‘We managed to flatten the curve’ - Interview with Sweden's FM Linde | Conflict Zone

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25 dagar sedan

Sweden’s coronavirus strategy has led to a death rate much higher than that of its neighbors. Did the country badly miscalculate? DW’s Conflict Zone meets the country’s foreign minister.
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Mika Reinholm
Mika Reinholm 16 timmar sedan
Fy fan vad Sverige skämmer ut sig med såna idijoter.. hon ljuger 99% i allt hon säger och gör bort sig hennes sanna fula aggressiva ansikte kommer fram samma skrot och korn som Margot Wallström 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬
Mika Reinholm
Mika Reinholm 16 timmar sedan
Hon ljuger i nästan allt hon säger!! She's lies!
Alien Nation
Alien Nation 20 timmar sedan
Complete lie,Swedish people can’t Do a covid 19 test whenever they want!
BadMadChicken 23 timmar sedan
Varför kan inte våra politiker prata engelska för...
Anthon Deutsch
Anthon Deutsch Dag sedan
Responsible government? Wow that's a mouth full
Jane Eyre Golden
Jane Eyre Golden Dag sedan
Madam, pkk, kürts handsom or good hearts⁉ no no no never ◾◾◾◾◾◾🏴 50 years truely TÜRK MOTHERS 😢 ◽◽◽◽◽⚘🔼⚘◽◽◽◽◽
jyri lappalainen
jyri lappalainen 2 dagar sedan
sir joku
Maria Olofsson
Maria Olofsson 3 dagar sedan
Hur kan man låta en kvinna som knappt kan engelska vara utrikesminister? Förjävligt. Hon vet ju inte själv vad hon pratar om, riktigt pinsamt.
Subzero Subzero
Subzero Subzero 4 dagar sedan
Sweden sucks and all the world sucks COVID-19 sucks 🤷🏻‍♂️ 😁 I hate everyone 👋🏻 bye bye ........
Dan dandandan
Dan dandandan 4 dagar sedan
Inkvoterad och bevisligen inkompetent. Trist att det har gått så långt.
Simon Bannow
Simon Bannow 4 dagar sedan
"The Statue of Liberty is Kaputt!"
Helena Frej
Helena Frej 4 dagar sedan
Im swedish and Im ashamed of my country
Lars-Ove Westerberg
Lars-Ove Westerberg 5 dagar sedan
Excellent responses from Anne Linde. Strong, determined and well-spoken, despite super-difficult questions. Of course there are reasons to scrutinise and evaluate the Swedish strategy concerning the pandemic, but that people in the comments section are critizising her because of her SwEnglish is just pathetic. Would you have done the same if Donald Tusk had been interviewed, with his very strong Polish accent? I guess you are all doing that because your of your political orientation, and what's funny is that many of you can't even write proper Swedish :-)
José Gomes
José Gomes 14 timmar sedan
@Amy Crunch he is a simp
Lars-Ove Westerberg
Lars-Ove Westerberg 2 dagar sedan
@Amy Crunch, nope, I don't work for Linde. And why would I need to study English? It's been one of my working languages for decades. It's just that so many lowlives, whose own English is substandard, complain because Linde makes the occasional is/are-errors. Have a lovely day!
Amy Crunch
Amy Crunch 2 dagar sedan
So what you mean is you're planning on studying English yourself? And you work for Linde?
Valerie Coton
Valerie Coton 6 dagar sedan
Thank you Swedish government! I am sorry for everyone who lost their lives - my condolences to the relatives!
Anja Selber
Anja Selber 6 dagar sedan
Die Interviewführung war m.E. meinungsgefärbt und unprofessionell, inklusive der aufgeregten und deshalb teilweise wackeligen Stimme der Interviewerin. Da hätte ich von der DW anderes erwartet.
The Shock!
The Shock! 6 dagar sedan
Ther goverment only got about 40 somthing % of the votes but they keept in power by colobereting with parts of the colloition
King Peppy
King Peppy 7 dagar sedan
11:38 'come to those who deserve it most,' wow that's some old school Protestant hatemongering right there; is she actually an American?
