joseph031098 8 timmar sedan
It’s Marvocane btw, but it’s pretty hard to reach the lungs from the ribs, there’s 2 layers that separate the lungs from the rib bones, he had to have been distracted or just didn’t know what he was doing. I know that and I’m just a Hospital Corpsman
Emon Johnson
Emon Johnson 8 timmar sedan
Are those books fake in the background
Panthro 8 timmar sedan
Tyrod can't catch a break, wow.
Jacob Boaden
Jacob Boaden 8 timmar sedan
Father Time is still undefeated. 🖕 drew brees. His arm went with his spine and integrity
JD K 8 timmar sedan
Case in point: Jamies Winston crazy good fantasy player, not so good NFL player
Live Die And Respawn
Live Die And Respawn 8 timmar sedan
Can we all just admit tyrod is always hurt? Especially his ribs? I swear this is like the 10th time in 5 years he's had rib issues...
Farro Tookie
Farro Tookie 8 timmar sedan
Plot twist Tom n gronk holdin out 😭
Derrick White
Derrick White 8 timmar sedan
I mean, yes his arm is done, but that doesn't mean much. Rivers arm has been done for 4 years and he still put up an mvp caliber season with it and he isn't half as accurate as Brees is. Brees never really had much of an arm anyway. Just smart and accurate.
DJTHABEST123 8 timmar sedan
I play Games
I play Games 8 timmar sedan
Dang I wish I wouldn’t have to wear a mouthpiece
southpaw 8 timmar sedan
This show has a casual touch that I think most major network shows are missing. I can’t get enough of the banter between Pat, AJ, and Aaron. It feels like your sitting down and talking sports with the boys.
Infected Monkey
Infected Monkey 8 timmar sedan
I only like Aaron Rodgers because he was on this show lol! Thanks Pat!.
Brap 69HD
Brap 69HD 8 timmar sedan
They're saying drew doesn't have any arm strength left at all.
chewyismycopilot 8 timmar sedan
Aaron should move Chicago, win a couple Super Bowls for the bears, get a house in wrigleyville and live proudly as a gay man. What could make a man happier than utilizing his talents to their full potential and truly living as himself
Ernest Perri
Ernest Perri 8 timmar sedan
Weren't you the crybaby shedding tears for BLM?
Bob Davidson
Bob Davidson 8 timmar sedan
It's not a mask! It's a muzzle !
rean seou
rean seou 8 timmar sedan
He hasn’t get any balls
douglas gawitt
douglas gawitt 8 timmar sedan
Aj’s eye explosion had me in tears 😂😂😂😂😂
K J 8 timmar sedan
I feel like another big thing no one talking bout is why the Chargers trynna get Tyrod to play with broke ribs? lol
Jason Crandall
Jason Crandall 8 timmar sedan
$9mil decoy. Nice.
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown 8 timmar sedan
66 ppl have broken thumbs
S1ICK 8 timmar sedan
Weren’t people saying this 3 years ago?
Slim 8 timmar sedan
stevee c
stevee c 8 timmar sedan
Gronk's over rated Bill Belichick is a badass coach
Leo 8 timmar sedan
i wouldnt throw it at 44 from baltimore everytime
ritzzzey gaming
ritzzzey gaming 8 timmar sedan
Drop EA in ALL sports games fifa sucks ufc sucks madden sucks they've dropped nothing but turds
ritzzzey gaming
ritzzzey gaming 8 timmar sedan
Can't speak on NHL
Orlando Villarreal
Orlando Villarreal 8 timmar sedan
JD Clowney 1st season ending knee injury was due to a patch in the turf In reliant stadium in Houston.
Sean Tyson
Sean Tyson 8 timmar sedan
He's washed
James Siddons
James Siddons 8 timmar sedan
Is it possible the dr. Purposely did this so they could start air 🐻 with all thats going on in USA now it would be the easy out excuse to start air 🐻 over tyrod Taylor
John Agozzino
John Agozzino 8 timmar sedan
Pat set this all up with his respect toward Rodgers on draft day. Aaron recognized where he was being appreciated and protected and reciprocated. Brilliant move by Pat on draft day not to go back to Aaron after QB drafted and kill the golden Goose.
