The Search Begins - Big Sky
21:21 Timme sedan
she was voted from her fans folks... sit down and shut the hell up. maybe you should've voted for your faves more. the only other person deserving of winning was the weeknd ❤️
hsibi gsybo
hsibi gsybo Timme sedan
To those people who voted Taylor, thank you so much😙
hsibi gsybo
hsibi gsybo 2 timmar sedan
2015 prince presented him his first amas now in 2020 he honors his award to Prince dope ass artist
Cuisine ô délices naima
Cuisine ô délices naima 2 timmar sedan
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 2 timmar sedan
Was Devante even invited to his own grandparents' wedding? I don't think I even saw him in the family photo (and they even let Junior's girlfriend in)!
aneres 2 timmar sedan
Everything Youneedtoknow
Everything Youneedtoknow 2 timmar sedan
It’s the African print for me
Guilherme Vilela
Guilherme Vilela 2 timmar sedan
FUCK GRAMMY, The weeknd is the best
Rita Clinton
Rita Clinton 2 timmar sedan
I tought couldn't love Ben Warren even more, but after that speech, after seeing him be such a relatable rock I just love the man so much 🥰 Btw I still Love Carina and Maya the Most 😍👩‍⚕️👩‍🚒❤
loubna loubna
loubna loubna 2 timmar sedan
The first person is def a guy
Natasha Parwaiz
Natasha Parwaiz 2 timmar sedan
Hassu 2 timmar sedan
"oh my goodness" LMAO that was straight up slimey by Kevin 3:39
Sinta _MNK
Sinta _MNK 2 timmar sedan
OMG Jeon Jungkook you are very handsetnya
Sinta _MNK
Sinta _MNK 2 timmar sedan
OMG Jeon Jungkook you are very handsome
Maruf Hasan
Maruf Hasan 2 timmar sedan
she is a queen but why was the that line erased . i want to rear it
mary george
mary george 2 timmar sedan
Grey's need to make Derek a regular again. He is like fine wine with Meredith.
Reid Sato
Reid Sato 2 timmar sedan
Harris needs to be slapped lol Laurie metcalfe is a brilliant actress
tee km
tee km 2 timmar sedan
mommys dress ilili tres bien
bob scott
bob scott 2 timmar sedan
ABC this is the only way they can get views
Thomas Wilson
Thomas Wilson 2 timmar sedan
I missed it I scheduled all messed up I couldn't get to the television or I have no recording device to find out what the episode was I wanted to see it oh well 🤷‍♀️
jenlis 2 timmar sedan
Taylorrrr ı love youu <3
Maria Taylor
Maria Taylor 2 timmar sedan
Megan I’ve never seen so much butt kissing they are the most shady people in the business and you happy jay z and his wife calling you every day you blind they always got a motive but you’ll see
Jasmin Ward
Jasmin Ward 2 timmar sedan
Stephanie Lowden
Stephanie Lowden 2 timmar sedan
What has she got for them to be wearing them things??
Admiral Rache
Admiral Rache 2 timmar sedan
Dylan deserved it there
Surfer Chick
Surfer Chick 2 timmar sedan
So happy for you!! Well Deserved 👏🏻👏🏻🕊🤍✨
51구역의반려견 2 timmar sedan
That host talks like She's gonna kick the weak. Wicked's worth more than the show host. I hope you are popular in Korea, host show.
Ramon Rosado
Ramon Rosado 2 timmar sedan
Show the products next time.
nora ***
nora *** 2 timmar sedan
Jungkook ❤
Patrick C_7
Patrick C_7 3 timmar sedan
She reminds me of queen latifah the way their swagger & the way they talk
Kpoplover 3 timmar sedan
I love you and miss you so much yoongi 💜
wiktor truszkowski
wiktor truszkowski 3 timmar sedan
This is so fucking hillarious why this shit win roddy with dababy had the best rap song in this year but girls twearking with fat ass win fuck AMA's
Yungin Marlo
Yungin Marlo 3 timmar sedan
Aye Doe! I Just Dropped My First Single ON MY CHANNEL Just Hear Me Out 🗣🔥🔥This Is 3:09 Of Your Time That u Won’t Want Back 😈🤟🏾(ON ALL PLATFORMS TOO!) #NOBS
Jeen Besa
Jeen Besa 3 timmar sedan
Im never gonna shut up about how the grammys snubbed this amazing album. But then again what can you expect from an award show supported by the most corrupt record label company in the entire universe....
VeristicTheMysticPoet 3 timmar sedan
15 years old and just finished 8th grade??.... that's weird he's suppose to be a sophomore lol...
R 3 timmar sedan
Feels cheeszy
Lay TheLibra
Lay TheLibra 3 timmar sedan
I love the rookie it’s on Hulu
1034 3 timmar sedan
I still team Tom. He deserves happiness.
