Random Minut sedan
Tank Dempsey and Nikolai were teleported to metro XD
braulio candelario
braulio candelario 2 minuter sedan
Smh he goes around the same area 4 times and says “ I hope the game gives me a hint” when all he had to do was turn around and look up 🤦🏽‍♂️
Alex Ashley
Alex Ashley 2 minuter sedan
3:23 you missed something. It was in the door compartment of the car
KA- BOOM!!! 4 minuter sedan
summon group of obedient crows place a nest of crows to alert stranger dematerialize into a group of crows
FroZtgamer Games, Reactions, and More.
FroZtgamer Games, Reactions, and More. 5 minuter sedan
This dose look very fun, I am looking forward to this game too, looking forward to how we both play this cool game.
Joey Hurwitz
Joey Hurwitz 5 minuter sedan
I can’t stand sylens
Banks Nicholson
Banks Nicholson 6 minuter sedan
HE walked past the fusion core!!!! OMG!!!! This is hurting me!!
RED REAPER 84 7 minuter sedan
Why the fuck did Joel have to die
RED REAPER 84 7 minuter sedan
I cried watching this
Galactic FN
Galactic FN 8 minuter sedan
Woah Your really experienced. Keep up the Good Gameplay bro!
Naziyat 11 minuter sedan
God this game is so bad
Ricardo Avellan
Ricardo Avellan 12 minuter sedan
Tour Guide
Tour Guide 13 minuter sedan
Is it just me or when he says so convenient it’s funny to me
Hayla Reiyes
Hayla Reiyes 14 minuter sedan
omg this reminds me of Jason Voorhees.. ;-;
Austin Dunn
Austin Dunn 14 minuter sedan
Not the brick
Stalin 15 minuter sedan
Planet is just some shit definition we made up. After discovering how many not quite planets there were just like Pluto, we decided to reclassify it. Honestly, we've just outgrown the definition.
Poun Raj
Poun Raj 16 minuter sedan
Rad's ending is better than naughty dog's ending😂😂
Banks Nicholson
Banks Nicholson 16 minuter sedan
Love you brad but skipping the loot made me extremely mad.
Ki LGS 17 minuter sedan
Wow catching up over here and I know I’m late so but crazy where this is going the story keeps surprising me and making me have my neck hairs stick up
Sam Yao
Sam Yao 18 minuter sedan
26:50 the fucking Scissors
Ki LGS 18 minuter sedan
Aww when he checked on his baby that made me go 🥺😍😱
thomas tipple
thomas tipple 19 minuter sedan
Dude wtf his voice is so high
No one Asked
No one Asked 20 minuter sedan
What is this game about
Christopher Overstreet
Christopher Overstreet 21 minut sedan
I've always loved.the.way sounded.and cursed
Prem Kumar
Prem Kumar 21 minut sedan
Did SEshow recommend this to you guys also suddenly?
MATTHEWD373 21 minut sedan
No one can stop him he's all the way up
MATTHEWD373 22 minuter sedan
The best of the best
patrick maclean
patrick maclean 22 minuter sedan
You know whats funny. If ellie is immune than when she gets attacked by zombies or get spored on why does she take damage? This is a dumb question lols
Dallas Jones
Dallas Jones 22 minuter sedan
I found your channel on your First video
Christopher Overstreet
Christopher Overstreet 23 minuter sedan
I've always loved the way you and curse
DahDaniel Dude
DahDaniel Dude 24 minuter sedan
#12:22 my friends older brother that’s how he crashed his car at 16 And they took away his car license! XD
MATTHEWD373 24 minuter sedan
The person you wanna watch when watching a play through like last of us
Mikaela 25 minuter sedan
If you go through the journal can you do it in a video please? ღ
MATTHEWD373 25 minuter sedan
MATTHEWD373 26 minuter sedan
MATTHEWD373 26 minuter sedan
bryan smith
bryan smith 27 minuter sedan
Dina got a thick booty 👁👁
Manju Cj
Manju Cj 27 minuter sedan
Revolt 28 minuter sedan
Are u still giving copies of the game? Would love to get one
John me
John me 28 minuter sedan
O,M,G,Brad, I just had a thought as you/Abby finds this Bullets book... (I know, you are done with the game at this point but I am late to the party as usual lol), What if when you get back to the present with Abby and Ellie, Ellie has to fight the Abby that you are upgrading NOW? Mind being blown as I consider the possibilities...
darkxnvons 28 minuter sedan
Big Dave
Big Dave 29 minuter sedan
In the French version the lips are like 1 second after the words they messed up😂
jack black
jack black 29 minuter sedan
I'm not gonna lie, I fell asleep watching this.
Shane Teddy
Shane Teddy 30 minuter sedan
Speaking from a pianist who's almost been playing for 12 years (not that I'm good or anything just trying to give the perspective of time) you do not know (unless ur in my shoes with the same or another instrument) now hard it is to see that Ellie is unable to play as she used too music is a gift and a universal language for all that can help people in the happiest times BUT also comfort them in the darkest. It is truly painful to understand how much it must have emotionally hurt her to not be able to play anymore. It was at this moment that I felt sincerely sorry for Ellie and understood that she is still just a kid living among one of the most darkest time periods one can think of. If you understand like this comment, but to TRULY understand where I'm coming from I believe you have to be a musician who doesnt necessary play for like experience but as a method to cope with all the difficulties of life.
