UFC 251 Free Fight: Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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Kamaru Usman made his first title defense against Colby Covington at UFC 245 on December 14, 2019. He was victorious via fifth-round technical knockout and earned Fight of the Night.
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Jon Dough
Jon Dough Minut sedan
Damn good ref
Andres Sanchez
Andres Sanchez 4 minuter sedan
Colby would of won but the reff stopped it too early. Reff was hating on the american. Super quick like giving him the fight. You wait to see if the defender cant defend himself then stop it smh
White Ash
White Ash 5 minuter sedan
One of the best fights I’ve seen this year yet
Goku Caprisun
Goku Caprisun 15 minuter sedan
Y’all ain’t calling him boring this fight, little ass kids
206- Sea
206- Sea 26 minuter sedan
Usman= most boring UFC champion
Jamal G
Jamal G 27 minuter sedan
Usman just like Khabib have stamina because they blood dope.
Jamal G
Jamal G 30 minuter sedan
Usman is such a cheater and dirty fighter. He pretends he gets hit in the nuts and clearly takes steroids. Even in the Masivdal fight he was just foot stomping the whole time.
keyboard 31 minut sedan
entertaining fight to say the least, you cant be mad at colby even though he lost W
Jamal G
Jamal G 34 minuter sedan
Colby was winning that fight easily but usman was taking steroids so he edged it out at the end.
Jamal G
Jamal G 35 minuter sedan
Usman is on steroids. Alisleezman guys have been caught with steroids. Khabib himself has been caught blood doping.
Ben Kogan
Ben Kogan 36 minuter sedan
Two things can be true at once: Kamaru was a beast and broke Colby in the 5th, and the stoppage was horrible.
Ender Azuaje
Ender Azuaje 39 minuter sedan
Who after Usman beat Masvidal?
Cesar A. Conrado
Cesar A. Conrado 46 minuter sedan
Wish Usman would’ve had a stand up war like this with Masvidal.
LOA Studi0
LOA Studi0 55 minuter sedan
Trump supporters : USA 🗣 USA 🗣 . Me : 😂🙄😂😂😂 Me : Nigeria 🗣 Nigeria 🇳🇬
moist_ cabbage
moist_ cabbage Timme sedan
Fucking way better fight than Masvidal v Usman. That shit was so fucking boring. Say what you want about Covington, this was an exciting fight. Man knows how to put on a show.
Martini Timme sedan
That was a early ass stoppage
Mjstic Art
Mjstic Art Timme sedan
he switched eyes
872003lmg Timme sedan
Holy crap usman has a super chin, anybody else would have been lights out with that last vicious right hook from Covington, it sounded like a cannon went off on that impact, and usman just paused for a very quick second and pretended it didn’t phase him. 😂 id of just gave up after that connect and it didn’t put them to sleep. lol
Venkat Ganesh
Venkat Ganesh Timme sedan
Rematch will be one of the biggest fights in recent history
Napi Coyote
Napi Coyote 2 timmar sedan
Who's the 🐷 who trains Covington...?
Michael Pierce
Michael Pierce 2 timmar sedan
Two grapplers not grappling is so weird.
Lou Alcaraz
Lou Alcaraz 2 timmar sedan
Who's here to watch a real fight after watching usman vs masvidal.
psyph 2 timmar sedan
no commentators like usman
Dauntless9 2 timmar sedan
Incredible spirit staying in that fight with a broken jaw.
umer adrees
umer adrees 2 timmar sedan
Colby got some great heart man. Wow. With a broken jaw???!!!
1SGCarter 2 timmar sedan
He knew he can’t fight against Masvidal like that.
Magnifico Giganticus
Magnifico Giganticus 3 timmar sedan
I like watching Cuntvington lose.
13LackBerry1 3 timmar sedan
He broke that racist jaw! Boom Goes the Dynamite! Boom!
William Hall
William Hall 3 timmar sedan
I love colbyto death. Respect usman alot and start to love him to death. I'd like to see them do 3 fights over a 12 month period. One fight just isn't enough to rule Colby out... They're both so fucking tough and such identical fighters.
Romario Ts
Romario Ts 3 timmar sedan
Colby vs usman 2 please
luvJesus 4evr
luvJesus 4evr 3 timmar sedan
Stopped early
Hehateme 4 timmar sedan
If they fight again I would like to see Colby throw more kicks and uppercuts. Usman has a tendency to put his head down when he throws his punches.
