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This video is sponsored by Wargaming. World of Tanks is free to download:
It tackles land but its needs to take on the water to......
See How I built it
Making the Screws seshow.info/watch/NASkgw9rufA/video.html
Chassis and drivetrain seshow.info/watch/1saFrMlRVc0/video.html
Hydraulics seshow.info/watch/m1VXya1ZUBw/video.html
and the land test seshow.info/watch/UuDNc-_4v94/video.html
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colinfurze 16 dagar sedan
Really enjoying this project, sorry its taken awhile but you can see the work thats gone in to it, but next up we need FIRE POWER
Some Punk
Some Punk 8 dagar sedan
if the screws are hollow, then couldn't you simply fill it up with foam sealant? Wouldn't that give your tank a super boost to float?
Aracnah 12 dagar sedan
Well... It can swim... Why not a water gun, reloaded by going onto the water?
Class43Harrison 14 dagar sedan
david companion
david companion 14 dagar sedan
Would of been easier to put the screws on a boat..
David Cortes Ferrer
David Cortes Ferrer 14 dagar sedan
Nice always nice
ZeddliYT 2 timmar sedan
The youtuber that no one hates
gamez 5 timmar sedan
Cool 😎
DIO Brando
DIO Brando 6 timmar sedan
He isnt just making a tank,he is making a hovercraft
Max Maxim
Max Maxim 8 timmar sedan
Colin how about you do a mini ATV and make it indrestructable
masoso nesis
masoso nesis 10 timmar sedan
Please can you make a fighting robot
eZaF- STON3R 10 timmar sedan
This is crazy I wish I could buy one
eZaF- STON3R 10 timmar sedan
I saw this on social media noice
ZeroRu 10 timmar sedan
Now this what engineer is !! Imagine he build the iron man suit 👀 😎
TheMrCaligula 12 timmar sedan
Build a ekranoplan
『BiRdY BiRd』
『BiRdY BiRd』 13 timmar sedan
Its amazing how your able to make all these things XD
Dylan Bomba
Dylan Bomba 14 timmar sedan
10:32 did anyone else get an image of a gravity feed Gatling gun style potato gun?
Jack Comber
Jack Comber 14 timmar sedan
I’m sure you get a lot of comments but, I saw a early firman Sam intro where a cup of tea dispensed out a hatch in the morning. Thought it might be one of many idea👍🏻seshow.info/watch/tDtlJU8e8v8/video.html
sasha f
sasha f 17 timmar sedan
Ааа я говорю по русскиии
CB 17 timmar sedan
Mr Beast just out fire worked you! Time to get working! Haha
Rabixelbit 19 timmar sedan
Flamethrower plz!!
Asperger's Guy
Asperger's Guy 19 timmar sedan
You reached 10 million subs, it's 4th of July, you need to do a firework milestone!!!!
generic orange cat
generic orange cat 20 timmar sedan
This is the only man who didn t grow up of recomendations
Jonah Vonderwish
Jonah Vonderwish 22 timmar sedan
React to cartoon mrbean getting the diamond play button
Levi Mccabe
Levi Mccabe 23 timmar sedan
You should make the deployable cover shield from call of duty modern warfare when you have some free time
James Gordon
James Gordon 23 timmar sedan
Explosive potatoes
HostileHunter97 Dag sedan
Hey Colin, could u possibly make something that could go underwater? Maybe like a one man submarine?
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Dag sedan
Your awesome?
clover lol
clover lol Dag sedan
make it f a s t ?
Boom Boy
Boom Boy Dag sedan
If the police comes after you just get on your *firework launching flying motorbike*
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Dag sedan
This is a fucking mobile ecological disaster, really disappointing.
Andy James
Andy James Dag sedan
Dumb question but this has always got me wondering, Colin has 10.4 million subscribers but this video has only 4.2 million views, so why isn't the other 6.2 watching?
Rabixelbit 18 timmar sedan
And some people watching are't subscribed, probably most of them sooo... why don't his subs wtahc him ;D
BlueBolt Dag sedan
Holden Jackson
Holden Jackson Dag sedan
Now all you need is a big ass gun on top
Chase Holloway
Chase Holloway Dag sedan
Make it a submarine lol
Charlie Sutton
Charlie Sutton Dag sedan
Next can you make crypto's drone from apex legends
Positronal Dag sedan
you should cover the frame with some tough glass in case a tiger came and attacked you.
Ryder Griffin
Ryder Griffin Dag sedan
A flaming potato, potato gun...
SK Know
SK Know Dag sedan
Please upload a new video. Please Like.
GGame YouTube
GGame YouTube 2 dagar sedan
You create a Giant tank
Raife Does
Raife Does 2 dagar sedan
Hey mate why don't mak e a ECO MACHINE!
Jiyou Han
Jiyou Han 2 dagar sedan
You look like Harvey Dent from "The Dark Knight Rise"
BioV Skyewarper
BioV Skyewarper 2 dagar sedan
I swear, you almost sound like chris-chan.
Deep hug
Deep hug 2 dagar sedan
looks like it's extremely destructive to any surface it's on
Ciaren 2 dagar sedan
Put a baked potato gun on it
Deep hug
Deep hug 2 dagar sedan
Hey does this TANKTASTIC code expire?:)
Marcus Anderson
Marcus Anderson 2 dagar sedan
Colin Furze: equal parts insane and genius
JimJamJimJam 2 dagar sedan
This is a fucking mobile ecological disaster, really disappointing.
SEAL KING DUCU! Fratila 2 dagar sedan
Fun fact: The screw tank was a project built and designed by the Soviet Union. It was called the ZIL 29069.
