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Netflix Is A Joke

Netflix Is A Joke

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From Dave: "Normally I wouldn't show you something so unrefined, I hope you understand."
This is not a Special but rather an impromptu purging of feelings and thoughts delivered by Dave during his show in Ohio on June 6, 2020.
Dave is not interested in monetizing any content related to George Floyd’s death. Instead, he encourages you to join him in support of the Equal Justice Initiative and the protection of human rights. For more information on the EJI or to make a donation please go to support.eji.org/chappelle

Matthew Phillips
Matthew Phillips 3 timmar sedan
Chris Dorner told his white female partner he planned to sue LAPD when they were first in training. He didn’t make a complaint on her until she gave him a bad review, then there was an investigation that put her in desk duty for a year. They didn’t find any facts to support his claim and he was fired. The cop killers Chappelle referenced were not the type of people you want as martyrs for any rational cause, just check out their Wikipedia pages. It’s not difficult to get an educated perspective on them. I used to like Chappelle but he is doing his cause and our nation harm by speaking recklessly.
Roving Mauler
Roving Mauler 3 timmar sedan
Floyd robbed and pistol whipped a pregnant woman. We need less people like that in the world.
MrBosco6969 3 timmar sedan
Muhammad Shaheer
Muhammad Shaheer 3 timmar sedan
Mind blown *ex-military people kill cops because they are dealing with domestic terrorism." seshow.info/watch/3tR6mKcBbT4/video.html
MrBosco6969 3 timmar sedan
MrBosco6969 3 timmar sedan
Candice Owened your rich black ass lol Trump 4 more years for regular black folk
Jacob Estes
Jacob Estes 5 timmar sedan
there are so ooo many stories about soo many injustices..it still goes on and on...
Jacob Estes
Jacob Estes 5 timmar sedan
who are they?
Sergio Lopez
Sergio Lopez 5 timmar sedan
Lol this was not a Joke. This was real. ✊🏽
gummybear532 -
gummybear532 - 6 timmar sedan
So smart and intellegent. Thank you sir
Adeel 7 timmar sedan
I love him.
TG G 8 timmar sedan
I love how he is always concerned about his audience having fun. This was a serious topic and I am glad he kept it that way; with sprinkles of haterade!!
Gorilla Grow
Gorilla Grow 8 timmar sedan
I used to be a fan of Dave Chappelle. Not anymore. And fuck BLM terrorists as well
C G 9 timmar sedan
Samuel Musa
Samuel Musa 9 timmar sedan
So Dr. Dre's wife is going to get so much money from him, that he has to do stand up?
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 10 timmar sedan
and his wife were condemned by democrats for the rest of their lives.
The Channel
The Channel 10 timmar sedan
Dave I wish you read to everyone Floyd's rap sheet. After 20 seconds that place would be completely empty Lol
mohamed adam
mohamed adam 9 timmar sedan
Whats does have to do with what was done to him if you commit a crime and was punished and one day I come along and gun you done for no reason. And people say its fine you were killed because you assaulted someone back in 09.
utube8774 11 timmar sedan
Dave talking about Chris Dorner @ 10:38 is where he loses me. Chris Dorner had his issues with the LAPD. Dorner was paired with training officer Teresa Evans to complete his probationary training. Evans gave Dorner a job review that said he needed to improve in three areas. You can read about it. Whatever really happened comes down to who you believe. Where Dave disappoints me, is in his recounting of the murders that Dorner committed. Dorner's attorney at the board hearing was former LAPD captain Randal Quan. Quan, stated that Dorner was treated unfairly and was being made a scapegoat. Dorner lost his case on Appeal. Dorner then targeted Quan’s daughter to exact vengeance. 28-year-old Monica Quan and her fiancé, 27-year-old Keith Lawrence, were shot dead by Dorner in Lawrence's parked car outside their condominium complex. Dorner killed other officers also, but Chappell’s disregard for the murder of a young woman AND her fiancé saying- “and boy it was terrible”. Yeah, terrible… and then he quickly moves on to say how the cops “Swiss cheesed” Dorner. Dorner was holed up in a Big Bear cabin. Tear gas canisters were used initially and they called for his surrender with no response. Police then used a demo vehicle to knock down walls and fired incendiary tear gas canisters into the cabin, after which a SINGLE gunshot was heard. Dorner had Swiss cheesed himself with a single round. I expected more from Chappell in being accurate and more compassionate about Dorner’s victim’s, especially in regard to Monica Quan and her fiancé Keith Lawrence. Dorner’s acts were a choice, he had other choices than to murder innocent people, and no manner of mistreatment or unfairness can justify Dorner’s actions. It is the WRONG example to be using to illustrate or make any point. And that lame schtick about him not caring if George Floyd kicked Candace Owen in her “stinky pussy”. FkuDave. Stupid shit thing to say, and not in keeping with the honorableness of having received the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 10 timmar sedan
Jack Daniels-Son
Jack Daniels-Son 11 timmar sedan
Anybody remember the term SPLENDIVEROUS? Dave Chapelle coined that term. Now instead of saying SPLENDID. I say SPLENDIVERIOUS.