Kino AB
Kino AB 31 minut sedan
Thebrad has the most fitting and clear voice for gameplay walkthroughs. It's easy in the ears been watching since 2013.
Jay Sheeley
Jay Sheeley 31 minut sedan
YO, Just saw something on Zelda breath of the wild 2 for 2021. That's totally legit!
AMBROSE LEUNG 31 minut sedan
I love watching u play, but your close combat sucks so bad that I just want to help u play for a while
kamicho R.B
kamicho R.B 33 minuter sedan
Jesse is serious fack!! Joel 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 I think that was joel 😢😢😢😢
chandra 33 minuter sedan
SEshow:Want to see brad face Me:interesting
YB Red
YB Red 35 minuter sedan
Every time theRabBrad gets mad “YA KNOW!” 🤣
belligerentboy17 35 minuter sedan
Brad, I’ve been watching you play games for nearly a decade, but this is one of the few times I have to flat out disagree with you about Joel, Ellie, Abby, etc. Not sure you realized this, but the player/user was playing as a bad guy (with the exception of when playing as Ellie) in the form of Joel in TLOU I. Joel robbed humanity of a cure, killed Abby’s dad, and subsequently created the events/suffering of TLOU II. In TLOU II Ellie becomes the monster, the antagonist, the delusional self-righteous villain who thinks that her revenge is greater or more important than anyone’s safety, damn be the consequences. Abby rightly kills the “stupid old man” aka Joel for killing HER father (guy was sorta of a dick, but he was trying to find a cure) and then Ellie deserves her revenge? Cmon, twice Abby showed her mercy and Ellie bulls ahead anyway and tries to kill Abby? Dude, this game isn’t about revenge, infected, surrogate family, etc. it is about WHY these character will literally be the last of us (e.g. humanity). With that being said, loved this series, loved watching you play it, and I’m glad we you always say “Let’s do this.”
Hector Grand
Hector Grand 35 minuter sedan
I didn't enjoy Joel being killed but I didn't care that much either. I don't understand all the hate. Amazing game. I wish I could play it. I feel the hate is more about Joel being the cis white straight male and the main characters two butch girls, one a lesbian.
MATTHEWD373 36 minuter sedan
Og people let's like as the years go on for the people who still watch his old videos, it's enough to make a grown man cry
Jamyl Hurtado
Jamyl Hurtado 36 minuter sedan
That intro scene is a masterpiece
BCS 36 minuter sedan
I’m not gonna lie when Dina said “Arms up” I forgot Ellie was a girl lmao
Waldemar Palomo
Waldemar Palomo 37 minuter sedan
Free fire
Sam Crow
Sam Crow 37 minuter sedan
Just Finnished the 1st one and I wish it was longer So I just bought this one off ebay for 30$ Can't wait till Tuesday when it gets here
Waldemar Palomo
Waldemar Palomo 37 minuter sedan
Free fire #1 Mobile game dowload in 2019
Alba Garcia
Alba Garcia 38 minuter sedan
Highbrohat 175
Highbrohat 175 39 minuter sedan
Year : 2020 Time: 6:10 AM Date : Monday 06 July End of the Last Of Us 2.
olisday ramos
olisday ramos 39 minuter sedan
Hey I really like your videos!! I’m playing the game now , not finish yet, very good game so far. You can climb on the dinosaur outside the museum ❤️❤️
The Gaming idiot234
The Gaming idiot234 40 minuter sedan
Bro that boss fight is so hard for me my heart keeps beating every time it chases me I need help
MUTHU KUMAR 41 minut sedan
Brandon Bernal
Brandon Bernal 43 minuter sedan
i would really like to see an in-depth analysis and review from you Brad
Sin Pui Ip
Sin Pui Ip 43 minuter sedan
ErikfromEarth 44 minuter sedan
Here after watching Brad play through Part II.
Kennedy Morage
Kennedy Morage 44 minuter sedan
Great story, great ending too. My takeaway from this is that actions have consequences. Most people loved Joel too much to see the big picture. One man's desire to save a loved one led to the deaths of countless others not to mention that there won't even be a cure. In this context, one life doesn't matter when humanity is under threat of extinction but the characters are as human as they get.
