Trying to Catch a 1,000 MPH Baseball - Smarter Every Day 247

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SmarterEveryDay 20 dagar sedan
Favorite line: "Bob's gonna die". If you' enjoyed this video and want to help me make more like it, the best way is to support on Patreon. I will send you a Smarter Every Day / Rocket City Trash Pandas baseball. I ship one to literally everyone who supports as a Patron. Here's that link if you're interested: Thank you so much for watching this video! Destin
HowToRandom كيف تصنع
HowToRandom كيف تصنع 8 dagar sedan
Try using meat or flesh to stop the bell , To see what would happen if the bell hits a human
ThoracJunaut 12 dagar sedan
idea: when your trying to stop a bullet, usually bullet proof glass does a good job, the bullet spents a lot of its energy on breaking the glass before getting through, its stopped before then, so just replace the glass with say a hard leather over the baseball mitt, and maybe that might stop the ball
Abraham Perez
Abraham Perez 12 dagar sedan
Sadness, I'm needing a glove, and see this😥
Sakonema 15 dagar sedan
Not using a solid steel ball is just weak.
Douglas Parkinson
Douglas Parkinson 19 dagar sedan
skitzx the K.I.D
skitzx the K.I.D 2 minuter sedan
go to 10:53 at 0.25 playback speed and watch I should have watched 5 more seconds
LiloVLOG 6 minuter sedan
Look at 11:50, there's fire already behind the baseball before hitting the glove.
NG Gamer
NG Gamer 17 minuter sedan
Cool Highlights. 9:46 10:51 13:24 13:54
VÍDEO ON PRODUÇÕES 37 minuter sedan
Muito bom!!! E se fizer num colote a prova de bala?
Dexter Lim
Dexter Lim 2 timmar sedan
*11037 should've watched this to survive his execution.*
Yeasir Sagor
Yeasir Sagor 2 timmar sedan
"Back in the day we thought a mullet counted as a helmet" 16:12
Jim Scott
Jim Scott 2 timmar sedan
The air trapped between the ball and glove caused a compressed air flash. Like a piston fire starter. Habakkauk 3:18
Gay attack Helicóptero
Gay attack Helicóptero 3 timmar sedan
That cool look at the out line of the speed the ball is going at 6:25
Amanda Bowers
Amanda Bowers 3 timmar sedan
The waves behind the baseball is so cool😀
Ashe 3 timmar sedan
Ryo Eskuku
Ryo Eskuku 4 timmar sedan
i think kid from home alone should make this.
Christian Love
Christian Love 4 timmar sedan
Smarter every day! Then crashes drone into tree 😂😂
Daniel Veas Sánchez
Daniel Veas Sánchez 4 timmar sedan
Shine! Kakyoin!
Hudson Reyes
Hudson Reyes 4 timmar sedan
Do a car
Adrian Fernandez
Adrian Fernandez 5 timmar sedan
I remember Mythbusters doing this with a ping pong ball
Konshift 5 timmar sedan
Hi! Just started watching your vids and I think there awesome. Also I think its pretty cool that I live in a small town named Harvest right next to Huntsville. Anyways keep up the good work! Bye 👋
THE_SIMPLE_ PICKLE 5 timmar sedan
This vs the 250 MPH bat
Ethan Mooneyham Show
Ethan Mooneyham Show 5 timmar sedan
You need to introduce this prototype to the military😂 no but seriously, if you guys could do this at a private warehouse imagine what the US military branches could do, they wouldn’t be using baseballs either, god bless America
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 5 timmar sedan
Imagine shooting someone with that
Jena Vinogradov
Jena Vinogradov 5 timmar sedan
Кто от КБ?
RAZR GAMING281 5 timmar sedan
There's fire 🔥 its called friction
Darshan Ingale
Darshan Ingale 5 timmar sedan
It looks like the glove was made of wood and not leather when hit.
But_Nustin 5 timmar sedan
Funny thing is, the ball isn’t rotating after getting shot, so it’s more of a knuckle ball. So imagine how much damage it COULD do if it was a true fastball 😳
Kaleb Mcleod-Hughes
Kaleb Mcleod-Hughes 5 timmar sedan
Now imagine a plane doing that to a bird........
Spygun04 5 timmar sedan
Up next, they build a rail gun to shoot the baseball.
Umph 5 timmar sedan
I always liked this channel but he supports Trump still in December 2020. I just can't support this channel anymore. Unsubbing sadly.
Jeremy Moses
Jeremy Moses 5 timmar sedan
That was...flame.
Jeremy Moses
Jeremy Moses 5 timmar sedan
Also, “Bob’s gonna die” may have been the most matter of fact statement ever made in a Smarter Every Day video.
Stuff Made Here
Stuff Made Here 5 timmar sedan
Amazing. I still can’t stop thinking what it would do to my bat...