Юрий Г
Юрий Г 7 dagar sedan
Well I'm not sure that German strategy against covid-19 is better, for example now they must controll some particular houses and build fences around them. This autumn the number of fences will grow up. And it's terrible for people in Germany.
Richie Daniel
Richie Daniel 7 dagar sedan
Ett lands utrikesminister ska kunna tala flytande engelska, är det för mycket att begära? Tack Röven & Sharia-annie för denna fantastiska ministers flytande engelska.
Magnus Jönsson
Magnus Jönsson 8 dagar sedan
Im ashamed of being of swede now. But this DDR woman is just a common politician in Sweden.
Urs 8 dagar sedan
I don't recognise Sweden anymore being in a state of total denial, not capable of adjusting a wrong strategy which costs so many lives, no rational thinking, horrible communications of a foreign minister
Cassie 8 dagar sedan
improve in protecting the more vulnerable...
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 9 dagar sedan
Utrikesminster? Känns mer som en spydig dagisfröken som försöker försvara att hon inte kunde stava till "stadsäppedimolog". Pinsamt!
Cassie 8 dagar sedan
vulnerable population..of caz, that will result in a higher death rate...So please at least let's all respect Sweden for it's brave effort... Which other country has taken this approac
Xantippa1000 9 dagar sedan
I cringe hearing our Foreign Minister! My ONLY excuse is that I never voted for this government, never have and never will. This just shows clearly how "flat" our own main stream media is. The way Sweden treats the elderly in homes now is a violence to human rights. NO oxygene - NOT allowed hospital care. When they have hard time breath they're given morphine instead! It's inhumane and torture. Imagine to slowly choke to death and you're given morphine so it "doesn't look so bad". And if the first chot doesn't help - they're given more.. To me this is murder under a false mask of humanity. Please. The surrounding world have to mark that this is NOT ok. I want to thank DW for being critical and put out tough and RELEVANT questions!
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 9 dagar sedan
the 57 year old Italien die. We have to save the 77 year old Swedish. " ?
Future man
Future man 9 dagar sedan
Sweden has fallened the curve. Stop lying.
Gary Santos
Gary Santos 9 dagar sedan
Deaths per million Population Country Total Deaths Deaths/Million USA 131,503 397 Sweden 5,411 536 worldometer Last updated: July 03, 2020, 12:47 GMT How U.S. city officials responded to the 1918 pandemic played a critical role in how many residents lived-and died. Over the course of two years, the Spanish Influenza of 1918-1919 killed more than 50 million people worldwide. When it was all over, the Spanish flu killed an estimated 675,000 Americans among a staggering 20 to 50 million people worldwide. Certain U.S. cities fared far worse than others, though, and looking back more than a century later there’s evidence that the earliest and most well-organized responses slowed the spread of the disease-at least temporarily-while cities that dragged their feet or let down their guard paid a heavier price. HISTORY UPDATED:MAR 27, 2020ORIGINAL:MAR 11, 2020 DAVE ROOS
Eloy1976 9 dagar sedan
This is embarrasing🤦‍♂️
Blueniter 10 dagar sedan
To all who think this is bad. Just a small reminder these lies our Minister/Government are our ordinary days. People in Sweden are actually comparing our Government with kids in a Sandbox who are constantly trying to prove who is best by lies.
Andrew Riley
Andrew Riley 10 dagar sedan
Their deaths per million are still less than some other European that did lock down.
Cassie 10 dagar sedan
En karriär-sosse lär sig ljuga redan under SSU - tiden. Ann Linde är lika vidrig som Margot Wallström.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 9 dagar sedan
Vad hon ljuger!
Christian Davidsson
Christian Davidsson 10 dagar sedan
Hahahaha the most ridiculous minister I’ve ever seen!! 😂😂😂😅
Amy Crunch
Amy Crunch 10 dagar sedan
They got two dozen more in the cabinet. Jim Henson and Frank Oz couldn't have done better.
Marika Ahlsell
Marika Ahlsell 11 dagar sedan
Shame on our goverment. They lie and killed The old People on purpus to save money. Im so sorry to be swedish in this shame.
