BET Awards 2020 Performances!
Laura White
Laura White 41 minut sedan
Are u interested in me if not leave me alone
bartina wolters
bartina wolters 43 minuter sedan
This is heaven to my ears
Jazmine Bryant
Jazmine Bryant 44 minuter sedan
Instagram @watchthey
? 46 minuter sedan
RAP is not music it's for the uneducated morons of the world if you would have stayed in school past kindergarten you would have learned in first grade music is made by instruments which take actual talent to play unlike rap which take zero Talent that's why everyone in the world is a rapper P.S. and this has absolutely nothing to do with race if you want to hear actual music from a black man Give a listen to GARY CLARK JR. Probably the greatest guitarists since Jimi Hendrix. Now that's actual MUSIC not C rap
nostep snake
nostep snake 48 minuter sedan
this where all the forever victims come to blame whitey for all their problems jajajajaja
superque4 55 minuter sedan
Who's the sis that shreaded the track? "They loved Black Panther but not Fred Hampton."
jon king
jon king 56 minuter sedan
That was awesome
Ashley 57 minuter sedan
This year was my favorite show My Blackness was bleeding through every performance and sketch ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾👏🏾🤜🏾🤛🏾🤴🏾👸🏾🤴🏾👸🏾🙏🏾🤝🏾
YourRegularAngel Timme sedan
this is that one Rick and Morty episode? ah haha I love it
Team HMOA Timme sedan
You know its bad when your number of dislikes almost equal your likes smh lol
Brooklynn Jeevana
Brooklynn Jeevana Timme sedan
Black Lives Matter
Team HMOA Timme sedan
She seem way to hyped for ger reporting. Its definitely all about her as The hair flip tells you at end of video smh cant believe this trash segment clip and young ratchett is affiliated with once respected B.E.T network
Beyonce Vevovu
Beyonce Vevovu Timme sedan
That’s the real Kanye he don’t sound white and look crazy
Charmaine Kgomotso Mokwana
Charmaine Kgomotso Mokwana Timme sedan
Congratssss 💓
Charmaine Kgomotso Mokwana
Charmaine Kgomotso Mokwana Timme sedan
Miss Lee
Miss Lee Timme sedan
thefashionmizfit Timme sedan
I’m sorry but I like the virtual performances better this year might have been the best in my opinion gave artists more creativity with their performances they all killed it
Mark Cmpbl
Mark Cmpbl Timme sedan
That double hug when Wayne realized bun b was up there is legendary
jeremyNswana Timme sedan
right so this could’ve gone on for at least 20 more minutes but it’s fine 😩
Mary Jones
Mary Jones Timme sedan
Congratulations 🎊🍾🎉🎈 Megan thee stallion
Megilacutty Jones
Megilacutty Jones Timme sedan
Its funny we still hear blacks say this even though its obvious by facts that white people are experiencing more racism since obama took office than almost any living black today....its all about trashing whites even though in my whole lifetime theres never been media trashing blacks....never...theres never been any other race except whites being demanded out of schools...towns...ect ect. I cant believe Lil Wayne is the only smart one. He gets it.
Noami Stump
Noami Stump Timme sedan
No I will fight for the black!!! 😭
luqman mohamedy
luqman mohamedy Timme sedan
Munashe Myles
Munashe Myles Timme sedan
MrOnyx30 Timme sedan
This reminds me a little of the performance from Madonna Britney Christina and Missey. But then twerking their butt off... LOL
João Guilherme
João Guilherme Timme sedan
GAIL rowland
GAIL rowland Timme sedan
Shame on these musicians for allowing themselves to be manipulated into creating more racial division in America. Wake up...powerful forces want us weak & divided.
Domonique Bazile
Domonique Bazile Timme sedan
Gon head Anderson Paak and Jay Rock 😍
Unicorn_eri Eri
Unicorn_eri Eri Timme sedan
The messed up because coronavirus
bob simpson
bob simpson Timme sedan
Is the other voice Montana of 300?
Domonique Bazile
Domonique Bazile Timme sedan
That fight the power remix...🔥🔥
Domonique Bazile
Domonique Bazile Timme sedan
Nas still fine 🤤🤤
Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt Timme sedan
Ladies and gentlemen Beyoncé’s best decision ever, enjoy
coopers trains
coopers trains 2 timmar sedan
But I love black skin
coopers trains
coopers trains 2 timmar sedan
Me and white skin
Mickey B
Mickey B 2 timmar sedan
I enjoyed the track though Elvis wasn't a 'straight up' racist'___he employed black musicians and back up singers in his band during his Vegas residency.
