Holy -K-Night
Holy -K-Night 3 minuter sedan
Heya Joey ! So in Australia; Toonami was a segment on Cartoon Network which wasn't on mainstream TV, you had to have Foxtel - which at the time my family got because we wanted to get the NHK Channel... and so, Toonami aired on a Friday or Saturday Night (?) And There was - Card Captor Sakura, Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing and I think... Yu Yu Hakusho ? cant remember. Later on, Foxtel dropped NHK so we got rid of Foxtel and got Optus (something similar to Foxtel) In the 90's on the SBS channel, they aired Neon Genisis Evangelion which was freakin INSANE because in Early Primary school in class when everyone had to tell the class what their favourite show on TV was, alot of kids were like 'Neighbours', 'Home and Away', 'Simpsons', 'Fresh Prince', some random cartoon, I said "Neon Genisis" and everyone was like "What the Fuck ?" and our Teacher knew... a few kids 'knew' but didn't know what it was... I was like "Fuck yeah, I watch Mature shows" Until that point, my family used to get videos on VHS sent from Japan from some ambiguous relatives, and later on we discovered there was a shop called "Video Japan" in a suburb not too far away, where we could rent VHS videos like you'd go to BlockBuster or VideoEzy or something. One of the videos that came out every odd week that you could borrow was a "Kids Weekly" that had - Sailor Moon, G Gundam, Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, something that looked like a Doraemon ripoff that was just as popular but I can't remember for the life of me... 'something something daibouken' ? and the Opening Song animation was the Shizuka-chan equivalent girl making Potato Croquette or Mentchi Katsu dinner, and there was a small Samurai Robot lookin thing but it was the Nobita-kun equivalent role that made the inventions. Grandparents always borrowed VHS videos of "Kayou Suspense" (Tuesday Nigh Suspense Drama) and all the "Taiga Drama" series. One time we borrowed the entire "Hitotsu Yane no Shita" TV Drama and our whole family crowded came together and watched it over the weekend and finished watching the entire series into the Early Hours of the Morning Morning, didn't sleep and went to school / work and we were al freakin wrecked.
Gaskin_allfours 4 minuter sedan
Congrats on your first video with a million hits on this podcast..
Aradiiah 5 minuter sedan
Lmao this podcast has made me glad im majoring in industrial engineering
CaoKai 7 minuter sedan
28:10 I see you Jelly ;)
Swift michael
Swift michael 10 minuter sedan
Anyone else think this is the greatest crossover of all time.
Twisted Graves
Twisted Graves 10 minuter sedan
After I watched that episode I never watch it again
Yazamanyhands 11 minuter sedan
1:05:02 "A SINGLE FUCKING LIME! I pay 2$!" put that on a T-shirt!
KurcioDurcio 11 minuter sedan
20:25 where can i get this!?! idk what to google
Chegster 15 minuter sedan
this is a pen, tissue experiment reference? 1:51:53
SunnySide Eggs
SunnySide Eggs 18 minuter sedan
You all smell slightly worse than I do, haha
GuptaWorld-Wide 24 minuter sedan
Good, enjoyable & interesting discussions. Great to see everyone's favorite snarky chubby Brit is very much alive and well... Neither the neverending cycle of despair (which actually ended in lost episodes), nor the many devious murder attempts by Rissottoro, nor even the CCP engineered death virus were able to take Chris out! His resilience is truly impressive for a mere human 🤔 Rissottoro will have to try harder to eliminate Mr. Broad 😄 Always a pleasure to see the great mad scientist - Doctor Jelly, and nice to meet his male escort and his anime King friends 😃 btw: Kudos on quitting the pitiful dead end BBC job, you were wise and much better off to walk away! 😉👍 So, will Chris have a recurring seat on this show going forward? And are you planning on an interactive Q&A session in the near future? All the Best, mates. Stay kewl 😁✌
Darken Monk
Darken Monk 30 minuter sedan
Do challenge in the convention👍👍👍
Curtis Jackson Jr.
Curtis Jackson Jr. 32 minuter sedan
Gigguks voice is amazing. No homo.
Joem - san
Joem - san 33 minuter sedan
I never would have expected a weeb podcast to hit me right in the nostalgia.
