how to create the weeknd's "blinding lights"

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hey guys! this video took way too long to make but i hope you like it. i'm in no way an animator so i just tried doing my best on my own. didn't watch any tutorials on animation or anything so i'm sure it could have been way better in tons of ways. basically, i just went into photoshop and traced/drew frame by frame and then put it all together.
and yes i used those items to create the sounds you're hearing.
ok anyway thanks for watching!

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SethEverman 17 dagar sedan
thank you for all the support always. let's see how fast this video gets copyright claimed.
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Can we get a full cover
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imagine he use mario and sonic figurines instead of bowser
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Cool and good
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I need his full cover of all of these songs he does 20 seconds of lol
Abheek Aryan
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I thought the last one was its part
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New instrument has invented: TOILET
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My last brain cell ☠️
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He comes make us bald and goes away.
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Balding lights
Nobody In Special
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Artists: Give $1m and i make a song Seth: give a camera and a piano and i do the rest
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I swear to god I was humming Blinding Lights in my mind and voila this is recommended again in SEshow.
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balding lights
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He’s the bald guy
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You are not immune to propaganda
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W.e bro.oh shit that slapped
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No ones gonna talk about bowsers retro goggles
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40 second video gets 7.5 million views.
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I love how he is wearing shoes in the house and still walks ONTO the couch XD
this comment is the same as my name
this comment is the same as my name 4 timmar sedan
This comment is the same as my name
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You are not inmune to propaganda
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Do "If i had you" by adam Lambert
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Who knew someone like him had alot of power
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Yeah, he’s the bald guy
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I CANT! I love this video.
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This guy needs to do ave Maria dressed up as 47
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TAAAKE OOON... my head
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this man is. smart as a. Turkey and I like that ._.
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How to make blinding lights faster: 1. Get discord 2. Turn on light mode
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balding lights
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Loved it, too bad it was 40 seconds
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Ah yes my favourite instrument, the toilet.
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Balding lights
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Make a video you Being saitama XDD
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Who else looking for Grandayy’s comment
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Some have said his stare can turn even your soul to stone after seperating it from your body...
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Which keyboard do you have
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That take on me was perfect
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Ah yes, return of the couch
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You are not immune to PROPAGANDA
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you look so disgruntled all the time
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I watched this video so many times 😑
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Plot twist
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why dont you questioning your existence anymore?
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I’m a professional toiletist
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You're a genius lmao
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why do you look like the serious saitama😂😂😂damn you are cool🤣🤣
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Model Wynter23
Model Wynter23 8 timmar sedan
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Keep mistaking the title for blinded by the lights - the streets
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Ah yes my favourite instrument *COUCH*
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Hey seth the best youtuber can you reply if you liked a edit a made on my chanel please see it it's bad I think please king
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0:33 one of the best things that I ever seen
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Is his hair real
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balding lights
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Doug Stanton 9 timmar sedan
I fucking love this vid. Watched it 3 times now.
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Тимофей Берёза 9 timmar sedan
One day Daft Punk will visit him to get new bit.
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Dat strong eye contact got me all kinds of retro moistness....
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This is one of those videos you have to look at a million times
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Saitama in real life be like
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He’s so serious
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Bhahaha nice!
nah yeah
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Anyone that dislikes is jealous they don’t have talent like this
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That's some art right there
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Looks like Mr bean but without hair lol
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0:16 omfg
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You are not immune to propaganda?
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the raw engery and skill that radiates from Seth is incredible
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You look like Bolsonaro
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Fun fact: you did not search for this
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Mo subtitles? Weak
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Good shit as always
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This went from blinding lights to a 90’s tv show intro
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This is fucking beautiful
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Now we just gotta way for it to be recycled on tik tok