grateful to be alive..
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What Happened To Us
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Time to Change.
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They Cut Me Out Of Bad Boys...
Finally... WILL SMITH!
Zarwa K
Zarwa K 17 timmar sedan
Love from pakistan Afghanistan have great people and great culture
za 17 timmar sedan
It’s amazing to see how many different cultures there are, it’s very cool.
Grayson McClung
Grayson McClung 17 timmar sedan
At 18:11 Was that a prisoner?
Zebah 17 timmar sedan
I’m so happy someone with such a big platform is showing the true side of my country ❤️🥺 America had made Afghanistan seem so horrible and twisted..
Bianca Valdivia
Bianca Valdivia 17 timmar sedan
Crying, this was incredibly touching, truly wish and hope the country gets better and allows for more tourists, but the people look amazing and interesting
Schnoogans McDuff
Schnoogans McDuff 17 timmar sedan
What an absolutely stunning country. Those Mosques were breathtaking.
Alivia McClung
Alivia McClung 17 timmar sedan
I love the respect that you show every single culture. It’s so beautiful and refreshing!
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Hunter l 17 timmar sedan
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Gacau Sheerow
Gacau Sheerow 17 timmar sedan
This was such a good video We are so ignorant, all we know of Afghanistan is wars but you brought a side no one knew of and thank you amazing content .
New Message
New Message 17 timmar sedan
America still testing their Military power in Afghanistan. If they wanted they would wipe out Taliban in under a year with their technology its all poltics and media. Its a game to them
Jeslyn Tweedie
Jeslyn Tweedie 17 timmar sedan
this is exactly what we need in 2020 - stories like this and perspectives outside of our isolation bubbles. Thank you for documenting and showing these beautiful people and lands
Jen Love
Jen Love 17 timmar sedan
Such a beautiful video. Wow. "Choose Love over Fear" - such a potent and powerful message for the times we are in.
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christian gulde 17 timmar sedan
Yes, this is great. I think this kind of story must be the core of YES Theory, thank you.
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Matt Voss 17 timmar sedan
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Alexander Cr
Alexander Cr 17 timmar sedan
The guide reminds me of Steve O for some reason
Ahmed Hope
Ahmed Hope 17 timmar sedan
i really hate when people use the sentence "the most dangerous country in the world ! " really what i saw in this video is something Amazing & beautiful " they should say the miraculous, historic Ancient country in the world !.
Marko Mandu
Marko Mandu 17 timmar sedan
This video is amazing!!! We all are humans.. imagine if we put aside any prejudice, differences and problems and we help each other.. there would be no limits to reach a great level of happiness!! Thank you for helping Marco
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mishita rustagi 17 timmar sedan
I almost fell off my bed the moment Matt tucked him in😂😂😂 damn 🤣
Natalie Read
Natalie Read 17 timmar sedan
This whole video made me cry. What a beautiful country what a beautiful culture and people. Probably the most mistreated people in the world and they seem to be the most loving and welcoming. The world needs to hear their story. The world needs love over fear. Thank you for helping them. I will definitely be buying your merch to help support you.
anusha ahmed
anusha ahmed 17 timmar sedan
As an Afghan I am actually very humbled and thankful that you guys took the big risk and went to Afghanistan to show us the beauty and the culture. Thank you 🙏
Dajong Hwang
Dajong Hwang 17 timmar sedan
This video makes me want to discover more cultures I wasn't even thinking about till now. You can't compare your life with everyone on this planet but you can shape your life with different perspectives to notice more of this world's beauty.
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Alireza Rokni 17 timmar sedan
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Pardeep Singh XA 17 timmar sedan
Eric Ventures
Eric Ventures 17 timmar sedan
What an incredible experience. It’s absolutely amazing having human to human connections without even speaking the same language. Thank you Thomas and YesTheory for an outstanding video on Afghanistan. I hope to visit one day and absorb the hospital culture that many people don’t hear or are aware of.
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How high is the "Wow"-count ? sick video boys
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Anna Rose Ireland 17 timmar sedan
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Arda Çiftçi
Arda Çiftçi 17 timmar sedan
Even I know missouri as a european
Waste 17 timmar sedan
Your tour guy is lying about the taliban. The taliban wouldn't control 50-70 procent of the country if everyone hated them.
xuchia117 17 timmar sedan
Shit man, this makes me so grateful to what I have. Much respect to the Noor and for the amazing video. You should be very proud
Samer Weimer
Samer Weimer 17 timmar sedan
What happened to that bald guy from Canada
Pierre Roep
Pierre Roep 17 timmar sedan
Very touching, nice to know more about this country. I had no idea.