RedrumZombies 35 minuter sedan
2:11:30 Conor....... There is no R
Sunji 36 minuter sedan
The Anime man couls have been called the Corpse Party guy back in the day
TheBaxes 36 minuter sedan
There are some ideas about topics that could be interesting to talk about if you guys get a guest from the industry: - The incredibly variable quality of anime adaptations (had this idea because of the announcement of the anime adaptation of The World Ends With You). - How anime is changing from a glorified ad for other media (games, light novels and manga) to an actual product for streaming services (such as stuff like Crunchyroll originals with its manhua adaptations). Also, what factors could decide the fate of an anime adaptation, like Attack On Titan getting a complete anime adaptation for example instead of just 12 episodes like a bunch of other anime. - The costs of making an anime and what factors impact its quality.
MrMeanieAu 38 minuter sedan
wagamama in japan
Jaime_Doris 39 minuter sedan
Offended that Connor doesn't like Funko Pops because they're all I can afford 😹😹
AsianNIck115 40 minuter sedan
+1 Comment For: Trash Taste Channel Support.
asphtherogue 41 minut sedan
Really enjoyed this! Love Abroad in Japan, so was really cool to have him on with some of my other fave channel hosts :D
Maxi 46 minuter sedan
why are four out of my five favorite youtubers in the same podcast (no daddy nux :( ) but still
Abner Toribio
Abner Toribio 59 minuter sedan
Chris' sense of humor is so dry... It's great lol
LDranzer1 Timme sedan
I need Chris as a regular!
NoTLucas Timme sedan
The brazilian Dragon Ball openning is amazing
flip flops
flip flops Timme sedan
Petition for Connor to make a yaoi otome game
[e:LLUSIV ] Timme sedan
" 'cause he's a white male? " I wasn't prepared for that lmao
Makkapan Sanongkun
Makkapan Sanongkun Timme sedan
I can agree that long travels are the big factor that makes me absolutely hate traveling by plane. I moved the US years ago, and i would fly back to Thailand with my family to see our relatives during the summer break every year. Ever since i started going to a University, I’ve never thought of flying altogether 20 hour flights again. As much as i miss my relatives, I can’t handle long distance flights anymore. It’s finally been 5 years since I’ve gone back and I think I’m ready to fly back again, but I’m still not looking forward to the flights again.
Mudit Tatu
Mudit Tatu Timme sedan
Yo what about an guess the anime from opening with a guest and Consequences?
Twodee Twodimensional
Twodee Twodimensional Timme sedan
I love this podcast. I listen to the audio version, but I thought I would drop a comment. You guys work together so well. Adore Chris too. Amazing guest. He will have to come back to really talk about Satoshi Kon another time. 😄
Killer Ideas
Killer Ideas Timme sedan
The anime church, they need to get Geoff on this soon
zero195 Timme sedan
Can't rename the podcast The Priest of Anime with Geoff, The Anime Pope.
Window-n Timme sedan
I wish they'd bring on dr. Jelly as a guest :(
SweetT Taylor
SweetT Taylor Timme sedan
I really want that Katanagatari wall scroll. Katanagatari is one of my favorite anime.
Quincy Petaia
Quincy Petaia Timme sedan
Now Chris has to invite them onto the Abroad in Japan podcast
Thomas Timme sedan
I love this podcast so much. :D
Anne Langevin
Anne Langevin Timme sedan
I think that some of the people who posted mean comments on Abroad in Japan did it in hopes of seeing their comment read in one of his videos or because they thought his reactions to the comments were funny.
Niko ,
Niko , Timme sedan
Love the episode you guys did well with a guest! Maybe coulda gave Chris a bit more talking time but it will come with time!
Shamraaz Johnson
Shamraaz Johnson Timme sedan
I love how so far the boys have barely talked about anime yet the podcast is still so good
J Brown
J Brown Timme sedan
The facial expressions on Chris from 1:35:48-1:36:00 had me dead
Kai Monarch
Kai Monarch Timme sedan
I'm so distracted by the Rias Figure
Roland Retizos
Roland Retizos Timme sedan
I love all the JOJO figurines xD
Xiong Thao
Xiong Thao Timme sedan
Vtuber episode when?
arcticblue2 Timme sedan
I've been on Japanese TV twice (filming for both shows was on the same day) and I was really surprised just how scripted it was. I was given about 2000 yen for one of my answers because it embarrassed my boss in a harmless funny way (this was filmed at work) and after the camera shut off, they were like "OK, give us the money back" lol. The other show was a little more unscripted and I wasn't prompted what to say or anything. The interviewer started asking me how she could get an American boyfriend, but I just said "I don't know if I should answer this because my wife is going to be watching". Fortunately, they didn't air that question. Biggest surprise of all of that was just how bright the light they shine in your face is.
