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NorthPanther52 3 timmar sedan
Oh okay you can recommend this I guess
Maximus Chang
Maximus Chang 3 timmar sedan
2019-2020: Yes but actually no
# C7TCH_BrocTheBot
# C7TCH_BrocTheBot 3 timmar sedan
If you don’t like what happened to you in this country then you can leave because white people get killed all the time does anyone can no Asian,Hispanic,And everyone else get killed and suffer from racism but nobody cares I’m not saying black lives don’t matter but all lives matter. I hate to say it but it’s true.
ツJoSe 3 timmar sedan
I remember asking my mom if I can get the season 2 battle pass... I didn’t get it
Craig of the Creek
Craig of the Creek 3 timmar sedan
This was the worst event ever
Lolh Vg
Lolh Vg 3 timmar sedan
Yo Fortnite if you bring the driver pickaxes tomorrow I will buy v buck to and I really want the driver pickaxes that the sport girl have
Breno Cláudio
Breno Cláudio 3 timmar sedan
MecH-X 3 timmar sedan
me: sees 1.5k dislikes also me: why are you dumb?
xd a1i4n
xd a1i4n 3 timmar sedan
I never most of the emotes
Arasso Eonni
Arasso Eonni 3 timmar sedan
bring back og tilted towers
KYOGRE127 3 timmar sedan
They are going to quit with save the world
Swin3y 3 timmar sedan
I thought this would be a vid of a default being chased by a tryhard and then the tryhard gets saved by a streamer and the default barely makes out the words "thank you"
Fade 101
Fade 101 3 timmar sedan
They need to bring this back.
Arasso Eonni
Arasso Eonni 3 timmar sedan
please unvalt the drum gun and shockwave grenade for ammo for mythic grenade laucher
Carolina Villatoro
Carolina Villatoro 3 timmar sedan
You should put endgame back
Carolina Villatoro
Carolina Villatoro 3 timmar sedan
You should put endgame back
LORD OF MEMES 3 timmar sedan
this black lives matter thing needs to stop sure black lives do matter but not more than other lives all lives matter the same way black lives matter just as other lives matter the cop that killed George Floyd that was stupid of the cop and it was wrong but white people get killed by cops to not only black lives so all lives matter cause we are all people (please don’t band me from Fortnite)
Jake Lee
Jake Lee 3 timmar sedan
freddygoeswild playing
freddygoeswild playing 3 timmar sedan
cruzBros 101
cruzBros 101 3 timmar sedan
cruzBros 101
cruzBros 101 3 timmar sedan
Gg Fornite Montage you want a. Knob
Gears 3 timmar sedan
I want a switch version
Cruelist Cpt
Cruelist Cpt 3 timmar sedan
Bring back these bigger LTM's after the Summer Splash
The Doge
The Doge 3 timmar sedan
William White
William White 3 timmar sedan
In the game of Fortnite... No Lives Matter
Fusion Fox
Fusion Fox 3 timmar sedan
2 years ago thank you guys so much we love you you Fortnite now GIVE US YOUR PARENTS CREDIT CARD
Paolo 3 timmar sedan
I want Iron Man!!!!!
Yo qu Se
Yo qu Se 3 timmar sedan
Wow on ps4 an xbox So I believe that not many ps4 and Xbox players have multiple controles but I haven’t found 1 Nintendo player that has only 1 pair of controllers (I have 2) so it would been better for the Nintendo gang
ً 3 timmar sedan
At least fortnite did something good for once.
HAIRR HAXX 3 timmar sedan
Peely is the worst skin in fortnite
Cole Rinehimer
Cole Rinehimer 3 timmar sedan
Fortnite if you read this comment can you Bring back the nfl skins or the Merge accounts back in the game please read this epic games
Hi i like games
Hi i like games 3 timmar sedan
i wish they would bring this back
xBadBitch •
xBadBitch • 3 timmar sedan
𝘼𝙬𝙚𝙨𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙑𝙞𝙙𝙚𝙤!✅
Bobsicx 3 timmar sedan
Black Lives Matter needs to be changed to All Lives Matter.
KSG FOR DAYS 3 timmar sedan
Epic actually caring for StW? If only this stayed true.
