It's a Long Way to Furudu
Living into your 90s
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2007: Barack Obama
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America the Resilient
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What drives Ohio voters?
Joe Biden's tax plan
60 in 6 reports on QAnon
Pacaj Albert
Pacaj Albert 20 timmar sedan
treba ešte rozobrať dokumenty z Koncentračných táborov v Sektor ktorý patrí pod ministerstva zdravotníctva Mengeleho nemecku chorobu v dokumentoch vyvrátil nemecku chorobu
rajahSufiji 20 timmar sedan
Serving an eviction notice during a pandemic right before winter should be a crime punishable by death.
Frank Bombaci
Frank Bombaci 20 timmar sedan
RIP K Paul Such great lunch specials My Dad knew him back in the day ⚜️
fuck2016 20 timmar sedan
"well there is a lot of talk that he is trying to delegitimize the election" and its been weeks and he STILL hasn't conceded
RoBBy LlaMa
RoBBy LlaMa 20 timmar sedan
It’s a damn pack of wolves!
Carl Monks
Carl Monks 20 timmar sedan
Annie May
Annie May 20 timmar sedan
Surely he would have been on suicide watch and wouldn’t have any material or shouldn’t have have access to, to do this thing to himself..
Martin Nosal
Martin Nosal 20 timmar sedan
I'm not a big fan of Obama but at least he's an intelligent guy.
Arcus Puffious
Arcus Puffious 20 timmar sedan
They look great! We lived next to Leisure World. I remember they didn't allow minority's there...we wanted our Grandparents to stay there. We found them a home in Laguna Beach. And we have met the lady in the Lime Green Car by the beach, she is nice.....I wish the great heath and long life.
abcdefg H
abcdefg H 20 timmar sedan
god bless that cancer. how many wars could he have promoted before going to the grave?
G M 20 timmar sedan
the most liberal senator????? in a world of sanders and warren ?
Der Offizielle Kirchenjesus
Der Offizielle Kirchenjesus 20 timmar sedan
skip to 2:07 if u came bc of the title
Bernard Lenamon
Bernard Lenamon 20 timmar sedan
Not going to watch your show anymore! You are a disrespectful mean mouth woman.
fuck2016 20 timmar sedan
Its incredible that he cant make one coherent full sentence and didn't answer ONE question
Darrell English
Darrell English 21 timme sedan
I used to Respect 60 Minutes but not any more
R J 21 timme sedan
I had a great grandmother who died in the 1970s who was in her 90s. She would point up into the sky at airplanes and say they were going to fly into heaven. Imagine coming from horse and carriage, agrarian society with no power, etc. They immigrated from Czechoslovakia in the late 1800s and became gold miners and farmers out west. 140 acres for settlers to grow rocks and starve. And then see WWI with all its horrors and new technology and the depression and WWII with even more horrors and technology. Then the moon landings and everything from the 60s on. Must have been amazing.
Risible9 21 timme sedan
This study is great and it should continue. One should factor in that these are all, generally, wealthy people that have most likely had good medical care, good nutrition and they appear to be not very diverse. It's also sad that they didn't mention the rate of STD's in elderly people is very high.
myknittingblog 21 timme sedan
Who cares, the man is a predatory creep who can't keep his hands to himself. I don't care if he is nice to his awful son.
Blake Thomas
Blake Thomas 21 timme sedan
This isn’t a interview, it’s a colossal argument
Bernie Dreasure
Bernie Dreasure 21 timme sedan Trophies!
Sonny 21 timme sedan
O b a n i u m
HappyHandyLife 21 timme sedan
Anyone else think that these people would be really fun to hang out with? I could totally be friends with any of them.
Son of Carthage
Son of Carthage 21 timme sedan
Goodbye?!... You leavin 😡
Micah Potts
Micah Potts 21 timme sedan
This needs more views.