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 9 timmar sedan
Pat is wrong about a lot. He’s a sensationalist type of person. He doesn’t form his own opinion and he goes by what the people of Twitter yell at him
Jonatron 88
Jonatron 88 9 timmar sedan
If its the turf, why didn't a ton of Jets get hurt?
Nathan Zawicki
Nathan Zawicki 9 timmar sedan
“Aye bro my bad”
33 All the way
33 All the way 9 timmar sedan
It’s cursed
Yea Right
Yea Right 9 timmar sedan
He’s way to small. His best attribute was YAC. He got taken down every time he caught the ball on the spot. With that frame he doesn’t have the same skill set he has in NE Even blocking he’s different. He used to knock people on their ass or drive them back 5 yards. With this frame he has now he is just holding his ground against guys.
Kosmo K.
Kosmo K. 9 timmar sedan
Masks do absolutely nothing to mitigate the spread of the fake China flu.
Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse 9 timmar sedan
Yep. Pretty sure this place sucks and heaven will be amazing
Peter C
Peter C 9 timmar sedan
BA never won anything in the NFL? Was he even a coordinator or asst coach on a NFL Super Bowl winner?
ALR_Vintage 9 timmar sedan
Just seen the highlights of the saints game. Forgive my lack of understanding but I seen Hill take a snap early on but then for the most part he was lining up as a receiver. The fact he wears #7, is he the back up QB? I've never seen this scheme before and I'd like to understand the concept and thoughts about it.
Trent Bottom
Trent Bottom 9 timmar sedan
“We took the roof off at the MetLife” 😂😂😂😂
Lv7 9 timmar sedan
Pat sucking off bill pretty hard these days
Setsuna F. Seiei
Setsuna F. Seiei 9 timmar sedan
Archaon The Everchosen
Archaon The Everchosen 9 timmar sedan
Bruce Arians is seeming more and more brain dead.
Bradley Maravalli
Bradley Maravalli 9 timmar sedan
Forget the grass. Just do sort dirt fields and don't let it rain on it.
Setsuna F. Seiei
Setsuna F. Seiei 9 timmar sedan
Misery616KYG 9 timmar sedan
I mean there called the 40 whiners for a reason. Raider Nation ☠ ☠ ☠
Andrew A
Andrew A 9 timmar sedan
players would absolutely lie about that!!! all it takes is one player saying it and that notion builds in a locker room, especially if they feel hard done by something like the number of injuries
Joe Pavey
Joe Pavey 9 timmar sedan
Pat needs to get Troy on the show. A one hundred percenter need to get Troy on the show.
FROSTXBITEZ 9 timmar sedan
Sad that their field is more effective against teams than the Jets themselves.
Skeezix 9 timmar sedan
It doesn’t look good coach......... CAN HE PLAY?
FROSTXBITEZ 9 timmar sedan
I always thought about this, just never bothered to research cuz I'm not taking the word of non players, thanks pat for clearing this.
Chris Simon
Chris Simon 9 timmar sedan
I feel sorry for all the high 30’s and high 40’s coming out just to get toasted all game😂
Mike 9 timmar sedan
Two bad quotes from Bruce Arians. This is just showing why bill is the GOAT and he is proving it
Chewie Meatball
Chewie Meatball 9 timmar sedan
Bill "Based" Belichick.
PHILosophy 1990
PHILosophy 1990 9 timmar sedan
Maaaan I don't want to like this dude. I hate how well he's playing lol. Pat quit having this guy on the show 😅. ✊🏽🐻⬇️
jduds100 9 timmar sedan
Right, because adderall totally isn't meth, right?
