Dear Dyson, $500 For This?
Teaching My Brother How To Perm
I Tried To Do Inverted Hair Color
misslori66 52 minuter sedan
You two must have been so adorable when you were little boys
badwolf7850 52 minuter sedan
I love the nurse cutting her hair with her trauma shears. Nurses are fierce. I am not surprised by her attitude at all. I was a nurse assistant in an ER for six years and they are just amazing.
Rachel Goldblatt
Rachel Goldblatt 52 minuter sedan
Everyone: don’t wash your hair everyday Me: swims everyday and has to get the chlorine out of my hair😬
XtraCream XtraSugar
XtraCream XtraSugar 52 minuter sedan
SERIOUSLY 💗💕💯🌻🌟🥰 I can literally be sitting on my toilet shitting 😳😆💩🚽🧻, or, just rolled outta bed, haven't washed my makeup off from the night before & haven't washed my hair in a week & he makes me feel like I'm in full glam & looking like the baddest btch ALIVE & immediately lifts my spirits, my mood & changes my whole vibe.. 🤩💗💕🧡😍😇🙏🏼 He's such an angel. Love you Brad x0x0 😘💋💋💋
Stephanie 53 minuter sedan
Because, Brad, shaving my head was an awful but good decision and I looked gross. Not a look for everyone. I enjoyed having a shaved head though
Colleen Nikstenas
Colleen Nikstenas 53 minuter sedan
At least the person cutting her hair at the end listened.
Cheyenne Rivera
Cheyenne Rivera 53 minuter sedan
2:08 Me looking at myself in the mirror tryna look all smexy
Sisogel Pichurrillos
Sisogel Pichurrillos 54 minuter sedan
I love the introduction of your videos and your positive vibes.
Robin Angel
Robin Angel 54 minuter sedan
Lmao i shaved my head 2 minutes ago because I was bored... and then this video came up
Morti 54 minuter sedan
Please don’t ever become friends with Jeffree Star or Shane Dawson! You and Bailey Sarian are SEshow’s last breath of fresh air in the beauty community!
Kaynaydia Williams
Kaynaydia Williams 55 minuter sedan
I think the girl in the second video would look so good with a pixie cut
Lexie Meyers
Lexie Meyers 55 minuter sedan
i got a pixie last november and its almost a real bob now and it is so hard to grow out i had like an undercut so it was short
Tiana Okimow
Tiana Okimow 56 minuter sedan
Wow when there's only one person that will only call you beautiful on SEshow 😂
kaitlyn davis
kaitlyn davis 56 minuter sedan
I want to shave my head but I took like an egg
SimplyByKylie 57 minuter sedan
Me realizing I just shampooed my hair entirely incorrectly ten minutes ago.
Kaynaydia Williams
Kaynaydia Williams 59 minuter sedan
Someone edit a bleach doesnt lather remix sing from clips pf brad talking about it
kennedy michener
kennedy michener Timme sedan
You just made my day Tyson for calling me butiful <3
Jess Stiller
Jess Stiller Timme sedan
I shaved my head a few weeks into quarantine. I’m pregnant and I was really limited on what I could do as far stress relief. Shaving my head felt like taking control back a little bit. Do I love how it looks now? Not at all. But I needed to do it at the time, so I don’t regret it. Plus pregnancy makes your hair grow quickly anyway, so I’ll be back to my normal longer pixie soon.
WhoIsInk Timme sedan
I- she shaved her head in future 💀💀
Ashley Bishop
Ashley Bishop Timme sedan
Heidi Timme sedan
Ppl need to stop using the phrase "having a mental breakdown & cutting my hair" when they clearly aren't..mental breakdowns aren't trendy, they're serious. The first girl just wanted to cut her hair, she was clearly fine & not showing any signs of having a break down.
muskndusk Timme sedan
If you're eating a plant based diet and not taking supplements, watch for signs of B12 deficiency. I'm lacto veggie, but I also take supplements. Biotin is supposed to be good for hair growth and thickness.
Kay Nagus
Kay Nagus Timme sedan
I actually cut my mom’s hair! The video is in my channel❤️
Jules Reyes
Jules Reyes Timme sedan
Chin length bobs look great on young people... what are you trying to say Brad? What is the age cut off on bobs.. asking for a friend?
Lillian Levesque
Lillian Levesque Timme sedan
brad:"hey beautiful" me: "why thank you"
Marianne Lafrance
Marianne Lafrance Timme sedan
Brad, they are nurse scissors!
Jozette Rivera
Jozette Rivera Timme sedan
brad mondo needs to be either the president or a therapist like IF WE WANT TO SAVE OUR HEADS WE SHOULDNT BE CALLED CRAZY FOR IT ISMY HEAD AND NOT ANYONE ELSES SO DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tabby Timme sedan
Brad, when nurses get fed up, we DGAF! 🙌 From a fellow RN, GIRL YAAASSSSSSS!
FrostyLichQueen Timme sedan
I kinda wish the last girl just did a pixie, buuuuuuut it'll grow out super fast. :D And she got to have fun.