Jack Daniels-Son
Jack Daniels-Son 11 timmar sedan
He channeled James Baldwin and Frederick Douglass into his mindset during this performance. He should do this on Broadway when they open back up. We need this to be titled "An Open Raw Letter on Racism"
Todd Clark
Todd Clark 11 timmar sedan
Like Carlin, I could listen to this man speak for hours and never get distracted. Such a great Orator.
Joseph Anderson
Joseph Anderson 12 timmar sedan
I feel like his shirt really bring out his inner Rick James
sry828 89
sry828 89 13 timmar sedan
25:50 the govt been stopping class warfare forever
Fubar Republic
Fubar Republic 13 timmar sedan
I sincerely hope the streets keep speaking and singing and screaming, untill all the uniforms fall to the ground.
Antonio Sinclair
Antonio Sinclair 14 timmar sedan
There are though’s that have a voice and a mind to convey the thoughts and feeling of the people with a level of intelligence and articulation thank you Dave
dutchgala 15 timmar sedan
(Almost 27,000,000 views, shy of 19 comments to 91,000.) *AND CURRENTLY,* *121-Days 7-Hours 53-Minutes 18-Seconds :ELECTION DAY* Americans prepare today. *OK*
Frogfilibuster 14 timmar sedan
91,000 #VoteBlue
Mark Wiseman
Mark Wiseman 15 timmar sedan
What happened to the real Dave Chappelle? This guy doesn't even look like Dave Chappelle, sound like Dave Chappelle, and he's nowhere near as funny as the real Dave Chappelle.
Jack Sasquatch
Jack Sasquatch 16 timmar sedan
I'm adding a comment because this video deserves to be shouted from the rooftops. We ALL need to BE BETTER!
shaolin1200 16 timmar sedan
The streets are a fucking joke No leadership, no purpose Just a bunch of highly misled youth
shaolin1200 58 minuter sedan
Tim Shea what do they have against a father in the home? It’s on their mission statement Almost as if they have a problem with Black men, go figure a bunch of angry black lesbians who have a problem with strong black men in the home. Abolish police, abolish the prison and justice system, cries for abolish capitalism have also been heard, of this isn’t BLM then ok who’s making this noise. As BLM would say silence is violence right?!?!!! They aren’t condemning these voices so there silence means they’re complying with this.
Tim Shea
Tim Shea Timme sedan
@shaolin1200 *Antifa is very much present on these riots* How do you know? *a founder claiming Marxism as a political ideology of BLM* I know. I saw it. I already mentioned it. Can you point to any of the current agendas promoted by BLM that involves Marxism? *Why are they (BLM) opposed to the traditional western family* Jesus Christ, where did this come from!? And can you define what "traditional western family" is?
shaolin1200 14 timmar sedan
Tim Shea not true, Antifa is very much present on these riots. There’s video recordings everywhere on you tube with a founder claiming Marxism as a political ideology of BLM. Why are they (BLM) opposed to the traditional western family? They wanna tear down society that’s why.
Tim Shea
Tim Shea 14 timmar sedan
@shaolin1200 [sigh] I'm aware that one of the founding members of Antifa said in a 5 year old video that they were incorporating Marxist teachings. Can you point to any of the BLM movement's agenda that have pushed a Marxist political statement? And why are you bringing up Antifa? The FBI's notedms on the protests have stated Antifa is nothing but a footnote and a very minor involvement.
shaolin1200 14 timmar sedan
Tim Shea you are aware of the Marxist leanings of BLM right? Antifa I’m not sure what they are, anarchists perhaps. They wanna create a revolution to bring down this government, if they have to start a race war to get it then so be it
shaolin1200 16 timmar sedan
Candace would kick your ass in a debate
Root2Fruit Media
Root2Fruit Media 12 timmar sedan
@shaolin1200 there's a difference between stats and facts. The likes of Candace Owens simply present stats and ignore the all important context.
shaolin1200 14 timmar sedan
Tim Shea I’ve just learned it’s pretty easy to delete a comment But it was about the point she made concerning black people appealing to the lowest common denominator and the fact that no other race tries to make martyrs out of criminals, like Mike Brown of the hands up don’t shoot lie. People like Floyd are the ones actually destroying the black community, it isn’t the white cops that are killing blacks by the dozens every day in Chicago
Tim Shea
Tim Shea 14 timmar sedan
@shaolin1200 I do not have that power. Was it addressing CO's lies?
shaolin1200 14 timmar sedan
Tim Shea did you delete my comment?
