MY NEW HOUSE!! **Full Home Tour**
It’s over...
3 månader sedan
What are we going to do now...
how did I end up like this...
this is the end.
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JSaints 9 timmar sedan
She’s 10/10 Brandon
Zayda El-Husseini
Zayda El-Husseini 9 timmar sedan
I just run around my whole house jumping around that he had a new girlfriend and it was a prank
Jess charlebois
Jess charlebois 9 timmar sedan
Team Vanessa for sure
Jeezy Yeezy
Jeezy Yeezy 9 timmar sedan
Shes so fine
Camila Urrea-Murcia
Camila Urrea-Murcia 9 timmar sedan
His hair is not even big and he want cut
KhanLT 9 timmar sedan
They just to good to not be true
Hindustani Gamer Parth
Hindustani Gamer Parth 9 timmar sedan
There was booker at the end there
Juan Diego Gutierrez
Juan Diego Gutierrez 9 timmar sedan
He’s into latinas lol😂
Aishath Rasheedhaa
Aishath Rasheedhaa 9 timmar sedan
You both look so beautiful together
padma markin
padma markin 9 timmar sedan
it was funny the way he was scared of the dog
shyfraan sahebdin
shyfraan sahebdin 9 timmar sedan
Okayy i really like her vibe
Brian M
Brian M 9 timmar sedan
Ive gon 4 months
Devvardhan agarwal
Devvardhan agarwal 9 timmar sedan
Jackie watching like
Going insane!!!
Going insane!!! 9 timmar sedan
But you said that you are getting married with her !!
j gaming
j gaming 9 timmar sedan
Sup my name is jay & im also a big fan of brawadis he inspired me to make youtube videos i make gaming videos tho i would appreciate it if you can check my channel out you won't regret it
MANNY VLOGS 9 timmar sedan
Sorry jackie :)
Kidfury productions
Kidfury productions 9 timmar sedan
Bruh Jackie way better Vanessa lookin like she’s 30 lol
Slayz Fn
Slayz Fn 9 timmar sedan
She uses him for clout
Afantacy 9 timmar sedan
8:44 is jackie seeing this😂???
BC_ Lyon
BC_ Lyon 9 timmar sedan
She looks nice on the outside but the inside she sounds a little of.
Dylan Castillo
Dylan Castillo 9 timmar sedan
Lola running to him Him. Screams
Hęllø hellos
Hęllø hellos 9 timmar sedan
this is like Silent Library like if agree! 👇
Legit Gamez 137
Legit Gamez 137 9 timmar sedan
he a SIMP
Onejeff215 9 timmar sedan
When he said they were just friends I thought he was gonna say she's pregnant 😆
Prateek sapra
Prateek sapra 9 timmar sedan
Date u2
i have the same acer laptop
Lima _Turska
Lima _Turska 9 timmar sedan
Rug was a little drunk
Mike Vlogs 33
Mike Vlogs 33 9 timmar sedan
Jackie is better than vannessa facts no hate
Holly rodriguez
Holly rodriguez 9 timmar sedan
Xswerty 9 timmar sedan
the dog part I'm dead lol
Mike Vlogs 33
Mike Vlogs 33 9 timmar sedan
Brawadis loves forigners
Alpha Delta
Alpha Delta 9 timmar sedan
Summer ray ,vanessa ,or jackie who does he like more
ana Arroyo
ana Arroyo 9 timmar sedan
When she laughed and said okay put it up with a straight face 😂😂
Fadi Hamani
Fadi Hamani 9 timmar sedan
yo bro. you are weak person. you can't live your life whithout a girl. i mean you need to grow up. and people like you need to understand that the life. it's not about a person or 2
Ssg Channel
Ssg Channel 9 timmar sedan
My brother doesnt take a hair cut for like 1 month or more and his hair is a bush
No Name
No Name 9 timmar sedan
Who the hell gets a haircut after 4 days why not just get bald
Athena Neuschwander
Athena Neuschwander 9 timmar sedan
Does Brandon just wait for his haircut all week😂
Haider Khan
Haider Khan 9 timmar sedan
Ali is too much 😂
Karl Georr
Karl Georr 9 timmar sedan
me who doesnt cut my hair for at least 6 months😳
Jake playzFort
Jake playzFort 9 timmar sedan
Good vibes from Vanessa
Obey -
Obey - 9 timmar sedan
Madcuz Bad
Madcuz Bad 9 timmar sedan
This is starting to become so corny literally every video is my girlfriend this my girlfriend that so unoriginal
MTX Pef4ever
MTX Pef4ever 9 timmar sedan
Good thing you are happy now Not. Plz date date date
Luthel Brooker
Luthel Brooker 9 timmar sedan
Robert Romero
Robert Romero 9 timmar sedan
I actually ship them
Xr_ ismael210
Xr_ ismael210 9 timmar sedan
playerboyee 9 timmar sedan
Vanessa better than Jackie
XING SAVAGE 9 timmar sedan
I myself think that its a perfect couple
Maddox Snyder
Maddox Snyder 10 timmar sedan
I don’t like this new girl
DeVIL zz.
