Hairdresser Reacts To Americas Next Top Model Makeovers S.8&9

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Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo

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Hi Beautiful! Cycle 8 & 9 brought more tears and better makeovers! Thank god.
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Brianne Slamin
Brianne Slamin 58 minuter sedan
You snagged me at ANTM and had me at Moira.
Chloe Noel
Chloe Noel Timme sedan
Natasha looked like a boy before... like the prince from Shrek... NOW! She looks like a beautiful female!
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Timme sedan
Nobody Americas next top model: You get a karen haircut and you get a karen haircut EVERYONE GETS A KAREN HAIRCUT!
Victoria beck
Victoria beck 2 timmar sedan
they need brad in their lives
Paige Hennessy
Paige Hennessy 5 timmar sedan
Saleisha looks like she is Dora ngl
Brandi Rae
Brandi Rae 6 timmar sedan
saleisha be lookin like dora the fkn explorer 😂
Wifey B.
Wifey B. 7 timmar sedan
This show really messed up jael's mental poor girl got on drugs really bad
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Timme sedan
Him : "hello beautiful..." Me : "mmm? What?? Uh-- h-hi??"
Diana Christopher
Diana Christopher 8 timmar sedan
Double Guitars
Double Guitars 9 timmar sedan
Brad is channelling Mr.T in this video.
Angelina L
Angelina L 10 timmar sedan
Do season 14 and 15 16
Angelina L
Angelina L 10 timmar sedan
2:23 she died years ago R.I.P
Nellie S
Nellie S 11 timmar sedan
jael in antm had breast cancer and passed away a few years ago, it's so sad honestly. she was one of my favs.
ileesha xxx
ileesha xxx 11 timmar sedan
8:06 my fav one yet
Nithika Sathya
Nithika Sathya 13 timmar sedan
I thought Brad was in the video realized it was jay lol
grungefairy.jpg 14 timmar sedan
I've had a mullet since senior year of high school in 2011 lol
Emilie Moody
Emilie Moody 15 timmar sedan
Wish the background wasn't so dark 😫
Bea Malfoy
Bea Malfoy 16 timmar sedan
He's kind of a jerk..eww
Emily May
Emily May 17 timmar sedan
“she has a longer forehead which yknow.... happens”😂😂😂😂😂
Dinna Barabino
Dinna Barabino 18 timmar sedan
If I was a man I would have a crush on this guy😣💕
Sophia Anuar
Sophia Anuar 19 timmar sedan
But Bad, you yourself look slamming!!
The NanaGumi61
The NanaGumi61 21 timme sedan
Him : "hello beautiful..." Me : "mmm? What?? Uh-- h-hi??"
Andrea Mon
Andrea Mon 22 timmar sedan
Brad: “she has a large forehead,which you know...happens”
2Clarence47 23 timmar sedan
Season 8 had some heart breaks. Jade battling her demons, over coming them, then sad. Also, the mom with the old woman hair cut is in prison....yikes.
Amanda Marshall
Amanda Marshall 23 timmar sedan
I just feel obligated to point out that Heather (the paler girl with dark hair they didn't do anything with) is on the autism spectrum. Changes are very difficult for people on the spectrum. For once they might have been considerate and didn't want to film someone with autism having a sensory overload, panic meltdown. Maybe she would have been fine with a big change, but I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't conversations behind the scenes on whether to push her limits or not. Glad they went with not.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 19 timmar sedan
Honey my arm ain’t an ombré it’s freaking two-toned
Marydancer33 Dag sedan
These professionals suck...
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 19 timmar sedan
varvara dani 15
varvara dani 15 Dag sedan
Litterally hate tyra bc shes critical and she thinks shes privilaged bc shes pretty
Destiny Mignogna
Destiny Mignogna Dag sedan
I feel like I'm that one person who would go on the show and say do whateva the f you want. I literally do not care I will rock whatever. It's just hair it grows back. If you dont like it there is also such things as wigs. That's just be though. I will go bald, short, long, ECT. If you are a model also you do what you told don't question if you can't accept that you don't get choices then don't go in the business. Again just my opinion.
Cookie Dag sedan
“Ohh!! Girl Hellooo that body, don’t turn me straight today 🤚🏻 nuh ahh!! “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Love you brad💕
Marie Dag sedan
I love how he looks like that one backstreet boy lol
K C Dag sedan
I remember this season; Brittany’s weave was put on terribly and she had to get it taken off and her head was bleeding so bad :(
Zoe McEhinney
Zoe McEhinney Dag sedan
19:97 the BEST one ever
Stephy Pi Has Things to Say
Stephy Pi Has Things to Say Dag sedan
Brad came into the scene and I almost came into my Jeans! Got Damn you're fulfilling ALL those 90s boy band fantasies I had back then! Mmm mmm mmm! 😍😉😁
Sosmcs See
Sosmcs See Dag sedan
Honestly all these makeovers were horrible to say the least. N I just remembered how annulling Tyra was when she had tv shows, probably is still annoying but I haven’t seen her lately on anything.
nessa's world
nessa's world Dag sedan
Finger waves would’ve looked bomb af on ambreal 😍
Hermine Lee
Hermine Lee Dag sedan
Why is the german one so much different with crying and being disappointed before it even started
Dansker i Danmark
Dansker i Danmark Dag sedan
What are these outfits they look like costumes
Coco Pups
Coco Pups Dag sedan
Wait but can someone explain why weaves hurt so much and what do they do like how?
AstridvdPol Dag sedan
Has nothing to do with the video, but I just love your eyes.
