ATTACKED at Bondi Beach
3 månader sedan
LOST Children at Bondi Beach
Perverts CAUGHT at Bondi Beach
Noah Forsyth
Noah Forsyth 6 minuter sedan
Why is it all GERMANS???
Smash Craft
Smash Craft 17 minuter sedan
I thought bondi was closed due to covid
Lionel Pham
Lionel Pham 29 minuter sedan
Why are you even supposed to be topless on a beach especially if there’s children around
Paul 56 minuter sedan
Good job!
Itz_Myra Skylight
Itz_Myra Skylight 58 minuter sedan
This is one deadly beach 👁💧👄💧👁
xAce Timme sedan
“You can’t swim here mate,” “ *yes I can* “
Beckett Shapiro
Beckett Shapiro Timme sedan
Amelia House
Amelia House Timme sedan
And this is why I don like the beach
Rose Parks
Rose Parks Timme sedan
John Knoxville
John Knoxville Timme sedan
the physical touch and hand-holding are so important for patients with shock. they feel vulnerable. thank you for doing this.
Mr Khokhar
Mr Khokhar Timme sedan
Gthis bkk guy need 50 lashes on his asses
Mayunicorn 4life
Mayunicorn 4life Timme sedan
I ain’t going to the beach no mo I don’t care if they had this jelly fish or not I’m hated the beach anyways
Harrison Kyaw
Harrison Kyaw Timme sedan
I did not want to be it
Ammy m
Ammy m 2 timmar sedan
whats wrong with Chinese moms?? are they are really careless..
Fun and active Kids
Fun and active Kids 2 timmar sedan
Like you crazy
Averee Shelton
Averee Shelton 2 timmar sedan
why did they not just break it in the first place?! Literally 15 minutes? Just break the freaking window as soon as you release the door is locked
Archie Gillibrand
Archie Gillibrand 2 timmar sedan
I Love Bondi resu
Alan Mohomed
Alan Mohomed 2 timmar sedan
Sünfłöwër Babîî
Sünfłöwër Babîî 3 timmar sedan
7:39 “daddy!.. Daddy!..” I bet the dad was crying...
Isla Colin
Isla Colin 3 timmar sedan
Mouse is always making mistakes 😆
lily loves dogs
lily loves dogs 4 timmar sedan
My friends name is manny
CACTUS_XD 4 timmar sedan
5:47 me when my brother gets in trouble.
Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy 4 timmar sedan
you do a great job lads i wonder how many people would die if you lot were not there.
Lilsii 5 timmar sedan
The whole time he was standing up on the board surfing I was Iike: I hope he falls off! (But it wasn’t him-)
Ryleigh Sophia
Ryleigh Sophia 5 timmar sedan
I felt like my soul fell out when he lifted the skin lol
hxlly_xxo 5 timmar sedan
my eyes...
Averee Shelton
Averee Shelton 5 timmar sedan
*Story time* :3 I was in a pool with my cousins and we were wrestling, then I went under water because my hair was tangled so I was trying to smooth it out, so I came up and started to take a deep (Deeeeeeep) breath because I was under for a while.... pArT tWo At 200 LiKeS (I'm just kidding) So my older cousin accidentally pushed me back down and I breathed in a lot of water I swear I couldn't breath for like 30 seconds. .-. I was coughing up water, I threw up a bit. But yeah. That's the story of how I almost died.
Alice Remu
Alice Remu 5 timmar sedan
Mason Slack
Mason Slack 5 timmar sedan
That was scary
Mommy Jacob
Mommy Jacob 5 timmar sedan
Smash the window! Immediately! Thats it.
Høneycømb Bee
Høneycømb Bee 5 timmar sedan
I’m allergic to nothing and I feel bad
Haleigh Collins
Haleigh Collins 5 timmar sedan
sea snakes are not the worse snake its Many snake experts have cited the black mamba and the coastal taipan as the world's most dangerous, albeit not the most venomous snakes. Both species are elapids, and in several aspects of morphology, ecology and behaviour, the coastal taipan is strongly convergent with the black mamba.
Reginaldo 1
Reginaldo 1 5 timmar sedan
yaboy DREW
yaboy DREW 5 timmar sedan
hold on is this in flordia ?
Icee A
Icee A 6 timmar sedan
I know y’all saw that cake at 1:07 too.... 😏
Lilly Craig
Lilly Craig 6 timmar sedan
Fiona was so nice when she was relocating her nee
Always The Of truth
Always The Of truth 6 timmar sedan
Lesson learn stop showing your private parts on public .
