Kygo & Whitney Houston - Higher Love (Official Video)

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“Higher Love” out now!
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Murder Mo
Murder Mo 4 timmar sedan
Who really started this song Steve Winwood or Whitney
Chupa Cabra
Chupa Cabra 9 timmar sedan
SEshow be getting comfortable with two 15sec unskilpable ads.
Bruce Finnie
Bruce Finnie 11 timmar sedan
What a sleazy video. I believe that a woman can be sexy whilst also keeping her clothes on, not just ramming her ass in everyone's face. They're just ripping off 'Flash Dance' and using a song which is already produced and written by somebody else. No real talent...and then, they've got the cheek to charge huge prices for their shitty merchandise. lol
Aiko Shizuka
Aiko Shizuka 12 timmar sedan
3:45 did she get smacked? 😂😂😂
Ginny Vee
Ginny Vee 14 timmar sedan
If you like this you might like Flashdance the new version with Irene Cara
sandi gibson
sandi gibson 16 timmar sedan
Best singer ever. Love you Whitney
marcin 857
marcin 857 23 timmar sedan
fajne laski
Pancake Bandit
Pancake Bandit Dag sedan
I love you girls 😉 life wouldnt be any good without you
Trippple Dag sedan
The last great EDM song of this decade. Well done.
maxwell smart
maxwell smart Dag sedan
There used to be better vids than this also stereotyped one!!! . ..
Cledyston Dos Santos
Cledyston Dos Santos Dag sedan
I'mma need Kygo to remix a vintage Mariah song too!! Underneath The Stars would be perfect. THANK YOU! 😊
WATSON #3630
WATSON #3630 Dag sedan
R.I.P beautiful women! This song hits deep :-)
Se Sentindo Eduh
Se Sentindo Eduh Dag sedan
Toda vez que vejo este clipe eu me arrepio todo. ☺
XxclowncorexX Dag sedan
At 2:13 who else saw them do a bit of the wap?.....
Lewbear 8
Lewbear 8 Dag sedan
No one gonna talk about Steve winwood?
Robin Melliger
Robin Melliger Dag sedan
Awful song, so repetitive.
Maya 2 dagar sedan
patchwork of dirty dancing and call on me !!! lack of ideas and creativity 🙊
Maya 2 dagar sedan
CALL ON ME VIDEO CILPP !!!never copy always be inspired!!!
MERCY FRANK 2 dagar sedan
The choreography though. Fantastic!!!!!
Бени-Хилл Чарли-Чаплин
Бени-Хилл Чарли-Чаплин 2 dagar sedan
Kama Pop
Kama Pop 2 dagar sedan
Sapphire Mcpherson
Sapphire Mcpherson 2 dagar sedan
Congratulations 👏 platinum 🔥🔥
RB 2 dagar sedan
This video is life.
Tiana Berinobis
Tiana Berinobis 2 dagar sedan
Omg I love Vanessa Morgan & all the ladies in this they are phenomenal my fav video
Joseph Stanford
Joseph Stanford 3 dagar sedan
Here’s your higher love! Lol I am God!
Project Relax & Meditate
Project Relax & Meditate 3 dagar sedan
This is what we like to call, a banger!
Mike Phoenix
Mike Phoenix 3 dagar sedan
I Loved This Song
Haley Holstein
Haley Holstein 3 dagar sedan
I wish she was still alive
C & R Music
C & R Music 3 dagar sedan
For some reason i already have nostalgia
John Paul Agriam
John Paul Agriam 3 dagar sedan
This was in 1990 right and Kygo remixed it on 2019. Am I right?
Kamil Laskowski
Kamil Laskowski 3 dagar sedan
Jak się nazywa ta murzynka ?
Blessedup 3 dagar sedan
High vibe
Gordon sargon
Gordon sargon 4 dagar sedan
Went through a difficult finiancial situation last year this song help me get through it. (Things looks bad everywhere.) Described How this year look like.
whfan007 4 dagar sedan
Higher Love has just been certified Platinum in the USA! Very nice!!! :)
王奥驰 4 dagar sedan
F. B.
F. B. 5 dagar sedan
1983...mermaid 5 dagar sedan
Eric Prydz 2.0
Thabang Tlou
Thabang Tlou 5 dagar sedan
Michael Wise
Michael Wise 5 dagar sedan
Love 💘
Verónica Barba
Verónica Barba 5 dagar sedan
The one 👍🤩