Weltgeschehen 9 timmar sedan
World: Acknowlege Taiwan's independence! 💪🇼🇸
doczg88 9 timmar sedan
Free world shoud support Taiwan and help them. Give them all the weapons needed to defend themselves, acknowledge reality that Taiwan is a independent country and support them politically. From UN and WHO admittance. Enough of CCP aggression.
blueplanet hand
blueplanet hand 9 timmar sedan
We all know China will attempt to forcibly take Taiwan unless: 1. Someone gives Taiwan nukes to deter. 2. China has another revolution.
ploom choom
ploom choom 9 timmar sedan
Der Erlkönig
Der Erlkönig 9 timmar sedan
Die Monarchy...,!!
Daniel Guerrero
Daniel Guerrero 9 timmar sedan
Africa definitely deserves to be represented! It's already been through so much as a whole, and they are developing rather well. If anything we need to invest more into Africa! The United States will always be with the African brothers and sisters if they ever need our help.
D B 9 timmar sedan
She's awesome. Talk about a strong woman!! Power to her.
Richard Gaya
Richard Gaya 9 timmar sedan
Grow up Mr President!!!!!
Alicn Mangk
Alicn Mangk 9 timmar sedan
We want war now
Kelvin Lim
Kelvin Lim 9 timmar sedan
No one shoots it down as well as Erdogan.
Teagan l!vE ChAT
Teagan l!vE ChAT 9 timmar sedan
孙浩洋 9 timmar sedan
too few veto states will lead to war. Too many veto states will lead to inefficiency.
iiSwiizZii 9 timmar sedan
It was not a no knock warrant
King Java
King Java 9 timmar sedan
Trump​ is always blaming China since his first day in the White House. He have no responsibility to help the American people.
Phill Power
Phill Power 9 timmar sedan
The whole world agrees with Trump. China cannot be allowed to get off scottfree! The whole doesn’t trust China.
Greene Bertrand
Greene Bertrand 9 timmar sedan
JA YE 9 timmar sedan
China wants a fight. Let there be a fight.
Mila! I WANT SЕЕХ !! OPEN MY VIDEO !! 9 timmar sedan
Byran Kent
Byran Kent 9 timmar sedan
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d'joy S
d'joy S 9 timmar sedan
UNSC is badly represented, more like a "Spoiled brat club" and irrelevant. Time to expand to make it effecient not a dumb duck.
Sandy 9 timmar sedan
This "protest" had about 100 people in it up to 4pm which could be seen from the news drone footage. Very peaceful and uneventful up to this point. At 4pm, about 80 officers came and zip tied 5 people and left them in the middle of the street for the media to get a good look and record to make the 6pm news. Later throughout the evening, as the 80 officers sat around, the cameras kept panning from the officers and some people with a lone public garbage can on fire. A simple fire extinguisher from a patrol car could have put it out, but it was left there to burn for the cameras. This is all theatre to push a narrative of fear and separation. The media is controlled. The protesters are controlled. The police are controlled. Don't fall for these staged news reports that are designed to only create fear and separation among the public. United we stand. This is what they are afraid of and what will free us from their control.
scot bleichner
scot bleichner 9 timmar sedan
1:02 what is it?
dtvqa 9 timmar sedan
Thank you President Xi for ensuring law and order in the region. Now that these thugs and anarchists are locked away, lawful citizens can peacefully live and work in a safe and secured city without the threats and intimidation of these criminals.
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un 9 timmar sedan
Hope It will not be a nucelar war🚀☢️💣🇰🇵❤️🇹🇼
Max doubled
Max doubled 9 timmar sedan
I'm from the usa and I do believe dw has become my new news source. Y'all are unbiased and I really appreciate that! Keep it up.
Michael 9 timmar sedan
Police announced themselves and a person shot from inside the apartment first - if anyone wants to talk about not respecting the life of Breonna Taylor, talk about the piece of garbage who opened fire without consideration of the consequences for the innocent bystander in his vicinity. Just because these lunactics (rioters) and hucksters (Kendi, Sanders, Crump, etc.) disagree with the justified and legitimate outcome of the legal system - police were shot and returned fire - doesn't mean they get to burn things or make unfounded claims about America. These same opportunists have been rioting when officers shoot people charging at them with knives or otherwise assaulting them, so clearly reality and truth don't matter as much as the optics. Unjustified police shootings should be prosecuted, but given the complexity and fluidity inherent in their jobs, this will inevitably be difficult to do. Mandatory bodycams with high quality video that run constantly should be the norm.
eduardo quirino
eduardo quirino 9 timmar sedan
the whole world watched with shock as Trump kept downplaying the flu, then he said the virus will disappear like magic, then he finally said it was a pandemic but they were in full control, and then he orders his governors to open up their states to business and started mocking those who wore masks. Everything went out of control and today 200,000 dead people.