Glitch 4 timmar sedan
Usman never once tried to push colby to the cage...he knew jorge would gas out ... jorge would smash him with a proper train..but im not making excuses
Moeshaak Shakur
Moeshaak Shakur 3 timmar sedan
You just did
Lekok 4 timmar sedan
The chin on Usman is crazy. The man was hit with some bombs and didn't even stumble once. Amazing fight
The Brickz
The Brickz 4 timmar sedan
I don’t know what gamebread is talking about. Covington ain’t no punk!!!
Mim Jim
Mim Jim 4 timmar sedan
Cmon coby even turtles kick faster than you 🤣🤣🤣
Mim Jim
Mim Jim 4 timmar sedan
Coby: I think i broke my jaw 🤣🤣🤣 Me: Nah Usman broke yur jaw u throwin fingers Pussy! Coach: ten more minutes to brake his will Me: Hahahahaha😂😂😂😂
Rich Muttsmusic
Rich Muttsmusic 4 timmar sedan
I’m shocked I done see me Credit for Usman in the comment section. Most credit is going to colby
Rich Muttsmusic
Rich Muttsmusic 4 timmar sedan
I’m here after the masvidal fights looking for boring comments
Mim Jim
Mim Jim 4 timmar sedan
Coby's coach: brake his will brake his will... man stf! the only thing you broke that day was eggs 😂
Joseph Olimba Waka
Joseph Olimba Waka 4 timmar sedan
He can also fight on his feet, looks like Kamaru was toying with him :D
Joseph Olimba Waka
Joseph Olimba Waka 5 timmar sedan
Calves are genetic but can be worked on. Marathon runners have gazelle calves and that’s why they can do 40km in less time. Genetics....
Don Israel
Don Israel 5 timmar sedan
They should of cheered louder for Covington 😂😒
Avante Ramon
Avante Ramon 5 timmar sedan
Ended too early. I don’t like Covington but he was cheated. Look at his right hand when the ref called it....
Aris Jelilai
Aris Jelilai 5 timmar sedan
One of the best fights ever!!!
Fightsmack 5 timmar sedan
moist_ cabbage
moist_ cabbage Timme sedan
Thank you. You are a real hero. Excellent video
neonicon 5 timmar sedan
i don't like colby but wish he won this and took belt from usman now we got boring fights from him
Dan Marsh
Dan Marsh 6 timmar sedan
I'm Flicking Through! For BT Covering 'Usman v Jörge ' Title Bout~!~ & Find ' This Little Jem '! & Always Watch It Right Through! & A Thought Jumped In~!~ I Feel Kamara' Has This 'Invisible Shield Of 'TITANIUM' Around Him~!~ Usman Fan That Night...! & Just Lõving 'Motor Mouth' Having His Jåw Broken But Massive Jörge Follower! Hopefully Breaking Through 'That Sheild ' To Finnish Usman!
Corey Bell
Corey Bell 7 timmar sedan
Was a good close fight until the finish. Difference was Usman was just to powerful
Agbanlahore 7 timmar sedan
Colby deserves rematch for sure..the guy is amazing...
jonathan Cortés
jonathan Cortés 7 timmar sedan
That ass whooping wasn’t fake news ! Trash a** person just like his president 😂💀
Isaac Motive
Isaac Motive 7 timmar sedan
Colby "I broke my jaw" Covington. Those were quitting words, until his corner told him to suck it up. DUde's jaw was CLEARLY NOT broken at all.. When you break a jaw, you swell up like a got daym blowfish. He was being a little bitch.. UNTIL, he kept going and impressed us all with his heart and boxing.. But no matter what, you could tell he was looking hurt and just trying to push through. He even looked defeated before the start of the last round until his corner once again tol dhim to survive for 5 minutes... Final Verdict: This guy fights with his asshole mentality more than anyhting, until he has to deal with someone like Usman who makes him a whiney bitch!
Hassnain Khan
Hassnain Khan 7 timmar sedan
Colby " I broke my jaw" correction " Usman broke your Jaw"..
Darksorrow 7 timmar sedan
Only exciting Snoozeman fight
jon breazell
jon breazell 7 timmar sedan
24:03 colby miss his private usman did tht to escape
LòrdÑéxtDòör 7 timmar sedan
Colby fought a lot better than Masvidal
Prometheus 4 timmar sedan
I think that might of been due to Usman standing and trading with Colby a lot more. Masvidal has more power and is more of a striker so Usman decided to not risk fighting him in the same way.
