Blinding Lights

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Blinding Lights · The Weeknd
Blinding Lights
℗ 2019 The Weeknd XO, Inc., manufactured and marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
Released on: 2019-11-29
Producer, Associated Performer, Bass (vocal), Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Programming: Max Martin
Producer, Associated Performer, Bass (vocal), Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Programming: Oscar Holter
Producer, Associated Performer, Programming, Keyboards, Bass (vocal), Guitar, Drums: The Weeknd
Studio Personnel, Mixer: Serban Ghenea
Studio Personnel, Mix Engineer: John Hanes
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Dave Kutch
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Kevin Peterson
Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: Cory Bice
Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: Jeremy Lertola
Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: Sean Klein
Studio Personnel, Engineer: Shin Kamiyama
Studio Personnel, Engineer: Sam Holland
Studio Personnel, Engineer: Michael Ilbert
Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Abel Tesfaye
Composer Lyricist: Max Martin
Composer Lyricist: Oscar Holter
Composer Lyricist: Abel "The Weeknd" Tesfaye
Composer Lyricist: Ahmad Balshe
Composer Lyricist: Jason "DaHeala" Quenneville
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Ronnie Stephen
Ronnie Stephen 29 minuter sedan
Billboard top Hot 100 song of 2020, still going strong almost a year on the chart.
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel Timme sedan
Dare I say this is this generation Thriller.
Nana Vieira
Nana Vieira 2 timmar sedan
스타믹스 2 timmar sedan
*Sibal noera jonna joa*
Braian Velozo
Braian Velozo 4 timmar sedan
Me gusta demasiado este puto tema
Connor Hill
Connor Hill 4 timmar sedan
Bro this should've been nominated for Grammys but the Grammys though he was hacking thats how good this song is.
adrian sadot ckacka
adrian sadot ckacka 4 timmar sedan
eh eh eh
consuelo ruiz
consuelo ruiz 6 timmar sedan
i like it
Supreme Noir
Supreme Noir 6 timmar sedan
That black spot above his head is driving my OCD crazy.
David Rivas
David Rivas 6 timmar sedan
Rockstar games present: GTA VI
Joseph Henderson
Joseph Henderson 6 timmar sedan
Wrestlemania 36 - Too Big For One Night
Awouras life
Awouras life 7 timmar sedan
I love the weekend he is my favorite singer of all time man the dumb Grammy awards I want to be an artist so when people come to my art shop they better get ready to hear the best singer in the world I'm hearing to get me going
ADAM SIC MUNDUS 9 timmar sedan
WrestleMania 36
JerkinShit 9 timmar sedan
I thought this was THE song of 2020. I'm still really surprised.
Alan Franck
Alan Franck 10 timmar sedan
nobody the mind of the boy who escaped from Latin America :
Sylvivi 10 timmar sedan
The fact that this hasn't been nominated really grinds my gears.
mays babeker
mays babeker 11 timmar sedan
You are not pure firehaha Chechens 🔥 🔥 🔥
sami seikula
sami seikula 11 timmar sedan
Makkonen RULES!
Shannon Darby
Shannon Darby 12 timmar sedan
Love this song.
Anupama Nag
Anupama Nag 12 timmar sedan
CreppypastasJSC 14 timmar sedan
like si viviniste aqui por la cancion del el trailer de gta 6 xdd
Bubble Bobbler
Bubble Bobbler 14 timmar sedan
Abel was robbed
GOD GODWHOCARES 15 timmar sedan
No one's around to judge me.. That's a great place to be...
Rui Caridade
Rui Caridade 19 timmar sedan
Let me thinking about . Love the retro vibe.
The gamers Boy Anvesh
The gamers Boy Anvesh 19 timmar sedan
Whoever wins the Grammy but for me this song has won Grammy even it is not nominated
Nekomi Son
Nekomi Son 20 timmar sedan
This literally gives me a old song vibe to me, which I love. Even though I’m 19, I like the older songs rather than the newer ones.
