DIY Odor Remover (For Your Car)
How to Buy a Drift Car
METALMAN4Wii 10 timmar sedan
40f in January is a heatwave in Michigan our average high if lucky is 20f.
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clean my engine then oil was leaking
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Finally missed you man :D
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He said simple 😭😭
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You are just awesome. I keep learning ❤️ From Nigeria
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How much did rhe h1 cost?
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Hey chris
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Juan Guzman 11 timmar sedan
Fo most newer trucks and cars have that?
Antonín Sebera
Antonín Sebera 11 timmar sedan
Will it start? What? Where is some you video where car did no started? This qeustion is pointless. It is sure it will start.
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1:14 best part of the video
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I don't say this to many SEshowrs [in fact I've never said it!] but YOU DESERVE all 6.86 million subscribers.
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16:51 great video but please change the antenna to a black one ;)
Antonín Sebera
Antonín Sebera 12 timmar sedan
I have car for 3 yers and 30. 000 miles and I have already feeling I will need new ones. In our cnoutry are road very bad. ..
DE TODO UN POCO 12 timmar sedan
A while ago, I asked my supervisor for gloves and the guy ironically told me, "where are those old good mechanics who didn't use gloves while doing mechanic work?" I answer him, they all died of cancer; he just didn't say anything else and gave me a box of gloves. It's a good practice wearing gloves while doing mechanic work. Other than that, good video.
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Frank Galetzka 13 timmar sedan
I have Done it by myself It is not difficult but you must follow the safty instruktions Yours Frank
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Adamsın Chris👌.
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Darius Prince 13 timmar sedan
Well explained, man. I don't get why this is the first time in my life that I got a simple and accurate explanation. I've heard a lot of myths before, and I know I'm not alone on that. Thanks man. Cheers.
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Chris Fix and ProjectFarm 👌
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I love ford mustangs
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andreas schaetze 13 timmar sedan
Amazing video I bought a used Ranger with lots of problems wich seam to come from lack of maintaining it properly. Thanks a lot Now it’s playtime ;-) Screwing around is so much fun, not as much as speeding or rip it off road with a reliable car though
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2014: hey guys, chris fix here 2020: (in exciting voice)HEYY GUYSS!!! CHRIS FIX HERE!
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why does this look so right..
Robin K.
Robin K. 13 timmar sedan
This short welding tutorial is better than all others I have seen from professional welders. They tend to say: Its all about experience. You just have to feel it. But with Chris' explanations in mind, it is a lot easier to get that experience. Thanks you, Chris!
Di Ro
Di Ro 13 timmar sedan
Hi Chrisfix...I'm a huge fan of your videos!!! Hopefully you can give a little advice to damage that was sustained to my 2000 Ford Ranger. Where could I upload a pic for you to see?
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My favorite dream car is Falcon F7 With Red Color and black interior :3 wish i could afford it ;-; it costs like 195k to 250k dollers :(
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Why not Just Used Red Ducktape 🤔?
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Daisy Dellamonica 13 timmar sedan
Chris could I get help? My truck says it has a P0303 and a P0300 and I need to replace my E-brake. I’m not sure if you’ll see this but any help with it I would really appreciate it love your videos too by the way they’ve helped so much.
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Dude this is the first vid I’ve seen and I already fuckin love your channel!! You’re awesome bro thank you
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Chris's Mom comes out while he's reving it 👁👄👁💢
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I asked the dealership and they are actually called valve springs and there is no need to to remove the cylinder head if you want to change them.
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lol his mom came out
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Jesse Hernandez 14 timmar sedan
Bro a question does the 1999 suburban 1500 have a cabin filter ? Or no
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In theory, could you flip the fans over to create ventilated seats rather than paying for them from the factory?
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You painted the suspension, added new shiny rotors but you did not paint the callipers im disappointed chris
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Very well done. Good video speed with no wasted time.
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My dream car is Subaru WRX sti.. I Would love to learn about it from you chris..
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My favourite car which I really want is theGTR
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In Pakistan I replaced the clock spring in my prius by 10 dollars including labour. And now since 2 years it is still working. And the replacement part was bought from junkyard.
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Can you do the interior
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Man we waiting for the interior clean of that white car. My fiancee is waiting in anticipation for that video.
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Masterr Laster 15 timmar sedan
Hey this isn't a car!! But good tip none the less. ALso you did it right but didn't explain why If you don't disconnect the fuse and other stuff you are test it COULD give you a false reading. I know My fuse tested good in circuit but as soon as I unplugged it it tested bad.... I know you know what you are doing but others may not... Should example things better....
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where does he look for the parts?
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Always making awesome projects
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Well done Chris.
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You can subscribe i love you content by the way how much wheits a hummer wheel in kilos
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Like always Chris,U ARE THE DUDE,!👏🍻👍
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🤣 I actually watched the entire video. You had me fooled. Well done on another great video!
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Awesome Chris... I drove the Hummer in the Army. I'm very happy for you. I 💘 your videos...
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That thumbnail is scary
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Which loctite thread locker should we use?
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This is Chris before he discovered coffee.
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Lancer evo 10
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15:15 how did you remove the plastic ring???\
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I could go through that water in my 5.0 mustang.....But I think I would have to use my dodge truck to go over the the hondas... Would love to have that hummer.
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When the jag is unreliable so you buy one of the most unreliable brands xD
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Rafael Moreno 16 timmar sedan
Holy [email protected] man!!! i know this is an old video but hell you had me going for a minute. never have i heard of piston return springs and i been working on cars for more than 30 years LOL what the hell are piston return springs? i know there is blinker fluid ;-) but piston return springs??? LOL April fooled me for sure. ChrisFix You're Awesome Bud. thanks for all the great videos you share here. thumbs up all the way man
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Anime_is _good 16 timmar sedan
you should add a turbo charger on the mustang!!
Farzad Ali
Farzad Ali 16 timmar sedan
Hi Chris, how are you? Sorry, I am not good at English, so with the help of Google I wrote you this message He has a Toyota Aygo 2010 model car that sounds an alarm and there is no warning message. Please answer and thank you.
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I'm 16 and not into car but this vid is awesome !
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Radley jabilona 16 timmar sedan
So my transmission is slipping we bought the oil in Honda but I’m scared to change it now lol
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Your mom was PISSSSED
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Jesus made snapon tools - genesis section 12 verse 15
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How do you recommend cleaning a convertible? How would you clean the top?
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Where is this
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ChrisFix respect you are the man.....I appreciate u brother💪🏽
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Great! @ChrisFix i liked your video just seeing the list of what to check in car.... Good man... I started watching your videos just by two days back...... Good luck... God bless you.... Love from INDIA 🇮🇳
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Very well explained. Wasn’t expecting much, but was v impressed
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Could just wrap the car
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Not only is Chris knowledgeable with cars but he has a degree in marine biology and even went to a culinary school talk about being well rounded absolute unit 😎
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Ok so what do I put in my Tesla?
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This is my dream truck to
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12:46 that nut has seen enough, he is satisfied
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2:48 Why the corvette’s lights like that, they facing inward
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The work ethic and attention to detail this man gives is like no other
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beforeee aaand afterrr
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You should make a vid bout timing belts