Bliss Dag sedan
RubiAmethyst 2 dagar sedan
Honey my arm ain’t an ombré it’s freaking two-toned
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Dag sedan
“everyone’s going to have a mullet next year”
KILL ROXY 2 dagar sedan
Babe ily but what r u wearing :(
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Dag sedan
brittany looks like kaitlin bennet after her make over
IAmAnne M.S
IAmAnne M.S 2 dagar sedan
He’s so honest... I love watching your videos Brad your turning me straight. I died
Dale Lavery
Dale Lavery 2 dagar sedan
Brad you should be a hairstylist on the show. First time I’ve viewed your channel, enjoyed you very much. Had to subscribe ♥️
Kaylea Johnson2131
Kaylea Johnson2131 2 dagar sedan
My brother already has a mullet
*侘寂* 2 dagar sedan
20:18 All I thought was Dora. Sorry Saleisha
Ginger Sorcière
Ginger Sorcière 2 dagar sedan
The girl that got the red weave ended up having taken out like 2 episodes later because her scalp was bleeding!
Janelle Sage
Janelle Sage 2 dagar sedan
season 9, the season of karen cuts
Cillian Simon
Cillian Simon 2 dagar sedan
Damn, Brad! Whatever made you pull this old-ass ANTM cycle! Renee: did 5 years in jail Jael: passed away
louip_x x
louip_x x 2 dagar sedan
Your very rude tbh. How is someone going to have bangs with an Afro?? And you saying her hair is blending with her skin!?! Wtf brad
Caia Patterson
Caia Patterson 2 dagar sedan
She said Debbie Ryan smirk
Hannah Angelin David
Hannah Angelin David 2 dagar sedan
You need to watch GNTM
FuzzyFly Plays
FuzzyFly Plays 2 dagar sedan
Brad! Your eyes.... ARE BEUTIFUL😍 I'm jelouse
Chloe Cepeda
Chloe Cepeda 2 dagar sedan
Why they wearing ropes doe
Floortje 2 dagar sedan
brittany looks like kaitlin bennet after her make over
ascending deity
ascending deity 2 dagar sedan
“everyone’s going to have a mullet next year”
Renuka Katham
Renuka Katham 2 dagar sedan
Damon Salvatore vibes when he says “Hi Beautiful”
ZuGgy Gaming
ZuGgy Gaming 2 dagar sedan
Oh I remember this season, I dfelt for Jael's... she looks so much better with short hair anyways, and honestly, I think she looks way better with short hair. Rosalyn won this one if I remember correctly. I miss this show! This was one of my fav seasons. So many good ones!
Kyra Kephart
Kyra Kephart 2 dagar sedan
Brad looks forward to taking off his chains the same way people with boobs look forward to taking off their bras
iluvcr4ck tf
iluvcr4ck tf 2 dagar sedan
have you reacted to people cutting mullets??? if not PLEASE DO
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 dagar sedan
Tyra out there making half her models into Karen’s.
Tazeen Al Shifa
Tazeen Al Shifa 2 dagar sedan
Brad you're straight. I just feel like you're hiding behind walls and pretending to be gay. It's like you're masking yourself. Is it related to something happened when you were younger ? No offense 🙄🙄
Clout Elfin
Clout Elfin 2 dagar sedan
Felicia’s after photo knocked me off my feet dude
Aniah’s Life
Aniah’s Life 3 dagar sedan
The girl that was sad about getting all her hair cut off looks so good thooo😍😍😍 like Slick woods
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 dagar sedan
"This morphing moment is a tragic mess" I just thought the same! Omg! x)
Jaila Burton
Jaila Burton 3 dagar sedan
Saleisha had a lord Farquaad hair cut
Captain Noodles
Captain Noodles 3 dagar sedan
whenever i feel bad about myself i cycle through the intros of brad's videos
Crackhead tingz
Crackhead tingz 3 dagar sedan
Tyra watching this 👁👄👁
Vassi Vote
Vassi Vote 3 dagar sedan
Where is your blonde hair????????
Google User
Google User 3 dagar sedan
RIP Jael Strauss.
Chelseaxamber c-e
Chelseaxamber c-e 3 dagar sedan
The only reason brad always comes back to americas next top model is because of jay. The second the video started he was already "yaasss Jayyyy 😘😍" lmao
mud skipper
mud skipper 3 dagar sedan
11:27 the after portrait gave me chills! wow
Angela Ramirez
Angela Ramirez 3 dagar sedan
18:45 I'm gonna get a perm next year. I'm gonna grow my hair to my butt and get tight-ish curls. How much would I have to grow my hair out a lot to get a bob later on? (So that I can let my hair be healthy. I just don't wanna shave my head tho)
Olivia Stein
Olivia Stein 3 dagar sedan
I like your arms 🤷😂🙃
Erica Renee
Erica Renee 3 dagar sedan
Okay but this is actually one of my favorite seasons.
Erica Renee
Erica Renee 3 dagar sedan
season 8 that is! lol i loved Jael, Jasleen, Natasha, and Whitney. I also loved how diverse it was. So many gorgeous women.
Karah Maria
Karah Maria 3 dagar sedan
Tyra is an evil WITCH.
Thomas Fury
Thomas Fury 3 dagar sedan
Let's be honest we all watch it for the meltdowns.
ketamine 3 dagar sedan
trys to say mullets arent a thing yet. have u been to new Zealand? HAHAHA
JustRosie123 Ball
JustRosie123 Ball 3 dagar sedan
ironhorse 3 dagar sedan
"This morphing moment is a tragic mess" I just thought the same! Omg! x)
Anushka Eswaran
Anushka Eswaran 3 dagar sedan
I love how brad looks like he’s going to Coachella in ever video
ava Schneider
ava Schneider 3 dagar sedan
Yasss gay people rock omg I am just raving about myself theheh