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Mike Perry being Mike Perry
UFC Vegas 3: Weigh-in
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Top Finishes: Curtis Blaydes
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UFC 250: Fight Motion
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UFC 250: Weigh-in
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Rise of Sean O'Malley
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Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick 3 timmar sedan
5:50 Dominick Cruz “Conor can land the left hand whenever he wants” 5:59 Conor missed a super Man punch with his left hand by about 12 inches...
MotoVloggedOUT 3 timmar sedan
4:51 ‘fuck man.’ 😂
Chris Foley
Chris Foley 3 timmar sedan
First time I liked a Woodley fight, him getting beat probably has something to do with it tbh.
Burt Mann
Burt Mann 3 timmar sedan
The good old days before the BS took over UFC
bunbun mukkuri
bunbun mukkuri 3 timmar sedan
Why GSP wasn't able to finish 4RD kimura..... Renzo said GSP should've stayed perpendicular so he could have the right angle. Sakuraba, not referring to this particular fight, said "sit on his face" because head control is as important as attacking arm when doing kimura.
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick 3 timmar sedan
I love Cowboy Cerrone but he’s not a top contender. He crushes the up and comers who aren’t ready but every established name he’s fought mops the floor with him. That’s why Conor chose him as a rebound fight.
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick 3 timmar sedan
Conor, has to fight cowboy Cerrone to try and look like he’s still somehow relevant because that’s the only guy with name recognition he could beat. Well played sir
Faiz Sekeri
Faiz Sekeri 3 timmar sedan
How come Herb Dean isn't held accountable for allowing Conor to cheat from the very start. Khabib protested since the first round. Lets breakdown the fight and see what's up. 1st foul - 3:57 min left in the 1st round, holding the shorts (no warning given). 2nd foul - 3:11 min left in the 1st round, holding the shorts, (1st soft warning given). 3rd foul - 3:40 min left in the 2nd round, interlocking toes with fence (no warning given). 4th foul - 1:37 min left in the 2nd round, illegal knee to the head from the ground (no warning given). 5th foul - 1:32 min left in the 2nd round, interlocking toes with fence (2nd soft warning given). 6th foul - 1:26 min left in the 2nd round, interlocking toes with fence (3rd soft warning given but Conor doesn't acknowledge and continues). 7th foul - 1:14 min left in the 2nd round, interlocking toes with fence (no warning given). 8th foul - 1:38 min left in the 3rd round, holding the shorts (no warning given). 9th foul - 0:24 min left in the 3rd round, grabbing the glove (Herb Dean says "work, work and keep fighting to Khabib" while Conor continues to hold the glove for the rest of the round). At the end of the 3rd round Khabib tells Herb Dean about the numerous fouls commited by Conor. 10th foul - 3:18 min left in the 4th round, grabbing the fence (4th soft warning given). 11th foul - 3:07 min left in the 4th round, interlocking toes with fence (continues to hold the fence for 0:34 min until Khabib pulls him away and again no warning given). 1:58 min left in the 4th round and he taps, i count eleven fouls from the camera's perspective, we don't have a 3d view so who knows how many more he commited. how can a veteren referee allow all this. this message are copied from unknown user from other video. credit to him
Super Monster
Super Monster 3 timmar sedan
Thats the 🕷
Mark pat Joe bill dinosaur
Mark pat Joe bill dinosaur 3 timmar sedan
6:08 why does gsp look like he’s not yet finished washing his car?😂💀
Mark Nope
Mark Nope 3 timmar sedan
The winner by steroids is......
Alejandro Chavez
Alejandro Chavez 3 timmar sedan
The real Van Damme
dude pacific
dude pacific 3 timmar sedan
Did anyone notice Chris pratt and Matt Damon in the second round at around 6:52
ranai Munir
ranai Munir 3 timmar sedan
Floor is like its a butchers shop .....
Bru 3 timmar sedan
New times are coming and it should be THE END for this "sport"
Subscribe Gaming
Subscribe Gaming 3 timmar sedan
Still a great fight!
Terry Cavazos
Terry Cavazos 3 timmar sedan
Good win. Good heart.
G Williams
G Williams 3 timmar sedan
Hooker gasses and quits fighting in the fifth, doesn't want to get hit anymore. Felder was robbed.
William Hunt
William Hunt 3 timmar sedan
jUsT lEt mE bAnG bRo
John Killa
John Killa 3 timmar sedan
Max hits Ortega with a 91 punch combo and Rogan barely acknowledges it Ortega hits Max with a jab that any casual viewer can take and Rogan practically has a mental breakdown on the mic
Johnny R
Johnny R 3 timmar sedan
Scott Maclean
Scott Maclean 3 timmar sedan
2:17 joe Rogan is definitely on the Charlie look at him 😂😂😂😂
Iceshi 3 timmar sedan
*keeps pressing X button for a combo*
ZT 3 timmar sedan
That has to be the best and my favourite victory pose/emote
Schmidty030 3 timmar sedan
This is the same company that banned the 12 to 6 elbow.