Tim Shea
Tim Shea 15 timmar sedan
@shaolin1200 *you don’t know anything about me* I've dealt with enough 9/11 Truthers to recognize the same idiocy. *I see that Candace deals with a lot of facts* I know you do. It's called confirmation bias. Let's start with the first lie: did you know that George Floyd _didn't_ point a gun at a pregnant women's belly as there is nothing to say she was pregnant? Let's start there.
Earth Story
Earth Story 16 timmar sedan
Let's fucking goooooo
robert kennedy
robert kennedy 16 timmar sedan
I was born 8 46 pm
khfofo 17 timmar sedan
LeBron James makes profits off of sweatshops in China. He's going to be a billionaire, do you really think he cares about anyone? He cares about his image and his name being out there. It's time to wake up and see that the underlying issue in this country is wealth inequality. And it exists for everyone. Whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, we all should come together and fight for a higher standard of living. If LeBron cared, he would donate to help instead of just tweeting about it.
Root2Fruit Media
Root2Fruit Media 12 timmar sedan
He does donate to help, millions of his dollars go towards great causes.. Do some research.
Cali Lov
Cali Lov 18 timmar sedan
Bethany O'Neal
Bethany O'Neal 18 timmar sedan
He barely even made jokes, he just spoke and it was so amazing and inspiring. I love it
Pamela Gayle
Pamela Gayle 18 timmar sedan
This is a message to lawyers in this country who desire change. Network with each other, establish an llc including board of directors, and set up an iron clad bank trust to collect public funds for the sole purpose of lobbying for criminal justice reform (for all states and the national level): *Create a go-fund-me account and clearly state your role, salary requirement, and purpose for change . *Grant partnership to persons who make a donation supporting your role and purpose for change. *Partner with bipartisan criminal justice reform nonprofit(s) or a special interest group(s) and the public partners. *Host public forums to get precise information about the reform desired by partners. *Draft the bi-laws, mission statement and vision then share them with partners for final approval. *Create a website and give partners access to the entire process. *Maintain an open and honest dialogue with partners.
Carium 18 timmar sedan
Too bad this is all in vain. George Floyd apparently died from coronavirus instead. www.npr.org/sections/live-updates-protests-for-racial-justice/2020/06/04/869278494/medical-examiners-autopsy-reveals-george-floyd-had-positive-test-for-coronavirus
Roland Martin
Roland Martin 19 timmar sedan
Rat a tat tat??.. Dave....stfu.. I agree most shit you say.. but if you dont see BLM for what it is then you are only half as intelligent as i thought you were..
Root2Fruit Media
Root2Fruit Media 12 timmar sedan
So he's only intelligent when he says things you agree with? Who are you - Isaac Newton? :D GTFOH
Soundtrack Metal
Soundtrack Metal 19 timmar sedan
Udrakan Morturim
Udrakan Morturim 21 timme sedan
Dave Chapelle and Bill Burr are why I keep watching Netflix
twoolio 21 timme sedan
This is what happens when you can't work your routine out in the club before your special, utter shite 😂😂, should give all young aspiring comedians some hope 👍
Tim Shea
Tim Shea 21 timme sedan
You find the murder of a black man by police as "club material"?
cynthia Deg
cynthia Deg 22 timmar sedan
He doesn’t bother to mention the tremendous loss of David Dorn, a wonderful man who gave his life to keep us safe. To his family go my deepest thanks.
Tim Shea
Tim Shea 21 timme sedan
Alt-right whataboutism deflection.
Erick Crawford
Erick Crawford 22 timmar sedan
People need to understand Dave's expression was cathartic shit if I'm brutally honest I'm surprised he even cracked a joke. He couldn't help but express outrage and you know what? I do not blame him. It wasn't just about being funny it's about helping mothafuckas understand that we don't give a shit about celebrities right now. He seems to be one of the only few that GETS IT. "The streets don't NEED me right now."