Ramon Ng
Ramon Ng 9 timmar sedan
We want to see him.in jail for a long time, for all the destruction he has caused. Now his master, the USA is in chaos, totally bankrupt, and has lost all clout and credibility in the world, it cant help you now, besides, it is busy now tinkering with Taipei Your other master the UK is embroiled in the 2nd surge of the pandemic and the messy no deal Brexit . You are on your own now. This is what you get for allowing to be played by veterans So young,.but so cunning..
The Wishmaster
The Wishmaster 9 timmar sedan
Lock her up. Lock her up
Jessy ! I NEED SЕЕХ ღ*GO MY PROF!LE* ღ 9 timmar sedan
Pumba 10 timmar sedan
China just take back Taiwan there’s nothing anyone can do about it.
walydna04 10 timmar sedan
Tibet should independent, inner Mongolia should return back to Mongolian, Xinjiang should independent, Taiwan government took back China and dismantle the world biggest terrorists organization (the CCP) also jail and prosecuted those CCP members by the rules of law accordingly by the wrongdoing they (the CCP members) done.
Richard Shane
Richard Shane 10 timmar sedan
China why can't you guys be cool...Xi please be cool and create Peace on Earth, a plea from a common folk.... please stop wars!
The Wishmaster
The Wishmaster 10 timmar sedan
Send this puppet to China for hearing.
Enrique 10 timmar sedan
African unity.....even they themselves cant get along with each other
Icefiring Lung
Icefiring Lung 10 timmar sedan
Always blame others for their own mistakes.
Simon Chen
Simon Chen 10 timmar sedan
Y took so long? He shallbe in the prison for wholelife!
no one
no one 10 timmar sedan
Taiwan number one 💪🏼 China 🤮🦶
Paul 10 timmar sedan
Not much United is it .....
Tetrimas 10 timmar sedan
How much does China have to act like Germany before people wake up?
Wayne Moore
Wayne Moore 10 timmar sedan
When the CCP took over China they used children as shilds to stop bullets
Henry 10 timmar sedan
What's the big deal, Taiwan is part of China. Check history! This is China's domestic issue.
ABC ABC 10 timmar sedan
Look closely at the page Joshua Wong shows the media. It clearly indicates that Joshua is the applicant to the court case. The video clip does not reflect the story line.
old school
old school 10 timmar sedan
The CDC just released new Covid statistics. "Only 6 % of all recorded deaths are from the Virus, Thats 11,000 people"
John Smith
John Smith 10 timmar sedan
I can assure everyone that WW3 will start in Asia. Main participants will be China, U.S, Japan, India, South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan.
RAJ 10 timmar sedan
Why can't US sanctions china after so many international laws ignore by China... Right from South China Sea to coronovirus pandemic and expansionism
On the street
On the street 10 timmar sedan
United Nations a useless organisation
Deathless Outlaw
Deathless Outlaw 10 timmar sedan
There is no virus and there never was.
Raymond Goh
Raymond Goh 10 timmar sedan
Wang Wen Bin, You can tell this to your mother all the lies. Nobody is bother with China threats. CCP is going into the drain very soon. So, nothing great in your mention as nobody is bother about China's threatening. If China dares, fire the first shot. We know that your PLA is a sassy army compared to Taiwan and India.
Dr. Refath
Dr. Refath 10 timmar sedan
ha ha ha...develpp your economy first... Begger
Area 8
Area 8 10 timmar sedan
Here are Bidens campaign people
vt2018 10 timmar sedan
Bring everyone to the streets.
shad hasan
shad hasan 10 timmar sedan
Taiwan will be another Israel on eastern Asia. Welcome to wild west.
Nikki ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!!
Nikki ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!! 9 timmar sedan
Emmanuel Jose
Emmanuel Jose 10 timmar sedan
No another libiya
我愛台灣 我爱台湾
我愛台灣 我爱台湾 10 timmar sedan
CCP unleashes virus and acts like they are victims. But ROC / Taiwan knows well those CCP.
vt2018 10 timmar sedan
Only coward fascists do that to some. Belarus. ❤
WEZZY BABY 10 timmar sedan
Taiwan should not get involved and get accept their fate. Look what happen to HK
Daniela ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!!
Daniela ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!! 10 timmar sedan
他妈的 您
他妈的 您 10 timmar sedan
We are the factory of the world!! Democracy is nonsense taiwan is china province
Wuhan Virus
Wuhan Virus 10 timmar sedan
Yes , even i m manufactured by China 😁
Grant Huang
Grant Huang 10 timmar sedan
00:36 "His Republic of China" XIXIXI
Sinochi ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!!