Steve Copeland
Steve Copeland 21 timme sedan
not me
kranthispd 21 timme sedan
Really funny ,the only reason for the terrorism is USA's selfish nature to destroy its oppenents they created terrorism and after long backing them they learned the lesson Not people but governments
ev mar
ev mar 21 timme sedan
Wine! yes!
Inner learner
Inner learner 21 timme sedan
They need to put us back to sleep .
Ömür Çelik
Ömür Çelik 21 timme sedan
Ucuncu esim 😇😇😇
Mr. Brawl Stars
Mr. Brawl Stars 21 timme sedan
This man will be remembered as a legend
Ellie Yañez
Ellie Yañez 21 timme sedan
He’s so juvenile “republican losers!!!”
Ömür Çelik
Ömür Çelik 21 timme sedan
Baska seyler de var. Keske 400 tane karısı olmasaydı 😂😂😂 Belki de o yuzden 400 tane 😂😂😂😂
Ömür Çelik
Ömür Çelik 21 timme sedan
Gucunu seviyorum 😇😇😇
सौरव भारद्वाज
सौरव भारद्वाज 21 timme sedan
He was crying Why bro why
TheLasVegasElite 21 timme sedan
Both not to be trusted
Carrington Ndhlovu
Carrington Ndhlovu 21 timme sedan
60mins is whack
Meadow Galloping
Meadow Galloping 21 timme sedan
This guy in line at Starbucks was watching this same vid as me! Lolol he then proceeds to say "well good thing I rent so i never risk eviction.. hahah suckers!" Uhm.... yeaaaa dude . Dont pay your rent this month lets see what happens lmfao! "I NeVeR rIsK eViCtIoN"
Kevin P
Kevin P 21 timme sedan
As you get older, the small and powerful gestures are the most important
Letitia Graham
Letitia Graham 21 timme sedan
All I'm concerned with is who has the balls to save our Country? That's all that matters. Our Country is hurting, we've been hit hard, and painfully need help. Whose gonna save the Country!!! Show me some results and I'm in.
Sporty 21 timme sedan
why do they mention google so much. what about myspace lol
Jared Hatch
Jared Hatch 21 timme sedan
You all want to throw out conspiracy comments but offer nothing else just dumb comments. What buffoons
Elaine Taylor
Elaine Taylor 21 timme sedan
I am 66 and I remember the ice box, I hated to be the one called upon to empty the bucket of water melted from the ice!! I also remember some families could only afford a quarter or half block of ice while others with a little more money bought one block.
Miguel Rangel
Miguel Rangel 21 timme sedan
Kids with learning disabilities are being left behind by the system. I find myself,a 23 yo uncle, homeschooling my niece as much as I can to make up for her irresponsible parents and helping my niece(severe ADD) understand her lessons. Shout out to all the siblings who end up caring/raising kids that ain’t theirs
TimeIdle 21 timme sedan
0:15. He's 99/100 year-old? He looks like he could be in his 50s/60s.
stonecrowes 21 timme sedan
Really surprised someone hasn’t dealt this guy a severe case of street justice at this point
Susan Dubria
Susan Dubria 21 timme sedan
60 Minutes interview's useless they are arguing to someone who they were interviewed.
They both cry
Jessy P
Jessy P 22 timmar sedan
This man demonised Islam and was the reason for hate.I will never forgive this war monger.Started wars in the middle east, killed innocent muslim people and destabilised muslim countries
Shar Aza
Shar Aza 22 timmar sedan
The far-right is the biggest cause and source of terrorist threats and acts in America.
Captain Tennille
Captain Tennille 22 timmar sedan
Lock Him Up
Brandon 22 timmar sedan
How many wars did Trump start ? How did all school shootings stop after Trump came into office ? Hmmmmm 🐑
Brendan Fluker
Brendan Fluker 22 timmar sedan
Just remember this man was briefed multiple times about threats to the trade center and blew them off. Remember this man went on to illegally invade a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 because of it. This man is the worst president in modern American history. By far.