The Ritual Channel
The Ritual Channel 3 timmar sedan
One of the most entertaining fights from two living legends of UFC.
Abdul 3 timmar sedan
I watch this fight everyday still cant get enough pinky boy pinky boy this is what happens when you have a big stinking shit mouth
Ken Adams
Ken Adams 3 timmar sedan
I said it on the UG a couple years ago that Woodley is a one trick pony and wouldn't be a dominant champ for long.
Mahmoud Elkirdi
Mahmoud Elkirdi 3 timmar sedan
Marco Cherubini
Marco Cherubini 3 timmar sedan
2 leggends
The Man With Two Cents
The Man With Two Cents 3 timmar sedan
Heartbreaking honestly but a great fight but a great story from both angles never give up! You can be losing for all 4 rounds and still win also a great story told and unfolded pleasure of a fight
bontronblock 3 timmar sedan
3:35 griffin kinda looks like thor...
balmungkai 3 timmar sedan
That line up is gonna be so good!
Mclovin Foever
Mclovin Foever 3 timmar sedan
When you trying to stop your little siblings from having a tantrum 1:20
Badre L
Badre L 3 timmar sedan
When you see the kind of damage you can do, you'll either hold urself back for the rest of your life or your ego will get so bloated you'll try to do maximum damage to everyone you face. It all depends on the type of person you are. Good man Uriah!
Puffer 73
Puffer 73 3 timmar sedan
Just looking at kahbib with his hands up is already scary
Filho wado
Filho wado 3 timmar sedan
Mata leão deveria ser proibido
Mark Paul
Mark Paul 3 timmar sedan
Colby should have went to the body more, something Jorge does extremely well.
nick b
nick b 3 timmar sedan
yoel is always robbed by the refs
Hisham Abdalla
Hisham Abdalla 3 timmar sedan
RIP Abdulmanap
nitromyke 3 timmar sedan
Now we need a Gamebred free fight !!
Don Qey
Don Qey 3 timmar sedan
Can you image Khabib going up against Jones at 200 lbs? He would get wasted. Props to Cormier for being the little big man.
noel deegbe
noel deegbe 3 timmar sedan
What a fight!
long Mike
long Mike 3 timmar sedan
I feel that Usman can't take it anymore, and he has repeatedly fouled people, allowing Usman to recover!
DVeS SpursFan
DVeS SpursFan 3 timmar sedan
When UFC turns into WWE/F
Arcturus 3 timmar sedan
it's still fun to watch
giga126 breadboy
giga126 breadboy 3 timmar sedan
Love how they talk about energy like a stat in a game
oubliette 3 timmar sedan
Thanx for sharing !! Love. Minotauro 4 ever.
Frank Stark
Frank Stark 3 timmar sedan
To be fair, they're getting upset over name calling... sort of chicken shit if you ask me
Timothy Barnett
Timothy Barnett 3 timmar sedan
I've watched a lot of fights. And I can honestly say that is probably. Top three fights that I've ever watched. And I swear Isaac Mendez won that fight
Mamadou Diallo
Mamadou Diallo 3 timmar sedan
Conor : why post this fight? UFC: it's just business.
Ryne Agheilim
Ryne Agheilim 3 timmar sedan
Victor Belfort xD
jawad Jani
jawad Jani 3 timmar sedan
Unbelivible zabit
Zach Young
Zach Young 3 timmar sedan
Wakanda !!!
ken ken
ken ken 3 timmar sedan
Dana ...are you banging that ????????????
J Wales
J Wales 3 timmar sedan
Slice is one scary dude
luciano almeida
luciano almeida 3 timmar sedan
Queria ver essa nova geração encarar uma fera dessa
PMGB 3 timmar sedan
I'd really like to see Usman develop his hook. Every time he threw it it landed because the threat of the right hand makes a southpaw lean to his right. Great job with those body shots early too.
C S Ramwa
C S Ramwa 3 timmar sedan
Ronda can't win any match without takedown
jose soto
jose soto 3 timmar sedan
Khabib style is so corny. That’s why nobody hears of him plus he ducked tony so many times. Pussy boy idc if Ferguson lost. Khabib wouldn’t fight him.