Amy Crunch
Amy Crunch 10 dagar sedan
Save money, save face.
Never Sniff Viagra
Never Sniff Viagra 11 dagar sedan
Im PURE Swedish and are ASHAME of this incompetence of Löfven, Tegnell and Linde, No Education to sit in the Goverment in the first place, we are forced to see them in goverment al day long giving bad guidelines on practically all levels, most of the "Swedish" people dont wants them there at all. We are just waiting for goverment change soon. I do apologize for our Swedish goverment
Cassie 10 dagar sedan
I just could listen to her what a liar!
Deluxe 11 dagar sedan
can anyone adopt me from Sweden
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 9 dagar sedan
nobody says anything about that ... The interviewer has the upper hand because she is English.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 11 dagar sedan
marthy995 11 dagar sedan
Får mig att tänka på SVT som rapporterade för nån månad sen om att ”Sverige hyllas för sin strategi runt om i världen”. Har SVT nu rapporterat om kritiken o dyl?
Larsnas Kristenson
Larsnas Kristenson 10 dagar sedan
@Amy Crunch !!!!!!!!! Tack för infon. Jag följer inte TV av ngt slag längre. Jag streamar. Din info förstärker min satir. Tack. /Lars
Amy Crunch
Amy Crunch 10 dagar sedan
@Larsnas Kristenson 80% hos SVT röstade MP.
Larsnas Kristenson
Larsnas Kristenson 11 dagar sedan
SVT går i sozzarnas (globalisters) ledband, och har varken mod eller val.
danfan04 11 dagar sedan
Legally binding measures like washing your hands?! I'm in Sweden and I haven't noticed any legally binding measures about anything! Recommendations are what we've been given. Throw us out of EU? YES PLEASE!!!
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 11 dagar sedan
Tim Skoog
Tim Skoog 12 dagar sedan
Omg this is absolutely horrible!
Kumar 12 dagar sedan
The interviewer seems triggering on purpose.. wanting to embarrass Sweden... But what other country had the courage to take such a huge risk with a novel virus. If anything, the outcome of Sweden's approach cld only benefit the rest of the world with regard to Fighting this pandemic... it's unfortunate that the virus began spreading amongst the vulnerable population..of caz, that will result in a higher death rate...So please at least let's all respect Sweden for it's brave effort... Which other country has taken this approach... And all these is coming from a person from Singapore... We have the lowest covid death per capita rate in the world... I respect Sweden for their bravery. Plz continue and just improve in protecting the more vulnerable...
Amy Crunch
Amy Crunch 10 dagar sedan
Daniel Lekardal
Daniel Lekardal 12 dagar sedan
We apologize for this person being offended by nothing. How she got elected to this job, I do not now.
Armin Eser
Armin Eser 12 dagar sedan
Sweden didn't want people from old age homes to go to hospitals. At the same time Sweden allowed Ventilators to be exported. Isn't it the duty of a Swedish politician to say "Let the 57 year old Italien die. We have to save the 77 year old Swedish. " ?
Amy Crunch
Amy Crunch 10 dagar sedan
It's not really down to that. A little 02 would have saved perhaps 1000s of lives, but they're too incompetent to deal with that. Swedes can be notorious for being afraid to make the wrong decision. A pandemic is a time when you have to act decisively and quickly - as Mike Ryan of the WHO said: 'if you hesitate, you don't win'.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 12 dagar sedan
She should be ashamed...all she does is lie constantly
Amy Crunch
Amy Crunch 10 dagar sedan
She lives in a bubble.
Mizorovich Prahaschkapalan
Mizorovich Prahaschkapalan 12 dagar sedan
Thanks btw for having put this insufferable fsck on display. She's like the rest of the Swedish "leaders". So now the world knows what we have to deal with.
Amy Crunch
Amy Crunch 10 dagar sedan
Yes, hopefully the word will get out.
Ricard Nygren
Ricard Nygren 12 dagar sedan
She is lying constantly. This is so embarrassing for the Swedish population. Is this the best we can offer?