Adrian Dawkins
Adrian Dawkins 2 timmar sedan
DNA a genius 👀🔥🤞🏾
NUNE 242
NUNE 242 2 timmar sedan
Congrats Brother! 🏆
Ladybug Princess
Ladybug Princess 2 timmar sedan
Bet awards is not the same anymore 😒😣
Ask Dr. Shani
Ask Dr. Shani 2 timmar sedan
Whew...the Spirit moved. Blessed!
Katy R
Katy R 2 timmar sedan
Single? Whaaaat????😳😯 I thought she was still married to Eddie Murphy.
Destiny 209
Destiny 209 2 timmar sedan
nonya biz
nonya biz 2 timmar sedan
My people don't want no trouble...
Steven F
Steven F 2 timmar sedan
i'm sorry to say this but Chuck D in the thumbnail looks like DWade being judgemental
Aron Poh
Aron Poh 2 timmar sedan
Paak and Jay Rock tho?
Pinkie Girl
Pinkie Girl 2 timmar sedan
I try not to listen to “People” around others because it makes me sad 😢
lionel richardson
lionel richardson 2 timmar sedan
I woke up with this song in my spirit! 😷😂😂😂
daniel rino
daniel rino 2 timmar sedan
So awesome 👏🏽✊🏾💪🏾🖤
noone20111 2 timmar sedan
She married a SEX OFFENDER.... next
iloveAndre07 2 timmar sedan
So is he retiring next year?
connor d
connor d 2 timmar sedan
Is this on Spotify? And if it is what is is called cause I can’t find it
McTroll2 GroundControl
McTroll2 GroundControl 2 timmar sedan
corruptsolja 2 timmar sedan
someone needs to get smacked around a bit and then needs to listen to himself after
Chinh Nguyễn Hữu
Chinh Nguyễn Hữu 2 timmar sedan
He's not only one of the best rappers but also one of the best performers!
Axel Leon
Axel Leon 2 timmar sedan
Black excellence right there people 👑👑👑
ALEX Eri. Boy
ALEX Eri. Boy 3 timmar sedan
Plis plis kom bag me me I am Al 100%
T BLK 3 timmar sedan
Oh love!
Courtney Clement
Courtney Clement 3 timmar sedan
That’s true every one thinks that the BLM is black vs white it’s not that’s what’s sad everyone is going after each other that’s why we need to join together and not Against each other that’s not showing your family’s and the kids the right thang to do let’s show what we can do when we come together
Sara Khayami
Sara Khayami 3 timmar sedan
Two years later and I’m still wondering how Americans voted for trump....are they truly that thirsty for capitalism?😞
A Ibrahim
A Ibrahim 3 timmar sedan
Who got the black panthers reference of his clothes
ok okokok
ok okokok 3 timmar sedan
Chloe needs to stop watching Beyonce videos - she's trying too hard to be like her, like one of the stage school kids. Halle is just effortlessly cool and original here. Interested to see what she does solo .
African Logic
African Logic 51 minut sedan
Beyonce is a goat, make senses why she would try to be like her. they both great
Ray Lee
Ray Lee 3 timmar sedan
When the school assign you to do performance in front of whole students and faculties but you’re not so talented thus put several songs on SEshow you’ve listened and made it your masterpiece💪 “masterpiece” I may mean flop
DJ OTISVEVO 3 timmar sedan
wtf my fav rapper alive
Busby Monette
Busby Monette 3 timmar sedan
This is my life anthem. Love me some LeAndria
Clavens Berson
Clavens Berson 3 timmar sedan
She put a little erica Badoo on it ....this is high level stuff for both...usher 4ever
soud mazare
soud mazare 3 timmar sedan
Da darker the Berry...The sweeter the Juice💯
Brian O'Neal
Brian O'Neal 3 timmar sedan
billy fitzgerald
billy fitzgerald 3 timmar sedan
Drive by on both so hard to find out who happens all time still too this day many murders unsolved
marcyfan 3 timmar sedan
Mowjfpfdk5 Viwjdprjs5
Mowjfpfdk5 Viwjdprjs5 3 timmar sedan
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Killikia Productions
Killikia Productions 3 timmar sedan
He said “lord use me and abuse me I need the spirit INSIDE MEEEE”
britini campbell
britini campbell 4 timmar sedan
Simply amazing 💖