Kygo & Ellie Goulding - First Time (Official Video)

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First Time - Kygo & Ellie Goulding | Official music video
Production Company: Mirada
Directed by: Mathew Cullen
Written by: Cornelia Funke and Mathew Cullen
Executive Producer: Javier Jimenez
Producer: David Hebenstreit
Cinematographer: Stefan von Borbely
Production Designer: Michael Whetstone
Wardrobe Stylist: Vicky Degar
Stylist for Ellie Goulding: Cher Coulter
Choreographer: Stephanie Kim
Special Effects Make-up: William Lemon III
Post Production Company: Mirada
Head of Production: Sascha Flick
Post Producer: Paul "Pizza" Pianezza
VFX Supervisor: Izik Roitman
Designer: Jing Zheng
Editor: Mike Merkwan
Flame: Talia Gleason
Compositor: Rachel Dunn
Matchmove Artist - Graham Herbster
Assistant Editor: Lewis Durand
Colorist: Siggy Ferstl
Commissioned by Toby Andrews, Sony Music International

Radharaman Pathak
Radharaman Pathak 14 timmar sedan
The video always gets me😫
Abhi07 16 timmar sedan
You are criatad very hartching musics
Shivam Patel
Shivam Patel 17 timmar sedan
Yes 100 million. Let's go
15K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge
15K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge Dag sedan
3 Years later, If you're watching this you're a legend.
tvtime2121 2 dagar sedan
This song and “Clover Cage - On My Mind” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together.........
Sharon rombo
Sharon rombo 2 dagar sedan
Still here😍😘
Afif M
Afif M 6 dagar sedan
W jadi ngeri ajg
CC 6 dagar sedan
In the video version of “First Time,” we see an unconscious Kygo being serenaded by a seemingly mourning Ellie Goulding. It tells an interpretive story with an ultimate message of not getting burnt by one’s past and instead learning to be free.
Hea Ther
Hea Ther 7 dagar sedan
Kygo beats are wow... the dude's a legend
Dellegi Mouhib
Dellegi Mouhib 7 dagar sedan
تحية من تونس🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳
Ocram-Naig 7 dagar sedan
Me gusta lo tropical este es el estilo que aspirare para producir música solo que lo hare mas dance y mas movido y motivador con melodías que no son comunes BENDICIONES KYGO
Nixolas 7 dagar sedan
1:04 Gives me goosebumps... it's like watching the night sky full of stars, in total inner peace...
Dellegi Mouhib
Dellegi Mouhib 8 dagar sedan
K Z21
K Z21 8 dagar sedan
Very underrated song. It's better than it ain't me. But got less success than it.
Harish S C
Harish S C 8 dagar sedan
Underrated song
Ndidi Kingsley
Ndidi Kingsley 9 dagar sedan
Samantha Y
Samantha Y 9 dagar sedan
Is the video showing that the little brother let the death of his big sister consume him? And he is trying to find answers and comfort?
Tanbir NR
Tanbir NR 10 dagar sedan
What the story of this video I can't understand plse somebody tell me....!😅
Michael Chavez
Michael Chavez 10 dagar sedan
Miku Nakano
Miku Nakano 10 dagar sedan
Congrats on 100M
Anh Vũ Lê
Anh Vũ Lê 11 dagar sedan
We may have to admit that this isn't the First Time we are listening to this song.
Kripa Shrestha
Kripa Shrestha 11 dagar sedan
Dinda Octavia
Dinda Octavia 12 dagar sedan
Alrdy reach 100M viewsss !!!!!
The Unhappy Meal
The Unhappy Meal 12 dagar sedan
Is the boy mike from stranger things?
Silentt ness
Silentt ness 14 dagar sedan
2020? love this song❤
Hugo Sarmento
Hugo Sarmento 14 dagar sedan
❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Dan Stevens
Dan Stevens 15 dagar sedan
My friend in the Navy died painfully from a rare form of cancer at 19. Just got married. I asked him what he wanted to comfort him. He said he just wants EDM. So I went to a music store, got him a CD full of the best of edm. I just wish he was alive to hear Kygo!
himanshu joshi
himanshu joshi 15 dagar sedan
What's the mean of video? Can anyone tell
Yash Anand
Yash Anand 16 dagar sedan
the most underrated song on youtube. This song has at least 900M views less than it deserves.
himanshu joshi
himanshu joshi 9 dagar sedan
Leave it And Feel It❤️
Yash Anand
Yash Anand 9 dagar sedan
@himanshu joshi dude, i'm not saying it's bad, i'm it's saying underrated. Understand the difference.
himanshu joshi
himanshu joshi 15 dagar sedan
Views doesn't show Song is good or bad Change perspective
alex 17 dagar sedan
This song needs more views
himanshu joshi
himanshu joshi 15 dagar sedan
Views doesn't show Song is good or bad Change perspective
Aeri Orni
Aeri Orni 17 dagar sedan
Misael Martinez
Misael Martinez 18 dagar sedan
Nostalgic 🤧🎶❤️
vrb mobz
vrb mobz 16 dagar sedan
DP Wonderzzz
DP Wonderzzz 18 dagar sedan
Wasn’t he taught don’t play with fire
yoyonk Mario
yoyonk Mario 18 dagar sedan
Yess first 100k🔥🔥
Kripa Shrestha
Kripa Shrestha 20 dagar sedan
Anna Vasquez
Anna Vasquez 20 dagar sedan
구독 안하면 프사 현재 니얼굴
구독 안하면 프사 현재 니얼굴 22 dagar sedan
nanang suwanda al fakhrezky
nanang suwanda al fakhrezky 22 dagar sedan
September 2020?
JimBooN44 23 dagar sedan
Is that little boy... Tooquick?!?!?!?!?!
Yovert Deyklert H,M
Yovert Deyklert H,M 23 dagar sedan