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mirror selfie
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my old secret videos
who am i?
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music genre: video game
munifah munifah
munifah munifah 2 minuter sedan
The song pliss ?
th3rockbandaddict 15 minuter sedan
Brooke Davidson
Brooke Davidson 25 minuter sedan
I liked that video.
TheGreatestMatt #1
TheGreatestMatt #1 26 minuter sedan
“At this point I’m really questioning existence”🤣🤣😭
No. 26 minuter sedan
Is there anything that this long lost brother of Saitama the Egg can’t do?
Shinkay Tsumura
Shinkay Tsumura 27 minuter sedan
This is a masterpiece XD
sephyhot 33 minuter sedan
Omg the m night twist at the end ❤️❤️❤️
Nguyễn Trung
Nguyễn Trung 34 minuter sedan
Damnnnn, make it longerrrr, plzzz, it's wayyyy tooo gooood
Michael Norkett
Michael Norkett 35 minuter sedan
mygamepowerdotcom 40 minuter sedan
The subtitle
Matt Rivera
Matt Rivera 45 minuter sedan
The building guys at the end though
Sympathetic Vybrations
Sympathetic Vybrations 49 minuter sedan
Good work seth! Your video made me feel happy, thank you
Ab 49 minuter sedan
A few of these actually sounded a bit better than the original
fadadapple 51 minut sedan
How do you always find a second song that sounds similar to the first one you play?
XxXxÄęsthetįç ŁęåfüxXxX
XxXxÄęsthetįç ŁęåfüxXxX 55 minuter sedan
Me shook and proud that u have more subs than Addison rae
Tedacules 56 minuter sedan
Still epic even after 2 years.
Nafsia 75
Nafsia 75 56 minuter sedan
How to MOST Like P ... . I'm the bald Guy
Ban Yip
Ban Yip Timme sedan
We need more
Данила Багров
Данила Багров Timme sedan
Сабы в голос
Sernje Timme sedan
You’re bald guy?
Basic Editing
Basic Editing Timme sedan
Interviewer: how many instruments can you play Seth Seth: yes
pew pew
pew pew Timme sedan
This channel is the definition of quality over quantity. I subscribed.
Kat Rina
Kat Rina Timme sedan
Anyone else really want a roli keyboard but dont have the money talent or need
JohnTheShrimp Timme sedan
I love you!!!!
Claudia Cheng
Claudia Cheng Timme sedan
Who’s here after Seth’s comment hit 3 million likes?
Aurora In the sky
Aurora In the sky Timme sedan
Oh I remember you, your the one with the super popular comment !!
Noel White
Noel White Timme sedan
"Envelope of Anthrax" will be Seths death metal album.
your tropical catfishy
your tropical catfishy Timme sedan
And when there is no one talking the subtitles says "okay nice beat going on" then,"uhh Seth why are you picking up that innocent cushion there" then, "OMG JEEZ SETH WHY" 😨😨😰😰 then it says " thats just a waste of feathers there seth" trun on ur subtitles and try it 😨 (that's not when it starts)
dino rock gamer
dino rock gamer Timme sedan
H E A R T A C H E Timme sedan
So no one's gonna talk about the 6.9m views?
H E A R T A C H E Timme sedan
So no one's gonna talk about the 6.9m views?
Pig. Timme sedan
I feel like i got rickrolled but i didnt.
Albiery Castillo
Albiery Castillo Timme sedan
This is like getting Rick rolled with a different song.......
your tropical catfishy
your tropical catfishy Timme sedan
Me: actually liking what this boi is doing Subtitles: OOh wAh oOh wAH aAh wAH ooh (Try it is real 😂😂)
H E A R T A C H E Timme sedan
Seth can be the new agent 47. But he kills his targets with hilarious memes and singing skills
Pine Tree
Pine Tree Timme sedan
Its the couch for me
Justinious Timme sedan
I thought his shirt said anus for a long time
Sean Prasad ᓍᘺᓍ
Sean Prasad ᓍᘺᓍ Timme sedan
When seth did that take on me part.... And i felt like im in the 1980's
Doraemon Fan
Doraemon Fan Timme sedan
Blinding lights and take on me are quite same
Daniel prays
Daniel prays Timme sedan
the only problem with this video is that it ends up
Goblin Slayer
Goblin Slayer Timme sedan
We know Seth as a nerd but just imagine a tall bald guy wearing a leather jacket and who doesn’t smile passing you on the street he sounds terrifying
the jhoshh
the jhoshh 2 timmar sedan
El mejor calvo del mundo , me encanta tus vídeos
YA Govoryu po-angliyski
YA Govoryu po-angliyski 2 timmar sedan
If only Billy commented I'm the bad guy
John Wick
John Wick 2 timmar sedan
Someones a fan of The X Files 💀👌
Krish Jajoo
Krish Jajoo 2 timmar sedan
he's the bald guy
martinumber1 2 timmar sedan
You're so awesome. I am so happy I searched blinding lights. You're such an adorable person too. Followed you on Spotify and subbed :)
TOASTY SHORTS 2 timmar sedan
You’re a fuckin riot! You made my Sunday bright
ZT 2 timmar sedan
It’s more now. Gahdamn
Fated Machel90
Fated Machel90 2 timmar sedan
I am fans from Indonesian :)
MageAssasin end
MageAssasin end 2 timmar sedan
He's the bald guy
Fluffy Truck
Fluffy Truck 2 timmar sedan
Totally didn’t forget you had no hair^_^
denzyl casuela
denzyl casuela 2 timmar sedan
Oh that was why blinding lights sounded familiar
1000 subscribers without any videos challenge
1000 subscribers without any videos challenge 2 timmar sedan
This is how I get likes Tomato
Ready HD
Ready HD 2 timmar sedan
CHILL It's his voice!!!!
