25 dagar sedan
Decorum Plays
Decorum Plays Timme sedan
Juicy Polar Bear
Juicy Polar Bear Timme sedan
Bro these people are such bad actors 😂
Baldinho. Timme sedan
13:40 anyone else saw the triangle ruler thing?
NEOSVN 2 timmar sedan
12:03 im crying so hard 'why were you in the corner like that'
NEOSVN 2 timmar sedan
kenny sprinting after Niko in a wig made me cry so bad 7:51
Anne Frank
Anne Frank 2 timmar sedan
I feel so sorry for these people 😂
Pringll 2 timmar sedan
vids prob great havent watched it but ngl the title kinda bait
Beckie Fox
Beckie Fox 2 timmar sedan
Him: *stares blankly at her* Was that your laugh? Why you laughing like that 😂
babbatv 2 timmar sedan
Beckie Fox
Beckie Fox 2 timmar sedan
Him: I like your earrings Her: Aww thank you Him: I was lying 😂
allyy g
allyy g 3 timmar sedan
abandoned insane asylum !!!
seasickbogan 3 timmar sedan
rich Opinions
rich Opinions 3 timmar sedan
Kenny is fkn dumb 😂
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu 3 timmar sedan
SEshow is sus
amy clarke
amy clarke 3 timmar sedan
niko made this funny
RIP Gaming
RIP Gaming 3 timmar sedan
It’s apples fault that it broke
musaf40 4 timmar sedan
stop copying the sidemen
botz black
botz black 4 timmar sedan
who wants a sdmn and a beta squad in a video
Gian Kleinsmith
Gian Kleinsmith 4 timmar sedan
niko and kenny is the worse , they not funny 😂😂😂
¡!Bee¡!¡Panda!¡ 4 timmar sedan
¡!Bee¡!¡Panda!¡ 4 timmar sedan
Did he say a bonda is a nice shaped "r" huh..?
Activexiti 5 timmar sedan
"Why is he filming?" "Oh it's for our Starbucks documentary called 'Be Quiet' idk?"
Dan Costello
Dan Costello 5 timmar sedan
"Skinny fat bastard" ... do you want to have another run at that Gib? 😂
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu 3 timmar sedan
‘That tall skinny fat bastard Nikon’ 😂😂😂
Raymond Johnston
Raymond Johnston 6 timmar sedan
That homeless crackhead was disgusting
Aleena Khan
Aleena Khan 6 timmar sedan
Model behavior 💋
DemolitionerX1 6 timmar sedan
Id pay to watch this become a series
Aleena Khan
Aleena Khan 6 timmar sedan
2:52 Literally the 2 Mafias simultaneously rubbed their hands together... if that wasn't a dead giveaway idk what is
brooke Huskey
brooke Huskey 6 timmar sedan
You guys are almost the same as the sidemen
Pelican 6 timmar sedan
You man are too funny
Crabby Scrabby
Crabby Scrabby 6 timmar sedan
BAIT(a) squad
Abdi Mohamud
Abdi Mohamud 6 timmar sedan
It would’ve been way better if he sided with chunkz in the last round and he got convinced that he would win but niko would vote for chunkz last second 😂😂
Aleena Khan
Aleena Khan 7 timmar sedan
i know it's like 3 days late, but.. well yeah that's the end of that comment. Enjoy :)
Kick Starter
Kick Starter 7 timmar sedan
good job
GamingButNotReally 7 timmar sedan
Tyrone Smith he said
JON CENA45 8 timmar sedan
More of theseeee
Ashirai mpho Dhliwayo
Ashirai mpho Dhliwayo 9 timmar sedan
Niko : this total stranger didn't kiss me.......I wonder y
Fame Style
Fame Style 9 timmar sedan
here i was thinking Gib was Loia the whole time 😂😂
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 9 timmar sedan
Kenny is a child entertainer so he was gutted she wasn’t 15
Clara Agyekum-Antwi
Clara Agyekum-Antwi 9 timmar sedan
why did Kenny's snoring sound like my phone vibrating
Night 10 timmar sedan
My brain cells.... Hahahahaha
free to play gaming
free to play gaming 11 timmar sedan
Is it just me or there black sidemen
Musie Woldeab
Musie Woldeab 11 timmar sedan
I lost it when he said "Smith"
DSA JLR 11 timmar sedan
Tf lmao I thought it was who’s black not white😂😂😂
Cat Lover
Cat Lover 11 timmar sedan
among us 2.0
Jenna Hyser
Jenna Hyser 12 timmar sedan
They were so rude to them until they saw their faces.