Jared Hicks
Jared Hicks 22 timmar sedan
This is what we needed.... This is the most charged stand up I've seen in a long time and it was very needed
Keanu K. Mabalane
Keanu K. Mabalane 23 timmar sedan
A Tribe Called Quest - Stressed Out: I felt that. Perfect melancholic soundtrack through this bizarre time. Not sure about a lot, but about this track and my breathe. I am certain.👌🏾 Come on baby we gonna make it. We gotta make it...
BLAKK SMOKE 23 timmar sedan
Dave is God
Say it How it is!
Say it How it is! 23 timmar sedan
I can listen to him talk for ever... he has the most amazing views and the way he can go from serious to jokes seamlessly.
Say it How it is!
Say it How it is! 23 timmar sedan
He will go down as the best ever, an icon of our time!
Dejuan Outthecage
Dejuan Outthecage Dag sedan
Our last chance for civil discourse after that it’s just rats tat tat tat!
YaY kk
YaY kk Dag sedan
Love Dave
Sandra Wilson
Sandra Wilson Dag sedan
The comedians are the truth tellers. The politicians are a joke.
Francisco Argueta
Francisco Argueta Dag sedan
I'm confused... he mentions no less than 400 cops bc he killed one of them... no, u just said he killed two and killed a cop's little girl, dude literally switched it up like nothing...
Scott Davis
Scott Davis Dag sedan
He has shown how ugly he is. Hate filled and out of line. Fuck him!
Tim Shea
Tim Shea 23 timmar sedan
Ok Ivan.
Jonto Toronto
Jonto Toronto Dag sedan
Make Dave Funny Again
Tim Shea
Tim Shea 23 timmar sedan
@Jonto Toronto Is that per capita Jonto? Because black me are killed by police 2.5 times more than whites, per capita. They are 17 times more likely to be pulled over by police than whites. per capita. Stop & Frisk policies aren't even worth bringing up because of the disparity in blacks vs whites. It's just a given blacks suffer under this grossly more than the infinitesimal amounts whites are subjected to it. And exactly what does your statistic have to do with anything Jonto when it is actually the police's job to treat citizens equally? Did you think you has some mic-drop moment with that fake stat from Stormfront? Want to try me again and see exactly how much I've investigated this subject?
Jonto Toronto
Jonto Toronto 23 timmar sedan
@Tim Shea Are you aware 18 times as many cops are murdered by black men as the other way around? Have you investigated a single thing you cheaply bleat at people or do you only mimic someone-else's slogans?
Tim Shea
Tim Shea 23 timmar sedan
Sure. Tell cops to stop killing black men.
druha10304 Dag sedan
hes playing tribe called quest , and that shit is on my playlist without him making me do it LOOOL stressed out
Gary B
Gary B Dag sedan
Is he wearing a dress???? 🤔
Tim Shea
Tim Shea Timme sedan
@Filipino Republican Not to worry. The Mensa of a Vice President says gay can be "fixed". 😒
Filipino Republican
Filipino Republican 2 timmar sedan
Capri pants, Dave is Gay now.
Tim Shea
Tim Shea 23 timmar sedan
MilesB Dag sedan
Really eye opening. Thank you.
Pat CC
Pat CC Dag sedan
Check your perspective. Values matter, not skin colour: instagram.com/tv/CCHc8uHBz8o/?igshid=80xr07s7e7mx
Tim Shea
Tim Shea 23 timmar sedan
Then why are cops killing *Black Men* at a rate 2.5 times more than whites?
Micah W
Micah W Dag sedan
Why don’t SEshow follow its own guidelines when it comes to Dave Chappell. He called Laura Ingram a cunt and this is ok because he is upset? Why is this video not age appropriate and Kanye West new vid needs a sign in to watch? Is he exempt SEshow? He’s advocating violence and justifying it and this is ok?
Okunwa Amadasun
Okunwa Amadasun 59 minuter sedan
@Micah W I'm not saying Dave was being sarcastic. I meant the 1st commenter you berated was being sarcastic. The one that said "gotcha bitch" chappele.
Micah W
Micah W 9 timmar sedan
Okunwa Amadasun if you think Dave Chappell was being sarcastic by calling a female a cunt then i don’t need to force ideas down your throat because your not thinking your own thoughts anyway. I like Dave Chappell but I don’t see him as my god and I call it when I see it.
Okunwa Amadasun
Okunwa Amadasun 22 timmar sedan
@Micah W I don't know what you want to achieve by putting words in my mouth. I hate it when people say "you know it is' or anything similar. All you do is try to force your ideals down my throat. I said what I said and meant it.