Blaze 6 timmar sedan
Amazing job boys best thing every I have seen this trip that you guys did made me cry and laugh and made me quite happy and sad at the same time but amazing job
Dorrito4ever 6 timmar sedan
She was korean xd
Blaze 7 timmar sedan
I know that I am 5 years late but I’m bisexual right now and have anxiety and almost attempted suicide but I didn’t and what’s wrong about this generation is that it’s a trend to be depressed it’s a trend to have anxiety I’m 13 and it’s just wrong. Homophobic people stay out of my life thank you Bondi you helped me through my toughest times
Bobson Zubbe
Bobson Zubbe 7 timmar sedan
Who’s watching in 2036?
a pedofile with a chicken suit
a pedofile with a chicken suit 7 timmar sedan
topless girls : no photos , no photos .. JUST VIDEOS.
OR Sc0ut OP
OR Sc0ut OP 7 timmar sedan
Literally i m happy to hear the word "INDIA" b'coz i m indian
Latifa JIMIN
Latifa JIMIN 8 timmar sedan
Icee A
Icee A 8 timmar sedan
Why are there people complaining about the woman being topless? It’s a life or death situation, saving the life is the top priority.... Pretty sure she’d want to be saved.... 🤦‍♂️
SneakyNinja123 9 timmar sedan
What dose the green gas taste like
Ryan Evans
Ryan Evans 9 timmar sedan
I want me some of that green whistle
t r e x s h a v e s h o r t a r m s
t r e x s h a v e s h o r t a r m s 9 timmar sedan
rando surfer dude:why because my hairs long?... police officer: yes ur under arrest me:* thinking i’m so lucky i cut my hair
Darryl Hart
Darryl Hart 10 timmar sedan
Why is it I knew it would be Asians even before I clicked the video?
Andr3w Banu3ulos
Andr3w Banu3ulos 11 timmar sedan
I love nature
Pie Sison
Pie Sison 11 timmar sedan
Suddenly I just sit straight coz of this...
Ihsann San
Ihsann San 11 timmar sedan
Seeing Steve Irwin in the video 😭😢
Older Account
Older Account 12 timmar sedan
HELP I cant stop watching
jackson pyle
jackson pyle 12 timmar sedan
Ca. Some one plz edit when he throws sand 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
darlene lomboan
darlene lomboan 12 timmar sedan
I dont't feel like its the lifeguard's mistake. Them visitors on the beach should of known what theyre doing. For example they dont know how to swim and they just hop into the water like that, almost as comitting suicide
Jennie Do
Jennie Do 12 timmar sedan
jethros hair is cool so cool i hope that lady is ok
KyraRichard Tali
KyraRichard Tali 13 timmar sedan
Feel like he’s saying Chinacay that a language
Danny Letty
Danny Letty 13 timmar sedan
That’s it when I have kids I’m not taking them to the beach..I don’t care if they hate me lol
hxlly_xxo 13 timmar sedan
why does his a** look like those powdered buns from woolies?
Isobelle Dean
Isobelle Dean 13 timmar sedan
Wow! Bondi lifeguards are real life superheroes! I just want to say thank you for helping everyone and saving tons of lives! 💖💖😊😊
Agustina Nievas
Agustina Nievas 13 timmar sedan
with this video i found out it is not pronounced bondee. I'm a fool
Oceansmile27 14 timmar sedan
Yo this kid is messed up
Little Miss Lepørad
Little Miss Lepørad 14 timmar sedan
Mario bugs me ;-;
Kiera Henderson
Kiera Henderson 14 timmar sedan
those teenagers be a little fat be challenging skinny ass life gourds
The Wolfie Gang
The Wolfie Gang 14 timmar sedan
When he went up on the serf board me:how he do that?!?!
Devon Pendleton
Devon Pendleton 15 timmar sedan
Life guard: “he’s not a good swimmer either” Wife: “He’s a good swimmer also” Life guard again:"Yea I know I know"
Joseph Chavez
Joseph Chavez 15 timmar sedan
Who else is throat get clogged while watching this
Skede Pikken
Skede Pikken 15 timmar sedan
14:14 camera zooms to the crotch of lifeguard, who has a hard on. Lifeguard is pervert. Call Police. Now Police has hard on. Call Other Police.
Kiera Henderson
Kiera Henderson 15 timmar sedan
I don't think I want to go to bondi beach
Kiera Henderson
Kiera Henderson 15 timmar sedan
all the young kids be wearing white t shirts
Alejandro Hernandez
Alejandro Hernandez 15 timmar sedan
The camera man just watching him in pain
Riley Jones
Riley Jones 15 timmar sedan
It is like the hardest game of where is waldo
Kiera Henderson
Kiera Henderson 15 timmar sedan
I need that green stick honestly
Kiera Henderson
Kiera Henderson 15 timmar sedan
the poor kid
Mika-Ella 16 timmar sedan
0:34 did i hear ""my wife""
AZIZI EL BEY 16 timmar sedan
She's dead