Gaurav Mali
Gaurav Mali 19 timmar sedan
Same 🔥
Look At Me
Look At Me 21 timme sedan
The Grammys are repeating the same story they have been doing for really good and talented artists, this was just a wake up call to remember why the Grammys are ROBBED
No Way
No Way 23 timmar sedan
Imagine if this was in stranger things, too bad it’s an 80’s show
sassy doctor
sassy doctor 23 timmar sedan
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 23 timmar sedan
To me, this is the song for night time drives in the countryside or the freeway
Leroid Footlong
Leroid Footlong Dag sedan
George is playing with the Dragon right now.
Joyce Gonçalves-Silva
Joyce Gonçalves-Silva Dag sedan
Fuck the Grammy, this song doesn't need that to be the best song of the year!
Whands Dag sedan
Cheiro de pneu....
Idontknow02 Dag sedan
This is a good song to vibe to while playing Mirror's Edge
My new granny life
My new granny life Dag sedan
My new granny life
My new granny life Dag sedan
LOVE MY anniversaire french😘❤️
Erubiel valencia
Erubiel valencia Dag sedan
Ase 1 año comenzo esto
Tony Fetuccini
Tony Fetuccini Dag sedan
Who cares if he got snubbed the guy is a total douchebag ever since he made that song about selena i stopped listening to him he's extra af now
Karla evelina Rodriguez mejia
Karla evelina Rodriguez mejia Dag sedan
I love😊😍😍😍😍the weeknd
Edu meme
Edu meme Dag sedan
who its here in 2077?
Smockley Dag sedan
dj aaaaazeitona
Jorge Estanciero
Jorge Estanciero Dag sedan
my best topic
Leslie Serrano
Leslie Serrano Dag sedan
This song has a good purpose of when i turn on my lights in the morning: oooohhhh im blinded by the lightss especially when i feel like i fall in my sleep: oooohhh im drowning in the nightt but SERIOSLY this song is amazing. It really hipes me up.
Shit_Kaneki YT
Shit_Kaneki YT Dag sedan
_-Lariant-_ Dag sedan
Came here from Rainych, and both versions are amazing!
Trystan Davis
Trystan Davis Dag sedan
fuck all other music this is truely the best
zuriel dragón
zuriel dragón Dag sedan
Song in GTA6 Hablo español xd
:D Dag sedan
I remember when this song came out..I WAS ALWAYS JAMMING TO IT AND STILL AMM
heather smith
heather smith Dag sedan
just because me and my Grandmother jams out at this song when it hits the radio, *We will play it at her funeral*
YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel Dag sedan
23:44 Vaya vaya míralo al pillin, si va a Pasar Tanto tiempo solo en un planeta, Tiene que encontrar formas de desahogarse, El presidente al ver el historial de búsqueda de Olimar
YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel Dag sedan
YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel Dag sedan
Suuperbug Dag sedan
para de falar q tu e minha namorrrrrrrrrrrr
Meg. exe
Meg. exe Dag sedan
eita porra ja fez um ano? e essa musica não saiu top da parada
Ludovic Pelletier
Ludovic Pelletier Dag sedan
0.75 is best
Benito lechon
Benito lechon Dag sedan
El comentario en español que buscabas EC
Nikamalu Yawalapiti
Nikamalu Yawalapiti Dag sedan
Nossa a música se parece muito com a do DJ Azeitona kkkk🤣🤣❤🌈
Matheus Felix
Matheus Felix Dag sedan
Chmbrs Dag sedan
How this song didn't get a Grammy will forever blow my mind... Literally on the same level of Leonardo DiCaprio...
Neil Coleman
Neil Coleman Dag sedan
I said ooooooooh
Filthy Mercy Main
Filthy Mercy Main Dag sedan
This shit would be so cool if it had a hotline miami Remix
Matthew Barrick
Matthew Barrick Dag sedan
Music unites the people of the world no racism no bigotry no class divides no sexism or feminism music creates an temporary perfect bliss that brings us all together
MaiconGamer401 Dag sedan
I was here before 200 billion views.
raul Jimenez
raul Jimenez Dag sedan
izzy pizzyHD
izzy pizzyHD Dag sedan
No one's around to judge me!! Amazing song and makes me happy........... :)
João Lucas
João Lucas Dag sedan
Dj aaaaaaaazeitona
satoru kendai
satoru kendai Dag sedan
This song already have 1 year wow...
