Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 3 | Splashdown Launch Trailer

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The Island has flooded, there are new areas to explore, Marauders to take on and... sharks to ride?
Survive more than just the Storm. Adapt to the new flooded way of life on the Island.
Watch your back! Defend yourself from new Marauders as they crash down onto the island and challenge your survival.
There's plenty more to discover in Season 3 dive in now!
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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Saim Nasir
Saim Nasir Timme sedan
rayantacos 99
rayantacos 99 2 timmar sedan
Midas is dead
Tadeusz Dudziak
Tadeusz Dudziak 2 timmar sedan
and who is kits mom
Tadeusz Dudziak
Tadeusz Dudziak 2 timmar sedan
please unband jarvis
Henky Timme sedan
Mehol Sodha
Mehol Sodha 2 timmar sedan
How to play fortnite android
Liisa Antila
Liisa Antila 3 timmar sedan
Epic pls give me redigraid raider :sakupoika1
Asia Uniway
Asia Uniway 3 timmar sedan
Add Team Vs teams 5 v5 You will win if you got Most killed You can But Your own fun with VBuck=5Buck and flag capture Raid Add These and Add First person
ADM Flowz
ADM Flowz 3 timmar sedan
Fortnite you have to see this comment please please add merging back in fortnite please do it will make me and millions of people happy please
Tasher ERA
Tasher ERA 3 timmar sedan
Қазақтар барма?
Jabril Abdilaahi
Jabril Abdilaahi 4 timmar sedan
Fakyou midas en mie
Jose Mendivil
Jose Mendivil 4 timmar sedan
Please be the same that was in the season 3 to 9
William Vago
William Vago 4 timmar sedan
Hello I have a really big problem in Fortnite. I can’t emote in game. In the lobby I can but not in game. This is a problem I have had since chapter 2 season 3 I have so many emotes but I can’t use them in game. There are also challenges that involve doing an emote but I can’t do that. I have tried everyday to emote but it doesn’t work please help I am on X Box one
tomer 2008
tomer 2008 5 timmar sedan
it will be good
CoolGamerPRO Ziom
CoolGamerPRO Ziom 5 timmar sedan
Please add to fortnite on ps4 in split screen mode all modes except solo
The Superman
The Superman 5 timmar sedan
I miss old fortnite
parkway 806_
parkway 806_ 5 timmar sedan
Bro like fix voice chat
Áron Attila Földi
Áron Attila Földi 6 timmar sedan
Midas is dead
Sub To Inferno
Sub To Inferno 6 timmar sedan
Epic can you please bring back the Inferno skin I pay any Price
florus77 6 timmar sedan
meowscles killed jellie noooooooooo
ITZ Flame
ITZ Flame 6 timmar sedan
Un ban Jarvis in ban Jarvis in ban jarvis
戦歴ハムスター 6 timmar sedan
Stacy Buffington
Stacy Buffington 7 timmar sedan
Epic plz add normal shotguns back
Shlok Patel
Shlok Patel 8 timmar sedan
Please add car to drive soon please epic and thank you
Alberto Mora
Alberto Mora 8 timmar sedan
Noah Ellis Dragan
Noah Ellis Dragan 9 timmar sedan
Fortnite you should make all of the vents in the game on the Travis Scott Vincent in the robot on there one even all of the stuff with the glitches in the game make a glitch in the game in solos in creative soul and double player and team squad and all type of games
Jessieca Madriaga
Jessieca Madriaga 9 timmar sedan
i feel sad to Midas
clickbait 9 timmar sedan
Francesco Ciccia
Francesco Ciccia 10 timmar sedan
Epic you can revive midas??
Angus Jefferies
Angus Jefferies 10 timmar sedan
Gonna come back every season and edit Season 13 CHECK Season 14 Season 15 Season 16 Season 17 Season 18 Season 19 Season 20
Lynn Pink
Lynn Pink 11 timmar sedan
Did that guy died by the shark?
Daniel Ibarra ochoa
Daniel Ibarra ochoa 11 timmar sedan
Epic put Nintendo iPad mobile save the world why is this isn't fare
Camron Brown
Camron Brown 11 timmar sedan
Can you make an green lantern skin
Barbara Thompson
Barbara Thompson 11 timmar sedan
Put thanos back in fortnite
Mateo Gonzalez
Mateo Gonzalez 12 timmar sedan
Yi rtyun
lailah 12 timmar sedan
give us battle pass for free
Mobile clan Reapers
Mobile clan Reapers 13 timmar sedan
Epic can u give my back my Jerebear2010 account back plz
Sheru Alsaqer
Sheru Alsaqer 13 timmar sedan
Can soccer skins come out??
