapping that out makes you happy I will do it I mean you could be right 😃
stan hubertdebahia
stan hubertdebahia 18 timmar sedan
" you are Beethoven 2020 " are you sérious ?
los Angeles metro kids
los Angeles metro kids Dag sedan
Agnar Sandya
Agnar Sandya Dag sedan
who listening in 2020 ?
Pancake Bandit
Pancake Bandit Dag sedan
I love you girls 😉 life wouldnt be any good without you
YISSA PB Dag sedan
me encanto <3
Samuel Huerta
Samuel Huerta Dag sedan
He looks like Tfue lol