Sandijs Visnakovs
Sandijs Visnakovs 3 timmar sedan
I cant belive chael lost this of his stupid mistake
Marcus Aetius
Marcus Aetius 3 timmar sedan
To quick a call.
boba.design 3 timmar sedan
This post fight interview is sad af. He’ll never be champ
Dave richards
Dave richards 3 timmar sedan
Pathetic fanboy commentary by cruz
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 3 timmar sedan
One sided fight.. (4) words Dom. In. Nat. Ion.
Demetrios Mustakas Jr.
Demetrios Mustakas Jr. 3 timmar sedan
Candidate for "Fight of the Year"
Alan Makeyev
Alan Makeyev 4 timmar sedan
if sambo was easy it would be called jiu jitsu!👊🏻💪🏻
John Avila
John Avila 4 timmar sedan
When did common start fighting I. The ufc
Antonio Jimenez
Antonio Jimenez 4 timmar sedan
Am I the only one that thinks Usman striking is just sloppy af?
Aquilew Service
Aquilew Service 4 timmar sedan
No se rindió, lo de Machida es para destacar un gran peleador, eso es un guerrero hasta el final.
Maurice lovett
Maurice lovett 4 timmar sedan
Carlos Aguirre
Carlos Aguirre 4 timmar sedan
Not even Donald (Duck) Trump could save Colby.
Keanu Gibran Al Khayru
Keanu Gibran Al Khayru 4 timmar sedan
Khabib is not going out beacause he is protecting him
Sam I Am
Sam I Am 4 timmar sedan
19:46 Conor couldn't even look him in the eyes
max Shu
max Shu 4 timmar sedan
Белых угнетают
Paijan Sonny
Paijan Sonny 4 timmar sedan
Burn is beast 👍
MR. CAPITAL 4 timmar sedan
I thought Damian Maia was Lyotto Machida 😂😂😂
Prince EQz
Prince EQz 4 timmar sedan
That takedown won Hooker the fight
johannnsen rotellini
johannnsen rotellini 4 timmar sedan
Peter remindeds me of khabib
А&M Last name
А&M Last name 4 timmar sedan
Бомбический бой, Ян на высоте!
Kevin Zuniga
Kevin Zuniga 4 timmar sedan
Fabricio has the body of an alcoholic
howard cunningham
howard cunningham 4 timmar sedan
y is tate going for takedowns?
DETECÇÃO E HOBBY. 4 timmar sedan
resumindo o ufc,esporte para futuros doentes mentais.
Mark May
Mark May 4 timmar sedan
UFH 4 timmar sedan
Aaaaaaaand there he goes.
Nick Patterson
Nick Patterson 4 timmar sedan
Not a good stoppage idc you can’t be satisfied with that win they gotta run it back Colby was winning da fight
Matthew 4 timmar sedan
George is the GOAT, but GD this moment was so spectacular. I was in a small bar where barely anyone was watching, I nearly flipped a table over freaking out and yelling like crazy.
Jarred Eckman
Jarred Eckman 4 timmar sedan
really? JOE-SAy? I tried to hold off as long as I could....who doesn't know its HOSaY? Sigh.
Tom Broome-Jones
Tom Broome-Jones 4 timmar sedan
Holloway's performance in this fight is one of the best I've ever seen. He slips countless punches, snuffs every takedown, escapes every clinch, strings together combos like it's a damn video game. He broke Ortega's spirit so bad that the man hasn't stepped foot in the Octagon since. Next level shit. It's like he had a cheat code activated.
Sony Emerson
Sony Emerson 4 timmar sedan
Why jones scream like a girl?
امير عباس
امير عباس 4 timmar sedan
حبيب 🤲🏻🤲🏻🇮🇶🇮🇶
Dreksan Dessan
Dreksan Dessan 4 timmar sedan
Забит, это жестко! Привет с Москвы.
Sam I Am
Sam I Am 4 timmar sedan
Conor just felt the power of islam.
Erwin Erwin
Erwin Erwin 4 timmar sedan
Great fight
Denny Garrett
Denny Garrett 4 timmar sedan
Covington definitely whopped his ass till the end usman got his shots in and ended it true champion DNA
myqocksobig Clips
myqocksobig Clips 4 timmar sedan
Here what I can see is that khabib is afraid of getting hit by a striker like Conor so he tries the little more easy way that is wrestling
Clayton Robertson
Clayton Robertson 4 timmar sedan
Wicked good. Lol
yasee chaudhry
yasee chaudhry 4 timmar sedan
In and out of love with you, Woodley to his right hand 😁😂
Furious Rivera
Furious Rivera 4 timmar sedan
Woodley looks spooked. Woodley is just gassed out when fighting the top tier fighter's ... maybe he can be a gate keeper
Miracle Zhimo
Miracle Zhimo 4 timmar sedan
Hell of s fight... Colby deserves a rematch 💦