i play “ain’t no sunshine” but the intro is a bit different

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hey guys i made this very normal cover of "ain't no sunshine" very normal nothing different at all about it just standard normal. i am sorry
Thank you so much for watching!

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SethEverman 8 månader sedan
hey guys i'm back
brad 11 dagar sedan
Frazix FZX
Frazix FZX 22 dagar sedan
Randeep Singh
Randeep Singh 25 dagar sedan
Its Willdog
Its Willdog Månad sedan
Boom, I’m the 500th reply
JakobRunhammar 3 timmar sedan
aint no shampoo when hes bald
Tykuzz 4 timmar sedan
This could be one of seth's best videos
Razi abbas
Razi abbas Dag sedan
Pls make the cover of the whole song
Marcel 2 dagar sedan
He shoukd make a Remix of this Song like this
big_spice 2 dagar sedan
Why was I expecting him to smirk when he transitioned into Still Dre
Leviticus___ 2 dagar sedan
low key seth it actually better than the original singer!
RUBICON. ash. 3 dagar sedan
That’s amazing
Gurbinder Kalia
Gurbinder Kalia 3 dagar sedan
Saitama be like: Finally a worthy opponent
Burak Tepe
Burak Tepe 4 dagar sedan
Why do you cut the video at the middle.
Cache Money
Cache Money 4 dagar sedan
Probably my favorite video of his
Temple of Seven
Temple of Seven 5 dagar sedan
i come back to this video so much because god do i love hearing you sing
Domplex 247
Domplex 247 5 dagar sedan
Wow, Seth your voice is amazing!
Fraser142 5 dagar sedan
man you are crazy i love ur videos u earned the Subscribe! love it ahahaha.
Sadikul Islam
Sadikul Islam 6 dagar sedan
That's the thing about Seth, while the video gets real vibing, he just storms out...
Julius Hopen
Julius Hopen 6 dagar sedan
Omfg he’s so talented wtf
bl0kbuster 6 dagar sedan
he was born to play music, he can even play the microphone
Happy Little Tree
Happy Little Tree 6 dagar sedan
I want a full version
Jibran S. Zulti
Jibran S. Zulti 6 dagar sedan
Petition for seth everman release the full version of "aint no sunshine" cover by him
Isaac Martinez
Isaac Martinez 6 dagar sedan
Rip Bill Withers. But also this I great. Amazing voice
Poedoe Pilgrim
Poedoe Pilgrim 6 dagar sedan
I'd pay for a recording of this
Mic_Tre_Fre 7 dagar sedan
Dude, I want to make videos like this in the future.
pip PopLop
pip PopLop 7 dagar sedan
Nerfboss205 7 dagar sedan
Hmm, I keep thinking that Moonlight Sonatra and Lacrimosa would go together
nikkita stark
nikkita stark 8 dagar sedan
this is just so good, no words can't describe
JustYourAverageUser 9 dagar sedan
The last part be sounding like scribblenauts
Toxico 34#FamiliaBeto
Toxico 34#FamiliaBeto 9 dagar sedan
I reply at 2020 years
Dernilsinger 9 dagar sedan
Last part actually gave me huge goosebumps. Jesus Christ...
Kimberly Cover
Kimberly Cover 9 dagar sedan
Can you turn the ending into a full song plz
santiago cunha
santiago cunha 9 dagar sedan
Am i the only one that needs a full version of this?
cheyotic 10 dagar sedan
can we PLEASE get ONE VIDEO of you singing this NORMALLY without all the crack (which we do love) bc your voice is HEAVENLY
shakesfists 10 dagar sedan
Finish the sooooooong
Toffy Boy
Toffy Boy 11 dagar sedan
Seth: *sings* Everyone: :O
Ahmed Mohsen
Ahmed Mohsen 11 dagar sedan
This still remains as one of my all-time favourite videos.
Tristan Blackmun
Tristan Blackmun 12 dagar sedan
you should do a full cover of the actual song!!!
hussain Meraj
hussain Meraj 12 dagar sedan
0:30 from what song is that? I literally typed "trn trn trn trn" in google looking for it
hussain Meraj
hussain Meraj 7 dagar sedan
@Gaëtan Brasseur Thank you!
Gaëtan Brasseur
Gaëtan Brasseur 8 dagar sedan
Still D.R.E - Dr Dre ft Snoop Dog
Bradey Crandall
Bradey Crandall 12 dagar sedan
Please do a full cover!
Cash Ash
Cash Ash 12 dagar sedan
Please full-length song please though?
Isaiah Robinson
Isaiah Robinson 12 dagar sedan
Singing straight vibes
LordBaneThePlayer 12 dagar sedan
This is a parody of critically acclaimed 1976 film ROCKY Yes, Thank You, Seth.
Generic Memes
Generic Memes 12 dagar sedan
My lord he has a good voice!
Generic Idiot
Generic Idiot 13 dagar sedan
the fastfood employee
the fastfood employee 13 dagar sedan
Please mister everman would you kindly sing more for us, the people? 🤗
Lilitu Song
Lilitu Song 13 dagar sedan
oh shit your singing voice
HΞLLBΞNT 13 dagar sedan
Damn dude, you sing good!
luap Tadur
luap Tadur 14 dagar sedan
0:54 there are literally no weights
Fatema Mala
Fatema Mala 14 dagar sedan
Buckley Jones
Buckley Jones 14 dagar sedan
I almost forgot to watch this video today
Alexander Scott
Alexander Scott 14 dagar sedan
Putin stole this.
xmrgx 14 dagar sedan
hey seth can you sing at my wedding
Anubhav Nair
Anubhav Nair 15 dagar sedan
I play Dr Dre but a little bit different
Ferag1 15 dagar sedan
Where do people like you come from? What is your education? Are you an alien? I listen to it for the fourth time and I can't believe it can be. I myself am a musician by profession.
Bad Pabi
Bad Pabi 15 dagar sedan
Fun fact: Both of these songs are played in same episode in Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Helaina McCollett
Helaina McCollett 15 dagar sedan
Closing eyes= suddenly listening to a lounge singer A++++
Kyle Santos
Kyle Santos 15 dagar sedan
Is no one going to talk about the workout part? It has been seven months and I haven’t seen a single comment!
Kyle Santos
Kyle Santos 13 dagar sedan
Also I think that Seth’s voice is so beautiful!
Mugmun 15 dagar sedan
A.K.A. Seth really wanted to use his new sketchpad in a video
Zechary Khoo
Zechary Khoo 15 dagar sedan
When are you releasing your album?
Sky Sprinter
Sky Sprinter 15 dagar sedan
Seth's version of ain't no sunshine is so dope. I want full version. It's so viben.
Sink 16 dagar sedan
Cpl. Rook
Cpl. Rook 16 dagar sedan
Welp, guess my heterosexuality is gone now