Gabrielle Rodriguez
Gabrielle Rodriguez 2 timmar sedan
i need a version Full of this music OMG
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez 2 timmar sedan
6:12 LOL his face Actually is creepy
hockert law
hockert law 2 timmar sedan
idk who looks more lifeless: billie or seth
AceMercer AMV
AceMercer AMV 2 timmar sedan
I need extended versions
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee 2 timmar sedan
I’m the bald guy where’s my likes?
TechYoSelf 2 timmar sedan
not sure why but "got electrocuted by his dishwasher" made me laugh pretty hard:)
Horus Whoreus
Horus Whoreus 2 timmar sedan
BEST ad I've ever seen!
ЗОЖник по ЖИЗНИ 2 timmar sedan
Horus Whoreus
Horus Whoreus 2 timmar sedan
007 Golden Eye. Nice.
kizazu1 Ralte
kizazu1 Ralte 2 timmar sedan
Didn't know that Vodka was this Important 😮
gerop25 2 timmar sedan
Drei Millionen.
ginoo 2 timmar sedan
I wanna get a sponsor just to buy stupid shit too
kizazu1 Ralte
kizazu1 Ralte 2 timmar sedan
Couch Epic Instrument
Levi Olson
Levi Olson 2 timmar sedan
Did we just get Rick Rolled by Seth??
Jimmy Bungalo
Jimmy Bungalo 2 timmar sedan
the way he plays octaves is so awesome
The biggest pan
The biggest pan 3 timmar sedan
That transition to “We are number one” was smoother than my line art
BOYwonder 66
BOYwonder 66 3 timmar sedan
I liked the Dundee water levels on mario64 but they were frustrating
CylumN 3 timmar sedan
I can tell this guys is trying to become a meme and it’s great
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 3 timmar sedan
This man needs to write a score for an actual game at some point. That would be so cool.
Inkter P
Inkter P 3 timmar sedan
this is the biggest diss on nintendo i've ever seen
Falloutman 342
Falloutman 342 3 timmar sedan
Why do you shave your head?
10K Subscribers without any videos Challenge
10K Subscribers without any videos Challenge 3 timmar sedan
I’m the bald guy
J.K æ
J.K æ 3 timmar sedan
00:42 Can someone tell what is the name of that, i think i heard it from somewhere. Sorry for i don't know that, maybe its very famo- stop reading and type the song's(or music's) name!!
J.K æ
J.K æ 3 timmar sedan
I dont neeeeeeed a comme* (nt) anymooore, cause i foouuund.....
MR. SKIDEAD 3 timmar sedan
You are my hero
elkarr 3 timmar sedan
Quien diablos hizo los subtítulos
Rhian Soares
Rhian Soares 3 timmar sedan
Shit, watching this while high is an otherworldly experience.
Cappie Cartwheel
Cappie Cartwheel 3 timmar sedan
this is so wholesome
Only Adrian
Only Adrian 3 timmar sedan
"I'm balding by the lights"
Khalil Abdallah
Khalil Abdallah 3 timmar sedan
6.9 mil kinda pog 😳
AngryDrunkCommunist 3 timmar sedan
The upside down glasses make me lol everytime.
GUELATAUR 7u7 3 timmar sedan
Ay que guapo
Brian Steen-Larsen
Brian Steen-Larsen 3 timmar sedan
It's got 3M likes now 👁️__👁️
John French
John French 3 timmar sedan
Fantastic hahaha I feel like I've failed life by only finding this just now.
Angela Cross
Angela Cross 3 timmar sedan
0:26 whats that song called???
1,000 subs With one video challenge
1,000 subs With one video challenge 3 timmar sedan
I’m the bald guy
Guy Guyson
Guy Guyson 3 timmar sedan
the virgin emo hipster bad guy billie eilish the chad shitposting bald man in a wig seth everman
Phillipsbl 3 timmar sedan
I almost spit my drink when you said "I feel like I'm talking into a cat." P.s. why is your mic so big?
Strange Frontier
Strange Frontier 3 timmar sedan
0:14 Regular Show intro
AngryDrunkCommunist 3 timmar sedan
Seth, I'm begging you. We need a full version.
Natan 3 timmar sedan
표대리 3 timmar sedan
thinkwhinky 3 timmar sedan
Põe legenda portuguesa do Brasil. 👺 Algum BR traduz minha fala pro inglês ae. Tenho ctz q não sou a única nisso ;-;
Tommy 3 timmar sedan
I think I'm responsible for the first million views or do. Keep going back and playing this video
Ralsei 3 timmar sedan
Channel Of Promotional Music
Channel Of Promotional Music 3 timmar sedan
Why do you look like Hitman Agent 47?
rai 3 timmar sedan
Welcome to the first episode of What quarantine brought Seth to.