John50 Beach
John50 Beach 9 timmar sedan
Lol this is a little unfair to the doctor. Sounds like the guy had a pneumothorax. Basically the lung is surrounded by a double layered coat. If you puncture that, it fills with air and then the lungs get squashed by this pocket of air, making it harder to breathe. Obviously an injection to the ribs would risk puncturing it. Although another cause of a "punctured lung" happens to be... cracked ribs
simon howell
simon howell 9 timmar sedan
Father time is patient and undefeated, Brees is old in football terms. Eli, Rivers, and Brees all came in within 4 years of each other with Brees being the first in
Top Dawg
Top Dawg 9 timmar sedan
Cigars are stupid
G Ali
G Ali 9 timmar sedan
“Errol, Earl... no not Earl, Jamal Adams. Is Earl Thomas still unemployed?? WILD!!!!!!!” Smh, with all the injuries in the league, how’s he still unemployed?!
Nick Jimenez
Nick Jimenez 9 timmar sedan
Feeling like I should know this but other than position I had no idea that number really meant anything at all.
Bossk 9 timmar sedan
whats the time where mitt fucks up?
Stephen Grahn
Stephen Grahn 9 timmar sedan
That girl coach has turned the 49ers into a whiney team. Hate yall lost Bosa see you guys when you play my Hawks
True King of the Jungle
True King of the Jungle 9 timmar sedan
The play caller and not even the QB decides where the ball is thrown, the defense decides where the ball is thrown. They can draw up all the plays they want, if the defense takes that away it is all irrelevant.
M 2
M 2 9 timmar sedan
He isn't healthy.
Joe McKim
Joe McKim 9 timmar sedan
Once a Running Backs knee starts having injuries they're never quite the same again.
El Rey Del Dinero
El Rey Del Dinero 10 timmar sedan
If they rush him hes going to be injured before mid season hits
Mike Bush
Mike Bush 10 timmar sedan
Like this if Andy Reid has bigger knockers.
FxckingHell Satan
FxckingHell Satan 10 timmar sedan
I called it before the season ever started, this dude is out of his rookie season with 2 of the best wr to ever be in the league, 2 wr that will more than likely be in the hof one year. Kylar Murray will be a stud
Josiah Ramos
Josiah Ramos 10 timmar sedan
Bruh Gronkowski literally looks like he's running in quick sand 😂😂😂tall stay hyping him up
Eric Hersberger
Eric Hersberger 10 timmar sedan
If you don't want to wear a mask that's fine. It's everyone's individual choice. But if you choose not to wear a mask and you get covid I don't think you should be allowed to go to a hospital. It's called natural selection. We have to let the stupid people die because we have to many of them.
Swifty Mcvaye WithTheAK
Swifty Mcvaye WithTheAK 10 timmar sedan
He'll most likely start getting red zone targets .
MVP Simmons
MVP Simmons 10 timmar sedan
He’s a 6th o line out there right now
Nick Jimenez
Nick Jimenez 10 timmar sedan
My father did it in 72 in California. He was an undercover narcotics officer. We've got all the pics of him with his bike and beard. He's gone now but I remember.
Nicholaus Woltering
Nicholaus Woltering 10 timmar sedan
Pat was definitely not 5.5% body fat in that photo! HAHAHA Someone needs to show Coach Greg
Double D Waffle
Double D Waffle 10 timmar sedan
Black lungs matter
Gabriel 10 timmar sedan
At this point, let one run the Giants. It can’t possibly be any worse.
AntiNubDevice 10 timmar sedan
Pats guy got things slightly wrong. We only had four TDs to receivers. One of the five total was to Carson, our RB. So we had as many as they gave up last season, not more... Damn.
Kennyft Cummings
Kennyft Cummings 10 timmar sedan
I love that arms wide open sing along in the ad part lol
CityStar GTX
CityStar GTX 10 timmar sedan
Damn who the CHARGERS doctor over there...?....Dr. Zoidberg???