TarHeels97 17 timmar sedan
Islam is rotten. It is a cancer on this earth
VGN Alz 17 timmar sedan
im literally bawling my eyes out at the part where the kids were playing fuck fuck fuck why does it have to be so dangerous
mats kempenaers
mats kempenaers 17 timmar sedan
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Aryas Aryas 17 timmar sedan
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Surajit Mahanty
Surajit Mahanty 17 timmar sedan
Bro...not sure why you were scared knowing that you had a fully guided tour of a few places for a very limited time. Have you watched @baldandbankrupt . Your santa job at the end was the best part.
Herat Plus
Herat Plus 17 timmar sedan
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Vicky Fadli 17 timmar sedan
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Obaid Harres 17 timmar sedan
Thanks a million to Yes Theory for the contribution.
Kam Schalk
Kam Schalk 17 timmar sedan
Watching this video, I had to take a sec to say that the scene with the children playing warmed my heart. I love that they just opened right up to you and wanted you to come join. It was such a beautiful moment. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Kids are truly amazing.
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jay potter 17 timmar sedan
We have got to get this on 60 minutes and everywhere else, Yes this is something different
Zakia Ahat
Zakia Ahat 17 timmar sedan
Wong Everything you are saying was lies Taliban was not killing as you said you are saying to get money from those people shame on you You are like the rest of the people who takes money in the name of Afghan people and using for their own like the rest of government powerful Once upon a time they didn’t have a donkey now they have billions of dollars Do you know that on the Day of judgment you all will answer in front of Allah SWT ( God ) Taliban love Afghanistan and love Afgha people they never lied to anyone Like Afghan Governments and their agents
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Missouri number 1
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Sup Carl Or Karl
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I see Sh!ts I clicked
I see Sh!ts I clicked 17 timmar sedan
no matter how rich, poor, powerful, and weak we are. but dont forget we are still humans and we have a heart so it doesnt matter how big or small is your house most important thing of being human is the size of their HEART.
jay potter
jay potter 17 timmar sedan
Wow Guy's , I stumbled across your Site at the beginning of the sleepless nights of Covid. Wow this is one of the best videos, so much so I went and bought a Tshirt to help the cause, not that I needed a $40 T-shirt, but to acknowledge the work that you do, Thomas, thank you, Yes Team , keep going!
Chicken Cranberry
Chicken Cranberry 17 timmar sedan
Looks like something you'll find on Minecraft..
Athwulf 17 timmar sedan
For anyone speaking german: Here is another perspective of travelling through Afghanistan. The guy bought a donkey and went through the countryside pretty much on his own.
Sanjeev Sarkar
Sanjeev Sarkar 17 timmar sedan
Plot Twist : Dalai Lama whispered the answer into your ears (as per the question) and nobody knows nothing what he told.
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Smashing Today 17 timmar sedan
I have a lead movie role for Thomas, it’s called “I Know What You Did Last Summer, In the Place Beyond The Pines”
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Moritz Naujoks
Moritz Naujoks 17 timmar sedan
Can you guys use your connections to set up a GoFundMe for Noor and his school? I'd love to help him out. Back in school a few friends and I worked together to set up a little event where all of the earnings would go towards funding refugee camps in our area and I'd like to make a difference like that in a place where it matters even more. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on that either. I've googled him already but couldn't find anything for that. If any of you have a link that he has already set up for that I'd love to get that too. Stay safe guys. Peace.
Timothy Brown
Timothy Brown 17 timmar sedan
Thomas, I admire your courage so much! I would love to join you on these adventures! I miss traveling so much!!!
Benjamin Cassiman
Benjamin Cassiman 17 timmar sedan
Just learned about this channel today, and I never watched so long and so many videos of anything, and they are all GUYS! Luckily some beautiful woman in between! GREAT content, love your mindset YES THEORY
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Esther Okoyen 17 timmar sedan
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Abbas Raza
Abbas Raza 17 timmar sedan
ms.786_ 17 timmar sedan
No way. Hash is not a part of Recent Afghan culture but before Umar ibn Al Khattab conquered Afghanistan. Since then it is forbidden to consume hash and only local retards smoke it.
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Kowla OP 17 timmar sedan
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Charl Tom Janse van Rensburg 17 timmar sedan
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Charl Tom Janse van Rensburg
Charl Tom Janse van Rensburg 17 timmar sedan
Come to south africa 🇿🇦
Charl Tom Janse van Rensburg
Charl Tom Janse van Rensburg 17 timmar sedan
Come to south africa 🇿🇦
Charl Tom Janse van Rensburg
Charl Tom Janse van Rensburg 17 timmar sedan
Come to south africa 🇿🇦