Cheyenne Rivera
Cheyenne Rivera Timme sedan
I just love Brad Mondo... period
chloe AKA chance
chloe AKA chance Timme sedan
yeah why is it when a girl shves her head why do we get called crazy
Shayah Reed
Shayah Reed Timme sedan
People can thank Brittany Spears for everyone thinking women who shave their heads are crazy 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
SpoolOfThread Timme sedan
Saleisha looked like dora the explorer after her makeover xD
Lexi Hefton
Lexi Hefton Timme sedan
Brad I love ur dyed blonde/silver/white hair but likeeeeee that natural color is getting me in my feelings
That screech killed me, I can’t stop laughing, it’s a whole mood when slightly inconvenienced
Prisha Saluja
Prisha Saluja Timme sedan
2 weeks ago I chopped off A LOT of my hair impulsively at 3am... I had hair going beyond my hips and now they're past my shoulders..also I've never had short hair before so its interesting. MY HAIR WAS LITERALLY LONGER THAN THE FIRST GIRL'S AND I CUT IT EXACTLY LIKE HERS ...but with craft scissors!
Dawn Adams
Dawn Adams Timme sedan
Hey beautiful love your hair
Kacey Schaub
Kacey Schaub Timme sedan
I got a really cute supper short pixie cut today after going all of highschool and am donating 17, yes, 17 inches to wigs for kids.
That1CatLoverGirl Timme sedan
Brad: I really like Hannah's idea!! Hannah: Brad's video didn't help me much on the length Also Brad: I don't have much *hope* for this haircut..
Alana Banana
Alana Banana Timme sedan
1:31 why did I laugh so hard at this
Jane Adler
Jane Adler Timme sedan
Thank you for the makeover help honey <3
chloe AKA chance
chloe AKA chance Timme sedan
i love stella look
ShotgunAndAShovel Timme sedan
I hack mine off with a crea clip. Love that thing.
Abdullah Ansari
Abdullah Ansari Timme sedan
I lost it when you said "thank god" 😂😂😂
Creative Ghena
Creative Ghena Timme sedan
my hair is very long and I'm only 10!!
Marie Gehman
Marie Gehman Timme sedan
no one: brad: LiTeRaLlY a DeAd SaLmOn LaYiNg On YoUr ShOuLdEr 7:51
DIY-Life Everyday
DIY-Life Everyday Timme sedan
10:08 brads reaction😂😂
L&H Hughes
L&H Hughes Timme sedan
"i'm glad she has a guide piece but it looks like a shark took a bite out of it".....babahaaaaaa
Liz Stapleton
Liz Stapleton Timme sedan
Her hairdresser watching this: 👁👄👁
Ally Timme sedan
Impulsive and drastic haircuts? Sounds like me but I went to the hairdresser and now I look like a 90s Meg Ryan instead to get a cute chin length bob
Bakugo Kirishima
Bakugo Kirishima Timme sedan
When Brad started bringing out the facts because that girl Hannah was being a lil salty saying he didn't say anything for length for oval face shapes I immediately liked the video and was like"Yasss Brad go off everybody loves your sassy moments" 👏👏👏
XXkeroscastleXX Timme sedan
I shaved the sides of my head because I can and I'm not fussed if people hate it
Sause Boss
Sause Boss Timme sedan
I have an oval face too & my stylist moved to Tennessee. My hair has ALWAYS been super long but I wanna cut it off myself, haha
Sabrina The Witch
Sabrina The Witch Timme sedan
I really want silver hair my hair is like a 2 or 3 so I’m scared
Mehar Anand
Mehar Anand Timme sedan
I'm cryinggg😂😝 the progression of brad going "stop" to "STAHP" to "haha this is so f*cked 😂" sendsss
Kat K
Kat K Timme sedan
your intro voice is always so calming ugh😌❤️ Thank you for being the one person to call me beautiful today Brad
HEYBIBLEE G. Timme sedan
Can I do this when I dyed my entire hair with box dye last week?
Robin Ibañez
Robin Ibañez Timme sedan
Those are nursing scissors in that last video lol. Hope she santizes them before doing dressing changes but I'm sure she did. Thanks for fighting the good fight! Stay safe sister!
Tela Tata
Tela Tata Timme sedan
"Hi beautiful! Your presence makes me happy" Me, laying in bed with double chin and 3 herpes on my lips: "Oh stop it you- *_*blush_**
L&H Hughes
L&H Hughes Timme sedan
This may be my favorite video of his.... hahahaha probably because I'm drunk & he was so flattered by that young girl mentioning here for it😊... great vid❤️
Peace Lover
Peace Lover Timme sedan
Tbh when people say short hair are pretty or long hair are pretty, it totally depends on your head shape trust me I am gonna be honest sometimes short hair wont look good on some people and on some long hair but like long hair you can style it anyway and don't lie short hair does not have a lot of options my preference is long hair
nessay10 Timme sedan
I can’t stop staring at the texture of his shirt
Marie Morgensen
Marie Morgensen Timme sedan
I don't know if I love or hate brads mini beard
my phan
my phan Timme sedan
if i naturally have like dark dark brown hair (looks black) and wants to dye it blue black (so looks black but in lighting it's blue) how much vol should i use :(
crystal clouds
crystal clouds Timme sedan
I'm getting tempted to hack all my hair off because I recently started a new medication and its causing my hair to come out in clumps... soooo gross
Lisa Garrels
Lisa Garrels Timme sedan
My husband watched one of your videos lol. He bleached, cut, and dyed my hair and it turned out great! All thanks to your informational videos! Thank you Brad Mondo!