Lhingboi Chongloi
Lhingboi Chongloi 44 minuter sedan
Is this a movie
Dream _er
Dream _er 45 minuter sedan
Part 43 let’s get it
Rodrick Gibson
Rodrick Gibson 45 minuter sedan
How Ellie treat Joel in that cutscene, makes me realize I DON'T like Ellie, like at all. She's gotta be the most ungrateful person in the series. Joel killed so many people in the first game for her and she treats him like shit? Your kidding me bro. Besides the Joel thing, if you really think about, ABBY is a better person than her. She let Ellie live TWWIIICCEEE and didn't kill Dina when Ellie stabbed her pregnant friend in the throat like c'mon now🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️. Ellie probably hurt Joel more with WORDS than Abby did wit a golf club...AND A SHOTGUN, A FUCKKIN SHOTGUN!!!!🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ It's weird how Ellie's makes it worse on herself my imagining Joel screaming for help, when Tommy watched the whole thing happen. She could've just ASKED how it really went down, and really? Joel has probably never screamed for help in his life, why would he do it at the end of it????🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Marke'll Hubbard
Marke'll Hubbard 46 minuter sedan
Ellie is the antagonist she could've forgive abby they where tied up for bate they both have nightmares about the special people who died I like it better if they were working together
Pace 49 minuter sedan
The beginning cut scenes are different from what they are right now, I just started today and I haven’t seen any of these XD
GID7OB 49 minuter sedan
16:05 Confused Boner Alert 🚨
GID7OB 52 minuter sedan
16:05 *You’re.... Welcome???*
Conway Twitty
Conway Twitty 52 minuter sedan
Instead of throwing a chair, Brad threw a bail of hay
phantasmo9998 53 minuter sedan
Holy crap I am so buying this
Angele Mawabo
Angele Mawabo 54 minuter sedan
Me who's won the game a million times: Pathetic
Joel Miller
Joel Miller 56 minuter sedan
8:00 they said it at the same time lol
360Sanchez 56 minuter sedan
So basically this was like HunterXHunter's Chimera Ant arc situation: the protagonist losing their humanity/sense of good while the antagonist is seen as the "good guy", having them help more people, be more likable among the cast , even going back and learning the dogs' names that you end up killing as Ellie. They tried to make us feel for Abby and her group although they betrayed Joel's and Tommy's trust, killing Joel while making Ellie the "bad guy"
360Sanchez 50 minuter sedan
And they even gave Tommy and Ellie the repercussions to their actions by losing limbs, functions and even loved ones. Tommy gaining a limp, losing an eye and splitting up with Maria. Ellie losing two of her fingers so she couldn't play the guitar anymore, losing Joel before they could reconcile and Dina leaving with J.J. before Ellie could come back was all showing how her vengeance basically ruined their lives.
Elijah Brown
Elijah Brown 57 minuter sedan
Love you man, but calculators are ON OUR PHONES JUST DO IT! I DID IT! ❤❤
J Soranno
J Soranno 58 minuter sedan
hey brad just started watching re remastered walkthrough of yours great job
darkxnvons Timme sedan
doesn't Joels leg hurt from all the kneeling?
Andrés Romero
Andrés Romero Timme sedan
i can imagine brad’s daughter sneezing and brad goes “you know that reminds me of that one time we had a global pandemic”
Sameera Kelum
Sameera Kelum Timme sedan
What the key
Carlos Prensa Design
Carlos Prensa Design Timme sedan
Eres el jugador mas malo que he visto en toda mi vida, juegas horrible eres muy estupido jugando.
rehan khan
rehan khan Timme sedan
Lexi Blue
Lexi Blue Timme sedan
Omg the first letter sounded like the person who wrote it got turned on by killing children
John me
John me Timme sedan
Glad to Hear that your Dad is doing much better Brad. Best to you and your family, Be well Bro.
Christian Kelley
Christian Kelley Timme sedan
Everybody gangster until the trees start speaking alien
Dream _er
Dream _er Timme sedan
Part 42 let’s get it.
Carlos Prensa Design
Carlos Prensa Design Timme sedan
Brad deja de hablar tanta mierda en los videos y adems juegas malisimo por todos los disparates que hablas y no te concentras.
Rachel C
Rachel C Timme sedan
Obviously, I know I'm 5 days late, but I feel Brad keeps forgetting the part of the story where Abby's dad was trying to make a vaccine to stop the infections, not just randomly kill Ellie. And Joel didn't even give Ellie a choice, none of them did with re: to dying to save the world.
Miguel Martinho
Miguel Martinho Timme sedan
I own the previous re3 disc. This is not the same game in any way😕having Said that they could have made a lot better graphics😰😟
GlowModdingC Timme sedan
East or west radbrad is the bes
CORPO 1 Timme sedan
you know that brad is mad when he curses and doest not apologize
Damone Walker
Damone Walker Timme sedan
Please make a review video u worked really hard on this game please do it IT REMINDS ME SO MUCH OF U AND UR DAUGHTER UR A GREAT DAD BRAD PLEASE DO IT 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Christian Godwin
Christian Godwin Timme sedan
Poop is...good 💩💩💩
Funny hell
Funny hell Timme sedan
Sees the Best Shotgun In The Game:Level 30 Shotgun huh Walks past it like it a lil bitch*
Damone Walker
Damone Walker Timme sedan
Screw naughty dog so many plot holes and ways they could've made this so much better like Brad stated in the end
Sungamed Timme sedan
watching this after the disappointment of the next game :(