Robert Bailey
Robert Bailey 3 timmar sedan
New challenge, develop a normal bat that can hit his 1000 mph ball to a homerun 🤓🤓
Nigel Burton
Nigel Burton 4 timmar sedan
If it makes u feel any better, u probably couldnt hit it
THE_SIMPLE_ PICKLE 5 timmar sedan
@Avidan Hipolito it would demolish it
THE_SIMPLE_ PICKLE 5 timmar sedan
Imagine what would happen to your hands
Kaleb Mcleod-Hughes
Kaleb Mcleod-Hughes 5 timmar sedan
Imagine a plane doing that to a bird.....
Stephen Williams
Stephen Williams 5 timmar sedan
At -11:28 the ball is actually on fire...
cameron walker
cameron walker 5 timmar sedan
but those gloves didn't have hands in them? maybe that could be the difference.
Jayde Ochinero
Jayde Ochinero 6 timmar sedan
What is the light behind the ball
Herosteve 6 timmar sedan
Yeah, talking is boring. 3:55 skip here to see it. 6:26 another one 9:44 another one 13:30
Mawarti Wahyuni
Mawarti Wahyuni 6 timmar sedan
Mawarti Wahyuni
Mawarti Wahyuni 6 timmar sedan
Andre LeBlanc
Andre LeBlanc 6 timmar sedan
You should put the glove on an arm with a spring mechanism to allow it to swing whilst catching the ball. The trick is getting the arm to start moving before catching the ball.
TUIFP 6 timmar sedan
10:53 I think I see a little fire behind the ball !!!
Rene Martins
Rene Martins 7 timmar sedan
You need to build another supersonic baseball "bazooka" and place them facing each other, shoot a baseball against one another and video the exactly moment that the balls collided in super ultra slow motion... and then you will find a new meaning of how the universe works! lol. I would do that if I were in your shoes. maybe one day! love your videos. keep it up!!
Kyle Reynolds
Kyle Reynolds 7 timmar sedan
If you watch some high speed footage of ballistics gel being hit with high power rifles there's fire inside the would cavity. I believe it has something to do with the air rapidly compressing
Egon Casteel
Egon Casteel 7 timmar sedan
I have a newfound respect for kinetic energy
Josiah Meek
Josiah Meek 8 timmar sedan
Do it vs bullet resistant glass
Adam Stone
Adam Stone 8 timmar sedan
What PSI and Vacuum were you running, still around 500psi? I’d be really interested to see what this thing can do if you fire it closer to 1000psi and aren’t losing vacuum towards the end like in the first video. Regardless this beast is a true accomplishment!
Juliano Gras
Juliano Gras 8 timmar sedan
Se você tirou 1 segundo para ler esse pequeno comentário Jesus te ama e que ele te proteja de todo o mal. Amém!❤️
유리지니TVᆞ333movieᆞ 8 timmar sedan
와~~~~~` 좋아요 좋아요 하나 21만 + 1 = ? 6,774,708 + 1 201203
Gerrick Andrew
Gerrick Andrew 8 timmar sedan
If you guys could get one of those realistic human torso things made of gel that'd be amazing.
Hermes França
Hermes França 8 timmar sedan
Mitchell Thomas
Mitchell Thomas 9 timmar sedan
Mouth dropped. That first shot looked like a scene from Terminator.
Flyboy1776 9 timmar sedan
I concur with the stitching causing the fire. That’s what I thought when I first saw the slow mo.
Reverse Flash
Reverse Flash 9 timmar sedan
Very nice when do human trials start
Bunny Love
Bunny Love 9 timmar sedan
hi bud OMG lol
Larry Diffey
Larry Diffey 10 timmar sedan
The ball bounced off the backstop right about the time Bob even started moving.
Julio Perales
Julio Perales 10 timmar sedan
Glove giveaway? Those things are relics.
Merlyn Tejano
Merlyn Tejano 10 timmar sedan
But the quistion is can it penetrait a tree?
Scotty doesn'tKNOW
Scotty doesn'tKNOW 10 timmar sedan
Stick it straight up and shoot it in the air
HypersonicPineapple 10 timmar sedan
So I know you probably won't see this comment, Destin. But it might be useful to note that on a frame by frame analysis on the shot at 13:55, fire is visible on a handful of glove impacts, not necessarily only on the basketweave gloves
Daegan Olson
Daegan Olson 10 timmar sedan
this is crazy
HypersonicPineapple 10 timmar sedan
10:34 The baseball goes through the glove, the glove returns to its normal shape, the wind from the cannon blows the glove away in sequence. *INSANE*
Gqtr 2
Gqtr 2 10 timmar sedan
Any one wanna count how many times they said “ball” 😂😂
Natural Born Thinker
Natural Born Thinker 10 timmar sedan
Barney: "Bullets are faster than knives" Christmas: "No, knives are faster than bullets" SmarterEveryDay: Hold my balls
Isaiah Scobel
Isaiah Scobel 11 timmar sedan
I imagine a jojo stand capable of this
GOAT GOATERSON 11 timmar sedan
"We have a bike shortage" Me, Dutch: what is that?
Jordan Kelly
Jordan Kelly 12 timmar sedan
2 questions: How many miles per hour do you think is lost after every glove collision? How far could a ball travel a the best cannon angel with sea-level air resistance?
