LOST Children at Bondi Beach

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Distraught parents, crying kids and frantic searches as the lifeguards search for lost children at Bondi Beach.
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Bondi Rescue follows the work of the elite professional Lifeguards who patrol Australia’s busiest beach. This is Australia’s real life Baywatch! Taking the viewers on their journey through mass rescues, drownings, resuscitations, #lostkids shark sightings, and all number of the weird and wonderful experiences Bondi Beach dishes up.
In #BondiRescue the audience sees the action through the eyes of real characters and lifeguards like Hoppo, Deano, Reidy, Jesse, Maxi, Whippet and Harries, as they catch thieves, perform CPR, make drug busts, break up fights, and even handle a navy bomb that washes ashore one afternoon. Every year throws up new and completely unexpected challenges, and how lifeguards adapt is what makes Bondi Rescue a show that’s about much more than swimmers being saved in the surf.
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ultrahunny 35 minuter sedan
shes so dramatic oh my god like shut up
Dhurata_ Grajqevci
Dhurata_ Grajqevci 46 minuter sedan
6:59 the lifeguard laughing evily
Haya Alattar
Haya Alattar 49 minuter sedan
am i the only one that is crying but i dont want tears to come down because i have mascara
Sakura Da girl
Sakura Da girl Timme sedan
At 10:21 that boy was crying and I was to cuz that looks like my brother when he was 3 or 2
#1G_amer Timme sedan
Don’t let ur kids wear a damn white t-shirt or they’ll get lost😂
Steven Robinson
Steven Robinson Timme sedan
*kid screams* MOTHER
Georgie Williams
Georgie Williams Timme sedan
That kid is yeeting sand at the life guard
Daniel Delaney
Daniel Delaney Timme sedan
Asians xD
Charlie Bull
Charlie Bull Timme sedan
All the Asian people are the ones missing
Gacha Gamer Girl
Gacha Gamer Girl 2 timmar sedan
guy laughing idk why 6:59 in the car
Oopsie Poopsie5
Oopsie Poopsie5 2 timmar sedan
If i had 3 children and i lost one of them i will search the whole 🌴 i will find my daughter or son
Terry Jackson
Terry Jackson 2 timmar sedan
10:27 when your mate deletes your world in minecraft...
Laxative 2 timmar sedan
Other parents when they loses their child: *cries historically * My parents: oh shit, here we go again. Also me being lost: Adventure time
Nafee Nur
Nafee Nur 2 timmar sedan
handling that little boy was so hard
bank is fat
bank is fat 2 timmar sedan
If your not ready to have a kids, just don't.
Jocelle 221
Jocelle 221 3 timmar sedan
They need to learn asian language, they kept on getting korea and chinese mixed up 😅
kk 782
kk 782 3 timmar sedan
I'm sorry but the "JENIFAAAA" was a little annoying
pug _ puppy pup
pug _ puppy pup 3 timmar sedan
It's 4 a.m. where I am and I am Larry watching this and this channel I just found and I am just getting sucked into it
Kobey Gak
Kobey Gak 3 timmar sedan
When you’re on the beach make sure you stay next to your mum and dad
Bethan Early
Bethan Early 4 timmar sedan
Why is it most of the time Chinese that go missing ???
Soundwave TF3
Soundwave TF3 4 timmar sedan
This job looks pretty cool I have no idea here this place is though
Soundwave TF3
Soundwave TF3 4 timmar sedan
Brother: he's fine
Gaming with Liza
Gaming with Liza 5 timmar sedan
Raphael Venter
Raphael Venter 5 timmar sedan
That can be insanely dangerous.
Max Ishida
Max Ishida 6 timmar sedan
9:16 Mom: Jennifer, where are you? Jennifer: Yo wtf is wrong with my mom?
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 4 timmar sedan
I love this video, it’s so cute ❤️
lexie sykes
lexie sykes 6 timmar sedan
Manny’s brother was like well mum might as well get used to having one child hey? But that must be a really scary situation to be in like every parent on the beach would be like omg
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 4 timmar sedan
I can’t imagine a child missing for almost an hour. That poor woman.
Max Ishida
Max Ishida 6 timmar sedan
At 6:43, the mom is literally making me laugh because she sounds like a wild animal dying. Then at 6:59, he also laughs.
Chantel E
Chantel E 6 timmar sedan
Is anyone gonna talk about how the little kid threw sand in the life guards face😂😂😂😂
Metsuna Okimi
Metsuna Okimi 6 timmar sedan
I thought that kid was screaming "SARANGHE! SARANGE! SARANGHE!"
Marissa Brinkman
Marissa Brinkman 6 timmar sedan
"We just found this poor little Asian boy"
Carl Lamonio
Carl Lamonio 3 timmar sedan
Ashley Kwan
Ashley Kwan 6 timmar sedan
*me sitting here with knowledge of all the foreign kid's languages and speaking fluent english* :hi-
Gacha Cotton
Gacha Cotton 6 timmar sedan
The little boy is Korean he said eomaa which means mom in Korean
:IO P A L I: :3
:IO P A L I: :3 6 timmar sedan
6:57 Why u laughin tho i mean like i would too "JENNIFAA"
:IO P A L I: :3
:IO P A L I: :3 6 timmar sedan
Mom having mental breakdown: Son:*Laughs and comes out of water*
Cupid Xuxi
Cupid Xuxi 6 timmar sedan
If one of my siblings got lost I’d probably just sit back and relax
tekla svanidze
tekla svanidze 6 timmar sedan
you are Heros😘😘😘😘
Liana Hun
Liana Hun 7 timmar sedan
I saw a kid in a white shirt that looked Chinese and he looked like a teenager he was behind the camera man
Mryeboi 7 timmar sedan
These lifeguards better be being overpaid
Kalaivathany Kuttalalingam
Kalaivathany Kuttalalingam 7 timmar sedan
The kids in this video are a mood
Ashley B. Ashley
Ashley B. Ashley 8 timmar sedan
Even 1 minute feels like an eternity when you’ve lost a child. It’s complete panic and sheer terror like you’ve never known. You’re entire body shakes and you feel like throwing up. I can’t imagine a child missing for almost an hour. That poor woman.