Aidster X
Aidster X 3 timmar sedan
Who misses this SOooOooOoOoOooOOooO much I would love if they came back with it
Perefo 3 timmar sedan
*oh hi there,* *i see yt had recommended something from years ago* _again_
Perefo 3 timmar sedan
_every1 gangsta till yt puts this in their recommended_
crickkon _
crickkon _ 3 timmar sedan
This should be a Netflix series. Its so intense
Perefo 3 timmar sedan
_this game sounds oddly familiar..._
Baltazar Angulo
Baltazar Angulo 3 timmar sedan
For some reason it won’t let me play Fortnite
FairZ 3 timmar sedan
For some reason you sould'nt had to comment this video if you don'l like fortnite
Nick O.
Nick O. 3 timmar sedan
All lives matter
Hurricane Hydra
Hurricane Hydra 3 timmar sedan
Jamir Figueroa
Jamir Figueroa 3 timmar sedan
Stop copying games like over watch and apex
Johnathan Wright
Johnathan Wright 3 timmar sedan
Can y’all make a XXXTENTACION skin and concert plz
Teo 3 timmar sedan
Thor's next
Felipe Oliveira
Felipe Oliveira 3 timmar sedan
I don't like this season.
Мышь Влад
Мышь Влад 3 timmar sedan
Where is my free rapper skin ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )
xxxSavageShogunxxx 3 timmar sedan
2011: first version 2013: alpha version 2015: official version 2017: battle royale comes out
LT Simon Riley
LT Simon Riley 3 timmar sedan
Someone body: I will create a skin called FishSticks Epic: *Hippty hoppy your skin is now my propriety*
Robert Sampson
Robert Sampson 3 timmar sedan
Tyrone Jones
Tyrone Jones 3 timmar sedan
When I was watching someone kept on whining and I didn't have my mic at the time and I really wanted to say "If you keep on whining, try LEAVING."
Excess 3 timmar sedan
And we back
Muh Feels
Muh Feels 4 timmar sedan
Imagine being insecure to the point that you're trying to convince little kids that black lives matter. You people are embarrassing.
Subbing to everyone who subs to Me Spiky
Subbing to everyone who subs to Me Spiky 4 timmar sedan
Why is it on my recommendation wtf
Paul Hudson
Paul Hudson 4 timmar sedan
He's a bit late, Thanos was in fortnite ages ago..
Iluckily qt
Iluckily qt 4 timmar sedan
Black Lives Matter ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Jill Castline
Jill Castline 4 timmar sedan
Where’s Thor? (Thor: Asgard
Rohan Supersad
Rohan Supersad 4 timmar sedan
Imagine if superman enters fortnite as a boss or something just for fun
Nicolas Boden
Nicolas Boden 4 timmar sedan
I really wish they would bring this back so I could wear the captain America skin while playing the thanos ltm that would be epic
iDrop MoonMelter
iDrop MoonMelter 4 timmar sedan
If anyone had time do u mind checking me out and maybe sub 🥺
Monks Vlogs
Monks Vlogs 4 timmar sedan
No u
Tre Paison
Tre Paison 4 timmar sedan
so can you make a new season called season cona
Tre Paison
Tre Paison 4 timmar sedan
sry for being mean to you epic its just becaus i die sometimes and i get realy mad
FISH BOIII 4 timmar sedan
Please update creative we haven’t had an update in so long!
Brandon Lira
Brandon Lira 4 timmar sedan
Black lives made in his world 🌲🖤🖤🖤:-):-):-):-)
Kenji interesting content
Kenji interesting content 4 timmar sedan
Thank you for making us have something to play during quarantine
Kuya NailClipper
Kuya NailClipper 4 timmar sedan
Bro whenever I watch these events and cinematic videos I always get hyped and feel like playing the game but just stop playing after my first game after getting killed by sweaty bois
Tristan Boswell
Tristan Boswell 4 timmar sedan
Why was there not a single white person
Pedro Tenca
Pedro Tenca 4 timmar sedan
Que buen video
TreyRex99 4 timmar sedan
Wait flare gun at the end so... Flare gun slightly leaked?
Tyler Partridge
Tyler Partridge 4 timmar sedan
Fortnite should add a game mode were you can go in the chapter 1 map
Mr Tryharder
Mr Tryharder 4 timmar sedan
This thing was in the game for like 2 seconds no 🧢
Maximiliano Yepes lopez
Maximiliano Yepes lopez 4 timmar sedan
Aquí nació una era
100k subs with no vids?
