[SPOILER] For Teldrassil
Shadowlands: Story Trailer
AWC BFA NA Finals | Full VOD
AWC BFA EU Finals | Full VOD
Shadowlands Afterlives: Bastion
Den nis
Den nis 7 timmar sedan
Könnte länger sein lol
Luna Jarosch
Luna Jarosch 7 timmar sedan
LeTs MaKe SylVanAs EvIl Yaaaaaasss Will totally hate everything.
Den nis
Den nis 7 timmar sedan
Voll den Trend mitgenommen^^
Krzesimir Dron
Krzesimir Dron 7 timmar sedan
Please make the old locations like Eversong or Elwynn<3
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas 7 timmar sedan
It's official. I've completed all 4 hours of this video; something I didn't even do for the gandolf sax marathon video yet lol.
фин_джоу 7 timmar sedan
lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to )
Kelvin Koh
Kelvin Koh 7 timmar sedan
This is so good... You are not playing WoW but still in WoW
ZHaoHao 7 timmar sedan
A new beginning of World of Warcraft
Zedetnik 7 timmar sedan
He drops hunter loot
IIIZodiarkIII AKA KiffingtoN
IIIZodiarkIII AKA KiffingtoN 8 timmar sedan
Such hand Strength!!!, shed give a good wristy
Destova Cheesecake
Destova Cheesecake 8 timmar sedan
Tim Russ! Wooo!
Brett 8 timmar sedan
He deserved better.
Gonzalo Orive Villa
Gonzalo Orive Villa 8 timmar sedan
Wait just a second here! There was a dang thing mentioned here about Chromie Time! Was that part of pre-patch or not? All my characters are 50 and now Shadowlands is live. I want to know how to do Chromie Time!
DrSTEEZY EMP 8 timmar sedan
I like wow and I like LOFI songs so this a double W right here ❤️
Shahab Hajarian
Shahab Hajarian 8 timmar sedan
I used to really look forward to blizzard cinematics. Even as recently as the Draenor expansion they had goosebump-inducing effects. Compare this cinematic to that, it pales in comparison. I can just imagine Activision, "We don't make money off cinematics, the budget is being cut". Sorry to sound so cynical, but tell me I am wrong.
Anthony Huynh
Anthony Huynh 8 timmar sedan
Pity. Such great trailer, but so poor taste of a music choice.
Destinim13 8 timmar sedan
Alright, this cinematic hits differently now once you go through the Bastion questline.
ElementTDG 8 timmar sedan
I wonder if the Archon had plans for Uther... and that Devos kept staying on this stray path caused Uther to be vulnerable to the darkness that is threatening the shadowlands. He's ascended, but he didn't "ascend" properly. More like a prematured ascension thanks to Devos' rushed actions. Definitely something to see as more story of the shadowlands unfold.
M0nSTa 9 timmar sedan
Cfp Cfp1023
Cfp Cfp1023 9 timmar sedan
Seriously, no one want to talk about the girl's super strong arm?
Felipe 9 timmar sedan
This looks cool and the expansion might even be good, but it doesn't feel like warcraft. Something is lacking.
Ardent Dfender
Ardent Dfender 9 timmar sedan
Playing his in the background while questing to lvl 60 in Ardenweald.
Vanderley Jhonson
Vanderley Jhonson 9 timmar sedan
''Available Now''
Archdruid Bookwalter
Archdruid Bookwalter 9 timmar sedan
If the citizens of Azeroth were terrified seeing Argus appear in the sky, Imagine how the Burning Legion felt, seeing the world that had stood defiant against them for so long, that had defeated them not once, not twice, but _four_ times (counting the War of the Ancients, the 3rd War, BC, and Legion with Kil'jaden's death) appear in the sky above the heart of their crusade…
Liz Jordan
Liz Jordan 9 timmar sedan
This always makes me cry
Jonn Clark
Jonn Clark 10 timmar sedan
Andino es Bratt Pitt
Fred 10 timmar sedan
Full cover of the song like this plz
Nunya Beeswax
Nunya Beeswax 10 timmar sedan
Ahh yes, The days when a flashy cinematic for an utterly craptastic game was all that was needed to make millions of you complete parental basement dwelling losers part with your cash.
Cullen Aherin
Cullen Aherin 10 timmar sedan
this is gonna be an awesome reunion in game
malenbrache ARMANDUS ojopi
malenbrache ARMANDUS ojopi 10 timmar sedan
Blizzardwave??? jejejeje
Black N
Black N 10 timmar sedan
But he krekic or wheover, the baron of the necrolords died at very first day we entered zone, kinda sucks.
TH3_ NAMELESS 10 timmar sedan
Took you guys long enough
Luciano Zireael
Luciano Zireael 10 timmar sedan
Eric Yiliqi
Eric Yiliqi 10 timmar sedan
Whoa a few years away now I recognize nobody in Blizzard's WoW cinematics... Did everyone I love die?
Deltonik 10 timmar sedan
This blesses me.
Wolfpack 10 timmar sedan
That cat is thicc
C.αCen 10 timmar sedan
OverDev Modding
OverDev Modding 11 timmar sedan
for a tv commercial yeeeah "trailer"
Mr.Noo Noo
Mr.Noo Noo 11 timmar sedan
This cinematic was the best thing to come out of bfa
Diego Bustamante MGTOW
Diego Bustamante MGTOW 11 timmar sedan
Randy Rhoads está en Shadowlands Jajajaja
Diego Bustamante MGTOW
Diego Bustamante MGTOW 11 timmar sedan
Randy Rhoads?? :v
Floodsye 11 timmar sedan
FOR SYLVANAS! (Y'all crazy if you think she's not playing the Jailer for a fool)
Floodsye 11 timmar sedan
After playing around 15 hours...they absolutely nailed it with this expansion. It's Legion v2. We back. All aboard.
Таунт Ми
Таунт Ми 12 timmar sedan
I need that on Spotify WOW
Large Jo
Large Jo 12 timmar sedan
That was actually so good
William H.
William H. 12 timmar sedan
Muh tree
DeckardCain 12 timmar sedan
15 years? where has the time gone?
Anna 12 timmar sedan
this is my aesthetic
MrSuperrajab 12 timmar sedan
Ohnonono, you didn't XD
Styder 12 timmar sedan
skay 12 timmar sedan
Is this cinematic in game like maldraxxus one?
Bruno Duluoz II
Bruno Duluoz II 12 timmar sedan
Hugo Bart
Hugo Bart 12 timmar sedan
Is this available on Spotify? 🤗
MASTERSHADOWLINX 12 timmar sedan
DrSTEEZY EMP 12 timmar sedan
Wow be making beats out here
Shane Singleton
Shane Singleton 13 timmar sedan
Still the best expansion.
Boss Umbra
Boss Umbra 13 timmar sedan
The old soldier return home to finally rest.
Hafidz Rizki
Hafidz Rizki 13 timmar sedan
a... Cat Vampire??? oh wow :D
Darth Phayde
Darth Phayde 13 timmar sedan
My response to hearing the music, A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
Chazz vc
Chazz vc 13 timmar sedan
At this point i just watch cinematics now and don't play the game anymore. This looks cool, but there is nothing left for me in retail wow, they changed everything that made me addicted to the game. That and i got older and likely changed a bit myself.
Matthew Lucie
Matthew Lucie 13 timmar sedan
Whats the name of that song ?