Blackkat Timme sedan
As a fellow hairdresser who gets asked to do cuts that don't flatter the texture of a clients hair, you should do a video about what haircuts flatter different hair textures!
Abdullah Ansari
Abdullah Ansari Timme sedan
Brad Mondo please react to Karolina Zebrowska cutting off her hair!
Brittany Reeder
Brittany Reeder Timme sedan
The first one- 6 years to grow back?! I cut my hair that short 2 years ago and now it's already down to my ass again lol it won't take 6 years
Jasmine Gold
Jasmine Gold Timme sedan
Yeah my moms a nurse so I get it with what’s going on now
Life_of_Khloee 12
Life_of_Khloee 12 Timme sedan
I love both of your channels in to see you too,colab is amazing
Yuli Menendez
Yuli Menendez Timme sedan
How do I get rid of hair white wax I get when I scratch my hair?
melissa solis
melissa solis Timme sedan
me getting an impulsive hair cut next week and watching this now
XxDecaying_RxsesxX Timme sedan
Funny thing is she did become bald after
Bethany Kiss
Bethany Kiss Timme sedan
Me sitting here with yellow hair Brad: “you look magnificent” 💀😂
Patrick Leahy
Patrick Leahy Timme sedan
(Watching Brad’s videos with my wife) Brad: Hey beautiful! Wife: Me: Wife: Me under my breath: “I am beautiful”
Peyton Gallagher
Peyton Gallagher Timme sedan
katie samol
katie samol Timme sedan
my confidence after every brad intro: 📈
Patricia Jackson
Patricia Jackson Timme sedan
I asked my friends, family & neighbors to submit me for this and worst landscapes, seriously!
Jaselle Young
Jaselle Young Timme sedan
I like Jimin from BTS blonde hair (DNA era). He reminds me of Mariah Carey especially when the stylists curl it. But to be quite honest he can pull off any color and still look good.
GIADARRR _ Timme sedan
I wonder if brad ever sees these home makeover transformations and how good they ended up and wonders why he paid for all that school lol
lyla thornton
lyla thornton Timme sedan
Hey my dude if your new here let me tell you some thing u gotta get used to 1 Brad will always be dressed like he’s going to cochella 2 we stand Miss maniquin 3 bleach👏dose👏not👏lather👏👏 4 when Brad calls you pretty after a while you will not be surprised but you will always be flattered 5 Brad is the best youtuber out there😽 Ps:like if you love brad 😍😍🥰🥰😘❤️❤️
R Nabeel
R Nabeel Timme sedan
This video saved my life and my hair came out amazing. I'm so thankful for this video it helped me choose the right toner for my hair after bleaching it at home 😍😍😍
Lisa Mieth
Lisa Mieth Timme sedan
Brad, tell us older women should do! I'm 63 and love your channel, but want to see us older women.
mary thompson
mary thompson Timme sedan
Your arms and your tan😍 so jealous of that tan!!!
Mrs Nickens
Mrs Nickens Timme sedan
First and foremost thank you to that nurse! She is absolutely stunning with a shaved head though!!
Pati M
Pati M Timme sedan
I hoped Brad finally reacts to Crystall Lindy...I have to keep waiting
Brooke Timme sedan
Baddie Samurai
Baddie Samurai Timme sedan
Nobody Americas next top model: You get a karen haircut and you get a karen haircut EVERYONE GETS A KAREN HAIRCUT!
I want to see a video of him reacting to children giving themselves or siblings haircuts 😂
Selma Lee
Selma Lee Timme sedan
Why are you me when I try and braid my hair 😂
Anastacia Questel
Anastacia Questel Timme sedan
No the finger curls work I tried
Shez Di
Shez Di Timme sedan
I had seen that last video n hoped that u will react 😍
queen desiree
queen desiree Timme sedan
Jojos blonde hair isn’t her natural hair
Patricia Santiago
Patricia Santiago Timme sedan
second guy was wildin
Tiffany Timme sedan
Stella is such a queen 👑 and I love Brad. So when he features her I get very happy 😊
Alyssa Schwartz
Alyssa Schwartz Timme sedan
How have you not made a video reacting to Sarah Baska bleaching her hair?! Missing out on some damn good content
Giada Caldirola
Giada Caldirola Timme sedan
When she said "that's illegal" and then Brad said it, was I the only one who thought of SSSniperwolf.....? Just me?
Lisa Mieth
Lisa Mieth Timme sedan
Cutting my own hair even doing it during lockdown during the pandemic is totally beyond comprehension.
Zoe Cain
Zoe Cain Timme sedan
i’m a 27 yo woman and been using the same hairbrush since i was 15