Sinochi ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!! 9 timmar sedan
franco luis sotomayor
franco luis sotomayor 10 timmar sedan
Good. They have to beto imperialism
Yvonne Archer
Yvonne Archer 10 timmar sedan
Thumbs up if you support Republic of China 👍🏻
PSYC LINEZ 10 timmar sedan
Been trying to tell people y can get this more then once. Got it 4 times since the first week of jan 2020
Uruguay y Nigeria
Uruguay y Nigeria 10 timmar sedan
Taiwan is not China!
Yvonne Archer
Yvonne Archer 10 timmar sedan
Taiwan is a province of Republic of China
Andrew 10 timmar sedan
No food, no money, no army...
Raina ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!!
Raina ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!! 10 timmar sedan
Roy Jin
Roy Jin 10 timmar sedan
What a joke... Pushing People Republic of China to us.... Check the facts, please, my beloved German's friends....
Roy Jin
Roy Jin 10 timmar sedan
Haha... I couldn't even differentiate between People Republic of China and Republic of China now... 🤣
HS 10 timmar sedan
Collapse the gangster party CCP !!! Cut all business ties with China!!!
Sweet Home
Sweet Home 10 timmar sedan
Desperate junkies trying to save economy blaming others!
Jona Hembrom
Jona Hembrom 10 timmar sedan
For God sake it's pandemic not anything that can be controlled unless there is medicine, for infection people should be blamed because they were not serious at all.
I i
I i 10 timmar sedan
Start the war get rid of China & its viruses for good
Ali Mohammad
Ali Mohammad 10 timmar sedan
The five are keeped on that position to avoid them from invading the world. After all they are the bosses of tye victors during WW2. If germans and japanese cant even be on the gang how much more for any nation in the bottom.
Khurshid Alam
Khurshid Alam 10 timmar sedan
There should not be any permanent seat in UN. All countries deserved to be treated equally.
Endophyte 1
Endophyte 1 10 timmar sedan
HAHAHA not going to happen
Piotr Dudała
Piotr Dudała 10 timmar sedan
And just like that, majority of world's IC and semiconductor manufacturing capacity will be captured by China :D
Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites
Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites 10 timmar sedan
The entire UN needs to be restructured. It's ridiculously out of date and is still reflecting the late 1940s. The UN will literally become utterly irrelevant
Juliette Michael
Juliette Michael 10 timmar sedan
ahmed shadi
ahmed shadi 10 timmar sedan
China will annex taiwan in no time , if taiwan dare to seperate
Wuhan Virus
Wuhan Virus 9 timmar sedan
China will annex Pakistan in no time , if pakistan dare to seperate
Cosmo Ray
Cosmo Ray 10 timmar sedan
The Civil war never ended. It only took a pause.
EK Lim
EK Lim 10 timmar sedan
the neighbours are watching and eating popcorns
Allie* SECR3T ViD3O * Live !!! Now -*-
Allie* SECR3T ViD3O * Live !!! Now -*- 10 timmar sedan
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Julia ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!! 10 timmar sedan
Jac C
Jac C 10 timmar sedan
When did mistrust of government become controversial or conspiratorial??
zou Larry
zou Larry 10 timmar sedan
I don’t think India edge or southern sea China really wanna take that much attention to target . But surely Taiwan is not the next target, is the only or prioritized target since 1949. Honestly, if they admitted Taiwan independent maybe it will lose their dominance from inside because not only the government focusing on Taiwan issue, their citizens also care about it. It’s not like this is diversion from their bad domestic issue, on the opposite their citizens also pressured the government to unified.
hue 10 timmar sedan
If African nations want to be in the un security council they will need to grow their GDP and become more significant on the global stage.
Jony Chandra
Jony Chandra 10 timmar sedan
Just kick US out and it will fine...
multiplication card
multiplication card 10 timmar sedan
It's one china, but the party should be two: PRC and ROC, it's just like america with democrat and republic
Linda ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!!
Linda ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!! 9 timmar sedan
blueplanet hand
blueplanet hand 10 timmar sedan
India should get a seat first... Then 1 seat each for Africa and South America.
Gautam Mishra
Gautam Mishra 9 timmar sedan
@Akhsin Ilhamipopulation of 1.3 billion people, 4th strongest militry, 5th largest economy, largest democratic country and a responsible country which has signed a deal of no first use of nukes.
Akhsin Ilhami
Akhsin Ilhami 10 timmar sedan
Young Wallzy
Young Wallzy 10 timmar sedan
I think Tim Sebastian would like to see another arab spring even though we all know how that ended in libya, Tunesia, syria, egypt. The return of a great democracy ofcourse