Venom FlOw
Venom FlOw 7 timmar sedan
Why couldn’t he fight like this against Masvidal?
Vinn Balor
Vinn Balor 8 timmar sedan
Colby vs usman 2 would be epic ! Total Slugfest
Lupe Lopez
Lupe Lopez 8 timmar sedan
Aora que valla atomarse otra foto con Donald Trump orgulloso con esa carita jajajajajajajaja
CIR GOLD 8 timmar sedan
That's bull it should've went to decision !! Covington had this fight !!!
Paul Zeus
Paul Zeus 8 timmar sedan
Covington has a new fan in me, great fight!
Bobby Seafood
Bobby Seafood 8 timmar sedan
Only if Usman put up this kinda fight vs masvidal last night. Really disappointing main event I understand and respect his style but to pay $65 and watch a toe stomping match was a bummer. Holloway vs volkanovski 2 should’ve been the main event.
Nuke Dropper
Nuke Dropper 8 timmar sedan
That was one helluva fight!
고구마킥 8 timmar sedan
sleeping pill + sleeping pill = stimulant
Matt Feis
Matt Feis 8 timmar sedan
After last night it’s safe to say this fight was a hell of a lot more exciting then usman masvidal, still wish we could of seen who the better wrestler is with some exchanges but this fight was worth buying
Markus Flavour
Markus Flavour 8 timmar sedan
Who’s here after Kamaru Newsman defeated Street Jesus ?
Danny RigatoniSalami
Danny RigatoniSalami 8 timmar sedan
That dude seems like a great ref
Andrew Meyer
Andrew Meyer 8 timmar sedan
Marc Goddard man, one of the best in the game
JAson Alpers
JAson Alpers 8 timmar sedan
Jabawokees 27:05 👺
Timothy K
Timothy K 9 timmar sedan
Convington is definitely an exciting fighter, a very versatile one...Obviously, Masvidal was not ready for the fight against Usman last night. I would give Covington another chance at title match again Usman.
Andrew Meyer
Andrew Meyer 5 timmar sedan
@Eugenius Benediktus Yeah but I wonder if that was because Usman didn't wrestle with him. On the other hand, Colby's a division 1 and Usman's a division 2, so wrestling might have not helped.
Eugenius Benediktus
Eugenius Benediktus 6 timmar sedan
@Andrew Meyer true, but he was the only one who could win rounds against usman
Andrew Meyer
Andrew Meyer 8 timmar sedan
Good fight but pretty decisive ending. Broken jaw, two knock downs, and a TKO finish. Couldn't really ask for a better result.
Alain Molina
Alain Molina 9 timmar sedan
Usman didn’t have the balls to do this with Masdival, someone who only had 6 days notice for the fight, and just decided to clinch the whole fight and step on his toes
Tex Williamson
Tex Williamson 9 timmar sedan
This fight was the shit. Awesomeness on every level.
Mr. perfect the only one
Mr. perfect the only one 9 timmar sedan
I think that Colby trainer is definitely a bad trainer
GLH1213 10 timmar sedan
thanks for posting
Melvin Edwards
Melvin Edwards 10 timmar sedan
Bruh when Joe goes Oh!!! I swear it never gets old 😂😂😂
Ahmed Al-Shraify
Ahmed Al-Shraify 10 timmar sedan
First time watching this fight... easily one of the best fights I’ve ever seen in my life!!! Wow just wow
Drew Olszewski
Drew Olszewski 10 timmar sedan
(Like) if you are here after watching Usman vs. Masvidal! * So this is my theory on the Usman/Masvidal fight. After watching this fight, Usman stood up and out boxed Colby this entire fight. Broke his jaw and left him in a pool of his own blood. He did no such thing in the Masvidal fight because he may of thought he would get out boxed or knocked out because Jorge has that kind of power. I honestly think Usman was not as confident standing up and boxing Masvidal as he was Colby.
Sam Zadah
Sam Zadah 10 timmar sedan
Who’s here after Masvidal?
Aaron Yarb
Aaron Yarb 10 timmar sedan
Great fight!!! The BEST MAN won!!! Congratulations!
Biff Bifford
Biff Bifford 10 timmar sedan
Colby looks like Sgt. Carter.
Kyle Breen
Kyle Breen 10 timmar sedan
A rematch may have take downs and some wrestling, it was very unusual for 2 fighters to go Mano y Mano like this
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