Amy Crunch
Amy Crunch 10 dagar sedan
@bowen voowy And you think Tengele would be better? He's the cause of this, he's the murderer!
Amy Crunch
Amy Crunch 10 dagar sedan
Given that there was no government at all for half a year, it seems pretty clear that the majority certainly didn't want this lot!
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 12 dagar sedan
Jesus christ... I am from Sweden but did they have to pick her for the interview?? Her English makes my ears bleed. They should have taken Anders Tegnell, the epidemiologi
Johan Andersson
Johan Andersson 13 dagar sedan
Watch this interviewer's another videos. "Speech 100"
Henrik Bragge
Henrik Bragge 13 dagar sedan
About her pronunciation: I’m also from Skåne/Scania and you know, Danish people don’t seem to care too much about their English pronunciation either - and who cares about that? At least not me 😃 as long as you can make yourself understood. In my opinion her grammar is (very) good. Russians, Germans and Italians also talk with heavy accent - nobody says anything about that ... The interviewer has the upper hand because she is English.
Amy Crunch
Amy Crunch 10 dagar sedan
You need to learn more English. Also get out a little more.
Miranda 13 dagar sedan
Vad hon ljuger!
olov Trulle
olov Trulle 13 dagar sedan
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 13 dagar sedan
Are swedish politicians a joke?!? This feels as amateur style just like russian politicians with complex
Blueniter 9 dagar sedan
I am happy the truth are shown this happens everyday in Sweden
Jimmy Pettersson
Jimmy Pettersson 13 dagar sedan
jean vahtikari
jean vahtikari 13 dagar sedan
Sweden dont care about people's life they only care for money.and that the rich stay rich
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 13 dagar sedan
i am Swedish and she is lying, the peak is not going down, well maybe the death toll but not the people who gets infected. Typical Sweden ca not admit to be wrong.
Taqiyya Watch NEW
Taqiyya Watch NEW 14 dagar sedan
Sweden is like a cult. It's a card house of lies being exposed in this video.
Anders lundblad
Anders lundblad 9 dagar sedan
Göran Sandström
Göran Sandström 14 dagar sedan
Linjie Zanadu
Linjie Zanadu 14 dagar sedan
She needs more trainings
Arvid Hansen
Arvid Hansen 14 dagar sedan
3:24 ???
Dags Att Vakna
Dags Att Vakna 14 dagar sedan
Pleaseeeee Keep em coming at Swedish government! Lie, lies and more lies. Even in the local politics and regional polititions. They haven’t even closely tried to protect ore elderly and sick peoples. I’m ashamed! You get a lot of listener from sweden!
robert karlsson
robert karlsson 14 dagar sedan
Egentligen säger hon allt det som vi alla vill säga till världen, oavsett hur dålig hennes engelska är 🤓
Vision Astr
Vision Astr 13 dagar sedan
? Alla vill ljuga för världen????
VALVERDE OUT 14 dagar sedan
The left-wing is killing Sweden, but in the next election we will win back our country and let the right-wing control Sweden. And i'm sure we will rise.
Amy Crunch
Amy Crunch 14 dagar sedan
Wings are almost always bad. They're populated by wingnuts.
Julia swe!
Julia swe! 14 dagar sedan
Jesus christ... I am from Sweden but did they have to pick her for the interview?? Her English makes my ears bleed. They should have taken Anders Tegnell, the epidemiologist.
Amy Crunch
Amy Crunch 14 dagar sedan
Tegnell? Brilliant idea. He's already shamed the country in countless embarrassing interviews.
Alex Myrborg
Alex Myrborg 14 dagar sedan
Liar liar pants on fire... I am ashamed of been from Sweden
GymChess 14 dagar sedan
One word: disgrace.
Folk 14 dagar sedan
På tide Noreg, Suomi og Danmark overtar administering av Sverige
Amy Crunch
Amy Crunch 14 dagar sedan
Inte oss emot!
Andreas Lindmark
Andreas Lindmark 14 dagar sedan
Tr0lljegeren 14 dagar sedan
Kan vi avskaffa SVT och låta DW ta deras uppdrag?