Wolf Wylder
Wolf Wylder 2 dagar sedan
You should fully upgrade it to an apocalypse vehicle
Justin Chang
Justin Chang 2 dagar sedan
Hello, did anyone know what kind of metal is the tank made from?
Dalek Caan
Dalek Caan 2 dagar sedan
Make a Dalek
lalilu lelo
lalilu lelo 2 dagar sedan
Wow Colin you are the most underrated genius!, well that's not a bad thing because you are amazing at making these Edit : no seriously, you are amazing maker (machine)
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 2 dagar sedan
Ur the beeeaaast
Sai krishna suresh
Sai krishna suresh 3 dagar sedan
Colinfurze make an liquid rocket engine if you can 🤪 .........it will be awsome
mega gamer88
mega gamer88 3 dagar sedan
i swear to god oneday he will make a submarine
Grizz The Bear
Grizz The Bear 3 dagar sedan
colin I challenge you to do a (DIY) hover board, bike or shoes...what ever is easiest to you. Good luck :D
Rayn Ribail
Rayn Ribail 3 dagar sedan
This is basicly a dude who can create a whole nuclear bomb with 2 nails
randolph rodriguez
randolph rodriguez 3 dagar sedan
Hi Colin, I'm from Ecuador 🇪🇨 Latin American 🌎 everything you do is very incredible, please could you make a car with bicycle tires that works with pedals? the situation is not good public transport is very decadent and cars cannot circulate ... please help.
randolph rodriguez
randolph rodriguez 3 dagar sedan
I am a student of Electromecanic you are my inspiration to follow this profession i am 18 years old , and the people here have that problem whith the transportation would be fantástic if you teach to do this plis....
Sénégal auto drift & tuning -SS-
Sénégal auto drift & tuning -SS- 3 dagar sedan
put a turbo engine on it
fredbourni 3 dagar sedan
Do you think to fill screw with some polyurethane flotation foam. Could the flotation will be better?
Keith Smith Jr
Keith Smith Jr 3 dagar sedan
Hey does this TANKTASTIC code expire?:)
madmanwithabox 3 dagar sedan
looks like it's extremely destructive to any surface it's on
Michael Obrien
Michael Obrien 3 dagar sedan
i have a little project for you Colin try to do the roller from the anime air gear woud like to see those
Harrison 3 dagar sedan
My girlfriend calls me a screw tank. But I don't float I get down hard!
Jatham Kwest
Jatham Kwest 3 dagar sedan
3:17 barehand welding, never change Colin 😂
liam spencer
liam spencer 3 dagar sedan
I'm not asking to buy it colin but how much roughly would that cost me to build ?
Deep hug
Deep hug 3 dagar sedan
Colin Furze and Michael Reeves should never be left alone in a room together
Borivoje Travica
Borivoje Travica 3 dagar sedan
What about SPEED and POWER, you say in last video 🤞
Deep hug
Deep hug 3 dagar sedan
Ik your niece
Josh Jackson
Josh Jackson 4 dagar sedan
I'd really like to see you expand your repertoire to include fiberglass work.
GONDAL VLOGS 4 dagar sedan
Ur the beeeaaast
Dream Weaver
Dream Weaver 4 dagar sedan
The parliament is watching!
bigghoss762 4 dagar sedan
Colin: "My tank doesn't float" Me: "Looks like you need bigger screws." Also me: "That's what she said."
Vincent Keller
Vincent Keller 4 dagar sedan
Hey Colin please just do a colab project with your german counterpart channel : seshow.info/watch/WH0DhWhiswI/video.html (i think they're actually even fans of yours)
Pepito Pepperoni
Pepito Pepperoni 4 dagar sedan
Put in a 2 speed gearbox, for more speed in water or mud!
Freddie Patrick
Freddie Patrick 4 dagar sedan
pls can you do the rip tire with someone in\ riding it
Station Sixtyseven
Station Sixtyseven 4 dagar sedan
It's a mini 'Zil 4904'! :D Much fun! seshow.info/watch/b-71UqU4A3M/video.html
Gal Gadassi
Gal Gadassi 4 dagar sedan
breech-loaded potato cannon?
Aubrey Mccosh
Aubrey Mccosh 4 dagar sedan
Could you make chainsaw scissor ?
Veer Kolamkar
Veer Kolamkar 4 dagar sedan
hi Colin if could please make a sub and design it as a animated character (any character) it must be working (sub= submarine)
planaterds lol
planaterds lol 4 dagar sedan
I dont know but have you made a rug that drives like the movie
Aan_ Mikhaharap
Aan_ Mikhaharap 4 dagar sedan
like it
Garrett Johnson
Garrett Johnson 4 dagar sedan
When Colin dies his kids will get all of this cool shit
Garrett Johnson
Garrett Johnson 4 dagar sedan
Where’s your diamond play button?
Oliver Palmer
Oliver Palmer 4 dagar sedan
Ik your niece
hen ko
hen ko 4 dagar sedan
Why do I feel like ever since grant Thompson died (the king of random) my obsession for Colin has replaced my mourning of grant
hen ko
hen ko 4 dagar sedan
The steel cage is a horrible idea for on the water, entrapment. I would suggest Lexan, Plexiglass or something, solid and water proof up another foot, then hinged so you cna
GameVet02 4 dagar sedan
I want to see Colin try to make a replica flying Tic Tac ufo!
John Ruud
John Ruud 4 dagar sedan
Thank you for showing blacks how superior our mind is. Keep up the good work!
VoidGhxst 4 dagar sedan
Use Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eaters “Shagohod” for inspiration, perfect screw tank 😂
Amma Samir
Amma Samir 4 dagar sedan
Colin's kids to him : dad it's our school meeting you do need to look cool Collin : how about a screw shaped MEGA machine which would run on water and THRESH everything in it's way Kid's (pikachu face ) : NOICE
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