City Slicker
City Slicker 22 timmar sedan
Osama Bin Laden
Osama Bin Laden 22 timmar sedan
What if Sam hyde was Q anon? Lol
Mandy 22 timmar sedan
oh I dont wanna live forever
Stone Previous
Stone Previous 22 timmar sedan
I just now learned of Dr.Fauci's age. He and his wife are lookin' good! I hope I retain my mental faculties come 80.
Amie trapp
Amie trapp 22 timmar sedan
The corrupt Clinton’s are not happy about what they did.
Oracle Pink medium and psychic Tarot
Oracle Pink medium and psychic Tarot 22 timmar sedan
He is responsible. The world will learn this soon.
pigskin1000 22 timmar sedan
Like their politics or not you cannot deny that the Bush's are good, decent people. W and Obama are good friends now just like his dad and Clinton became good friends.
pacificrules 22 timmar sedan
OMG, I love them. Theyre all so adorable.
Adii S
Adii S 22 timmar sedan
humiliation at its finest
Ash 22 timmar sedan
"Ya did it son" "WHA- NO I DID-" "Oh, you mean tbe speech, thanks pop"
Ronan Max
Ronan Max 22 timmar sedan
Great POTUS ! ✨
Cheick Doucoure
Cheick Doucoure 22 timmar sedan
Lies don't take you far.
Ghizlane Ben
Ghizlane Ben 22 timmar sedan
I definitely agree that what happened to the twins was horrible but they can’t make the sons bear the sins of the fathers, cuz in that case the whole of Germany family last names would need to be “hurried for a 1000 years” not just this vile man’s. I’m happy to see that she didn’t die after all.
T Bell
T Bell 22 timmar sedan
Race and Demographics
Bogdan Patru
Bogdan Patru 22 timmar sedan
I came here to say that his abilities come from his educational background and intelligence, not autism. Autism is just a disease and it doesn't make you smarter, special, or help you "see patterns different from normal people". Thank you!
quantrill 22 timmar sedan
Its hard to tell whos the dad, his dad does not look much older than him.
Destroyer 1112
Destroyer 1112 22 timmar sedan
So kamala how does it feel that your gonna be the first female President.
King Sizzl
King Sizzl 22 timmar sedan
After trump being in office I even miss the bushes
Sammy 22 timmar sedan
Egyptian president be like 6:13
Crybotenabled 22 timmar sedan
His father consoling his conscious after helping to orchestrate the greatest act of treason this country has ever known. How special.
Jinny Jones
Jinny Jones 23 timmar sedan
So he doesn't have beared on 2019? Or this video is just a late upload
LA7ERA1U5 23 timmar sedan
Those people look amazing for their ages
rizwan mirza rijju
rizwan mirza rijju 23 timmar sedan
She is my queen.. evry nite I saw her in my dreams.. oh god she damn adorable, gorgeous, beauty and for me she is angel fallen from heaven..
The Dude
The Dude 23 timmar sedan
A bunch of people looking for politicians to solve their problems. That’s why you’ll always be at the bottom.
Vikesh Tailor
Vikesh Tailor 23 timmar sedan
Wow it's insane to think how much of narcissistic, gaslighting, deluded and egotistical insane person he is ... lol you've lost boy, get out the office and let Biden, a real presidential individual handle the presidency. Lol
David Keppler
David Keppler 23 timmar sedan
Meanwhile, they are not harming anyone as ANTIFA does. ie " punch maga in the face" sign at peaceful Trump support in DC. Why aren't you showing any of these facts?
Shih Tzus Rule
Shih Tzus Rule 23 timmar sedan
If you think about it. in the ancient times the water was not safe so people drank fermented drinks. Genetically, these are our ancestors. It is in our genes for centuries to be exposed to alcohol.
David Keppler
David Keppler 23 timmar sedan
So Msm will acknowledge Qanon but no t ANTIFA.? AT least this group is peaceful and wants to learn or discuss topics. ANTIFA is a violent domestic terrorist group, yet no coverage. Great job fake news. #sarcasm.