How to NOT Buy Anime Figures | Trash Taste #4

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Trash Taste

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ODC Ark 12 minuter sedan
Guys, guys, CAPTIONS please
J.B. 31 minut sedan
Right order to watch: gigguk, c dawg, anime man, this one
xm slique
xm slique 55 minuter sedan
best episode yet, do more of that
mr gamer
mr gamer Timme sedan
loved it you could try once a month for this kind of video
Fam4RM Timme sedan
1. Y'all did Meruem and Milim dirty in the same sentence by calling her figure, Meruem. 2. Milim is a Yandere/Deredere. She's the exact opposite of Tsun, Gigguk.
The Mastermind
The Mastermind 2 timmar sedan
How come everyone in that room are still alive after being exposed to a biological weapons.
UMR Savage
UMR Savage 3 timmar sedan
Oh shit Monsters Inc! My favorite anime 👌😂
depravity reached 100%
depravity reached 100% 3 timmar sedan
"Ofcourse, i wanted to fill the channel with some degeneracy". For some reason the only anime i could think was high school dxd when he said that. Was not dissapointed
madison king
madison king 3 timmar sedan
Idk why I didn't like Katanagatari, i dropped it like halfway
Joshua Mudd
Joshua Mudd 4 timmar sedan
Really loved watching all the videos and coming back to the podcast. It reminded me of the good top gear episodes but instead of cars, it's waifus. I'd love to see more of this content.
Bork Bork
Bork Bork 5 timmar sedan
Funny enough, I was unboxing my own Rimuru figure while watching this one lmao
Mizuki Okakura
Mizuki Okakura 5 timmar sedan
See, I'm new to this podcast despite knowing all of them and my insight after watching this video, Wow I'm trash, you're trash, everyone's trash! (Realisation hits you isekai truck-kun style when you didn't even know you spent an hour plus watching weebs do weeb stuff and you are late for your RL appointment with non-weeb friends-) Someone please help-
Brenna Russell
Brenna Russell 6 timmar sedan
I love the Slime figures are my fav ❤️ It’s one of my favorite iseki
pradshaw89 7 timmar sedan
lmao y'all should've purchased that one Yoda figure shown on Gigguk's video.
SirBastflow 7 timmar sedan
This was such a blast to watch! I would definitely love to see more challenges like this! Thanks for the almost 2 hours of fun!
SparkeyMcMuffin 10 timmar sedan
What’s the wall scroll from? I couldn’t hear
Nyko. 9 timmar sedan
Jonas Aguila
Jonas Aguila 10 timmar sedan
Gigguk, I give you my utmost RESPECT!!! You see Rias' titty... You buy the titty!!! Respect!!!
Trash Boat
Trash Boat 10 timmar sedan
"we didn't logan paul this shit"
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez 11 timmar sedan
The shounen jump letters were probably my fave. Don't ever see that type of stuff.
Bob Corn
Bob Corn 12 timmar sedan
RiP Misaka Mikoto... I'd have loved them talking about her on the podcast. I'm just so curious what the other two guys would have said...
Liam Egan
Liam Egan 13 timmar sedan
Great video. Made me decide to sub to all of your accounts.
phoenix lamp
phoenix lamp 13 timmar sedan
Ofc top 3 figures are Rias, C.C., and Kurumi.
Jimmie Hammel
Jimmie Hammel 14 timmar sedan
I now see why little kids love kindersurprise type unboxing videos.
pepetheheppe 14 timmar sedan
that fucking cc figure do be kinda thicc
Cedo 15 timmar sedan
I love ishitar just being on the middle of the table
Sincerely Defiant
Sincerely Defiant 15 timmar sedan
Japan gets loads of earthquakes? How do people secure their figurines ?
animotion 15 timmar sedan
i love how he keep calling Rias Gremory "Risa" Dude, she saved your ass, have a bit of respect!
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 15 timmar sedan
We call POP figures Nonderoids. They're like really really really bad nendos.
Komaa 15 timmar sedan
*Joey and Connor talking about how they gonna pose the nendroids* Me with my Gundam collection: i just can't stop changing the poses
PogsRcool 15 timmar sedan
28:12 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 15 timmar sedan
My most favorite figure in your podcast is the edward elric figure
J N 16 timmar sedan
animevideo games discussion for one episode would be kewl.
katie spitzer
katie spitzer 16 timmar sedan
Grant did not just fucking say he distory the boxes of his figures!! Like NANI!!? I store them because if I move I have a safe place to put my figures!!
MysticxKun 17 timmar sedan
connor: casual joey: weeb gigguk: degenerate
Socks&Scandals 18 timmar sedan
My Favorite one by far is the Tanya one
Kradyn 18 timmar sedan
I don't watch podcasts at all, but after the challenge (Thanks to Gigguk), this the first one that I was interested in, so PLEASE, do more of these challenges and podcasts Cheers.