100k subs with no vids? 4 timmar sedan
OG days 😞😢
MrMangow 4 timmar sedan
quarantine ayone?
Yuliana Sandoval
Yuliana Sandoval 4 timmar sedan
This is emotianal
ChilledJosh 4 timmar sedan
The 9 year olds at the movies when there watching Avengers be like “ *oMg hE’s fROm fOrTNiTE* “
Taylor Eiden
Taylor Eiden 4 timmar sedan
These protests NEED TO STOP get that through your head! Wake up!!!
niki bg games
niki bg games 4 timmar sedan
We are the same 👊🏻👊🏼👊🏾👊🏿
James Slattery
James Slattery 4 timmar sedan
Rip Midas
Apex_G.O.A.T 4 timmar sedan
Who knew they would do this
Theruthless Link
Theruthless Link 4 timmar sedan
Back in the day when battle passes were actually good
OSAMA —H 4 timmar sedan
الروبوت كان شي جامد
KevinKevinYT 4 timmar sedan
Who’s here after chapter 3 season X
Miti 170
Miti 170 4 timmar sedan
It's looting
Supreme Leader Kylo
Supreme Leader Kylo 4 timmar sedan
In the chpt 2 season 3 when it show Midas on the left side screen you could see this exact island Jonsey was on
Rozette Benavides
Rozette Benavides 4 timmar sedan
Fortnite add where u can select ur season and while u level up u can earn the seasons and the first one u start with is this season then level up and go all the way to season 1 and in the season 1,2,3 there is double pump so we can select if we want double pump and people will love that so please and it’s on the page where u select battle royale and when u do that it says which season?
Eagle 4 timmar sedan
Fortnite 8yr olds when they see Chris Evans: iS tHAt cApTAiN aMErIcA fRoM f0rTnItE
Liel Enner
Liel Enner 4 timmar sedan
Wrost game ever
Utami Ningsih
Utami Ningsih 4 timmar sedan
Please change fornite to mobile
Joe Brantley
Joe Brantley 4 timmar sedan
I love the new trailer Fortnite season 3 please take hacking out of the game
Axituz 4 timmar sedan
Imagine disliking this vid smh
Axituz 4 timmar sedan
Wow imagine disliking this vid tho 😢
Adidas Uzamaki
Adidas Uzamaki 4 timmar sedan
I swear he has also made a lot of money from tournemnes
Stephanie Hickey
Stephanie Hickey 4 timmar sedan
Bruh it’s fortnite we are taking this to fat
Stephanie Hickey
Stephanie Hickey 4 timmar sedan
GJC Films
GJC Films 4 timmar sedan
Hello everyone! I am GJC Films and I’m going to be typing out basically everything about Fortnite: Battle Royale. Please, if your feeling nice, give this comment a like so more people see it and subscribe to my SEshow channel if you want memes or Fortnite content. Thanks 🙏. *Brief Summary of Fortnite: Battle Royale* Fortnite: Battle Royale is a free-to-play battle royale online video game created by Epic Games. It’s is companioned by Fortnite: Save the World, a cooperative survival game where you gather resources and build forts to win. It was initially released on September 26, 2017 on Microsoft Windows, macOS, PS4, and Xbox One, and then released on iOS, Android, and the Nintendo Switch the following year. On June 29, 2020, Epic Games finally dropped the game from early access. *Quick Facts* Developer: Epic Games Publisher: Epic Games Director: Donald Mustard Series: Fortnite Engine: Unreal Engine 4 Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Android Release: *Windows, macOS, PS4, Xbox One* September 26, 2017, *iOS* April 2, 2018, *Nintendo Switch* June 12, 2018, *Android* August 9, 2018 Genre: Third-person shooter, battle royale Mode: Multiplayer *to be continued*
Peter G
Peter G 4 timmar sedan
man the husks and save the world overall felt so much more alive and bouncing with energy. at 3:08 you can see how the husks are running and jumping towards the player. in present day husks have easy and predictable movement patterns, and save the world is bland and i only use it to get v bucks
Adidas Uzamaki
Adidas Uzamaki 4 timmar sedan
If I won i would buy my mum a range rover a good house send some to charity and buy a pc and some on my studies
Spooder- Man
Spooder- Man 4 timmar sedan
Adults: listening and taking in information Kids: going to locker to see if they got a free back bling
zxh. 3 timmar sedan
PikaBoi_YT 4 timmar sedan
I want a skin bruv