Famous Songs With & Without Autotune

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Can The Weeknd and other artists sing WITHOUT Autotune?
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Today we look at famous songs with and without autotune. Have you ever wondered how "Blindind Lights" would sound without autotune or if Adele needs vocal tuning to sound the way she does? We have the answers and/or opinions for you. We have a look at artists such as The Weeknd, Adele, FINNEAS, Karol G & MORE. Can they sing without autotune? Watch to find out.
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Hugo soto pasamar
Hugo soto pasamar 4 timmar sedan
Laik si eres español xD
nohidea x
nohidea x 7 timmar sedan
pls do one of melanie martinez 🙏🙏
Tapio Pavone
Tapio Pavone Dag sedan
im from finland and makkonen actually sounds finnish😂
Santhosh .D
Santhosh .D Dag sedan
I think in his next popular he would be bald
Jessica Ottis
Jessica Ottis Dag sedan
Joel: mispronounces debut Also Joel: I think I mispronounced Finneas
Aiden Kim
Aiden Kim 2 dagar sedan
11:41 I thought it was finesse by Bruno mars
Persian Hotshot
Persian Hotshot 2 dagar sedan
Linkin Park has a live cover of Rolling in the Deep that I really like.
Liam Dunn
Liam Dunn 3 dagar sedan
Not tryna be that guy but he should've reacted to Abel's performance of Blinding Lights on Jimmy Kimmel instead of the other clip as it was fresh after release.
valokuvaaja linssi
valokuvaaja linssi 3 dagar sedan
Finland perkele
Mohak Nandy
Mohak Nandy 3 dagar sedan
I'm a simple guy. I see The Weeknd in the thumbnail, I click.
Daniel DePauw
Daniel DePauw 3 dagar sedan
Does BTS have auto tune. Hi im from south Korean당신이 비디오 사랑
Foxste Gamer
Foxste Gamer 3 dagar sedan
15:26 nooo why you put this i gotta skip it
Chris Kroonenberg
Chris Kroonenberg 4 dagar sedan
Guys keep in mind that the live performances also have the ego of the places were they perform
Litoh Díaz
Litoh Díaz 4 dagar sedan
14:58 "ajora me llama" LMFAO
Sally Vee
Sally Vee 4 dagar sedan
The Weekend sounds like a pitchy mess whenever he doesn't have those pre-recorded background vocals covering his own vocals.
Madison Smith
Madison Smith 5 dagar sedan
he should do Oliver tree
BlckMoy117 5 dagar sedan
The Weekend sing the same with and without autotune, actually he needs autotune for the lower notes
kingdomheartsmegafan 5 dagar sedan
Love him but sometimes he comes off a bit misogynistic tbh
Sid Sharma
Sid Sharma 6 dagar sedan
Roomie thinking he's going to make so money and ad revenue off this video, the 30 copyright claims: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT
Impresso Music
Impresso Music 6 dagar sedan
Thanks for ruining blinding lights for me :/
Bambi Haber
Bambi Haber 6 dagar sedan
these "live" vocals contain... "live" autotune
YO1TZ 6 dagar sedan
Nice cable management
Wozkestoskii 6 dagar sedan
Do it first off we have a song by "T WUI-KEN" jajajaj 0:18
Yosi Oren
Yosi Oren 6 dagar sedan
common, even the live performance is with autotune ...
Lucien Messiah Beethoven Lopez
Lucien Messiah Beethoven Lopez 6 dagar sedan
We all know that Carl Wheezer is the best
Sskyvee Subs
Sskyvee Subs 6 dagar sedan
"Ajora me iama"
Christian Ramiro Campos Candelas
Christian Ramiro Campos Candelas 6 dagar sedan
Make a video about Harry styles
Nathy Ribeiro
Nathy Ribeiro 7 dagar sedan
I didn't know that guy from Glee was Billie's brother 👁👄👁
Sergio Medina Téllez
Sergio Medina Téllez 7 dagar sedan
How easy it is to criticize when you try to imitate 20 voices (one of your most famous videos) and you only hit 3 ... You seriously disappoint your millions of followers. Yep! I can do it too :)
Mike 7 dagar sedan
10:44 lol look at roomies face
Kiin Knowles
Kiin Knowles 8 dagar sedan
I went to see Adele in Copenhagen. She can SING, no pitchy there.
falling with a thud
falling with a thud 8 dagar sedan
The weekend wasnt that tough
100K WITH NO VIDEOS!!! 8 dagar sedan
The Weeknd uses so little auto tune, it’s amazing
natan beregrs
natan beregrs 8 dagar sedan
"a lot of sugar" ehe
Saturniun YT
Saturniun YT 9 dagar sedan
You got copyrighted by 4 artists
KirbStomp Rayen
KirbStomp Rayen 9 dagar sedan
0:57 from Wrestlemania
alan Laudan
alan Laudan 9 dagar sedan
This is lil bit PiTcHy
DRUM87 Official
DRUM87 Official 10 dagar sedan
You know you can put pitch correction on a live performance. You just can’t edit it in graphical mode since it’s live. You just put the scale and type of voice and have it correct slightly.