Loki Kuro
Loki Kuro 12 timmar sedan
Can you "throw" a baseball onto a blade and see if the blade will cut the ball or the blade will break.
Null 12 timmar sedan
so if you accelerate two cows directly towards each other at a high enough velocity do you get a fireball or a meaty splat? dry cow first?
r12e5p 12 timmar sedan
Hi Destin, Big fan of your work. Just wanted to make sure you knew that a Facebook page called “You don’t see that everyday!”/Darrin Carothers took and made a gif out of some of the footage from this video. Tried to tag/@ you, but comments were disabled.
Mike Whitaker
Mike Whitaker 12 timmar sedan
Another cool video! I can't figure out why the clamps kept coming off the i-beam, were they not tight?
Blk An Mild
Blk An Mild 12 timmar sedan
He's ok
Emperor Dan
Emperor Dan 12 timmar sedan
Poor bob
Top5 Rankings
Top5 Rankings 12 timmar sedan
whoever is reading this comment may his her parents live long for 100 years ameen
Rymdis0683 12 timmar sedan
Hmmmmm... Is this legal? Think he might be on the FBI's swat list😂
Josh Gamer
Josh Gamer 12 timmar sedan
Build a potato cannon
Anda Njombolwana
Anda Njombolwana 12 timmar sedan
I just want action and you guys busy teaching me Engineering design
Arthas Menethis
Arthas Menethis 13 timmar sedan
The US army wants to know your location
Desirea Roberts
Desirea Roberts 13 timmar sedan
You should bit a bat that can hit that ball
Reservoir Inc
Reservoir Inc 13 timmar sedan
No baseballs were harmed in the making of this film
Jake Caylor
Jake Caylor 13 timmar sedan
The fire could be from friction or condensing air until its volatile
Sanjit Matrud
Sanjit Matrud 13 timmar sedan
I forget what it is called but the flames are due to the gasses surrounding the projectile.
Eric Norton
Eric Norton 13 timmar sedan
Can you do a video about learning a language while you are sleeping
Hilary Gray
Hilary Gray 14 timmar sedan
Should try that on a bullet proof vehicle like to see that
Dakota McLeod
Dakota McLeod 14 timmar sedan
Fire was caused by air compression. You can see a flame before it even hits. Thought smarter every day would have basic knowledge of that.
JFR Jr 14 timmar sedan
I would like to see that ball hitting a baseball bat.
Darth Amy Vader
Darth Amy Vader 14 timmar sedan
I'm surprised that its not considered a weapon like, now a ball gun isn't nerf anymore and its deadly...
Lopaka Kaahu
Lopaka Kaahu 14 timmar sedan
The third groove has a spark
Electrix 14 timmar sedan
1:55 was that u starting to weld or my PS4 booting up
SAP PS 15 timmar sedan
To catch with a single glove, you need to increase the "Catching slowing-down Distance"; instead of fixing the metal fingers, put them in a mobile car over te rail, it needs pair of strings (or sets of them) that helps it to move from lower to higher resistance over the catching movement, not to have the glove fixed or it will keep ripping it off, even though the arm in the second shoot may have helped, It had low movement range... So the glove has to start moving as it catches the ball, then applying gradual resistance... Thanks for sharing
José Manuel Oslán
José Manuel Oslán 15 timmar sedan
Awesome! You shoud try it throwing it at a Baseball bat next time!
Zack Hembree
Zack Hembree 15 timmar sedan
Take this deer hunting...
MTG Gamer
MTG Gamer 15 timmar sedan
Tell me that’s not satisfying 4:57
Falcon Fighting
Falcon Fighting 15 timmar sedan
So Air to Air missiles traveling at +Mach 4 meet the jet fighter imagine that
IndyStry 15 timmar sedan
The supersonic shockwave behind the ball is slightly blue-ish. Is the air ionizing behind the ball? Almost looks like a dragon ballz or street fighter fireball lol
Luka 15 timmar sedan
To be honest, the red and black bike looks awesome
mm carts29
mm carts29 16 timmar sedan
It's amazing how u can see the air pressure surrounding the ball when shot at a super high speed faster than sound
Mr Mewlax
Mr Mewlax 16 timmar sedan
i would just catch it
Richard Nunes
Richard Nunes 16 timmar sedan
14:14 I believe that the effect of an atomic bomb in relation to the air and the objects in its path is similar, but burning and disintegrating at the same time.
Aaron Christman
Aaron Christman 16 timmar sedan
Hey I have a video idea I would like to talk with you about.... 208 317 8544 Aaron
K.U.R.I 17 timmar sedan
4k dislikes like why makes no sense its education can y'all just learn
rxfea 17 timmar sedan
imagine you have that throw power
handler pandler
handler pandler 17 timmar sedan
Should have pointed the cannon straight up and tried to catch the worlds highest pop up
max morris
max morris 17 timmar sedan
Should I make a South Park try not to laugh video?
pert 17 timmar sedan
4:55 Machine basically said “Chidori!”
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