Moetrash 18 timmar sedan
You know I don’t watch a lot of podcasts or live-streams but I genuinely enjoy watching this podcast.
mojopeach 19 timmar sedan
i don't normally listen to podcasts but i think I gonna start tuning into this one
awryri 19 timmar sedan
it'd be cool to do this like annually so that is it a refreshing background
ratchet2505 19 timmar sedan
I'm biased to C2 so I'm not voting
Nikola Drča
Nikola Drča 20 timmar sedan
I love the Shonen Jump logo the most. Really awesome figure to have. Rias is my least favorite figure because I don't like her as a character, at all.
Enano536 20 timmar sedan
Surströmming is the best and most delicious food ever made And the smell of surströmming isn't that bad
Fujoshi UwU
Fujoshi UwU 20 timmar sedan
When I saw Connor pull out the C.C. figure I screamed "My waifu" My favourite was best girl C.C. eeeeeeeeeeee
Coppy Cat
Coppy Cat 20 timmar sedan
Obiosly DXD and wer is mikasa
Alex Dryer
Alex Dryer 21 timme sedan
Enixawesome 2024
Enixawesome 2024 21 timme sedan
Mike is the best anime character
Markileleo Morley
Markileleo Morley 21 timme sedan
My most favorite figure in your podcast is the edward elric figure
FireRice 23 timmar sedan
I like it how they are all shaking while unboxing figurines out of excitement XD
Syimier Ahamed
Syimier Ahamed Dag sedan
- Where did gigguk get that shirt?
SammysArcade Dag sedan
Ah yes good to see being a degenerate pays off 😂
Charlotte Simons
Charlotte Simons Dag sedan
Please can someone tell me the name of the Anime Connor got the wall hanging of at 40:40? Thanks
Heiress_Aries Dag sedan
Gigguk was ready to risk it all for Rias, and she pulled through. How beautiful.
ElZamo92 Dag sedan
I love that cute Ishtar plushie.
Sammy DatteBayo
Sammy DatteBayo Dag sedan
Why nobody is mentioning that Garnt and Connir keep calling Rias Risa?
Wowzas Dag sedan
Joey's shirt: "I took a good poop today." Joey after the challenge: I took a bad poop today :(
Wowzas Dag sedan
Connor basically satisfied my anime figurine taste 😌👌 Every figure they bought was just so satisfying to see and I loved this episode so much
claire a
claire a Dag sedan
Connor at 40:13 i'm screaming
Dazi Dag sedan
i love how Connor and Gigguk’s shirts look intimidating and cool and epic or how you call it or something and there goes Joey with the “i had a good poop today” shirt lmao
takethewrld Dag sedan
Is that Nyanko-Sensei from Natsume Yuujincho in the background?
VitalCubeGaming Dag sedan
46:58 *Rias Gremory isn't a succubus bro.*
Ah yes my favourite anime character: . Mike wasowski
woongfairy Dag sedan
wait omg I love your madara/nyanko sensei plush 🥺 I never see natsume yuujinchou represented anywhere, I love it! also super fun and amazing podcast, I normally never watch/listen to podcasts but yours is so enjoyable!
SeB Dag sedan
Ji Ji
Ji Ji Dag sedan
only reason I get pop figures instead of nice figures is because I can't afford anything else... I have like 50
Anime Shipper
Anime Shipper Dag sedan
Question is the otome game mug Mystic Messenger? I just saw it an thought I saw Saeyoung on it so
Extremelightning Element
Extremelightning Element Dag sedan
My favorite figure in there Was the Mike form monsters Inc
SlightlyFrozen Dag sedan
Would be cool to see a clip showing off the set once you guys got everything setup
Hana A
Hana A Dag sedan
Katanagatari is SO good! One of the first animes i ever watched
Keanu Corpuz
Keanu Corpuz Dag sedan
Joey sucks, really ruined the podcast watching experience
JakeTheHuman Dag sedan
I would watch that anime at 41:05 but idk what the fuck you're saying
JakeTheHuman Dag sedan
Had to replay it like five times to get it. lmao
Otoro Popo
Otoro Popo Dag sedan
I could just watch them talking about anime forever without getting tired of it.
Mai Big Butt
Mai Big Butt Dag sedan
I'm waiting for that episode dedicated only for Henti.
The Joker
The Joker Dag sedan
I would've had to buy some Chivalry of a Failed knight & Amagi brilliant park figures definitely
james locklear
james locklear Dag sedan
28:12 Joey slyly admiring da booty
Bruno Gomes
Bruno Gomes Dag sedan
I love the fact that I'm one of those who watched katanagatari =']
LazyTV Dag sedan
TheBlankOne Dag sedan
God damn, I didn’t know that being a degenerate would pay off. Props to Rias, I’m watching High School DxD because of that carry.
Zach Wells
Zach Wells Dag sedan
They have to set up the figures so Rias is stripping for Levi on the couch. Lmao
R Min
R Min Dag sedan
I like nendoroid because of the cutest...yeah i always "intend" to changing the face plate and the pose for my nendoroid but end up on the shelf untouched(except for cleaning) since the day i put it..
• pEachy •
• pEachy • Dag sedan
Being a weeb is so expensive 👁👄👁
KingOfchaos Demons
KingOfchaos Demons Dag sedan
Wait they live in Japan
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