Adithya Nair
Adithya Nair 3 timmar sedan
The Weeknd
The Weeknd 3 timmar sedan
Princess Ntim Boateng
Princess Ntim Boateng 3 timmar sedan
A real African queen in that dress
rocky lala
rocky lala 3 timmar sedan
Mans be looking like his ex after her procedures
thatAfrican Queen
thatAfrican Queen 3 timmar sedan
I'm in love with that dress
Menal JH
Menal JH 3 timmar sedan
Yeaaahhhh my Bulletproof Boys are the kings😭💜💜👑👑🔥
Edward Thatch
Edward Thatch 3 timmar sedan
Zehour Amrane
Zehour Amrane 3 timmar sedan
RM 😍😍😍😍
Yakub Pasha
Yakub Pasha 3 timmar sedan
Scott Reading
Scott Reading 3 timmar sedan
Yes for Hodgins from Bones!! Missed having him on screen.
Franklin Rodriguez
Franklin Rodriguez 3 timmar sedan
He deserves it for sure..
Brii Studios UwU
Brii Studios UwU 3 timmar sedan
How did the girl in the beginning keep a smile on her face while singing XD
F_H.99_ A
F_H.99_ A 3 timmar sedan
Suga??! 💔
A'Mariah Lovelace
A'Mariah Lovelace 4 timmar sedan
The reason Callie lost: Callie spent the hearing having her lawyer bash Arizona. Arizona spent the hearing proving how much she loves Sofia. Callie looked childish and irresponsible. She handed over full custody when she was trying to make Arizona look unfit instead of proving why she was fit.
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui 4 timmar sedan
The way she said "you said it wasn't real" was full of unguarded Mer, carefree, happiness, joy, warmth and love. God I miss them both.
Justin Luong
Justin Luong 4 timmar sedan
its a long way from bitch im a cow id say. So glad to see her got so far
Hannah Fa
Hannah Fa 4 timmar sedan
BTS deserve to win in Grammy
Hannah Fa
Hannah Fa 4 timmar sedan
Get well soon min yoongi 💜
Hannah Fa
Hannah Fa 4 timmar sedan
BTS 4 ever 💜
Trace zach daniels
Trace zach daniels 4 timmar sedan
SO SHWEEEETTT...much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide}
Raghd Abuzarifa
Raghd Abuzarifa 4 timmar sedan
Did this actually happen 👀
TooMuchRage 4 timmar sedan
this made me feel shit LMAO
Ayla Zan
Ayla Zan 4 timmar sedan
I mean the MAN won
Marian Lacanlale
Marian Lacanlale 4 timmar sedan
You deserve it. You deserve Grammy...
Leland Chandler
Leland Chandler 4 timmar sedan
Enoch: Consumer reports gave this vehicle a 5-star safety rating, and its fuel economy is best in class. *proceeds to gas car*
Stranger Resuello
Stranger Resuello 4 timmar sedan
this show is soooooo bad everybodys so childish its so annoying
Life is Good
Life is Good 4 timmar sedan
Your video is great. Please visit my channel and support me.Thanks 💛
Life is Good
Life is Good 4 timmar sedan
Your video is great. If you can visit my channel and comment on some video.Thanks a lot 💗
Chamila Harshini Wijesekara
Chamila Harshini Wijesekara 4 timmar sedan
Notice, she was the only female
Emely T.
Emely T. 2 timmar sedan
She blocked the women who actually deserved it
Emely T.
Emely T. 2 timmar sedan
Victoria Talley
Victoria Talley 4 timmar sedan
Doja cat is trash
Victoria Talley
Victoria Talley 4 timmar sedan
Lil baby 🤦🏾‍♀️not not doja cat
Click Rayyan
Click Rayyan 4 timmar sedan
Please do a rerun on modern family please this is all the fans will ask for
m g
m g 4 timmar sedan
This season is amazing OML
Matthew Thomas
Matthew Thomas 4 timmar sedan
To anyone who dislikes the producer's decision, that is your opinion. Bet let me tell you that you are not entitled to the money that Millionaire's producers decide to give to charity. Besides, it was made clear she wanted to answer 1917 before she accidentally locked in The Lighthouse. That said, a reversal under most other circumstance (such as contestants playing for personal finances) would undermine the integrity of the game.
John Hamm
John Hamm 5 timmar sedan
Hello fan,thanks for your continuous support i really do appreciate you all, You are always free to get in touch with me By my [email protected] [email protected]
Justin Moore
Justin Moore 5 timmar sedan
He is the long lost 7th group member of Ready for the World...... Oh oh Sheila let me love you down
Admiral Rache
Admiral Rache 5 timmar sedan
The way they held Jays lap🤭🤭🤭😂😂
m g
m g 5 timmar sedan
Oh my god, the acting here is phenomenal 🥺
Taehyung Ariba
Taehyung Ariba 5 timmar sedan
Taehyung looks so handsome 🥺
Musa Sapari
Musa Sapari 5 timmar sedan
I. I'm so black
Mickey Fletcher
Mickey Fletcher 5 timmar sedan
Justin Moore
Justin Moore 5 timmar sedan
I am very disappointed like there has to be something better than those three song. Old Town is the most annoying ass song of 2019