Marty Friedman
Marty Friedman 14 dagar sedan
Ja säger bara så här till länderna med full lockdown... lycka till när ni öppnar upp igen
Amy Crunch
Amy Crunch 14 dagar sedan
Och till de 5400 som redan avlidit? Vad säger du till dem och deras anhöriga?
ähvettefan 14 dagar sedan
As long as the Swedish government refuse to apologize to at least the neighbor countries for the failed strategy, it doesn't matter what they say.
Miguel the kid
Miguel the kid 14 dagar sedan
i am Swedish and she is lying, the peak is not going down, well maybe the death toll but not the people who gets infected. Typical Sweden ca not admit to be wrong.
Miguel Lindstrom
Miguel Lindstrom 14 dagar sedan
Ist von Deutsche Welle. Warum ist es nicht auf Deutsch synchronisiert?
hasse 15 dagar sedan
Vilka häxor vi har i Sverige!
Vision Astr
Vision Astr 14 dagar sedan
Frankrike t ex är väldigt jämlikt, MEN inte den fruktansvärda feminism Sverige har, denna anti feminina som på sätt och vis förstör den svenska mannen.
videofabriken 15 dagar sedan
Im so ashamed 🤦
Björn Hansen
Björn Hansen 15 dagar sedan
Thank you DW news for asking hard ball question...Same can not be said about swedish Journalists.
Robert Trei
Robert Trei 15 dagar sedan
She is not talking for the most of Swedish people she only speaks for the socialist party.
Shireen Jabber
Shireen Jabber 10 dagar sedan
Social democratic, big difference
Ed Flannery
Ed Flannery 15 dagar sedan
She can blatantly lie through her teeth while being condescending and rejecting to take any responsibility all at the same time. No empathy or understanding for families or apologies for sacrificing thousands of lives by going against the advice of the World Health Organization. And even plays a victim role to a line of objective questioning
Inzectoid 15 dagar sedan
Holy furballs what a great show! It's like all the politicians on earth is out of their minds at this moment. But this example of a foreign minister was epic! Sweden huh?
Miranda 13 dagar sedan
Yes, as a swede i’m very ashamed. This politician is terrible!!! 😰🥵🤬She’s lying!
Martin Eriksson
Martin Eriksson 15 dagar sedan
Can someone please learn her to talk English
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 15 dagar sedan
Look how much Sweden will save on retirement cost. So it worked.
W 15 dagar sedan
St TH 2 dagar sedan
@Amy Crunch Are flu epidemics a murder?
Amy Crunch
Amy Crunch 14 dagar sedan
No it is not - it is murder.
Beate s
Beate s 15 dagar sedan
The elderly Corona patients do not even get respirators or send to the hospital, because "they are old and will die soon anyway". This is Mass murder by neglect.
Amy Crunch
Amy Crunch 14 dagar sedan
By design too - good for their statistics.
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 15 dagar sedan
We mangsches to flatten the körv 🤣👍🏻
Michael Soderling
Michael Soderling 15 dagar sedan
I used to feel sorry for Americans for having Trump as president. Now I feel for sorry for myself and my fellow Swedes.
Alvar Lagerlöf
Alvar Lagerlöf 15 dagar sedan
She makes me ashamed of being Swedish. Can't even do a competent interview. Just defensive.
MEOW CHANNEL 15 dagar sedan
Okey so i listened trough the scandalous interview and didn't find it too strange. Though our politicians here in Sweden pays and owns all the media so it's abit of a Syndicate when they run an Agenda. They just aren't used to be questioned harsly so that part was kinda fun. I still don't know though why we have sent abroad all our Defibrillators and they have sentenced the old people to palliative death trough Morphine. They are thinking money, not people. Too france consfiscated over a million protective breathingmasks we was to use in the elderlycare and hospitals for their own greedy use. There is your European friendship. Im all for leaving EU, hope we will Swexit one of theese days.
TheMercury79 15 dagar sedan
I want Sweden to leave EU too, but we're still gonna have the same leaders here. A Swexit doesn't mean that our swedish policians will go away.
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