Peel The Deal YAY
Peel The Deal YAY 13 timmar sedan
Does anyone notice the buggy jeep vehicle on the bottom left corner at end of trailer
aarontheking gamer
aarontheking gamer 14 timmar sedan
epic can you make a skin that's me plz I have brown hair and I want to have a red sweater and black pants and my name is pichonchuky in fortnite
Palwinder Kaur
Palwinder Kaur 14 timmar sedan
Fortnite I even told you in review I bought the battle bundle and it never game me the items and it was my first time getting vbux and you did nothing that's rude and to a defult user Bazzkings I need it back
MitchDev47 14 timmar sedan
I suspect Midas didn’t die
Guilherme gaming headset pro
Guilherme gaming headset pro 14 timmar sedan
Aí um minion
Claudia Gonzalez
Claudia Gonzalez 14 timmar sedan
Almost to 10mil subs
Kengen 14 timmar sedan
itsyeboy GJEGJI
itsyeboy GJEGJI 14 timmar sedan
fortnite sucks
Little_ Henry_
Little_ Henry_ 14 timmar sedan
Midas dead
Jake Jones
Jake Jones 15 timmar sedan
Things I want back: pumps: bouncers: tilted towers: old map: and rift to go’s Please
Slavkis show
Slavkis show 15 timmar sedan
Everyone:yeah!!!! New season! Me:No!!! Midas.......
Talalbosskillet 2 -
Talalbosskillet 2 - 15 timmar sedan
NICOLA Cetinoglu
NICOLA Cetinoglu 15 timmar sedan
Jason mamowa Aquaman so call
Jordan Marshall
Jordan Marshall 15 timmar sedan
Why can’t we do fornite split screen in creative!
Ethan Araia
Ethan Araia 16 timmar sedan
Thats Just A dumb idea to do that
Basel Shaheen
Basel Shaheen 16 timmar sedan
So I started playing fortnite right when this season came out. I seriously love it is amazing, but there is one problem,it's the charge shotgun I absolutely hate that gun it is really bad cause it takes a while to charge and I need to hit every single shot and i am new to fortnite and my aim isn't exactly good. So really hope that epic games vault the charge shotgun and bring back the pump
Night_ Dog
Night_ Dog 16 timmar sedan
CAn you bring Midas and the other bosses back pls epic we love u
20K subs without any videos challenge
20K subs without any videos challenge 17 timmar sedan
A moment of silence for those who couldn’t get in.
20K subs without any videos challenge
20K subs without any videos challenge 17 timmar sedan
Plot twist: Midas didn’t die he just turned the sharks insides gold off screen
M7_deadpool deadpool
M7_deadpool deadpool 17 timmar sedan
Volta com porra da paump pro jogo porra desculpa está bravo mas na real vouta com a paump
M7_deadpool deadpool
M7_deadpool deadpool 17 timmar sedan
Fortnit lixo
Oscar Rubiano
Oscar Rubiano 17 timmar sedan
Ave solar
Kraaxy 17 timmar sedan
porotos con pepsi 😈👌🏼
ROBO SPIKE YT 17 timmar sedan
[*] Midas
SF Geovern
SF Geovern 17 timmar sedan
Epic can you put split screen in LTM Or Creative Plz I wanna play with my brother
Radhika Deevela
Radhika Deevela 18 timmar sedan
season 3 is very good
Lil Cesar and the funny kids I like tacos
Lil Cesar and the funny kids I like tacos 18 timmar sedan
Hello epic games I don’t if u would do this but I really want an XXXTENTACION skin with different types of cloths it would be amazing and everyone would love it pls at least try to put him in the game
Random Account
Random Account 18 timmar sedan
Okay but why is a Shadow agent in the Ghost/ Ego base
Rapter Rap
Rapter Rap 18 timmar sedan
Wheres lazarbeams skin hes been playing the game since day one he deserves his skin that bloodylegend
Riccardo the king
Riccardo the king 18 timmar sedan
Mi support creator please is nothing supporting creator pls riK3
jason26coolboy gamer239
jason26coolboy gamer239 18 timmar sedan
Fortnite suck now I hate renagand
theintense1 18 timmar sedan
The Rex708
The Rex708 18 timmar sedan
fudge the mauriters there fudging stupid
The Rex708
The Rex708 18 timmar sedan
I would of said f*** but naa
Sans Fishy
Sans Fishy 19 timmar sedan
My screen is blank I CANT SEE ANYTHING BRUH
Franco Galloso
Franco Galloso 19 timmar sedan
Am I the only one but that's the island in spogebob
Yeet Grenade
Yeet Grenade 19 timmar sedan
The season of actual content.
joao pedro bittencourt
joao pedro bittencourt 20 timmar sedan
Algum player brasileiro que tá com problema de entrar no jogo?
tanay 98
tanay 98 20 timmar sedan
Worst season 2 chapter 🤮🤮🤮 I don't like water ...shark sucks 🤮🤮🤮
GIMBO ___ 20 timmar sedan
Bring Jelli back to shop later this month plz
Deuce Walston
Deuce Walston 20 timmar sedan
Everything here is basically about Midas getting killed.... And I have nothing to say about it.
mani AGHAZADEH 20 timmar sedan
Hey fortnite pls back trap pls pls pls pls pls plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Der Samenspender23
Der Samenspender23 21 timme sedan
Remove sbmm it kill the game
Cesar Garcia
Cesar Garcia 21 timme sedan
QUITEN LOS TIBURONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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