Brandan Wilson
Brandan Wilson Timme sedan
My childhood-shaping anime was Samurai Pizza Cats; it introduced me to anime and was a show I could enjoy having already seen cartoons with talking animal characters, and it gave me this fictional, stylized Japan that was part of what got me interested in real Japan, the other part being a book about Issun Boshi. Regarding School Days, I watched it last year and didn't care much for it; I had ending spoiled for me ahead of time so I knew what was going to happen. The only other harem anime I had seen, that wasn't an isekai or otome, before that was To Heart and I'd really liked that one, but it wasn't a concept I was really into; harems are just a little too much for my suspension of disbelief when they're handled the way they are most of the time, which is probably why I like To Heart as much as I do because it doesn't seem too far out there (except for the psychic girl.)
kold order
kold order Timme sedan
CDawgVA what happened to levi's sword that he was polishing when it was in the case
Mirat Parmar
Mirat Parmar 2 timmar sedan
24:07 Someone help me out here. What's Joey talking about?
rspacecadet 2 timmar sedan
Rias for the win.
billy andrews
billy andrews 2 timmar sedan
These monsters telling people to drink strongs.
RaidenDerpy 2 timmar sedan
I'm not a podcast guy, I don't even watch that much anime, but so far I've watched all of your podcasts. Good quality, entertaining, dicking-around material.
hi goodbye
hi goodbye 2 timmar sedan
I was listening to this podcast at work, and so I tried to picture 1) what the hell was happening and 2) what the figures n stuff looked like, now I’m back to see if I was close 😂
BearNova Cosplay
BearNova Cosplay 2 timmar sedan
As a just starting out anime/ cosplaying SEshowr I love all the commentary from this podcast. It's all very solid info and gives me an inside perspective of being a SEshowr. Love it!
Dnnbsc 2 timmar sedan
I found this podcast by watching random ass clips that pop up in my suggestions
Reia_XVI Ackerman
Reia_XVI Ackerman 2 timmar sedan
Best crossover episode
Riley Sutton
Riley Sutton 2 timmar sedan
I'm only familiar with Gigguk and I found you via Nux Taku.
Millo loureiro
Millo loureiro 2 timmar sedan
Shout out to all brazilians that had the digimon OP with Angelica singing... ugh...
guimartgon 2 timmar sedan
I moved to the US about 6 years ago. The US has many issues. But my #1 problem with the US is that people think their digimon opening is good/better than butterfly.
Abby Rose
Abby Rose 2 timmar sedan
i would love for chris to come back on :) we need more guests like aki, emma, sharla etc
Combat Medic Mercy
Combat Medic Mercy 2 timmar sedan
Child moves to another country alone Parents: Well, good luck with that! At least they were supportive xD
pwilkerson08 2 timmar sedan
This is awesome four really great youtubers
myguitardidyermom212 2 timmar sedan
anime tiddies
masterfreelance99 3 timmar sedan
I think one of the best parts of this episode is thinking back to where in my life I was while I was watching them do all this. It's a nostalgia trip man.
Karina Godines
Karina Godines 3 timmar sedan
i felt very lucky to know two languages english and spainsh when they were talking about the spanish sub. lol inever had to wonder what happened in between videos back in the day. also missed the toonami days when you would leave the tv on and wake up at like 1 or 2 in the morning and start watching Big O and Inuyasha and them great titles. ah the nostalagia!!! <3 <3
Ian R. Nava Huber
Ian R. Nava Huber 3 timmar sedan
22:30 i will finish it later
Theresa Ashour
Theresa Ashour 3 timmar sedan
On this podcast Joey will only be refered to as The Hentai Man
Ivan Stepanić
Ivan Stepanić 3 timmar sedan
Sea Food Sucks, Land Gang Forever!
mimmy 3 timmar sedan
hell yeah strong zero talk
Ian R. Nava Huber
Ian R. Nava Huber 3 timmar sedan
8:21 I actually Liked Digimon Rumble Arena 2
Grizz 3 timmar sedan
Okay, now I want a director's cut of the host club video with all the footage that didn't make it in.
Rob jnko
Rob jnko 3 timmar sedan
Just noticed that Chris is also a lefty!
Ibrahim Oshodi
Ibrahim Oshodi 3 timmar sedan
Found this podcast off YT recommended on one of the TT Highlights on moving to Japan. So I guess YT Recommended does work
Settling Nomads.
Settling Nomads. 3 timmar sedan
Japan sounds a lot like India. Minus the anime.