DeVIL zz. 10 timmar sedan
Jackie loves supporting huh!!!!Seen it
T B 10 timmar sedan
When Ali pop came in with the shout-out that’s how you know it’s gonna be a good vid still subbed to him lol from when he tried to vlog been watching before you hit a milli we grew up and became men together keep striving to be the best you
T B 9 timmar sedan
“That’s two no’s in a month” momma rug is a savage
T B 9 timmar sedan
Where’s Paul the barber?
Orlando 2x
Orlando 2x 10 timmar sedan
m makeyla
m makeyla 10 timmar sedan
Jake playzFort
Jake playzFort 10 timmar sedan
Rewatch this video 2 times already buy the she has a good addtude and makes me smile but she has a good personality
Ismael Rico
Ismael Rico 10 timmar sedan
Her ass is not big like Jackie’s
Dark Skies
Dark Skies 10 timmar sedan
Rug look high asf
- 10 timmar sedan
the way he said actress seemed kinda sus🧐 what type of actress💀
Mandy de Grooth
Mandy de Grooth 10 timmar sedan
Brandon you are so cute! I love the way you ALL celebrate Christmas and gifts.. I’m the kind of person like Jaqz who buys for literally everyone!! It’s all about giving and seeing them smile 🥰 POWA!
Cielloss !
Cielloss ! 10 timmar sedan
I subscribed at 46k but man this shit ain’t the same no more I wish you the best brawadis
Cielloss !
Cielloss ! 10 timmar sedan
Damn bro this shit feel so fake now
Aquafina YT
Aquafina YT 10 timmar sedan
He really scared of lola🤣🤣
cfyz 10 timmar sedan
inside vanessa's mind, shes like, please dont mention its a prank
Qt Axspect
Qt Axspect 10 timmar sedan
I was soooo happy :(
ActiveGus 10 timmar sedan
Rug said the same thing “very good friends”
Crestin Brews
Crestin Brews 10 timmar sedan
Faze rug is the cameraman
7k subs for this egg notis on
7k subs for this egg notis on 10 timmar sedan
Who’s better Like = Vanessa Comment = Jackie
Scientific Cuber
Scientific Cuber 10 timmar sedan
11:29 Welcome
JP’s Clan
JP’s Clan 10 timmar sedan
Brandon: FoUr DaYs without a haircut Me whos been 7 month without a haircut:
2k subs for this egg with notifications on
2k subs for this egg with notifications on 10 timmar sedan
“Only one person who likes this will be a billionaire” “good luck”🍀
2k subs for this egg with notifications on
2k subs for this egg with notifications on 10 timmar sedan
Who’s better Like = Vanessa Comment = Jackie
Dk king
Dk king 10 timmar sedan
Haters soch
2k subs for this egg with notifications on
2k subs for this egg with notifications on 10 timmar sedan
“What’s your favorite app” Like: SEshow Reply: Tiktok
Adam Glinke
Adam Glinke 9 timmar sedan
Both are good
Leandro Hana
Leandro Hana 10 timmar sedan
His clippers broke so he had to bring the Suns because clippers lost to the biggest comeback vs nuggets
Camille Jane Del Rosario
Camille Jane Del Rosario 10 timmar sedan
Check 7:03 you will be surprice.!! 😱 im fucking shock!! 😱🙌👏
Victoria Campobello
Victoria Campobello 10 timmar sedan
Lola knows that he don’t dogs so she’s trying to have fun with him hahaha
Mitchell Kukkun
Mitchell Kukkun 10 timmar sedan
anthony fuckin stoned AF
Kevin Antonio
Kevin Antonio 10 timmar sedan
do friends kiss?😂
Yahir Sanchez
Yahir Sanchez 10 timmar sedan
I’m so happy for Brandon 😊
Kevin Antonio
Kevin Antonio 10 timmar sedan
very good friends.. friends with benefits 😂
K3V1N 10 timmar sedan
I hope Brawadis starts baseball agian l I’ve those vlogs
deV SejwaL
deV SejwaL 10 timmar sedan
All scripted as usual