Micah W
Micah W 23 timmar sedan
Okunwa Amadasun no he wasn’t and you know that. This was not a comedy show and even if it was would it be ok for a upset white comedian to say the N word about say...Al Sharpton? Or even if he was just being “sarcastic”? See my point or are you just trolling? Was he sarcastic about Chris Dorner? Nope. This video violates the community guidelines of SEshow.
Tim Shea
Tim Shea 23 timmar sedan
@Micah W *only through the blood of Jesus* That's not a thing.
Southern Patriot
Southern Patriot Dag sedan
This wasn't funny. It was emotional. Embrace logic and press forward. Because emotion is like an angry woman who in the morning says sorry for setting your car on fire.
Michael JM
Michael JM Dag sedan
If he monetized then donated as well there would be more to give maybe?
artdeco82 Dag sedan
As a white male I can empathize with the pain Dave is feeling but I'll never truly understand it. I'm never be in his or any black person's shoes.
Okunwa Amadasun
Okunwa Amadasun Dag sedan
Stop white knighting. It's phenomenally pathetic and disrespectfully to yourself first and foremost, and black people that don't cosign this dumbass victim mentality.
Jazzy AndCool
Jazzy AndCool Dag sedan
Dave Chappelle and all these protesters are just a bunch of talking and bulllshit. Stop talking and do something!
Tim Shea
Tim Shea 23 timmar sedan
There have been fundamental change in police forces across the nation. That's something.
Stephen Attwood
Stephen Attwood Dag sedan
Everything isn’t attached
Kaitlyn Dykstra
Kaitlyn Dykstra Dag sedan
Wasn't there originally subtitles on this special? Why did they get removed?
sally pit
sally pit Dag sedan
I used to think this guy was funny!
papachongo Dag sedan
You said once "there is only one thing that is going to save this country from itself...its African American" not the BLM movement, not the riots, not with hate. Vote for the right persons that are running away from that goal. The road is paved, the rules are established, thanks to MLK, elect one(s) that makes them follow the dream and punish the ones that fail.,
papachongo Dag sedan
...not running away from...
papachongo Dag sedan
...Elect the ones...correction to last comment
sarah jonasson
sarah jonasson Dag sedan
Love that such an intelligent man can see and will publicly acknowledge the signs / synchronicities he experiences from the universe.
Kathleen Dunlap
Kathleen Dunlap Dag sedan
Than you, Mr. Dave Chappell! This is a distugusting sign of the Nazis killing people, mostly people of color, and nothing is being done about it at all. Thank you for the protesters to try and bring change to our sick country.
C Miller
C Miller Dag sedan
10:25 "Every institution lies to us" (crowd shot of nodding individuals wearing masks) They are also lying about the "pandemic" and yet you all act as if the cold virus will kill you.
Pat CC
Pat CC Dag sedan
Check your perspective: instagram.com/tv/CCMaoGXJRh6/?igshid=1an7ebpzgbqde
Jack Daniels-Son
Jack Daniels-Son Dag sedan
He should have TAKEN A KNEE or BOWED DOWN ON BOTH KNEES after doing this performance because this was worthy of him being at the Apollo or on Broadway. That's for sure. He had echoes of all the African American comedy greats and poetic figures of the 20th Century wrapped up into his soul when performing this. James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor and even Sidney Potier. He deserves an Emmy for this performance or even an Oscar if we are really advocating for Black Lives Matter. He will get an Oscar for this performance.
stewart fennell
stewart fennell Dag sedan
To quote Bill Hicks it's not like we lost a scientist or a doctor here......
Erik Wagner
Erik Wagner Dag sedan
God bless the truth tellers.
Gary Smith
Gary Smith Dag sedan
I love Dave Chappelle. I feel he's going backwards. I'm saddened I feel like I lost one of my comedy heroes. He seems like a great guy I'd love to talk to him. Mix it up... Peace and Love..Mic dropped That's all.
Not Me
Not Me Dag sedan
That's all great Dave Chapelle. Very touching. However WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT. Standby like anyone else? We can rant and rave about evil's and equalities until the end of time, it will never really go away.
Heith Watkins
Heith Watkins Dag sedan
He is lying about the NRA and Ms Owen's....... Mohammed enslaved black men. 🖕🖕🖕
Heith Watkins
Heith Watkins Dag sedan
Allah is Satan!!!!😎😎😎
Filipino Republican
Filipino Republican 2 timmar sedan
Heith Watkins - Allah is a moon demon.
silvita thervil
silvita thervil Dag sedan
😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 candace 🐟😔
Terence Dixon
Terence Dixon Dag sedan
That's not Dave Chapelle. .....Something's here.
Lazy Studio Gaming
Lazy Studio Gaming Dag sedan
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