Aditya Pratama
Aditya Pratama 3 timmar sedan
This podcast makes level grinding in pso2 a fucking therapy subbed
Xavier Cruz
Xavier Cruz 3 timmar sedan
This was amazing. Learned so much. Thank you!
A person on the internet
A person on the internet 3 timmar sedan
anyone else thinks chris sounds like imalexx
Insentos 3 timmar sedan
Bro, am I the only one who wants to know where Gigguk got his shirt? It's stylish as heck, ngl.
J Valentine
J Valentine 3 timmar sedan
And this is the day that CDawg from Virginia invented the word "Crunt".
Sammy Isn't Here
Sammy Isn't Here 4 timmar sedan
four fine english dudes living in japan :)
HMS Africa
HMS Africa 4 timmar sedan
I’m the last patron on the list at the end. I don’t know if that’s something to be proud of or severely disappointed about
Otaku Radar
Otaku Radar 4 timmar sedan
Watching this podcast makes me want to drop off the face of the earth, leave my current life and go find friends who are as weeby as I am. Normies really do fucking suck, I don't want normie friends anymore
Esteban Beltran
Esteban Beltran 4 timmar sedan
Does Joey have the Mista Seiko watch?
daniel 4 timmar sedan
SMA2343 4 timmar sedan
I wanna say I also grew up with anime too, because i remember staying home from school when sick and when i didn't want to go and watched like Hamtaro and Sailor Moon. Didn't know they were anime, all i saw was "ooo hamsters! and girls!"
Zi Ti Tan
Zi Ti Tan 4 timmar sedan
Great job! Will stay tune for more! 😁😁😁
MusicianKevinNatzke 4 timmar sedan
I don't know if Chris is a good actor, or just british
Jeri The Clefairy
Jeri The Clefairy 4 timmar sedan
Bro I found this episode insanely relatable. Esp when everyone talked about their educational backgrounds and how what they do now, doesn't relate to what they studied. I've been internally struggling with this idea as I found I'm not that interested in pursuing what I'm currently studying in either. But hearing you guys and solidifying the fact that I can still have a good future (so long as I find something I like doing) even if I don't like what I'm currently studying was totally motivating and inspiring. Ironically even though y'all chose the name trash taste, I feel like the content you put out is far from it. I've literally enjoyed every episode so far and am excited for the next one!
Skylar Holbrough
Skylar Holbrough 4 timmar sedan
I’m torn between Dabi and the Slime set. I’m so pissed. I paid $70 for the Rimuru Rigure and $50 for the dragon. I also paid $60 for Dabi. I can’t wait to move to Japan
Laura Mataraza
Laura Mataraza 4 timmar sedan
I'm spoiled, I grew up in the land of Wawa and now live in Sheetz territory, so I usually end up grabbing gas station food like once a week lol
General Archer614
General Archer614 4 timmar sedan
My favorite figure is rimuru
Sean Kopper
Sean Kopper 4 timmar sedan
Low-key I miss the reviews tho
A Dan
A Dan 4 timmar sedan
My favorite podcast
Eldrin Covers 2k16
Eldrin Covers 2k16 4 timmar sedan
I really have come to love this podcast.
Nz Bagabaldo
Nz Bagabaldo 4 timmar sedan
When did Gigguk get demonitized? I don't remember anything about that happening.
Illusion 4 timmar sedan
I prefer Abroad in Japan over Paulo. Can’t stress it enough. Paulo from Tokyo videos feel like they’re made for kindergarteners.
CRVWAVE 4 timmar sedan
Bro TBH, I'd rather move to New Zealand or Australia over Japan and I'm from the USA. I just feel like I wouldn't fit into the Japanese culture of working, hustling, and bustling. But in New Zealand or Australia the only difference between the USA and these two countries are the currency and government. In Australia I wouldn't have to learn another language but there is still an abundance of things to and Asian culture all around the country. Not really a fan of anime anymore, more of a gamer now. BUT I do appreciate the podcast about living in Japan.
Xin16 5 timmar sedan
Great episode, hope Abroad in Japan comes on the show again sometime!
LOLOlex 3214
LOLOlex 3214 5 timmar sedan
Here in the philippines we dont have printers in convenience stores (as far as im aware of) but we do have computer shops in every barangays(villages) which do a "printing service"
Rich 5 timmar sedan
The strong zero discussion is super true. Chu-hai and Strong Zero will fuck you up.
toast french
toast french 5 timmar sedan
I subscribed Joey, Give me my fuckin Cookie I want it SAME DAY AIR with a kiss from Aki on it.
Nisnast 5 timmar sedan
Anyone else curious about trying out Strong Zero?