Omar Oliva
Omar Oliva 10 dagar sedan
peroooooooooooo si le ponen la canciooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Epic Wayne
Epic Wayne 10 dagar sedan
OoOOooOO rOmIe pLaYs tUsA i lOvE iT 👌👌😍😍
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose 10 dagar sedan
Complete Segway ---> Oh my gosh that Ashe song is the one in the outro of Simallec's Buzzfeed Unsolved Crack!!!
Ashley Hergott
Ashley Hergott 10 dagar sedan
Joel / roomie official. U should listen to, tinashe auto && not auto tune. Shes amazing
Sandra Perez
Sandra Perez 11 dagar sedan
Ash is wearing bad bunny sun glasses Joel get it right
Mer Seuli
Mer Seuli 11 dagar sedan
I actually prefer Finneas over his sister and this is the 1st time I hear him sing
The Gamer
The Gamer 11 dagar sedan
Adele is a legendary singer 😍😍
The Gamer
The Gamer 11 dagar sedan
The weeknd voice is so perfect love him always
Fat Cubical
Fat Cubical 12 dagar sedan
Seriously, Adele are sound so much better without using autotune, LOVE ADELE VOICE! ❤️
Thor L
Thor L 13 dagar sedan
Great vid! The Genius recordings are totally unfair tho.. First of all it's acapella which is impossible to compare head to head with a studio version, secondly sounds like the mic is miles away from the singer, and no matter how good you are it's gonna sound terrible compared to the studio version.
Pixel 13 dagar sedan
I honestly prefer Adele's voice without the autotune. I can't be the only one, can I?
Regina Perez
Regina Perez 13 dagar sedan
The Weeknd es alguien talentoso, crea arte, es de los pocos artistas que inspiran >:v
Zae 13 dagar sedan
The fact you said The Weeknd is a “little pitchy”, chuckled at a mesmerizing performance, and then said he “might’ve struggled” really disappoints me.
Edith Guzman
Edith Guzman 9 dagar sedan
Ummm, well he sounds like he is a professional and maybe he can hear things we can't.
Nahom Teshome
Nahom Teshome 10 dagar sedan
I unsubscribed cause he did not do him justice
Michael Tyers
Michael Tyers 14 dagar sedan
All the American pop stars are manufactured from pretty much birth. They start with singing, dancing and acting lessons at like 3 then they come up with some bullshit background story to make you believe they were just naturally talented.
Alec Sky
Alec Sky 14 dagar sedan
Well... We also have autotune live which allows artists to be tuned while singing live... That's how Post sounds good when he performs. The Weeknd is definitely not raw there. That's why when there are wrong notes, they are VERY wrong. Autotune is pulling him the wrong direction because he's too off.
Victor McKewen
Victor McKewen 15 dagar sedan
My Favrioute song is Blinding Lights
JDIZZ 05 15 dagar sedan
ngl, rolling in the deep will always be one of my favorite songs
Kiera Pinnock
Kiera Pinnock 15 dagar sedan
16:45 “eyeBrœWz”😂😂
Chronicle Playz
Chronicle Playz 16 dagar sedan
should I ruin the dislike ratio from 690 to 691
Le 10 Jello
Le 10 Jello 16 dagar sedan
Suomi mainittu
Reds On IPhone X
Reds On IPhone X 16 dagar sedan
𝒾𝓉𝓈 𝒽𝒶𝓇𝒹 𝓉ℴ 𝓇ℯ𝒶𝒹 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓈 𝒾𝒻 𝓎ℴ𝓊 𝒹ℴ𝓃𝓉 𝓊𝓃𝒹ℯ𝓇𝓈𝓉𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝒸𝓊𝓇𝓈𝒾𝓋ℯ
surferwizards37 18 dagar sedan
Yea its from tik tok
MrArt PH
MrArt PH 16 dagar sedan
Or eww tiktok
MrArt PH
MrArt PH 16 dagar sedan
!!!kitkot wwE
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