dj jessie
dj jessie 8 timmar sedan
If i were a missing child in the beach i would just sit and wait
iiBrxken_Trxths12 8 timmar sedan
Damn, if the lady in the first one didnt get plastic surgery for her lips, then.. *damn her lips be THICCCC*
Parth Singh Patel
Parth Singh Patel 8 timmar sedan
just one word "respect"
Soph Vlogs
Soph Vlogs 8 timmar sedan
Me: when I'm a parent I want to move to a beach 🌴 and develop a family Me after watching this:nvm
Naomi Tran
Naomi Tran 8 timmar sedan
Omg he has a sunburn
PixelateddPlayer 8 timmar sedan
That brother be like “I’m suurree mannyyy’s fooiiinne”
Edit Edit
Edit Edit 8 timmar sedan
The teenager is so happy? And the mother is crying the teenager should not be happy he must ask the mother first. The little sister is worried and everyone was worried too You can’t just be all happy happy!!😤😤😑😑😡😡😠😠😒😒🤚🏽 I look like punching you right in the face for 💯 times!!
Maurice Butler
Maurice Butler 8 timmar sedan
6:59 that guy was laughing
Catraoine Kelly
Catraoine Kelly 9 timmar sedan
As soon as I was found, safe and sound, me mam's flip flop would have come off...
afya fakri
afya fakri 9 timmar sedan
im 10 in 2020
Masin PG3D
Masin PG3D 9 timmar sedan
Hi then
Emilio Torres
Emilio Torres 9 timmar sedan
Lol the number of times they mistake Koreans for Chinese 😅😭
Mintz 9 timmar sedan
Over 40° F or 40 C bc 40 f is so low where I live -_-
Lori Anne
Lori Anne 10 timmar sedan
Why the HELL would the take the other child away from her after she already lost one. I would hav kicked their asses. Omg
le_mon_ Dr_ops
le_mon_ Dr_ops 10 timmar sedan
Why did they use Google translate for the language stuff......
mysterious Squad
mysterious Squad 10 timmar sedan
It makes me mad how they just laugh it's so mean and they think its funny
Jennifer King
Jennifer King 10 timmar sedan
sunwook needs a ass whoopin for throwing sand!!
peachful 10 timmar sedan
12:05 When I heard the name, I KNEW THAT BOY WAS KOREAN also he looks like my classmate 👀
Marii R.
Marii R. 10 timmar sedan
Is it just me or they all Chinese,Korean or Spanish 😭😭
Erica Gawat
Erica Gawat 10 timmar sedan
Omg I was scared on the last one
Maddie smith
Maddie smith 10 timmar sedan
6:58 his face lmao
A’ D
A’ D 11 timmar sedan
Mom: loses her son Also the mom: GOES ON PHONE
ROBLOX GAME 11 timmar sedan
Haha funny story one day when I was in a mall my brother was chasing me. And I got lost than somebody says ,hey there little girl are u lost?, and I said yes he than picked me up and RAN as fast as he could and my mum smacked him in the nuts with her bag
Isabella Napoliello
Isabella Napoliello 11 timmar sedan
6:59 why is the lifeguard laughing in that situation now i feel bad because i started laughing too...🙈
Noah LOVE 12 timmar sedan
Now I’m scared of going to the beach after watching this
Atlanta’s Cowgirl
Atlanta’s Cowgirl 12 timmar sedan
It’s surprising how often kids go missing on the beach....
J G 12 timmar sedan
6:58 Lifeguard laughing his ass off at women yelling Jenn uff ahhhh.
Chloe Oh
Chloe Oh 12 timmar sedan
The third little boy was Korean, but he wasn’t saying “mommy”, he was saying “phone”😂😂
Banana Man
Banana Man 12 timmar sedan
Earthy woarmi
Earthy woarmi 12 timmar sedan
"mum is going to be happy"
Pastellic Beast
Pastellic Beast 12 timmar sedan
What a tough job being a life guard is
Jack 12 timmar sedan
With the Jennifer girl missing did you not see how the lifeguard was laughing
Aislin Baldassarri
Aislin Baldassarri 13 timmar sedan
Paula Delgado
Paula Delgado 13 timmar sedan
6:58 why was he laughing
Tom Williams
Tom Williams 14 timmar sedan
6:58 why is the guy in the sand buggy thing laughing??
Leyla 14 timmar sedan
ok but the manny was calm aff. he was swimming proudly in the water. I mean honey I'm 13 and I still cry if I dont find my mum at Tesco's
Helen Mitchell
Helen Mitchell 14 timmar sedan
thank god
Jacqui Bain
Jacqui Bain 14 timmar sedan
Manny was just eating jellybeans the whole time
JE TRACKS 14 timmar sedan
Comes to show how much parents worry about us and we won't even know
Rami Nousies
Rami Nousies 14 timmar sedan
The mom: JENNIFERR JENNIFERR one of the life guards: laughing Edit: don't hate I didn't know someone did this comment
Rami Nousies
Rami Nousies 14 timmar sedan
Idk someone did this comment already so please don't hate
Eva 15 timmar sedan
RhiNo to ceNtrAl
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