Slim_ Innater
Slim_ Innater 12 timmar sedan
Aj I have hope y’all win
robert mosquera
robert mosquera 12 timmar sedan
Bro when he said “she’s 15” bro, Kenny really became the child entertainer
bilij pdan
bilij pdan 12 timmar sedan
Don’t ever partner me with Chunkz again.
Judah Smith
Judah Smith 12 timmar sedan
I am a simple man, I see chunkz I click
G sta R boys
G sta R boys 12 timmar sedan
Kenny killed it, wish the mandem jumped out and rushed the Pussio with the stank breath
Kamaran Tawfiq
Kamaran Tawfiq 13 timmar sedan
If I was u I would have beat the flip out of that guy
MaliSeason 13 timmar sedan
Is it me or did u think Deno driz and chunks was the same person for ages
TC SWAG 13 timmar sedan
Lmaoo copying the sidemen
Redi 12 timmar sedan
Im a Sidemen fan but they weren't the first to do it either...
Pan-Aggie 13 timmar sedan
AJ is so adorable 😭😭
Guest I
Guest I 13 timmar sedan
You're not gonna use the wide angle are you?
ZORO 13 timmar sedan
11:58 lmaoooo
Diana Costa
Diana Costa 14 timmar sedan
Ayyy big up São Tomé 🇸🇹🙌🏾
Ak Go
Ak Go 14 timmar sedan
She likes dons from Sussex and dem place there. You alright gheez, 😂😂😂
Tareq Rahman
Tareq Rahman 14 timmar sedan
Ngl you shouldn’t be allowed to speak whilst playing unless you are discussing at the emergency table. But this is jokes, I can’t wait for a part 2.
Rich Walk
Rich Walk 14 timmar sedan
Didn't show the bit where you all jump out the van and put it on him and you all shit a brick lol
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 9 timmar sedan
On week they got 1 mil
Rich Walk
Rich Walk 14 timmar sedan
That was my mate he is a cage fighter you're lucky that's all he did play with fire you get burnt pmsl
Ak Go
Ak Go 14 timmar sedan
You need to do this type of video of again!!! Please. After lockdown
TAIT LARSEN 14 timmar sedan
what about chunkz
Ariana Grande fan xx
Ariana Grande fan xx 15 timmar sedan
pray mat omg luv u chunks
TheBizzyBScience 15 timmar sedan
good show!
Cheeky Cheek
Cheeky Cheek 15 timmar sedan
12:17 you didn't blur the face of the employee
Infinite_ Ubby
Infinite_ Ubby 15 timmar sedan
Nah tbh they should’ve said Finish the sentence Salt and vi......
Herbie Cooksley
Herbie Cooksley 15 timmar sedan
apparently chunks' people are half of the population
AL 21
AL 21 15 timmar sedan
The Pakistani guy who went to call his grandma was so pure loool
Oscar North
Oscar North 15 timmar sedan
bilij pdan
bilij pdan 12 timmar sedan
19:33 Niko could've just switched up on Chunkz so that the crewmates would win
Eitan Malkiel
Eitan Malkiel 15 timmar sedan
Who remembers ama poosay
Bill Bekele
Bill Bekele 15 timmar sedan
Easy question to win the game : Say the n word
A9 Schweinstiger
A9 Schweinstiger 16 timmar sedan
A9 Schweinstiger
A9 Schweinstiger 16 timmar sedan
11:39 why did I see that coming?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
A9 Schweinstiger
A9 Schweinstiger 16 timmar sedan
They think they’re so cool when doing the weights montage for Kenny but the challenge is to lose weight, not to gain muscle. Gaining muscle could actually make you a bit heavier because muscle adds weight.
SpectrumHenz 16 timmar sedan
I am really sad because all my friends are talking behind my back plz help with some advice 😭
pacific637 14 timmar sedan
get a job bro
Josh Cook
Josh Cook 16 timmar sedan
They live in Buckinghamshire I saw this house
Jasraj Dhillon
Jasraj Dhillon 16 timmar sedan
19:17 gib skinny fat 😂😂
Manetti Ist Raus
Manetti Ist Raus 16 timmar sedan
That game is Actually Among us
Tripping With Anna
Tripping With Anna 16 timmar sedan
man said la-gos😂😂😂