Samrat Mondal
Samrat Mondal Dag sedan
Perfect for GTA VI trailer
carioca 021
carioca 021 2 dagar sedan
Dj azeitona "Para de falar que tu é minha namorada" kkkkkkkkkkkk
Liz ღ
Liz ღ 5 timmar sedan
@Kagura :3 Mano ate aqui os cara cantando dj azeitona KKKKKKKK
Kagura :3
Kagura :3 8 timmar sedan
KKKKKKKKKK Caraí não consigo parar de cantar essa merda
un dorito común
un dorito común 2 dagar sedan
I don't understand people who dislike him
racopo s
racopo s 2 dagar sedan
BLINK_STAY_ARMY_ENGENE KpopLover 2 dagar sedan
im not a fan but his voice is nice.
Laura Pereira de Oliveira
Laura Pereira de Oliveira 2 dagar sedan
Foi o Grammy que perdeu você e não o contrário.
fé ruth candiotti illesca
fé ruth candiotti illesca 2 dagar sedan
Grammy no reconocio este pieza de arte en sus categorias deben estar sordos
Saif Rahman_2240417
Saif Rahman_2240417 2 dagar sedan
I don’t think the Grammys should exist makes artists feel limited in my opinion
Isaac Medina
Isaac Medina 2 dagar sedan
al chile no se ingles :l
Chris 5501
Chris 5501 2 dagar sedan
1 Year already! Wow Time Flies!
El Masum YT
El Masum YT 2 dagar sedan
Gta 6
Steve Monterroso
Steve Monterroso 2 dagar sedan
Ashed. Specal. Tin. Phones. Good. Dinner. Six. Sleep
Steve Monterroso
Steve Monterroso 2 dagar sedan
Abraham Hicks. Special. Tin. Phones. Thursday. Yesterday. Good.
DR YEET 2 dagar sedan
Love this song xxx
Keaton Zabransky
Keaton Zabransky 2 dagar sedan
The Dislikes are from the Grammys
Isac De oliveira matos
Isac De oliveira matos 2 dagar sedan
Steve Monterroso
Steve Monterroso 2 dagar sedan
Ashed. Special. Tin. Phones. Yesterday. Thursday. Good. Jesus. Time
Burend Muffin
Burend Muffin 2 dagar sedan
Luka Kovačević
Luka Kovačević 2 dagar sedan
ok is mega music Blinding Lights
Fun with Tb
Fun with Tb 2 dagar sedan
Untold Wonders
Untold Wonders 2 dagar sedan
This song is the final proof that award ceremonies are purely political.
sd asdf
sd asdf 2 timmar sedan
yes. and politics sucks ASS
Mike Bollard
Mike Bollard 2 dagar sedan
This was all I heard at work for like 4 months l... I can't feel any pain anymore
Branden Ewing
Branden Ewing 2 dagar sedan
On the same level as michael jacson. Sorry but true!!!!!!!
Mateo Velásquez
Mateo Velásquez 2 dagar sedan
The Grammys were blinded by lights of this masterpiece.
envaqz 2 dagar sedan
Thine_Damn_Fault 2 dagar sedan
This song SCREAMS 1980s, but the modern elements sure make it unique, it's refreshing to see modern artists take inspiration from music from the past, it's really nostalgic
Edvard Munch
Edvard Munch 10 timmar sedan
'80s revival has always been a thing lmao
LapulgaPTY 12 timmar sedan
so true, this is a mix between the 80's and 90's... what a masterpeice
joao pedro nascimento de melo
joao pedro nascimento de melo 2 dagar sedan
H y s t e r i a.
H y s t e r i a. 2 dagar sedan
This song is so amazing
FC 2 dagar sedan
Kinda sounds like a good end credits song!
NAO OLHA MIA FOTO 2 dagar sedan
This music is "POOP" for grandma...
Zenj Nezz
Zenj Nezz 2 dagar sedan
Best song ever
BigBoiBrody 2 dagar sedan
Not gonna lie this song gives me the 80's, 90's and 2000's vibes.
Noe Keir
Noe Keir 2 dagar sedan
I said, ooh, I'm blinded by the lights No, I can't sleep until I feel your touch I said, ooh, I'm drowning in the night Oh, when I'm like this, you're the one I trust Hey, hey, hey
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